Friday, July 24, 2015

(193) Paul Rudd's abs. In 3D. + links

By s. Friday, July 24, 2015
  •  I saw Ant-Man today! The film was seriously a blast. The idea is actually almost avant garde and the CGI was so unique. Hell, even the 3D was good and not just the abs part! The visual effects were so much fun! The film was very entertaining. Yep, it did have weak points - following the formula and man, do I wish this "need no man strong no nonsense chick" crap would end - really? It's fine having a "feminist" lady to the protagonist but does she has to be such a ball busting girl? Thank God she at least made out with Paul. Otherwise it would not be realistic at all.
  • It looks Paul Rudd is the perfect man:
  • He seriously can't keep his pants on:
  • And there is this Conan bit. For those of you who don't know for years now and I mean years no matter the show - Late Night, Tonight how and now Conan, whenever Paul is on his show he makes Conan believe they will play the clip from whatever movie he is promoting and then?
  • I love him so damn much.
  • Also him and Douglas....I don't even know what to say. Just watch this.
  • Hey speaking of things I love I made a gifset of Harley and Joker and used Ultraviolence lyrics:
  • Did True Detective season 2 really use the phrase "Blue balls in your heart"? What the fuck is happening with the writers working for HBO? First True Blood, then Game of Thrones, now this. Just a chain of shit writing which is getting ridiculed (and apparently, in one case, Emmy nominated, people!)
  • Lily Rabe is returning to American Horror Story! And she will play a serial killer! And Naomi Campbell has just joined the series.
  • The Revenant is opening wide this Christmas. Can you imagine Tom Hardy and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu doing press conferences together? Oh my God.
  • Apparently the film's finale is still not shot (it's odd because a bunch of scenes from the trailer made me think of finale's script), most of Leo's role is silent (like I predicted last week in RF) and the budget doubled its size and is now 135 mln. They are gonna need to market the shit out of this movie in order for it not to lose money. This film is basically The Road meets unhinged MacGayver. Action packed it is not, people.
  • Here's a new drama gem aka The Revenant set story:
  •  "So as most people know, Hardy choked out Inarritu at the beginning of the show. I guess by the end, he and Alejandro were ok about it because as a wrap gift they got these goof posters made and gave them to everyone in the crew, Tom Hardy signed them. God almighty do I want this. (I might be getting one, actually.) Overall my man said Tom was cool as long as you didn't *beep* with him, and everyone loved him. Leo was super professional and fairly easy to work with. (I didn't work on it, just know someone that did) . Inarritu was apparently crazy, guy I know has been in the biz a long time and said this was far and away the craziest shoot he's ever been on. Over 50 crew members quit or got fired. Sometimes Alejandro would bring the entire crew in and yell at them, that's like a Michael Bay move.  I also heard Hardy went after one of the producers, not sure if he got his hands on him. One of the AD's came up to him and had to tell Tom they changed all his dialogue, Tom went absolutely crazy on the guy; the next day, Hardy came in with a giant cake for everyone and apologized. The continuity is a nightmare, they'd get 3' of snow in a day, then 2 days later it would be gone. So there's going to be re shoots, movie is way over budget & probably pushing the planned release date. It's not finished yet. On the plus side, I guess they have some kind of never before used MoCo rig that can do crazy *beep* kind of like that famous sequence in The Good Guys. There's some big ass battle scene that goes on in one shot for like minutes straight using this new kind of vis and it's going to knock everyone's socks off, it sounds really *beep* cool. I heard some of the details of what happens in it and it sounds amazing, but I'm not going to drop any spoilers. They shot the movie using almost 100% natural light, and most of it on the brand new Alexa 65 so it's going to look tits. That's all I got." *This was posted 3 Months ago but got deleted.*"
  • Hardy sounds brilliant and difficult. He is also a Virgo. Who loves dogs. And has addictive personality. I'm convinced him and me are absolutely the same.
  • It's like there were two Antichrists. Or Holiday Armadillo and Santa in one room. The world will implode.
  • Have I not gushed over how hot Hardy is in that trailer yet? Allow me.
  • My God, he looks like a lumberjack that massacres the entire forest and then fucks you right there in the wintery woods.
  • Have I actually typed those words?
  • Anyways...
  • The trailer for Spectre! Yes, let's go with that since Craig basically annihilates my libido right away. Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci playing Bond girls and just by doing so already making the characters interesting should be enough for me to see this one. Waltz looks kinda awful. Not only is it another of uninspired 'let's hire that foreign actor to play a villain' cliché but also he looks like he is simultaneously bored AND phoning it in.
  • Apparently Tom Cruise is marrying a 22 year old? And people scream age difference again. He doesn't look 53. Scream about his weird ass beliefs not age if you must. 
  • Hey, remember when weeks ago I was like "damn, I need to catch up on Hannibal before Armitage shows up because I'm only on 3x02". Well, the new episode is out and I'm still on episode 2.
  • Also I'm still where I was in Daredevil series.
  • ...and I still have months worth of Conan episodes to watch.
  • But never fear. In 2 weeks time it's my time to take a week off. So I shall do at least one of the above. Or just...sleep. I'm down to 4h per night again.
  • Josh ranks Marvel Cinematic Universe films
  • Alex writes about the documentary Amy
  • Brittani and Ruth review Ant-Man 
  • Andrew delivers the worst news ever in the history of blogging
  • literally the only thing to make me laugh after news like this is my favorite blogger bringing us new gems of reviews every single day this week - m.brown reviews It Follows and tons of other things so check it out!


