Friday, October 2, 2015

(203) Heavy breathing + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, October 2, 2015
  • If Lubezki wins, is it the 3rd consecutive one? Did it ever happen before? Oh, bow. Bow, bitches.
  • I know Deakins was nominated 12 times before and he is more than likely getting in for Sicario, but Sicario looks...cute comparing to this fucking mammoth of cinematography.
  • And Tom's voice! Jesus, man!
  • Oh, Tom. 
  • OH,TOM!
  • I just want him to chop down this entire fucking forest and bang me right there in a snow storm.
  • ...
  • .....
  • .....
  • ......
  • ....have I actually typed those words?
  • Also I just really, really, really hope that heavy breathing track from both trailers is on the score. It may be the most distinctive track of the year. It's so brilliant.
  • Tom got a haircut this week. He did so for his part in Peaky Blinders, where he is absolutely terrifying. And hot.
  • Tom also got new tattoo which is also important especially that we got these pictures: 
  • I'm just so thankful to God for creating Tom Hardy and giving him the passion of taking shirtlesss selfies.
  • I started watching The Knick. So far I've seen 5 episodes and it's really good. I've seen autopsies and was fine but here I got a bit lightheaded - turns out there is a big difference between a live autopsy and fake operation and that difference is blood. And there's enough in The Knick to make everything pretty damn hard to watch.
  • I've also saw Sicario which was awesome. It appears that the only way I'm actually seeing movies nowadays is if I drag myself to cinema after work. There was about 11 people in the cinema during my screening which believe me is a decent crowd. During Ant-Man there was just three of us there. 
  • I found this post a while back on tumblr that said how people love strong female characters but when it comes to male characters some of us go " Look I found him in a dumpster, can I keep him?!"
  • and it is so accurate:
  • because DEL TORO in that movie OMFG. How is it that all the critics are shouting praise yet I don't see you people building shrine in honor of his performance here in the blogosphere? For shame!
  • Also seriously go see this movie in the cinema. I read about the score being good before seeing the movie and then on Monday morning I listened to it on the way to work and I was like "it's not great" but then that same afternoon when it was blasting from the speakers during the film it was just fantastic.
  • Anyways I have actual post coming up soon because I managed to list my winners in 5 major categories from the last 15 years. Just the winners because I don't know how the hell some of you do entire line ups, for all categories no less, that go years and years back. I could barely remember the order and the movies from given year prior to the year of the Swan - 2010. So thanks to imdb I managed to refresh my memory and list them. I need to make images for that thing which takes more than researching 15 years worth of films I've seen and loved so this will probably be up late next week.
  • So Marion Cotillard has said some stuff this week that was, to put it extremely mildly - dumb. No, you know what, fuck it, I'm not gonna put it mildly. What she said was so moronic I think she should start a female commune with Natalie Dormer. Just go off on the island somewhere and say dumb shit about feminism. But, oh wait. That would be that so called "separation", probably.  I have previously heard that she doesn't sound particularly intelligent because she has issues with English language, but I don't think it was the issue here....There's also stuff like this - "Did a man really walk on the moon? I saw plenty of documentaries on it, and I really wondered. And in any case I don’t believe all they tell me, that’s for sure."
  • Please send Mrs. Cotillard to the moon. And on her way there, explain what feminism is. And maybe hit her over the head with dictionary, just so she remembers.
  • I know you guys luuuv her and I'm not denying she is a terrific actress but seriously, what a stupid thing to say. 
  • And then we have Chastain. In what way was her character in Interstellar as interesting as the male character there? Her character wasn't even as interesting as male in Mama and if I remember correctly the male character spent some time in coma in that one.
  • I'm starting to think there is some sort Stepford Wives thing going on here. Someone is killing these actresses and replaces them with replicas that just blurt out dumb stuff.
  • Of course there are some who need no replacing in the first place....
  • Meanwhile Matt Damon made some comments about gay actors and man, did people go insane over that. 
  • I kinda think this is Hardy's fault. That whole hoopla at TIFF - when Hardy said his sexuality is none of anyone's business and has nothing to do with his work (which is correct) - caused a chain reaction. Now people are getting asked all sorts of questions while Hardy doesn't need to give a fuck because I'm fairly certain all he needs to do at this point is look at the journalist and that guy urinates all over himself due to crippling fear.
  • Damon is not wrong that when the person is openly gay it is more difficult for them to get roles. How else will you explain to me why Matt Bomer isn't a huge movie star? No, they shouldn't be required to stay in the closet but even progressive (USA! USA!) Hollywood, in this regard, seems to be only emerging from 50s mentality. And then I need to link this because they are quoting Ellen Page as some hero. Ellen Page hid in the closet for years. The moment she stopped being as relevant as she was she decided to come out.  BAM! Publicity, BAM! Gay icon! Who cares if she hasn't played a decent role in years. 
  • "Straight" is the default." - it is. In Hollywood - it is. In pairings in movies and real life - it is. It is the default. You may not like it. It's not a fair situation, especially in this day and age that the sexual orientation has any kind of influence on art and work and chances. But the Damon is right. The less we know about the actor, the sooner we buy what's he is selling in his performance. When I see Page cast as desirable female in Allen's movie that men supposedly drool over, do you really expect me to buy it? Especially since she is a very limited actress? Please.
  • So Damon is drowning and Cotillard isn't getting any shit. Because people are afraid to criticize women - Damon is getting shat on while I don't even see much outrage over what Cotillard said. Feminism means equality, Marion. But it appears you were right it causes separation - it is you who should be hit with outrage and here you are, protected by your sex. 
  • But what Cotillard and Damon have in common? They should have shut up in the first place. That they have opinions -that when it comes to Damon people will misinterpret or when it comes to Cotillard are so stupid it's shocking - is their business. But these opinions have nothing to with the films they are currently promoting. So for their sakes, they should just be quiet until they get better publicists who will run towards them in the middle of the interview while shouting "TRAIN! THERE'S A FUCKING TRAIN COMING!" when they start talking.
  • Yes, that is In the Loop reference.
  • Moving on...
  • Here they are. The credits for AHS: Hotel and they are awesome. Love the neon letters, the peephole vision and those things look super creepy.
  • We also have new Lana Del Rey's music video. It's lovely but at this point I'll take anything with decent production values. Remember Ultraviolence video? What the fuck was that?
  • Brittani is hardcore - she actually saw Green Inferno
  • FeelinFuzzier reviews Pan
  • Flixchatter reviews Sicario
  • Fisti shares some thoughts on that incredible The Revenant trailer
  • Alex celebrates his blog's eight anniversary with list of his favorite films
  • m.brown reviews The Intern


