Friday, September 4, 2015

(199) 26 + links

By s. Friday, September 4, 2015

  •  It's my birthday. 26th. I'm spending it Swanson style - whiskey, movie and to sprinkle with just enough of my kookiness since I don't like sweet things instead of my birthday cake I'm having my birthday pizza.
  • God, I'm so old. I should probably freeze my eggs or something. 
  • This week twitter exploded with outrage. Seriously, I saw angry tweets about this topic every few seconds the topic being that the writer of the next James Bond book said Idris Elba is .... "too street" to play Bond.
  •  ...
  • And this isn't even the most ridiculous news this week.
  • No, friends. The most ridiculous news is that Terminator Genisys made more money worldwide than Mad Max: Fury Road
  • For shame, world. For shame. 
  • Would you look at that first poster for Spectre? I mean...what the shit is that?
  • Next to that we have new AHS poster depicting a variation of what we will see in the show and is that demon with that dildo drill thing or whatever. It looks...interesting. 
  •  Redmayne. You bitch. That Danish Girl trailer. It is shaping up to be one of the most shameless Oscar baits I've seen - Redmayne with the look on his face like he just saw that 2 Oscar on horizon, Vikander with her ridiculous "nominate me!" tears, that whole sentimental music crapfest,... For the love of God, don't give this people any Oscars
  • So Venice film festival! We officially began the Oscar season. We have a flood of reviews for highly anticipated movies  and the trend is that Variety raves and THR writes snarky, purposefully mean "reviews". The case of Legend illustrates it best. Hardy is both getting compared to Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers in one and slammed with "one of his worst performances in the other. Also  apparently Depp is very good in Black Mass, but the movie is not as good as his performance. The best reviews, at least out of those I read, went to Beasts of no Nation, again with that street beast Elba. The film really looks fantastic so it's great for us it's gonna hit VOD soon. There's also an intense new trailer.
  • We got our first trailer for The Lobster which looks incredibly unique and fun
  • Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte - along with Tom's dog Woody - attended Legend premiere this week
  • This is just adorable:
  •  And this:
  • What's more adorable is that Charlotte is pregnant! Tom Hardy's genes are spreading....oh that is beautiful. Look at Tom just touching her continuously:
  • Yep. I've got nothing.
  • I did mange to see Queen of Earth this week. I have a great review ready - it's deep, insightful and personal. But I cannot publish it yet because I cannot decipher that ending. Usually it's just that I'm not sure but I have some theory about a confusing scene, that i believe enough to actually share it. But here? I've got nothing.
  •  I also saw Tale of Tales. It was so incredibly bizarre - Italians have some seriously fucked up fairy tales. The film was very uneven and way too long but it had some amazing performances - especially Shirley Handerson who currently makes my best supporting actress line up
  • However as you can see there are such amazing visuals in the movie. Amazing enough one of those is the new header on the blog.
  •   I've been gifing my favorite epsiodes of Desperate Housevives as I rewatch the show. These are wildly unpopular but they are so much fun to make!
  • Brittani shares her thoughts on some of the TV series she was watching
  • Ruth is excited about the new Macbeth trailer 
  • MettelRay reviews The Gift
  • Vinnieh reviews season 4 of Desperate Housewives 
  •  Assholewatchingmovies reviews the incredible In the Loop


    1. Gurl! You're not old...but any excuse to drink whiskey is a good one to use, so cheers!

      And I quite liked the Danish Girl trailer, but we shall see when the movie is actually released.

      1. It seems to be getting good reviews...ew.

    2. Swanson is making the best faces ever! ;D

      New Bond movie looks so much like the last one. There was even that part of the trailer where the woman which he will likely have sex with at some point tells him that he (the evil guy) is different, and that Mr B has not met anyone like him. Like the exact same scene in the last movie. However, I will reserve any judgement until after I see it. If I ever do that.

      With the music crapfest a lot of people are saying he will be given that Oscar. I wonder what he will do next if he doesn't get it.

      1. The Bond flicks are usually always the same stuff, but here they will probably have some retarded back story for Bond and Watlz's villain

    3. Thanks for the link! Oh you young'un you... to be 26 again [le sigh]

      I'm getting highlights this weekend, I'm definitely going for some red tones on my hair for Fall :P

      Yeah, that comment about Idris is just idiotic, the man's probably born in three piece suit!!
      "...Terminator Genisys made more money worldwide than Mad Max: Fury Road." Wait what??!! What is wrong w/ this world!

      Tom Hardy & his dog are just adorable... my, lucky Charlotte!!

      1. You're welcome and thank you! :D

        Tom's wife is indeed very, very lucky :)

    4. Happy Birthday! 26 is a great year. Lots to look forward to. You have plenty of time to do anything! The sky is the limit. After I turned 30 I stopped caring about getting older. Birthdays are much more fun that way!

      Yeah I don't know what that guy was talking about. Idris Elba can play anything he wants. I love that man. I want to see him in everything.

      Like you I absolutely cannot fathom that T5 made more than Fury Road. This is not to be tolerated. What is wrong with this world?

      Tom Hardy, his wife and pooch are so sweet. I love that he brought his doggie with him.

      1. Thank you!

        This just really shows that people don't really read reviews or listen to the talk about the movie...I mean seeing T:G instead of Fury road is just a colossal waste of time and money

        The other dog must have been pissed off that they took just Woody with them :)

    5. Happy birthday! (Again lol)

      I turned 28 this year and felt old too, but birthday pizza would make that feel better.

      I want to see The Danish Girl lol

      Idris Elba being too "street" is so dumb. He's too sexy, not too street. Did the author actually look closely at him?

