Friday, September 11, 2015

(200) Oh, Tom + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, September 11, 2015
  •  Tom Hardy is gonna be on Chatty Man tonight and there is a clip from it online:
  • My ovaries will paint the walls red.
  • Surely everyone is familiar with the famous Tom Hardy's myspace pics? He talked about them lately. Oh God. I want to live in that natural habitat.
  • Also the new poster for Legend is so clever in hiding that dumb Guardian 2 star-review
  • Word is out that they are finally going ahead with Bridget Jones 3 and that Zellweger and Colin Firth are returning. But that's not all as apparently McDreamy is gonna show up too. I just hope Bridget's friends and parents return. They are such a big part of the charm of the first one and the good enough appeal of the sequel.
  •  I'm gonna get all political on you now. We have this immigrant flood here in Europe and I seriously cannot believe that ultra liberal media brainwashed people so much that all it takes is a picture of a dead child for people who want to take immigrants in to call those who don't Nazis. 
  • Instead of helping these people there on their land the EU is saying 'come!' and is actually letting them in. Not just the refugees - everyone. The members of foreign, oppressive culture. In Hungary they are throwing feces at the cars. In Poland one of the families who got a job and money from our government fled overnight without a word because they wanted more money, so off to Germany they ran. Look, by all means, if someone is fleeing from war, take that person in. But how come most of these people aren't from the land where there is war? And where are women and children because what I'm seeing is a guy who after got to Hungary, a land where there is no war, and was told he won't go to Germany, where the social security is better, grabbed a woman holding a baby and thrown himself on the rails along with her.
  • As horrible as the picture of the boy who drowned is, it's just astounding to me that some ignore that A. this boy was from Turkey, where there is no war and B. the majority of those so called refugees are young, healthy men, not children. Also what the fuck with these young men with their smart phones being here instead of over there? If war broke in my country young men would fight. The patriotism to the point of being suicidal is one of my countrymen main traits.
  • EU is now a life raft and they are violently shaking it. We will all drown. We had war here. We finally don't. I wish my country had balls - don't force us to take them in, or we are out of your shitty EU. I hope UK finally leaves that useless organization, that would be a big blow to it.
  • So if you are watching the news and thinking "oh, this is bad", trust me, it will get a lot worse.
  • But getting back to the movies while I'm still able to see them....
  • I had to change my acting line up again as Theron is now my winner for playing Furiosa. And yes, I'm gonna be watching the movie again tonight.
  • This moment, my God. She's magnificent:
  • We have our first cast trailer for American Horror Story: Hotel. It looks awesome so far.
  • The new Spectre poster is only marginally less awful than the first one and that's solely because this time around they added Lea Seydoux. Meanwhile there is another beautiful poster for Brooklyn:
  •  Idris Elba tweeted something really cute on his birthday:
  • Zack Snyder is not only a hack. He is also a bitch. He didn't even see Ant-Man and he still dissed it. Well Zack, I saw Sucker Punch. And it was fucking terrible. So maybe never talk or direct films again.
  • Meanwhile Marvel is eyeling Rebecca Ferguson for that Captain Marvel movie. I'm not happy about this. Marvel is terrible when it comes to female characters. The writing for women in their movies makes Chris Nolan's female characters look like wonderfully written, complex people. Just look what they've done with Black Widow in recent Avengers. Ferguson is a terrifically talented actress and she deserves better. When a man is cast in Marvel flick that's great because it will bring him more exposure, but male characters are infinitely better written than women in these films. My God, they got Julie Delpy for Ultron and she was in that movie for about 15 seconds.
  • So Thrones news - Essie Davis just joined the cast as an actress in the troup. It doesn't look like a major part, but it's so cool the actors that are joining are really recognizable names. Though I must say it's adding insult to the injury that after Dillane is gone from the show they cast two of his co-stars - McShane from 44 Inch Chest and now Essie from Kings in the Grass Castles
  • Brittani reviews The Diary of a Teenage Girl
  • Andrew shares gorgeous poster for Xavier Dolan's next movie
  • m.brown reviews A Walk in the Woods
  • Anna loved the incredible Fury Road
  • Chris has a guest post about Trainspotting and its upcoming sequel


    1. European governments are quite socialist and they repeat the same thing: be kind and thoughtful.

      The EU is just this big bureaucracy that eats up money and brings forward ridiculous laws that cost an equal amount of money. I hope Britain gets out soon. I plan on studying there which will make things a bit harder for me but I'd rather not have their country suffer from stupidity.

      Here in Bulgaria the government actually spends more per immigrant that for many pensioners, many of which live in poverty...

      This is all leftist bullshit and propaganda: be kind and forgiving - but don't wonder whether or not people actually deserve it. Give your money to fund welfare for the greater good - even if that means people building careers living on welfare. The amount of ridiculousness goes on and on.

      So I'm going to watch Age of Ultron and the Immitation game tonight. Yes, I still have not watched the latter but better late than never. I also watched Edge of Tomorrow which was surprisingly good. I give it 7/10. Cruise and Blunt are a great duo.