    1. omg that dog shaming picture. lol

      I want Deakins to have an Oscar so badly, but the Revenant's cinematography is sexy. Lubezki winning for a 3rd time in a row would be a first, right? I keep waiting for Josh confirm this. lol

      Open mouth/insert foot seems to be contagious lately. I think a lot of people chalked up Cotillard's comments to "language barrier" whereas Damon should really just know better. I wish they would all take Hardy's approach and just be like "it doesn't matter." Because it doesn't. A person's real life sexuality should never effect films. Ellen Page is a good example, mostly because I always assumed she was gay, even way back in 2006 when I first found out who she was. I don't think she really tried to hide anything, she just never commented on it.

      And I love your new banner. I don't remember if I said that already or not. :)

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think it's a first, I also wait for someone with knowledge of awards season to come in here and enlighten us but they are taking their sweet time :)

        Yeah but it's curious how she chose to come out the second good roles didn't come as often as they did. I mean what does she even do know other than appear on talk shows and talks of being a lesbian? I cannot remember a good role from her in the last 5 years

        Thank you! Really hoping CP is good

    2. Lubezki's eye for cinematography is really something else. Poor Deakins, but in the same case as Leo, may the most worthy win, not the who's been nominated the most.

      Ahah, your lusting after Hardy is a hoot... "I just want him to chop down this entire fucking forest and bang me right there in a snow storm" tee hee... I do love the sound of his voice, poor Leo just doesn't stand a chance next to him, even in a teeny role in Inception Hardy's ability to steal scenes is palpable.

      1. I think DiCaprio is really gonna win for this one - his role is the one that requires so much of him physically and mentally and he looks like he is delivering his best in the trailer. Hardy plays a villain but I feel there is gonna be some depth to it to. In charisma department though he wins with everyone

    3. Marion Cotillard pretty much proves that you don't have to be smart to be talented. She's pretty ignorant and 'simple', but I still wish that she starred in every movie ever made (well, you know, the good ones) because she's better than everyone else when she gets in front of a camera.

      UGH...Tom...the slayage! I'm so here for his Oscar run this year.

      1. Yeah she is a great actress but honestly she needs to shut up. Her people should yell at her or tape her mouth shut.

        I kinda hope he doesn't win. He has so much more to offer and once they win at their first nom it's usually not a good thing for their career

    4. Oooh, where is my manners... THANK YOU so much for the link love! I will save Sicario for home cinema, looks way too intense/violent for my taste but I trust that it was as good as everyone's been saying.

      1. You're welcome! It is very intense but not much violent than something like No Country for Old Men

    5. I guess I'm the only one who isn't that interested in The Revenant. Look forward to your winners in 5 major categories from the last 15 years. I hope My Life Without Me (2003) wins something and I'm 100% sure Fury Road will :)

      1. Fury Road is the winner of 3 in major 5 so far :)

    6. The Revenant looks awesome. I will fucking see it.

      1. I cannot wait too, it's gonna be excruciating wait - 3 more months till it opens here

    7. So glad you're checking out The Knick! I couldn't watch the surgeries, too much for me, but holy hell that's a great show. Thanks for the comment and link!