    1. Paul Rudd... the guy is just.... cool.... I saw that clip of him on Fallon. Man, he tried to pull a fast one on Michael Douglas. It didn't work. That clip of him and Douglas.... awesome. BTW, have you seen the trailer for the new NetFlix prequel series of Wet Hot American Summer? Rudd is once again, the coolest guy in the room.

      I still want to see The Revenant as I want to know how fucked up it is and see if Hardy and Inarritu will fight at the press conferences.

      There's a rumor that Tom Cruise might leave Scientology as they just labeled Suri as a SP.... Suppresive Person.

      1. I haven't seen the trailer yet because I have yet to see the movie, but I definitely will this week because I know the series drops very soon, in few days even :)

        Seriously? Maybe he turns normal again!

    2. LOVE those Harley gifs. I think she's going to be great in that flick. And these stories from The Revenant sound insane. Thanks for the link!

      1. Thank you! I hope there is extensive Behind the Scenes for the Revenant released :)

    3. Paul Rudd is pretty much my favorite person and I totally get him. I love his nudity thing. I remember reading an interview with Jason after they did I Love You, Man together and he talked about how he'd be resting on the couch and he'd wake up to Rudd's dick in his face. I just find that hilarious. I'll purposefully answer the door in the nude when I know my friends are coming over just to see their faces.

      I get him.

      I'd leave work 15 minutes early for Paul Rudd.

      And thanks for the link and the kind words. I won't be gone forever...I'll be back!

      1. Oh God. I never envied Jason more!

        You must be back!

    4. Holy shit you went off the rails in this one...and I f--king loved it. Puss N' Boots, that lumberjack comment, Rudd using Basic Instinct as a verb...there's just too much to love. Oh, and being a Virgo, loving dogs, and having an addictive personality. Um, go ahead and add me to that list.

      Your link for Rudd and Douglas was a bit wonky, but I think I found it anyway and laughed my ass off. If only that was the main trailer for this movie, I would have literally gone to Ant-Man ten times in a row out of support.

      Thank you so much for the link, and the fact that you actually noticed that I banged 'em out for a week straight. That's the most I've ever done, and outside of getting fired and/or'll never happen again. You're the absolute best. (I loved your comment on How I Work...hysterical)

      1. You're a virgo too? Oh God, we are the worst!

        The website that has the clip is strange, but I'm glad you liked it. I love how much Douglas seems to enjoy being in the movie and promoting it.

        nooo it should happen every week! Yours are the only reviews I read at work to stay awake!