      1. Oh it's the same here. The immigrants would get the equal amount of money as I do from my job. It's unacceptable.

        Edge of Tomorrow was so good. Ultron however...

      2. Jesus they could have used better soundtrack for seriously sounds so cheap which in the middle of all the CGI is quite underwhelming. The soundtrack can be something that can make a movie or ruin it, and I think it is more of the latter here. I like how they sort of made Ultron insane and utterly lacking the ability to control his anger. Though a little childish, it was a rather good villain.
        I wasn't bored but still it wasn't a memorable experience.

        I expected the Imitation game would dive in to how the main character built the machine and perhaps make it more like a puzzle or something which we could guess. It was a good movie and the acting was very good, though for me Knightly was the best here.

      3. Honestly I barely remember anything of this movie, let alone the soundtrack which I'm sure was really bland :)

        Oh yeah I'm with you on Keira - she was just lovely in the film, cannot believe some people bitched about her getting recognition for it, they kept saying she did nothing. Being subtle is not doing nothing, people!

    2. OMG A GUINEA PIG!!! We have three!!!

      Had three.

      They had to leave us.

      We can't take them with us.

      Long story.

      ANYWAYS...the Myspace stuff with Hardy makes me love him so much more. Like, I already loved him, but now I think he's just awesome. OWN IT, which has been his MO since he first hit big. He's my kind of celebrity, for sure.

      Apparently, we're getting a slew of immigrants here in the states ASAP too...


      And I really, really need to see Mad Max already. Theron. I want her to have my babies. Hell, I'd have her babies if I could.

      1. Oh no you had to leave pets? That's just awful!

        US is taking 10,000 I think, they want to make us take 80,000. It's just insane.

        Yes you do! It's awesome!

    3. Hi everyone, I'm Zack Snyder and I'm better than Terry Gilliam!!!! What a fucking dick.

      That Legend poster is awesome.

    4. Omg.. Tom Hardy and dogs.. it's like a perfect combination compared to everything really.
      And the AHS trailer looked good, and Matt Bomer is looking good and I'm looking forward to watching it again not like last year when I had lost interest completely.

      The refugee thing is getting out of hand. The past months the media has talked about nothing else here in Estonia.. except maybe to dish the gays and so on. Such a hateful nation towards everything that is different. And it's not even like their arguments are valid, or they are speaking from the economical point of view or they say that putting a bandage on the problem is not the solution, no, these people are saying the refugees are rapist and thieves. I'm so tired of this topic and yes, it seems to me that it will get worse indeed.

      On a lighter note, this Legend poster is so pretty!

      1. Oh it is, what a great poster! I haven't seen it before. I really hope the film is good, though they should just make some sort of grand movie about Tom and dogs :)

    5. Great gifs! Theron is bad-ass in Fury Road. Congratulations on your 200th Friday post,I've read many of them, and long may they continue. Thanks for the link!
      Agree help the refugees in need. I would, if possible, have similar social security/salary rates in every country in Europe and neighboring countries, that could de-motivate the fortune hunters. But I guess that idea will never happen. I can't really be critical of new people coming, because I'm an immigrant myself!
      I think the media is exaggerating about Schengen area immigration problem. I’ve heard 95 % of the 4 million Syrian refugees live in Turkey,Iran,Irak, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan,those are the countries with seriously overloaded camps. Jordan's population is 25% refugees! The 26 Schengen area Euro countries have a small refugee problem compared to that.
      It's crazy, because the Syrian refugees can't work in for example Turkey, and 80% of Syrian refugees in Jordan are living below the local poverty line, so no surprise they want to be smuggled to Germany and other richer countries.

      1. Thank you! That series is the most constant part of the blog :) Glad you like it!

        Yes but I doubt you just sit there and cash in the checks while other people work for the state to have money for that check :)

        Yeah but the thing is that there is just a flood of them now and there is no way even well organized countries will be able to organize and figure out what to do

    6. I still need to see Fury Road.

    7. Cracking up at that Idris Elba tweet you posted!

    8. Tom Hardy talking about MySpace pictures makes love him even more. A few years ago when I went to nuke mine, there was some embarrassing stuff on there. lol

      This thing with the EU sounds so difficult. On the news here, they're making it sound like it's all families from Syria that are fleeing. (and apparently Sweden is the most welcoming)

      Zack Synder is an idiot. He doesn't get to judge Marvel films when he couldn't even make Sucker Punch work. And it could've, had he tried harder.

      I still need to see Fury Road. It's saved in my Netflix queue.

      Thanks for the link! :)

      1. Oh no, seriously trying to find kids and women on the pictures of immigrants is quite a task.

        I really cannot believe he managed to fuck up both Sucker Punch AND Superman movie. If it wasn't for him maybe I'd be excited for that Batman vs Superman flick, but I'm sure he manages to wreck this one too

        OH MY GOD SEE IT!

