Friday, October 16, 2015

(205) Fuck you, Pixar + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, October 16, 2015
  •  You know every single time I watch Scream Queens I shop. 
  • At this rate I will be broke by the time this season is over. I finally got my cranberry dress, poppy shirt and golden top via mail yesterday. But then I saw they are running out of the stock on the champagne skirt and black lace top I wanted. So I whipped out my credit card again. 
  • See this white blouse Emma has on with that black strap? I want it too.
  • You know the only joy I have out of going to my job is dressing up.
  • But I got to do none of it this week - other than Monday - because the sick feeling I had last Friday - a result of sitting in germ infested office -  led to being sick indeed this week. On Tuesday morning I went to the doctor and got sick leave for this week and then - get this - I actually drove to work - which took 30 minutes  - to finish the stuff for this week and print it for my boss - which took 15 minutes. And then I drove back for another 30 minutes. Then I came home, passed out and drooled all over my pillow.
  • But back to the happier realm - of murder - this week's episode of Scream Queens had references to Silence of the Lambs, The Shining and that chilling jump scare in Exorcist III which made everyone shat themselves (it's probably the best jump scare in the history of cinema, but there was no several minutes of build up in Scream Queens so don't worry, you won't ruin your underwear). And Gone Girl and Gravity were mentioned! I made a gifset highlighting the references.
  • So Miller first gives us hope saying he has 2 Mad Max sequels stories ready. Then he goes on to say sequel won't have Furiosa in it. Honestly I'm just gonna be happy if there is a sequel at all. WB should be grabbing Miller and forcing him to do next one while the first one was so hot and they are being so stupid here. If we wait too long we won't get any and good luck scheduling this with how busy Tom is.
  • This week got absolutely amazing UK poster for Carol which is so much better than the official US posters for the film.
  • JLaw has said some stuff again. I don't even have to try here, guys. She is literally loading a gun and handing it to me here.
  • That the actresses aren't paid as much as actors is a travesty. That Charlize Theron, the greatest working actress, is not paid as much as men is a travesty. But JLaw is overpaid as it is.
  • Let's just get this out of the way - "adorable"? When was this hick ever adorable? 
  • Also - she is not gonna comment on actresses getting cast in the roles they have no business playing while better suited actresses are unemployed, but she is commenting on the fact she wants more money playing these roles. Pathetic.
  • And - hundreds of her narcissistic, gross pics are made public by the leak - BAD. The fact that she wasn't paid as much money as others (even thought she was miscast and wasn't even the lead in the film) is made public by the leak of private e-mails - GOOD.
  • The whiff of hypocrisy is so fucking strong here.
  • "I’m even the asshole who didn’t do anything about the ice-bucket challenge — which was saving lives — because it started to feel more like a “trend” than a cause"I should have written a check, but I fucking forgot, okay?" - I don't even meed to comment right? I mean it speaks for itself
  • Months later as the news of this pay thing broke, months after Theron raised the issue and it was all over the media how women are paid unfairly, she blabbers about it JUST as her movie is about to be released.
  • Then Jessica Chastain retweeted what she wrote with some go girl shit. Oh God. And by the way, when has Chastain actually done something that helped women in her profession? What did she do exactly?
  • And have you seen her new photoshoot, the one which has a pic of it on her twitter? There is this saying that when a woman is beautiful, no matter what style, she is gonna remain beautiful. That saying was proved wrong here:
  • Back to JLaw she is in talks to join Aronofsky's next movie.  Darren, you haven't made anything worth my while since Black Swan and now you are casting this
  • Also while on the subject of Crimson Peak it seems the story is very disappointing but apparently the production design is amazing as is Chastain, which is a big surprise. I guess she finally got cast in the suitable role? 
  • Also apparently you can see Hiddles' butt so that's a bonus point. But since the dog dies this evens it out...
  • The film is getting very mediocre response from critics and audiences. I'm guessing Guillermo is finished. If he cannot pull Gothic romance with this kind of cast off, then he can't pull anything off anymore.
  • Another great poster this week was released - for The Lobster. I hope I get to see it before I finish my Best of 2015 list because every year there is indie obscure film I get to see a long time after I finalize my lists that would make a difference (I think 2014 list would look a bit different with the inclusion of Mommy, granted it wouldn't win anything but it would be present in line ups).
  • Apparently The Hulk is gonna be in Ragnarok. What a terrible idea. He is literally the least suitable character for this film. 
  • Daniel Craig was scolded after being a little bitch in the media. I'm loving this. I wonder if being unprofessional whiny bitch is better or worse than being "street" for that dude who said said shit about Idris. 
  • Yeah so there is sacrificing stuff for a role and being stupid. Guess which one of those is Ben Foster?
  • I watched Fargo season 2 premiere. Not great so far. The story is kinda flat, especially this whole family business at the start of the episode. The outfits and the production design are great and Nick Offerman's appearance was a highlight but the show's great critical response is absolutely puzzling.
  • I saw Final Girls this week. It was quite a clever film but it could have been much better. Malin Ackerman was a big surprise though because she actually delivered a good performance and I always saw her as this petty girl who doesn't have much talent. Also I hate Watchmen which I heard HBO is turning into TV series? Oh God.
  • I also saw Knock Knock which was a very nasty movie. It was annoying and very unpleasant but the only good thing in it was how incredibly terrible - to the point of hilarious - Keanu Reeves' performance was
  • I also saw Inside Out which was good and very clever, but it represents what is wrong with animated movies today. Why does everything has to be all deep and philosophical? Are you gonna tell me that kids understood that film? It's a good example of a movie that isn't for anyone - too serious and traumatic for kids and too silly and depressing for adults. Remember Shrek? Where it was a pure fun along with some good old fashion don't judge a book by its cover message? That was a good film but honestly cannot imagine taking kids to see it. They would be traumatized by their parents weeping.
  • After that I had to see something funny so I put on Vacation. It's so stupid but I laughed several times. And I don't usually find Hemsworth attractive - he is not my type - but damn him being half shirtless, in tight shorts (Good God was it his actual dick's outline there?) and speaking in Southern accent? Oh yeah.
  • So there is a tweet. Possibly legit tweet. That tweet says that Michelle Fairley was having coffee at Belfast. That was reported a day before the shooting of Riverrun storyline began - which was later delayed. I just hope the show finally gets something right because it's pretty damn difficult to care about any of the storylines now.
  • Anna visited a very special place connected to the movie Closer
  • Brittani reviews The Midnight Meat Train
  • Fisti shares a gigantic post in which he lists his 100 favorite films so there is something to read during his absence which will last few months
  • Flixchatter has a review of Crimson Peak
  • MettelRay reviews The Martian
  • m.brown reviews one of Tales from the Crypt episodes. That series was so dope.


