Friday, August 14, 2015

(196) Farewell, beloved Artist + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 14, 2015
  • I've been rewatching Archer and I finally reached season 5 and 6! Who among you watches the show? It's the funniest thing on TV and you gotta admire the attention of detail there - so many running gags, all of them so funny. I really hope we see Babou soon, he wasn't back since season 3!Also I never knew about ocelots before the show. They are so cute!
  • Rouge Nation was awesome! Rebecca Ferguson totally stole show. She reminded me a lot of Ruth Wilson with her looks and charisma. She was the best thing about the film but it was also very enjoyable thanks to the great action scenes. No, but seriously, that woman:
  • I legit gasped when that moment happened. This is what happens when after years of seeing unrealistic female characters in action movies we get to witness actual woman kicking ass. Angelina Jolie as action star? Give me a break, that chick can barely stand up. Here is a proper woman. Tom Cruise really has a good eye - apparently he spotted Rebecca in The White Queen and liked her work so much he gave her the part. She is currently my win for Best Supporting Actress and I'd be surprised if she leaves top 5 before the end of the year.
  • You know what I loved? How she used her tighs in fight. I haven't seen that since Famke Janssen in Goldeneye and Kathleen Turner in War of the Roses. I enjoyed seeing that because let me tell you my tighs could definitely suffocate a guy.
  • I'm not gonna do a review for this one because it would just be me going gay for her character.
  • I also saw What we Do in the Shadows and it was so funny. I lost it when Viago bit this chick and hit the artery. He was the best in the gang.
  • We have a new Crimson Peak poster which is infinetly better than previous posters. 
  • There's a new trailer for Sicario which is really cool, in spite of a bit odd song choice
  •  What didn't work for me at all what The Hateful Eight trailer. While watching it I felt as if I was watching a comedy sketch where not a single joke actually landed and made me laugh. Hopefully the film is good and it's just the trailer that is, to put it mildly, bad.
  • So here I am freaking out that there is only 4 months left in the year and my Best and Worst post is still just a draft (Spoiler alert - at the moment Fury Road has 22 wins for 45 positive categories) but you know who is being chased by time more? Get this: 
  • Earlier this week the news was out that The Revenant wrapped up. Well, the news turned out to be premature as the film is still missing the ending which they are about to shoot in Argentina. Every day Inarittu remains unmurdered I'm simply stunned. 
  • Horrible, horrible news - beloved and adorable Uggie was put to sleep at the age 13. I almost cried when I found out. It's just so awful, why do things like diseases and death happen to dogs? They are the most wonderful, innocent creatures. Jean Dujardin and Reese Witherspoon paid homage to Uggie. I suppose we should be grateful he had a good - and long (apparently 13 dog years is 100 years for a human) life. As you know my awards have a special place for Uggie - the annual award for best dog in films is named after him. And the Academy better pays tribute to him in In Memoriam! Rest in Peace, adorable sweetie. Heaven has new angel now.
  • My mother was upset by the news too - she is also, just like me, upset whenever something happens to a dog, also we saw The Artist together. Needless to say Gustav has been getting more toys and treats than usual this week. He is the most spoiled dog in our neighborhood. They even let him into the stores and the clerks actually leave their posts to pet him. 
  • Seriously, gods, why do you allow anything bad and painful to happen to these creatures? The only theory I have is that the dogs have so much love to give they couldn't possibly live as long as humans do because we are not worthy of this love.
  • It's time to start drinking heavily - it's only August and Redmayne is already whoring himself to get another Oscar. I suspect he is gonna start chasing Jenner now, in hopes of a selfie with her.
  • I thought Natalie Dormer was smart. What a shock to discover she is an idiot. I guess years of hanging around Sophie Turner and Jennifer Lawrence finally had its effects. I wish her quick ending to your career which started with her flashingher boobs and hopefully ends with her smirking her way through Thrones until they finally off your character.