    9. I am not European, I have been following refugee crisis in the media (which I feel never gives the full picture of the situation) and while I feel terrible for those who must flee war torn lands, I am just wondering how these countries, like Germany, going to pay for all these people? I cannot imagine feeling so unsafe and scared that I would have to leave my home behind and hope for a better start elsewhere.
      I need to see Mad Max. I am irrationally angry at China for bringing in mega bucks for the craptastic Terminator movie and it's up in the air whether or not Mad Max will run there...and there is no way Terminator even deserves to make more money then Mad Max.
      I did not even realize that Julie Delpy was in Age of Ultron.
      I think Rebecca Ferguson would make a great Captain Marvel. I just hope Marvel gives her something good to work with.
      Idris Elba is going to be making streets jokes for a long time, I think. The sad thing is, he would make a terrific Bond, but with all of this press over the past year about Idris for Bond and the naysayers about him being Bond...I think totally killed his chances, something he did allude to in an interview as well.
      Did you hear that the Wonder Woman movie is eyeing both Sean Bean and Eva Green for villain roles?

      1. I am wondering that too. The EU is basically just ordering the member countries to take them in and not giving us any money. And most of the countries already have big problems with money. So that's just gonna make everything so much worse.

        That whole Terminator making more money than Fury Road thing is so damn embarrassing. It's like people don't care about good marketing and excellent reviews just go see something because it's a bigger franchise even though this movie should never be made in the first place.

        Yeah Delpy was the sadistic woman in Black Widow's flashback/vision thingy

        I did and I really wish Eva would eye more interesting projects than just playing villains :/ She is excellent in Penny Dreadful but her movie career could be so much better

    10. Oh I saw Tom Hardy's myspace pics, I can see why everyone's talking about it :P Oh and what brilliance is that LEGEND poster, genius marketing!

      I'm super excited BROOKLYN is part of the TCFF 2015 lineup, LOVE Saoirse Ronan.

      As for those migrant crisis, it just breaks my heart people have to flee their own land, I'm sure they'd rather stay in their own home instead of uprooting their entire family through such treacherous condition, they have to be so desperate to do that. It's sad how the action of a few horrible people create havoc on so many, both the migrants and people in the countries they're fleeing to.

      1. The thing is that most of them are not families, just single, young men who abandoned their families. That's what the main issue for me is, I wouldn't be against women or children but they are clearly here for the money instead of protecting their people in their land

    11. Have you heard the latest Tom news? I freaking love Tom Hardy more each day. He doesn't take any crap from reporters. (

      With regard to the refugees, all the news we read here indicates that the toddler and his family was from Syria. ( Admittedly, as the mother of a toddler, that photograph broke my heart. I have cried several times upon seeing it. I really do hope the Syrian people can receive the help they need as they are fleeing a war zone. However, I have also read what you mentioned--that so many people are coming from countries other than Syria--like from Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey and so many other places --countries where there is not a war. I assume they are fleeing poverty, but there is plenty of poverty in the inner city ghettos of every major city in the world (including America), so it's just not feasible to accept everyone and anyone who wishes to leave their country.

      I can only imagine what Europe is going through. It must be so overwhelming. In the US we have had that problem, but we also have a seasoned border control force to deal with it.

      I can't stand Zack Synder. He's probably one of my least favorite directors, just ahead of Lars Von Trier. Like you, I'm very skeptical of Marvel. They do not know how to write for the ladies. I'm hoping the Harley Quinn in the 'Suicide Squad' puts them on notice.

      1. I did. That entire conference is gold. He shot down The Revenant questions telling them it's not the time to talk about that but Legend. And I can bet he is not gonna do any promo thing for The Revenant :P

        We have so many confusing reports about that poor child, it's just awful. Charlie Hebdo even made an illustration of the kid and put it on the cover. It's disgusting. Whatever my stance may be using that child and those photos and illustrations is just horrible, no matter what the intention behind it is

        I think SSquad is gonna reinvent comic book adaptation genre, at least I hope so

    12. Thank you again for the link Sati! I think that poster for Legend is so clever and witty; they're putting the shitty review right there in plain sight and almost mocking it. Also it kind of looks like Essie Davis is dressed up as an imitation of Cersei. Interested to see where that goes!

      1. Yeah she is gonna play Cersei in that play from Arya sample chapter in Winds of Winter :)

    13. Haha, I love what they did with The Guardian's review on the Legend poster.

      Oh, I like that Brooklyn poster.

      Theron is amazing in MMFR, and she might not even make my Best Actress lineup. :(

      Julie Delpy was in Ultron? Forgot all about that.

      1. Damn who is in that line up of yours?

      2. Right now I've got:

        Emily Blunt, Sicario
        Nina Hoss, Phoenix
        Blake Lively, The Age of Adaline (pleasantly surprised by her performance)
        Carey Mulligan, Far from the Madding Crowd
        Alicia Vikander, Testament of Youth (winner)