Friday, September 25, 2015

(202) You want prestige, but you award bad pussy + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, September 25, 2015
  • Emmys didn't really have much credibility to begin with, but if they had any left, it's gone now.
  • You know, the people who hand out Oscars have done some truly horrible stuff. They awarded Crash over Brokeback Mountain. They made Eddie Redmayne Academy Award winning actor. Because of them Gary Oldman still has just one nomination and something like Return of the King won for editing.
  • But not once have they embarrassed themselves as badly as folks who hand out the Emmys did last Sunday.
  • That Emmys don't really award the best TV shows and performances, that is known - Steve Carell never won for his legendary work in The Office and Nick Offerman wasn't even nominated for Parks and Rec. And I'm not even talking about how badly the Emmys screwed up awarding Game of Thrones the award for the best show of the year for its awful fifth season.
  • Oh no.
  • My point is to do with something far worse.
  • They awarded Mother's Mercy, the grand turd of turds of writing, the finale of season 5, as the best writing of the year title. For those of you who don't watch the show let me just say one thing - that episode includes the line "you want a good girl, but you need a bad pussy". I mean...what the fuck, Emmys?!
  • That David Benioff and Dan Weiss were allowed on that stage in the first place is disgusting but actually giving them something? FOR THIS? For the abysmal and retarded way Stannis' storyline was written? For Brienne and the candle? For Boltons conjuring a shitload of army? For poor, wronged Cersei walking naked because her sweet Tommen awaits her? For Stoneheart yet again not showing up? For Melisandre getting to the Wall in a matter of less than an episode? For Davos not following with any questions about Stannis or Shireen? What the fuck is wrong with these people? I know what is wrong with those who wrote it - they suck - but what about those who chose to award it?
  • I haven't watched the ceremony nor do I plan to, I actually haven't seen the ceremony for years. These awards are just pitifully assigned. Not even them finally recognizing Veep matters. Oh wow, for 3 years they awarded Modern Family and now they finally gave it to the right show?
  • Clowns. 
  • I have a bit of Walk of Shame for you Emmys - Carell never winning, Offerman never being nominated, Clarke nominated over Fairley, Six Feet Under never winning Best Drama, Ian McShane never winning for Deadwood and now, Mother's Mercy for best writing. Shame. Shame. SHAME.
  • These are by far the only accurate GoT awards out there.
  • Have you  guys seen what Sophie Turner was wearing? Even worse - her make up? She looked absolutely hideous. She can look so pretty with right clothes and make up but that was a disaster.
  • Lena Headey looked lovely, though (as pictured above on the left, with Conleth Hill channeling Varys with his awesome expression). Bonus points for wearing a dress worthy of House Lannister.
  • Ah Tom. I was browsing my tumblr while eating dinner this week and suddenly this photo on the left came up ---
  • I almost choked and had I did I think considering the hotness of this pic you could talk of auto erotic asphyxiation.
  • There is this whole article below this picture here and it's good stuff.
  • And here (above, right) is another picture of Tom and you should really pay close attention to what's on his shirt.
  • Also:
  •  My God, he is perfect.
  • Ah, have you heard? Sean Penn is offended Lee Daniels said Penn beats up women and now he is suing him. So many things here - first it's gross someone actually defends Howard and plays the race card while doing so. Then you have this gem - "Penn says in the lawsuit, "Daniels' defense of Howard (and his improper invocation of two of the greatest actors and humanitarians of our time, Brando and Penn, in doing so) is apparently part of a misguided campaign to profit and further bolster and brand his show 'Empire.". And of course the very idea Penn would sue for this while he was torturing Madonna for days. That's just gross.
  • New AHS poster is not the best they had but it's kinda cool. I really like Gaga in the center and that her dress goes all the way down to the floor. Maybe I'm not seeing it but there is no monster anywhere here? My fav part is Denis O'Hare in stilettos and those creepy kids behind him.
  • So speaking of creepy there is this new TV spot for Crimson Peak which is filled with really disturbing looking ghosts:
  • The film is looking pretty cool but so did Idris Elba shouting he is canceling the Apocalypse and we all know it ended with mediocrity also known as Pacific Rim
  • So we may already have the most brilliant casting for 2016 film already - as you may recall I suggested Paul Rudd for the part of Tom in The Girl on the Train adaptation because of his lovable and likable quality. Well it's not Rudd but Chris Evans who got the part but he is sure as hell the closest to those adjectives. This is a really spot on casting, even more so than Blunt and Ferguson though I'm liking the doppelganger angle that this casting creates. Also for the part of Haley Bennet character's husband we have Jared Leto. I don't quite see Leto in this role but he is capable actor. 
  • Let's talk about Lana Del Rey's new album Honeymoon, shall we? It's good, I keep listening to it, but it's her worst. Even though the album creates really nice, laid-back, breezy Americana atmosphere as you are listening to it, there are no memorable or catchy songs, the abundance of which we had on Born to Die and Paradise, or even seductive, haunting songs like the ones from Ultraviolence. There is one missed opportunity in the form of the cover for Don't Let me be Misunderstood, one waste of track space in the form of interlude and one hugely overrated song inn the form of Salvatore. Everyone seems to be raving about that song. Look Lana's lyrics were never particularly deep but this:

  • Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Cacciatore
    La-da-da-da-da La-da-da-da-da Limousines 
    Ah-ah-ah-ah  Ah-ah-ah-ah Ciao amore 
    La-da-da-da-da La-da-da-da-da Soft ice cream

  • is fucking ridiculous.
  • I really like High on the Beach, Art Deco and Blackest Day but man, I hope she puts more thought and diversity into the next one.
  • You know what' bad? That new Bond song. Oh Jesus! 
  • So Ridley Scott went insane. He is now saying that Alien connection in Prometheus franchise won't be in the sequel, but maybe in the third and forth movie. I'm still skeptical there's even gonna be a sequel, so what the fuck are you saying here Ridley?
  • And finally here is a sizzle reel for BBC shows which features Idris Elba back in Luther and Tom Hiddleston shirtless in a pool in his new show. I don't think we need to know more about this show, am I right ladies?
  • Ruth shares the trailer for The Big Short
  • Courtney shares lovely visual appreciation post for Lost in Translation 
  • MettelRay posted a fantastic list of the things she loves in one of the best shows ever - Parks and Recreation
  • Alex shares a great tribute for the late Wes Craven
  • Brittani reviews Black Mass


    1. LOVE that Leto's career is booming now. He's proving himself so capable and his varied choices in films are pretty awesome.

      Also love all the Hardy fawning, obviously.

      This Penn lawsuit is hilariously disgusting...a complete train wreck on all fronts...and I kind of love it for that.

      1. I cannot wait to see where that Penn/Daniels drama goes from here

    2. Well can I just say "The Carol Awards" is a terrible name? lol

      It's sad that GoT's worse season won the Emmy, but it's fairly typical of the Emmys to play catch up like that. It's disappointing, but I won't say the Emmys mean nothing, they do, but the voters just suck at picking out the most emotional performances, they go with flashy instead. There's no other way Emilia would've been nominated otherwise.

      Parks and Rec's lack of wins/noms is fucking weird though. I swear they're pissed that it was too similiar to The Office.

      Penn's lawyers actually wrote that about him? LOL

      Is Gaga supposed to be the main focus of AHS: Hotel? The way the E! interviewers fussed about her at the Emmys was unbearable. They asked every single cast member about her instead of themselves. I feel like she's overrated and she hasn't even been on screen yet. That's how annoying all the buzz around her was.

      I need Crimson Peak in my life...I'm still waiting for the library to give up one of their 15 copies of Girl on the Train. I'm not even exaggerating. There's 15 copies, I've been waiting two months, and I'm still in the middle of the waitlist. People need to read faster.