      1. Really? Woah I feel hardcore for being able to watch those then :)

    8. I don't know why those actors don't know better at this stage - especially women. I can't believe they used the language excuse for Marion Cotillard. I'm pretty sure she said some pretty dumb stuff in french too !

      Funny thing about The Knick, I don't mind the blood, I'm more sensitive about the needle in the foot (for example) !

      1. Yeah given she said that I think it's a safe assumption it may be horrific whatever she says in French :) The needles are horrific but really all that blood flowing out made me so dizzy during the surgery scenes

    9. So, as libertarian, I do believe that women are able to do the same things as men. I also believe that we're all different: that some women are smarter and more talented than other men, and that some men are smarter and more talented that other women.

      In the US, feminism back in the 20th century was about women being allowed to vote and work. They wanted to be allowed to do those things because they believed they could, and that's just what they did and that's awesome. It's called rights. The freedom to action.

      However, today, the feminist crowd under the guise of feminism is calling for the government to issue laws that do discriminate against men all in the name of 'women's rights'. Well, the word 'right' pertains only to freedom of action, that you're allowed to do that which you please in a social context so long as you don't harm anyone else. You have a right to private property - the freedom to earn it though mutual cooperation of the man who sells it to you, but not take it from someone else though force - that would mean anyone can take anyone's property and no one would really have an honored right to property as someone else can take theirs.

      Feminism today, at least in the US, is basically women asking for the US government to 'back them up'. The feminist crowd has an entitlement mentality - not about women being given the freedom of action to do as they please (which they do already have), but about being given benefits men don't enjoy. As for the pay gap, women in the US, when measured in the same fields as men, earn 98% of what men earn. There is no gap. On the other hand, if employers saw that women are paid less and work the same, they would hire women only, since it would be cheap as hell. Who wouldn't hire staff they meet once a month for their 'small' paycheck? So at the very least, this makes no sense.

      I don't hate women and I do know what feminism is, and since I'm a libertarian I am given the definition of a feminist as well, however, I don't subscribe to the crowd which begs for the government to use its monopoly on force to give special privileges to a group.

      Does it suck being a woman more than being a man? Maybe. But remember: when Titanic sank it was women and children first on the boats, not men. There weren't even boats for them. When a lady gets in a car, she's first. When a war comes, it's men who go on the field. When we're playing volleyball, girls get the nicer and easier to play field, and all of us do it without even thinking about it. It's always women first. Not to mention that men are expected to supply the family with resources, or not show off their feelings and 'be a man' and suck it all up. And there being more garbage men, actually, all of them I think are.

      There're both bad sides of being a male and female, but one group shouldn't use force on the other
      through government. No group should.

      So yes, the feminist crowd (feminism today) does create separation, not equality. If you do ask 5 films directed by men and 5 by women, you can discriminate against either group: imagine being a guy who is better than a woman, and being told 'Well, she's female, and we need one, so we'll take her not you despite she being a moron and you being good at what you do'. I would much rather be told 'Well, she is better than you, so you we'll take her instead'. As for movies, this is something to be decided by the people responsible for creating these productions, and the crowds who give their money to see them. If you don't like about how a movie is made don't watch it.

      I think that Cotillard thinks that she doesn't a government law to 'protect her' against men who hate women, because even despite them, it is the consumers who choose. I believe that's what she wanted to say. And I do agree with her.

      1. Well you are certainly entitled to have an opinion.

      2. As well as everyone else is:

        'The wage gap statistic, however, doesn’t compare two similarly situated co-workers of different sexes, working in the same industry, performing the same work, for the same number of hours a day. It merely reflects the median earnings of all men and women classified as full-time workers.'

        As the UN said 'even though more women are in the workplace and taking on leadership positions worldwide, pay levels are nowhere near reaching equality worldwide. On average women around the world earn 24% less than men' - even they admit they have taken the average earnings of women and the average earnings of men to compare, without actually comparing them in the same fields for the same hours worked...

      3. Well then talk to some working women in your life if you don't believe the statistics. Men have better chances, better opportunities and have it easier in the workplace. As a woman who is working among men and women I say it as a fact. Hell, just look at Hollywood - not even there women earn as much as men do.

      4. I do believe the statistics, the ones that compare both genders in the same fields, according to which pay inequality, adjusted for hours worked, is non existent, at least in the US. Not the statistics who take 'the average' and compare CEOs' pay, the majority of which are men, to teachers' pay, the majority of which a women and then tell me that there's inequality.