  • Speaking of Thrones, Walder Frey is gonna be in season 6. If they don't do Stoneheart it will be - and I'm completely serious here - the biggest failure when it comes to adapting books in history.
  • HBO has the opportunity here. The opportunity to have the best twist in history of their network.
  • But it also has the opportunity to make my other dream come true - apparently there are talks of doing Deadwood movie. I'm just over the moon about that news. I love that show so much. I'm gonna do a rewatch soon. If I were to go on a desert island and I were to bring two things I'd bring the entire series of The Thick of It and this. It's that good. 
  • Back to JLaw - from latest issue of EW this is what she said about working with O. Russell - “I always see the wide eyes of people who’ve never worked with him before. I tell them, ‘You have to let go of all your sh-t. You are the paint. He’s the paintbrush and the canvas". Oh my God. How deep. I think shit - plunger - toilet comparison would be better.
  • You know FOX should have just canceled that Fantastic Four movie and release behind the scenes documentary. 
  • Exciting news about upcoming season of American Horror Story - we finally got first info about the characters but the best part is that not only Lily Rabe is returning but she is set to play Aileen Wuornos! Yes, the same one that Charlize Theron played in Monster. 
  • Lana Del Rey's new video is out and it is literally explosive!
  • I'm dying for a new album. All I listen to is her old stuff and "Brothers in Arms" from Mad Max soundtrack. Seriously.
  • I haven't found the time to catch up on Hannibal in 2 weeks now. Yet again, I'll just wait and binge 3 episodes tomorrow. However thanks to tumblr I saw these visuals from the last episode:
  • Whoever pulled the plug on this show over at NBC will burn in hell. This is just beyond gorgeous.
  • I finished Girl on a Train - I gave it 7/10 - it was good and I only guessed the twist 2 chapters before it was revealed who the killer was. Overall I recommend the book and I hope the movie will happen because the material is very cinematic.
  • Now I'm reading the book which I already like even more - Luckiest Girl Alive. Let me come clear here - the way I find out about these books is that I read on a movie news site that the adaptation is in the works. These news usually have a snippet about what this particular book is about and when I go "oh, that sounds interesting" and if it appears the book is some sort of thriller with a twist, I will read it for sure. I will devour it because I'm dying to find out what that fucking twist is. So this one is gonna be a movie too, and much like with Gone Girl, Reese Witherspoon  bought the rights to the adaptation. I've read 1/5 of the book so far and it is excellent. It goes back and forth between the life of a girl in present time - who is super successful, rich and does her best to be skinny and is preparing her wedding to a rich guy - and her time at posh school when she was fourteen and something horrible has happened. The book reminds me a bit of American Psycho with detailed descriptions of food and clothes and of Gone Girl thanks to the fact it's told in first person and we know all about the heroine who is also very deceptive and manipulative. 
  • So anyways in this book the main character eats a spoonful of organic peanut butter and is size 4. Few days back I read about Beyonce's diet who apparently eats some sort of salad "if she wants to go crazy and eat whatever she wants". Jesus Christ! I'm size 10 (going by UK sizes). If I were to live on a salad and a spoon of peanut butter I'd die. Also I wouldn't be able to work or function. How do people like these actually live? How do you perform at work if you are hungry as fuck?  I don't think anyone I know is size 4. I think this one girl I know is size 6 but only because she is on some sort of diet for health reasons. Yeah I'm sure it's nice to have a tigh gap so that you don't have friction burns when you walk in hot weather and it's nice to have all the jeans fit you but why do women torture themselves like this? To get a rich husband? Isn't it better to what you want, study and have your own money? Also really do men want to be with a woman who can poke their eye out with her bony elbow?  I saw Margot Robbie and Sophie Turner being called "curvy" few times. This ain't curvy, for the love of God. Christina Hendricks is curvy. These girls probably weight their lettuce.
  • Brittani and Keith review The Gift
  • m.brown, to my shock, enjoyed Still Alice
  • Ruth shares first trailer for The Hateful Eight
  • Mariah exposes the sexism in movie trailers
  • Mettel Ray reviews Magic Mike XXL