    1. While I do think women should get paid just as equally as the men or even more depending how good they are at the jobs. J-Law is the last person that should comment. I don't get it. Why do people think she is a saint for saying shit like this while they shit on Anne Hathaway because some fuckhead didn't make her breakfast the right way? Fuck you humanity.

      1. JLaw is overrated in literally every possible way

    2. Inside Out represents everything that is wrong with animated movies? Have you not heard of Minions?

    3. Episode 4 in SQ where they are basically mocking T Swift's way of 'being all nice and giving presents' was pure gold. Especially if you watch the original video on Youtube just before the episode.

      Well Chastain really did prove something: that if style can turn a woman from beautiful to...looking like a sexually aroused asylum runaway, then the reverse should be true as well, right? I guess that's a positive thing for girls who lack good looks...yes no one's face should matter but everyone enjoys beauty and evades ugliness.

      I loved Inside Out and how it showed that's important to be sad from time to time and let it all out, otherwise it can ruin you. I don't watch many animations, but Shreck was so funny and it would be nice if they continued making the comedy concentrated animations too.

      1. Yeah it was so funny, especially how Chanel just slid the present to a girl as if she was a dog :)

        She looks like a major poser. She cannot pull off edgy. I'm sure she is good in CP but we all know she cannot be punk/goth chick as Mama painfully proved

        Yeah nowadays it's all so depressing...i watch pretty much just one animated movie a year, always the biggest one like Frozen or Inside Out but they are all getting so serious, I fear some stuff in there can mess kids up

    4. Omg please please please let that Fairley tweet be true!

      Crimson Peak was alright, Chastain was great though. I've never seen her be a villain before.

      Inside Out was way too depressing. I was worried my kid was going to start crying during it. I just couldn't love it.

      Thanks for the link! Off to Heart Tree to continue to fangirl over that tweet.

      1. Yeah I feel people must be kinda worried watching this with kids! So much of it was just sad.

        Oh will you review CP? I'm not shocked it's not amazing. Del Toro lost his mojo

    5. I think the deep storylines are part of the reason why I love Pixar so much haha. Inside Out is my favourite of the year so far.

      The new episode of Scream Queens was great, maybe the best of the season so far.

      The poster for Carol is my everything. Marketing teams should take not, because THAT is how you make a great poster.