      Tom Hardy taking his dog to a premiere is kind of hilarious.

      I want to see Black Mass. I'll probably see Legend too.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I ate so much pizza yesterday :)

        I think him calling Idris street is actually almost vaguely racist. It's just....quite the insult here, especially that even if he was he is a great actor so what the hell does it matter.

        I wonder if the dog took a crap somewhere :)

    6. Well I didn't see Terminator's new movie in the cinema so I'm not part of those "wordly people" who went to see it. And I saw Mad Max twice.. but sadly,, my contribution was not enough. Such sad news.

      Tom Hardy looks especially good with that beard these days.. I mean, he was handsome without it, but man, I'm having some serious feelings towards him due to that beard.

      Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From a fellow "old person".. we're not that old! And since I work mostly with the 20 year olds, I'm actually happy to be 26 because man.. sometimes I do not wish to be 20 again. I can also hold my liqueur better which is always a plus!

      PS: Thanks for the link!

      1. Well it still made plenty for R rated movie :) Hopefully enough for WB to go ahead with the sequels.

        Oh God yes. He looks fine without beard but with it he just looks so much better. Very, very attractive :)

        Thank you! I think I'm the youngest where I work but it's not that great. I can hold my liquor almost too well these days:)

    7. Happy birthday!

      Idris Elba would make a great Bond - the "too street" comment is ridiculous. The pictures of Tom Hardy and his wife and dog are adorable!

      Lovely header, btw!

    8. Happy Birthday, here is a clip for you:

      Elba too street to play Bond? COME ON!!!! That is bollocks.

      T5 making more money than Mad Max: Fury Road is like making John Cena the WWE champion for the 100th time instead of someone cooler like Kevin Steen, Dolph Ziggler, or Dean Ambrose. Curse you humanity!

      Tom Hardy has it all. A lovely wife and a dog. Please, get him an Oscar nod for Mad Max: Fury Road along with a nod for Charlize. At least the FIPRESCI organization though the film was cool.

      The Danish Girl.... I ain't seeing that shit. That is pure Oscar-bait of "look at me, look at me, I'm acting!"

      1. Thank you!

        Tom actually has 2 dogs <333 I'm so glad Fury Road won something at last

    9. Happy Birthday!

      All I have to say about T5 is gee, thanks a lot China. Now we are going to get a sequel to that crap fest. Shocked that it made more than Mad Max considering the raves Mad Max received and the underwhelming reviews T5 received.
      That is adorable that Tom Hardy brought his dog to his premiere. He and his wife are lovely.
      In what world does Idris Elba not make a good Bond? What is wrong with people?

      1. Thank you! Yep, China basically guaranteed the sequel :/ That whole comment about Elba is just the worst but Elba himself seems to be having a laugh about it

    10. Happy Birthday! I hope you have/had a wonderful day :D

      Idris Elba is the definition of class.

      The fact that Mad Max: Fury Road isn't the highest grossing film of 2015 so far is a travesty, but the fact that more people went to see Terminator is just too much to believe. We need another plague.

      Tom Hardy is so sweet. He and his wife seem so happy, and that dog! CUTE.

      I actually liked The Danish Girl trailer. I knew it was going to be Oscar baity, but it quite surprised me with how emotional I felt.

      Desperate Housewives! I've also been rewatching it lately. Omg Bang is such a good episode. Felicity Huffman, my goodness.

      1. Thank you!

        Bang is really one of the finest episodes in TV history. Something's Coming is also a freat disaster episode but Huffman's acting in Bang was really one of the best acting moments the show had, if not the best one

    11. Happy birthday Sati, hope you had a lovely day. And thank you so much for the link, you rock.

    12. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! My heart and dreams are still set on Idris Elba as Bond, but perhaps he's meant for bigger and better things. Le sigh.

      1. Thank you!

        I just hope that writer who spoke up is alone in his ridiculous opinion

    13. Wahoo, happy birthday, hope you had an amazing day Sati! And god I laughed at 'street beast Idris Elba'. Also I think my ovaries exploded when looking at those photos of Tom Hardy with the dog. Damn.

      1. Thank you! Yeah there is only one thing better than Tom's pics and that thing is pics of Tom with dogs :)

    14. Old? Ha! I've got socks that are 26.

      Happy Birthday!!!

    15. Happy Bday Sati!!! Your posts always fill me with joy from your very detailed analysis of films to your very entertainingly funny hate on JLaw, you've been great at your blog and can only hope it expands from here.

      More AHS posters is always a great thing, especially when they get this freaky and weird. Can't wait for it!

      Redmayne is just a freakin lizard that wants the Oscar (again, undeservedly)

      I can see why the love for Tom Hardy has exponentially grown. Ahhh he's definitely my man crush atm.

      Queen of Earth and Tale of Tales looks amazing. Will definitely check out. Also, have you seen Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter? That movie is simply a cinephile's treat filled to the brim with memorable shots, amazing soundtrack, seamless sound and film editing, and everything just fits perfectly.

      1. Thank you! Oh man, do I hate JLaw :)

        I haven't seen this one, but it looks really wonderful! I hope I get to see it soon

    16. Happy (very) belated birthday! :) (Ugh, I suck at blog reading.)

      Admittedly, Alicia Vikander is my Best Actress winner right now for Testament of Youth, but if Redmayne actually wins a second Oscar for The Danish Girl, it'll be one of the few times I'm ANGRY about an Oscar win.

      Oh, Elba is terrific in Beasts of No Nation, and I'm looking forward to Legend and The Lobster.