      Thanks for the link. :)

      1. I think it's a homage to the most whitewashed character on the show :)

        I really don't know how the hell Modern Family won so much. I think it's a good show, it's progressive in the way that it may get even the conservatives more progressive because it's subtle, but it's nowhere near as brilliantly written and acted out as Parks or Veep.

        I bet it was Penn who handed them out the ready papers and they just circulated those :)

        I think the fact she wasn't on screen yet - although wasn't she in some Rodriguez thing? - is the big appeal. I think Murphy shat himself when she called him that she wants to be in his show and with losing Lange it's even a bigger deal so yeah the entire thing is kinda build around her now. She is the main attraction.

    3. I didn't follow the Emmys at all this year -- it sounds like I didn't miss much. And I'm 99% sure I'm going to skip the 5th season of GoT.

    4. I thought you'd be upset that the Emmy's awarded that season of GoT. Stannis, RIP. Thanks so much for the link!

      1. You're welcome! Had a blast rewatching Scream movies this week

    5. My only comment. Glad Jon Hamm won. Sad Amy Poehler joined the ranks of Steve Carrell and Hugh Laurie and not winning at least one time for a great performance. And Nick Offerman never being nominated, shame on you Emmys!

      1. Oh man, I forgot they snubbed Laurie too :/

    6. I don't generally follow other award shows other than the Oscars and the Golden Globes. They make me angry enough as it is! Hahhaa I still remember that awful line in Mother's Mercy. I cannot wait for Crimson Peak though. I know after Pacific Rim we should be cautious with del Toro but god damn that trailer looks fantastic. There aren't enough gothic period romances out there!

      1. Crimson Peak is getting pretty good reactions so far and really as long as it's better than mediocre it's still a success on del Toro's part, he haven't done anything great in years now

    7. I'll be honest--I was a little disappointed with Lana's new album as well. Not as memorable like you said, but I love some of the songs like Blackest Day and Music to Watch Boys to. Nothing deep in the majority of the lyrics, but still peaceful to listen to. Surprisingly, her best reviewed album.

      And the new Bond theme? Someone accurately pointed out that it sounds like an old Michael Bolton song, and they're right! It's so bad! Adele should have signed on for another round...whatta shame!

      Thanks for the link :) Glad you liked it

      1. Is is her best reviewed? Wow, that's surprising. But I never read music reviews, no way I'll listen to something I don't like even if it's getting praised

    8. I don't care for the Emmys unless it's for a show or film that I care about.

      Did you hear Tom Hardy might be the next Wolverine? Please, let this happen.

      I haven't heard the new Bond song and I don't want to. I don't like Sam Smith. I think he's dull and overdramatic.

      1. I think Hardy can do much better than X Men franchise :)

    9. Haven't seen the Emmy's

      Agree the new Bond song is underwhelming

      You're right that "Blackest Day" grows on you. This orchestral version of Salvatore(not on the album), is amazing and is like a piece of movie score:

      1. This version of Salvatore is definitely better. It's the lyrics that are really...silly. Lana's lyrics were never particularly philosophical but this is the first album of hers where they are so shallow it actually strikes me as I listen to the tracks.

    10. Oh, Six Feet Under mention got me reminiscing about the good old days. That show was so dark and creepy, I can't believe I watched it as a teenager - I think it sort of messed me up a bit..

      The new AHS looks good, I mean, I haven't been interested in it for 1,5 seasons now but the newest season looks great. And I hope they don't have monsters.. because just regular killers are fine, no need to mutilate them to a point of weird.. are there ghosts? I hope so.

      I'm still wondering whether I should read The Girl on The Train. I thin I'm going to pass because reading Gone Girl tad bit lowered my enthusiasm of the movie, so I want to be a little more invested in the film by not reading the book.

      PS: Thanks for the link!

      1. I think there are ghosts, killers, vampires and all sorts of weird shit in the new season.

        The book is great but it's no Gone Girl for sure :)

    11. I liked Game of Thrones season 5, but it's not a show deserving of a Best Drama Emmy even in its best days. I'm glad for Jon Hamm, at least, even if it's a little bit of a pity Award (he should have had one sooner), at least he won.