      I'm really saddened by the mixed reaction to Crimson Peak. I still have hope for it though, because I don't see how it can't be good. I just hope that the dog doesn't die.

      1. It won't even crack my top 10 but I give it weak 8/10

        Oh that dog is dead :/

    6. Prayer circle for Michelle Fairley to be back on Thrones!

      I meant to comment on your concerns about Scream Queens ratings. The thing it might have going for it is that Ryan Murphy is a name in television and the network might give it at least a second season. If the Mindy Project can get multiple seasons on low ratings, I don't see why Scream Queens couldn't get at least get a second one.
      I am not surprised that the reaction to Crimson Peak is mixed. Guillermo has a lot of good ideas but has trouble bringing them all together on screen. He's trying hard to get Pacific Rim 2 approved again (the studio put Pitch Perfect 3 in it's slot) and tried to get the GoT fanbase behind him raving about Maisie Williams and I was just like, no.
      Speaking as parents, my kids were HYPED for Inside Out. We saw it in the theater and the kids loved it and it spurred some good conversations with them about emotions. My son, who has a real hard time identifying his emotions really found that movie helpful-we refer to it a lot for him. My kids are 7, so I do think this movie sails over the heads of younger kids but I think they can enjoy the characters on a superficial level. Phyllis Smith was just perfect as Sadness. I think she stole the whole movie.
      Funny that Lawrence says nothing about getting roles that she is nowhere near in the age range for when those roles should be going to actresses in their late 30's and 40's.

      1. Fox shows seems to have awful ratings all around so hopefully SQ is gonna have higher ratings than their other shows and that rescues it

        Del Toro I think is a one trick pony. He may be a good director but he seems not to realize the basic thing - the story makes the movie not the pretty images

        Oh that's good your kids loved it! But I just found it a bit too depressing, kids have their whole lives for it they shouldn't think about stuff like that while going to see animated movies in cinemas

    7. JLaw... I think it's enough. Why people think it's so right ? There so many wrong thing in that conversation and only one thing good : the pay gap. She talked about a role she has because David O'Russell has a thing for her, a miscast part as it was for an older actress. And why are we having this discussion about a bad movie ? (my opinion, I know). And what enrage me is how people thinks she's right without aknowledging the real issue : Amy Adams ! That's the one who should have been paid more. The one who do everything, the real first female role in that movie, who plays maybe the most important character (with Bale). She could argue for her or says she was payed well actually, maybe her collegue too much. She was not the fucking star in a movie with Batman in the fucking lead ! (sorry, sorry, but damn, she's annoying). She could give arguments like : she made more promo for the movie and that her name helps in that or whatever but she doesn't go there so her fault ! That, at least, could be argue in her favor a little bit. Not the fact that those guys has just better agents (and all having work hard to arrive at this place in their career, they are not twenty something here !)

      I stop... (and sorry for my bad english).

      Inside Out was quite manipulative on the emotional level. It was Pixar doing another version of Toy Story but not as inspired as this one. On the Dreamworks side, I'm fond of How to Train Your Dragon, entertaining and smart without all that emotional Pixar thing. Jay Baruchel voice annoys me, I admit, but dragons ! Fun dragons !

      On the Daniel Craig business, wasn't he joking, in a very english way ? I think he still has a Bond movie to do, that sounds ridiculous for him to make a comment like that and he doesn't strike me as someone stupid.

      This Jessica Chastain photoshoot is bad !

      1. I haven't seen either of those dragons movies I really just watch the most famous animation from the year and sometimes I don't watch any animated movies for months, it's not my thing.

        He might have been joking but the executives still got pissed off :)

        As for Lawrence, yes it is Adams who should be talking about this not her. Lawrence not even mentioning Amy shows what a hick she is.

      2. Oh, I thought How to Train You Dragon was kinda big, not Shrek big but still. I looked it up, the first one was against Toy Story 3 in the Oscar race. I know they are popular movies, but I must admit, I don't know how they are perceived if you don't Watch a lot of animated movies.

      3. I usually just watch the one which wins the Best Animated Oscar or is said to be about to win that prize :) The only one I saw because it genuinely interested me was Brave which was really lovely

    8. I saw Carol last night at the New Orleans Film Festival, and I'll be honest, I was kind of bored with it. Aside from Cate Blanchett being amazing/the cinematography being beautiful, it just kind of fell flat to me. She and Rooney Mara lacked chemistry and the plot as a whole lacked any originality. I preferred Blue is the Warmest Color if you're looking for two characters who achieve great connection. I just wanted something more, and I got kind of bored with this :( Meh...