    1. I read The Girl on the Train and Luckiest Girl Alive recently as well (also back to back!) I'd probably rate Girl on the train about the same as you. Hopefully, if the movie is ever made, it'll be much better than When I Go To Sleep (which was a similar book but I heard the movie was awful). Luckiest Girl Alive I did also enjoy, but it was too marketed as "the new Gone Girl" that it wasn't really what I expected. I found the ending a little lacking, but I'd also be interested in this as a movie. It goes some interesting directions!

      Poor Redmayne, it makes me sad how everyone just kind of hates on him. I mean, he certainly does try too hard with campaigning to some extent. It's too bad, because he probably would've won his Oscar without half as much of the campaign. I still think he's really talented and just ignore him off screen :P

      1. Oh yeah that movie is not the best. It's not terrible but it's very mediocre.

        I think Redmayne is just asking for it. He has just won the Oscar, it's only August and he is already starting to kiss ass.

    2. I'm sad about Uggie. My dog is going to turn 18 next year but she's already going blind and it's making me sad.

      I'm sick of Eddie Redmayne's Oscar-campaign bullshit. Let's get JGL and kick his ass.

      I read what Natalie Dormer said about Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emma Thompson. Yeah, I blame J-Law.

      1. I'm sure she is gonna be fine *hugs* !

        Dormer is so done, hopefully. I imagine Thompson just went "who?" when someone mentioned Dormer to her.

    3. Great rambler today. Thanks for the link! I am so disappointed with Natalie. Maggie had a valid point. How is a 37 year old woman "too old" for a 55 year old actor. Not to worry Natalie--your day will come. I stopped Hannibal before watching that scene. I'll have to finish that episode. It Almost reminds me of another Tom Cruise movie, "Legend."

      1. Thank you! I'm just shocked at Dormer's behavior. She always appeared to be reasonable. I think maybe fame got to her.

    4. Archer! Love that show so much. Consistently funny, it never fails to make me laugh.

      I enjoyed The Hateful Eight trailer, I just wish they showed more Jennifer Jason Leigh.

      As the proud owner of a Jack Russell, my heart broke into pieces when I heard about Uggie. Needless to say, my dog also got extra cuddles this week.

      Deadwood! HBO need to get that movie running ASAP. As for Thrones, this is giving me hope. Maybe D&D aren't that cruel after all.

      High by the Beach is my anthem. Cannot wait for Lana's new album to drop.

      1. Yes! It's so good. I'm so glad it keeps going strong, 7 seasons is fairly impressive and hopefully it will last for a long time.

        Jack Russells are so lovely. I remember a bunch of people got those in the neighborhood after The Artist thanks to Uggie :(

        I think D&D are but hopefully someone in the crew explain to them they are ruining the show.

        September 18th is the date, apparently!

    5. Poor dog, at least it died very old for their standards. We have a husky for 3 months now (which is about 11 months old) and my mother was initially against her, but now she wants us to keep her her too. We have like the nicest dog on Earth - very energetic, but very loving and she doesn't do any kind of bad stuff other dogs usually do! She's also the most beautiful husky I've seen. She seriously is. I will post a picture on twitter.

      I was only halfway through and I guessed it right from a dialogue Anna had with Tom! Then you sent me a laugh and I thought I was so wrong. Which I do appreciate because after all I was surprised by the twist. :) And the moment when he was watching them from the window when they sorted it out was bone chilling. I also give it a 7/10.

      Seriously, Dormer, Redmayne, JLaw and that guy from Fanstastic Four all sound to same to me when I read their interesting statements - I bet they're all gona vote for Hillary, just because...

      I have not even started season 2 of Peaky Blinders (which is set in London!) and it is the summer when I am supposed to have all this free time...which I do, but time passes way too fast.

      1. Oh my Yorkie was a terror when he was this young. I mean he is still a terror but at least he doesn't destroy stuff anymore. What's her name? Huskys are awesome!

        I was a bit like "wait a minute!" when it was mentioned how good of a liar he is but I guessed when it turned out he hit Rachel.

        Time for me goes super slow, especially when I'm at work :) But once I'm home it speeds up and I never have enough time for anything :/

      2. Her name's Ira. And when I walk her people constantly gaze at her with a smile and you can hear them 'What a beautiful dog!' and often they want to fondle her! She is like a star and wants all the attention and in the few instances I've heard her howl it's when you don't pay her any attention. She is so sweet!

        I was sure when it was discovered that he hit her. The ending seemed like one I've seen before but it was a really good twist.

        Same here with time. Slows at school and speeds up at home. And there's one month left till the end of the summer vacation!

    6. I like Archer! I need to actually watch the series in order. I always just watch random episodes and think they're hilarious.

      Speaking of Deadwood, I'm going to start watching that on HBO Go. Hopefully it's good.