      I think Olive Kitteridge was wonderful and deserved all the love (I also think Maggie Gyllenhaal was amazing in The Honourable Woman or Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall...they could have won easily), but too many awards for HBO at the end. Like 43 ? They don't give us that much TV greatness !

      1. Yeah at least Hamm won, I hated his character but he was very good in the role. It would be ridiculous if the show ended and he never won for his Don Draper.

        I haven't seen Olive K. but I definitely have to. I think HBO is deserving. When you look at something like Showtime they have shows that begin wonderfully but fall from grace so fast. HBO shows are fairly consistent

      2. Good point on Showtime ! They doesn't know how to cancel a show, it's a big problem, they drag everything too long.

        I suppose my problem is more about nominations than winners. The Knick, Manhattan or Rectify should have had nominations. (and next year, Hannibal !). It's more easy for HBO to win if they don't face the tough competition.

      3. I only saw Hannibal and The Knick out of those but definitely agree. At the very least Armitage should be nominated for guest actor

    12. It was inevitable that the Emmys would reward the worst season of GoT. I can understand the wins for technical achievements, directing and Dinklage, but WRITING?? No. Just, no.

      As much as I enjoy X-Men, Hardy can do SO much better.

      I like Honeymoon better than Born To Die and Paradise, but I don't think it reaches the level of Ultraviolence.

      Crimson Peak, gosh, I'm super excited for that.

      1. Oh yes. I wish Hardy was in Suicide Squad or Daredevil but comparing to X Men these two are edgy. The only person not underused in these X Men movies is James McAvoy.

    13. Hi Margaret! Finally got around to my computer after my vacation... I pretty much off Twitter & blogging which was blissful :P

      THANKS for the link. I knew you'd be upset over GoT winning, well I barely watch anything so I don't really care about the EMMYs. Ahah Sean Penn offended by Lee Daniels is just hilariously preposterous, oh geez the irony! Penn is just so loathsome, glad Charlize has wisen up and left him!

      Oooh so Chris Evans is gonna play Tom in Girl on the Train?? WOW that is great casting, I'd love to see him as a douche-y character, given his good-guy rep.

      Oh and that new Bond song is atrocious, boy they could use that as a torture device for Bond, that'd be more excruciating than the ball-busting scenario in Casino Royale!

      1. You're welcome! Yep I'm glad Charlize dumped him too, she deserves so much better

        Tom is a character that comes off as very likable at first so Evans is a very good choice and i think it's gonna be a good opportunity for him to show off his acting talent.

        Yeah that's a great way to describe that song! I cannot believe they went with that one, it's neither good nor memorable

    14. Oh my goddddd I cannot believe those idiots D&D won an award. I refuse to believe that they were rewarded for that season five piece of shite.

      Also the new Bond song is hideous! I can't even get through it, I'm so disappointed! Adele's Skyfall was awesome and this is such a letdown.

      1. That Bond song is just impossible to listen to. I don't know how will I endure it while watching the movie

    15. Ha, I saw that lawsuit from Penn. I laughed out loud. I expect a judge to quickly throw it out. I'm not sure which one of them is more disgusting, Daniels, Penn, or Howard.

      I'm very excited for AHS and Crimson Peak. Like you, I can't believe that D&D weren't booed off stage. How in the world did they win for this season? Hollywood is full of perverts.

      1. I think Penn takes that disgusting cake :)

        Emmys just suck so bad...

    16. I'm glad the cast is coming together for The Girl on the Train. It looks like a strong one at that.

      If Honeymoon really is Lana's worst album, then I doubt I'll like it. I did like Ultraviolence, though.

      Ha, the new Bond song has grown on me, but I know I'm in the minority. ;)

      Sometimes I think Ridley Scott just babbles and can't make up his mind on his creative projects. I highly doubt we'll get four Prometheus films.

      1. I really can't keep up with Scott. He seems to be talking more than he is actually filming when it comes to Prometheus