      1. Yeah it looks like a very polished movie which really doesn't suit the story of forbidden love. I'm not that hyped for it but people seem to be losing their shit about this film

    9. Thanks for the link Margaret, really appreciate your generosity.

      Hey I hope you’re feeling better now, the office can really be so germ-infested, esp in Winter which is coming up for me :(

      Oh, no Furiosa in the next Mad Max movies? But like you, I’m glad it’s happening at all, and I hope they hurry up as Miller isn’t getting any younger!

      I really don’t care what JLaw is saying anymore. She said she’s over being nice/adorable, HUH?? I’m so over her a long time ago.

      I LOVE that poster for The Lobster, man I hope it gets released here in my city, I can’t wait to see it!!

      1. You're welcome

        Yeah I feel slightly better but I still not to go back to office tomorrow :/

        Lobster looks so good but these small movies take forever to get released :/

      2. I was hoping The Lobster would be screening at this year's TCFF. It's true these small indie films do take forever to get to theaters, which is a shame since most of them are good!

      3. It opens here next month so hopefully I manage to see this and Macbeth :)

    10. I hope we do get another Mad Max movie, but I'll be terribly disappointed if there's no Furiosa. She made that movie. Every bit of it. I love Hardy, too, but he was just kind of there for much of the film. I wouldn't mind giving him expanded duties in the next movie, but please for the love of all things holy, bring back Furiosa!

      Hope I get to see The Lobster soon, too. It just looks so interesting.

      Haven't seen Crimson Peak, yet, but Guillermo del Toro has always been hit-or-miss with me. His visuals are always great. He's just a shaky story-teller.

      I pay little to no attention to what most celebrities do/say in their personal lives so J-Law doesn't rub me the same way she does you. I actually like her as an actress, but I understand she's not everyone's cup of tea. As for her comments. I've only heard about the equal pay thing, nothing else she actually said. Whether or not, she was miscast I'd argue that she has a right to be upset because she's proven to be as big a box office draw as any of her co-stars and that's what generally decides pay rate in Hollywood, not talent. I'll concede that it's probably hypocritical of her, like you said, because yeah, there are so many other performers she could've went to bat for, but only seemed to care when it affected her.

      I think the heavy themes have been present in big studio animation for a really long time. We grown-ups tend to get more hung up on them. In Frozen, for instance, while we're busy dissecting all the goings on, most kids just grasped the sisterly love thing, enjoyed the songs, and the talking snowman. Or go back and watch The Lion King from 20+ years ago. Lots of serious stuff going on, there. Or even further back with Bambi. The ending to that is a straight up kick in the balls.

      Another fun post, as always!

      1. I think it would be great if Furiosa returned somewhere along the way but I think Miller can come up with some amazing characters for Max to interact with so I'm not too worried about her not immediately being back.

        I cannot watch Lion King and Bambi on account of animals dying :/ I saw it when I was little and not ever again :) I just think there are some seriously deep themes that can make a child very sad in a subconscious kind of way and the parents downright depressed :/

    11. I watched the first episode of Scream Queens to be sure whether I would not like it but I liked it. So I might still watch it despite my initial thought of not liking it.
      I hope The Lobster will be good and I have a feeling it would because it seems so ludicrous that it might even work.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I hope you continue watching, the show is insanely entertaining!

        The Lobster is getting great reviews so far, it actually seems everyone is loving it

    12. That Carol poster... LOVE!!

      The Lobster looks terrific. Really hope you get to see it in time for your best-of post.

      I liked Crimson Peak, but it's flawed. Chastain went a little overboard for me at times, though not on the Miss Julie level.

      Oh, I bought Fargo season 1 and still haven't watched it. I need to get on that.

      Glad you liked Inside Out. Shrek is definitely more fun, though.

      1. Yeah Lobster opens here in a month or so so unless my job finally kills me, I'm gonna see it :)

    13. Oh my god if Michelle Fairley is in Belfast and that character doesn't appear in the show I'm going to vom. I also really liked Scream Queens but I've only seen the pilot and the second episode. The humour is so snappy and edgy that I frequently actually laughed out loud and you're right, the fashion choices are insanely gorgeous, it makes me want to buy things too.

      Also I think this is the season of AHS that I finally might watch! Or should I start from the beginning?

      Thanks for the link Sati! :)

      1. Well you should start AHS from the first start if only just for Lange and her performances. No matter how messy the writing in the show can be, she always delivers amazing work. And I'm so glad to read you liked Scream Queens!