      That Crimson Peak poster looks good. I'm excited for that one. Is it bad that every time I hear about The Revenant being delayed I'm like "No, you have to get that out by Oscar season so Leo can win one!"

      Redmayne's thirst is going to be amusing this year. I do actually want to see The Danish Girl quite a bit though.

      Dormer's comments sound terrible in full context. Jesus. The first quote I saw was her just saying men get objectified too. and I was like "Okay, true, they do." The full quote is hideous.

      RIP Uggie :(

      Thank you for reminding me I need to save Girl on a Train at the Library and thanks for the link!

      1. You definitely should, that show is just so consistently funny!

        Deadwood is freaking awesome! It makes GoT look like a turd in comparison.

        No, it's not bad. I think everyone is thinking this :)

        I'm just shocked she said that. I hope her agent slapped her after that.

        Hope you'll like Girl on a Train!

      2. Well she did have an especially annoying character in TB.. I mean.. she kept getting worse and worse story lines.. I wouldn't be inspired to act to that either.

    7. Oh Ruth Wilson!!! I was wondering who Ferguson reminded me this whole time and now you came and said it, thank you, it was torture! And yes, she was amazing, kicked ass and saved Cruise multiple times.. it was awesome.

      The second gif of Hannibal, is that the annoying chick from True Blood? The scene looks cool though.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yes, they look so much alike! Glad you liked her work too!

        She is :/ Apparently she is not bad, though.

    8. So much!

      First, right with you on the H8ful Eight trailer. It was awful.
      I can't wait to see Rogue Nation!
      UGGIE!!! I nearly shed actual tears. He was one of the best aspects of The Artist, and he was adorable.
      I have no idea who this Dormer moron is, but when I read her quote yesterday I literally rolled my eyes. THE DISRESPECT. Can she please go away. Far away.
      Awards season is going to be...interesting. I wonder if Redmayne will stay in character throughout and show up everywhere in drag. If he does that, I say hand him that Oscar. Like...I really, really want to see him accept an Oscar in a dress.

      On second thought...

      1. Yeah I really wanted to like it but it didn't make me laugh or anything. And I knew I was supposed to laugh but it just wasn't funny.

        Rogue Nation is seriously dope, hope you get to see it soon!

        It's just so terrible. Criticizing someone in the industry is bad enough, showing ignorance is worse but for a woman in the business to talk like this about other women in the business, it's just terrible.

        It's possible. It's Redmayne we're talking about after all :/

    9. Thank you, thank you for the link! Appreciated.

      The Uggie news flat-out sucks. I hadn't heard.

      Glad to hear someone else was underwhelmed by the trailer for The Hateful Eight. I think QT is very stylish and creative but hit-or-miss in terms of storytelling. I need to see more from this to get excited.

      Rebecca Ferguson? YEP!

      So you saw What We Do in the Shadows? Glad you had fun with it. I laughed my butt off. I think you're right. Viago is probably the funniest. Love that flick.

      1. You're welcome!

        Right? That was just not a very good trailer.

        I wish the actor who played Viago was in more films!

    10. Hey thanks for the link Margaret!!

      Thrilled that you enjoyed MI5! I have a girl crush on Rebecca Ferguson. “Here is a proper woman.” YES indeed, she looks strong and believable in action stunts, Jolie’s too darn skinny that it looks like her arms would snap like a twig at any moment!

      Also thrilled that you love What we Do in the Shadows!! YES Viago is da bomb!! That look on his face when he looks at the mess he made after that biting fiasco, mwahahaha!!! I LOVE that movie so much!

      RIP Uggie!!

      Ahah, no surprise about FF BTS drama, I bet the documentary is far more amusing than the movie itself.

      1. You're welcome!

        Jolie looks terrible, just terrible. I don't think it's the health thing, she just looks anorexic, she always did but it's seriously the worst it's ever been now. She doesn't look attractive anymore

        That was so freaking funny, also how he put the newspaper under her feet :)

    11. YES! Rebecca Ferguson was AWESOME in Rogue Nation! Loved her!!

      I was also underwhelmed by the new trailer for The Hateful Eight, but hopefully the film is better.

      22 wins right now?! Go Fury Road! :D

      Deadwood - yet another show I need to watch.

      RIP Uggie. :(

      1. She was so awesome, I really hope that it's just the beginning of great careet for her

        You really need to see Deadwood!