    5. Possibly just 2,5 days until I see Paul Rudd's abs in 3D. I'm excited, though I think it's going to be just like a simple, easy-going Marvel movie. The cherry on top of course would be Rudd because I've missed him a lot!

      In regards to HBO.. I think it's loosing its touch. So many other networks have started to amp up their game. Netflix is on fire. Even freaking Lifetime has a show that featured a sex scene where the wife got banged while the husband and his friend were watching. Everybody are pushing the limits, and HBO just, show after show, looses its shine. Or maybe it's just me...

      1. Hope you'll like it!

        Jesus what Lifetime show is that?

    6. LOL That Ruffalo gif at the bottom never gets old.

      That freaks me out about the Revenant not being completed because I just really want Leo to win an Oscar. Like, give him one now. He should already have two at least.

      "Blue balls of the heart" was weird, but Ani talking about loving dick and being all about the "girth" was just perfect.

      And I love beautiful cinnamon role memes. I made one after Selmy died because I was sad.

      I hated Evangeline Lilly's character in Ant-Man, I'm happy she was cut from Civil War, to be honest.

      Thanks for the link :)

      1. I think they will manage to release it on Christmas

        Nooo it would be fun to see the Wasp! And who know when they will make the sequel to this one :(

    7. Almost scared me off with the prospect of me seeing Rudd's abs in 3D, but I soldiered on, lol. Love the Harley gifs. You've been single-handedly raising my interest level in Suicide Squad.

      1. Why? It's gorgeous! Like a painting or you :)

    8. I'm actually quite eager to see Ant-Man. It's great to hear that it isn't as big of a disappointment as Age of Ultron was to many people.

      The Revenant looks promising, and I have a feeling that there won't be any apology from Hardy to Inarritu like he apologised to George Miller.

      Paul Rudd is just an awesome person and an underrated actor. And that Ruffalo gif at the bottom is timeless.

      Those Harley gifs are amazing. Margot Robbie is going to be the MVp of Suicide Squad, for sure.

      1. Oh it's so much better than Ultron!

        Oh no way. Also it kinda looks they made nice on the set, but I sure think there is gonna be a lot of tension during the press tour

        Rudd is life <33

        Thank you! I think she is gonna kill it in the movie!

    9. Thanks for the link, Margaret!

      Paul Rudd's abs. In 3D. Ahahaha, you're so cute when you have a new crush! It's funny how your other crush Ruffalo seemed to have a crush on Paul Rudd too, I'm sure you remember the video that went viral a few months ago. I actually saw Paul Rudd in Clueless last night, my hubby actually wanted to see it as he hadn't seen it before. Apparently it's already its 20th anniversary, boy I feel old!

      The Revenant looks gripping, I'm curious to see that for Hardy and Innaritu!

      1. You're welcome!

        I've never seen Clueless! I really ought to check it out one day, it's such a cult classic after all.

    10. Lots of Ant-Man today! I need to see it. Inarittu should be careful or he may become the next Lars Von Trier. I know that Tom Hardy occasionally punches people but I love him anyway.

      1. Hardy seems justified whenever he throws the punch, though :)

    11. Very excited for Spectre, but the trailer was a little off in terms of editing. Don't you think? Still, I'm very excited to see Lea in it.

      1. I think the trailer could be better, but the most disappointing thing about it was Waltz

    12. Thanks for the link! :)

      Paul Rudd is right up there with people like Chris Pratt for most lovable person ever.

      The kid in me can't wait for Star Wars, but aside from that, Spectre is my most anticipated film this year. Like, that trailer is GLORIOUS! Seydoux looks terrific, and Bellucci is just an awesome casting choice. I agree Waltz doesn't look great. Let's just hope he doesn't ruin the movie!