        I have talked to a lot of working women and men in my life. If we assume that being a woman is harder than being a man, or the other way around, I wouldn't call for the government to 'back me up' in either case. The thing is that through laws that require the use of force on others, no one will be better off. A simple example for that would be Hillary Clinton's proposal for a law that would force employers to pay regular salary should a female worker get pregnant and off work for months. Now, as an employer controlling a company that is one of the 10% that didn't go bankrupt in their first year, you would now be even less willing to employ a woman for now you will not only lose an employee for months but have to pay a regular salary. All this will do is make women even less eligible for work.

        And the new feminist movement has made it all seem like 'war on women' crap. It's not a war, it's he pursuit of profit. If women want better chances, then they should go for them, however slim they are, and prove they're strong and don't need a bureaucracy full of promises (Eastern Block countries know very well how politicians can promise gold pouring from the sky, but deliver poverty from hell). I understand that there's a reason for women to be pissed off, yes, it's unfair at times, but the government can only make it more unfair, for everyone, women mostly. This is really the point I'm trying to get across.

      5. First of all, US is not the world. Second of all, the thing is that men have better opportunities to become CEO than women. I don't really care what Hillary Clinton is proposing we are talking about this moment in time not some proposals.

        Your final paragraph just strikes me as very narrow minded, naive and honestly quite offensive in its ignorance. I know you are very young, so maybe that's this. It strikes me as something as someone really detached from real world would say, your arguments before about volleyball etc. I just chose not to comment on because I was stunned anyone would even come up with that....

        Let's just agree to disagree here.

      6. Yes, the world isn't the US, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't even try to learn something from it. We're talking about this moment and this issue, and since people from both sides a complaining about it, whether it's the US or not, someone like Clinton will show up 'to fix things up'.

        Yes, I'm young, but I don't think age determines whether an argument is wrong or not. The point I was trying to make is that if women want more opportunity, the right way isn't government intervention. Intervention doesn't work. It never did. I thought that maybe the utter failure of Socialism (a.k.a government intervention) would maybe show you how disastrous it always is. So if it always fails to deliver what it promises then maybe it's not correct to ask for more of it.

        I respect your opinion and I think a lot of it stems from hatred coming due to certain circumstances I may never experience, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a different solution.

        Thank you anyway for taking the time to write a reply ;d

      7. Well you were trying to make a point that there is no discrimination and there is. Age determines experience and I feel once you work in few places and see the opportunities for men and women and difference in treatment you will see it more clearly.

        I wouldn't say hatred...I'd say just being alive for quite a bit longer and realizing not everything can be changed and things are really not fair.

    10. The Revenant looks outstanding. I cannot wait for it. Lubezki better get that 3rd Oscar.

      As for Cotillard, I really don't understand this. Like, even if there was the language barrier, it's a shame that she said that. And Damon, I basically agree with what Nathaniel said over at The Film Experience, he summed up my feelings pretty clearly.

      The Knick! That's a great and gory show. Cara Seymour is such a boss.

      By the way, that Crimson Peak banner is gorgeous!

      1. Yeah I read Nathaniel's post and if the world was different he would be right, but the world isn't different. Just look at Matt Bomer's carer. He should be A list actor playing leading roles in big films. Instead he is doing TV.

        Thanks so much! It's my banner for Halloween month :)

    11. Ha ha, I love that dog shaming video. That sounds like something my dog would do. Wow I had no idea Cotilliard said that. I hope she misspoke, because her comments are profoundly stupid. I really do wonder about some of these women who don't support other women? I have come across several women who genuinely don't seem to like other women-- they just want the approval of men. They cut other women down and bad mouth them. It's very strange to me.

      I heard about what Damon said. Like you, I don't think Matt Damon is homophobic. He was just telling people the unfortunate truth of Hollywood... that Hollywood is generally sexist and homophobic, which is true. Rupert Everett said the exact same thing years ago when he stopped getting work. No one got upset with him for saying that. As you said, for what other reason is Matt Boomer not a movie star? Boomer is one of the sexiest men I have ever laid eyes on. He should have more roles.

      1. Oh, she said that. I wish she misspoke, but nope. I don't like other women, but the crap she said is just inaccurate and just so, so stupid.

        People are going after Damon as if it was his fault that the industry is homophobic. It's insane.

    12. Ugh, just give us The Revenant already!!

      Oh, I still need to check out The Knick and Peaky Blinders.

      If it makes you feel any better, I'm working nights now, and I usually can't go to the theater unless it's one of my nights off - and I have to get up early to go. ;)

      LOL, nice In the Loop reference.

      1. Oh man I cannot imagine working nights :/ That's gotta be screwing with your entire schedule

      2. I'm used to it now, but, yeah, it makes an odd schedule. :/