Friday, October 23, 2015

(206) So madd(en)ing + links

By s. Friday, October 23, 2015
  • Tom Hardy became a father again! His wife Charlotte gave birth to their child yesterday. While searching for the news I found this pic of Tom and his first son.
  • There are no words.
  • I was supposed to see Crimson Peak today but I was too exhausted to go to cinema. I'm just so tired. I've been falling asleep at 10 pm lately. I came to work at 7.20 today and finished working around 14:40. It's madness.
  • I finally sat down and watched Far From the Madding Crowd last weekend. I'm creating the dumbest character of the year category in my annual awards just for the main chick.
  • JFC this movie. First some sheep committed mass suicide by jumping off the cliff. Then I think a dog got shot, but it was out of frame so I can always pretend it didn't happen. Then that main bitch gets a lamb from this guy and he proposes and she says no. Then Michael Sheen proposes and the bitch says no. And previously in the movie she sent him a valentine but when it is pointed out to her by the lamb guy that she led the poor guy on she fires him. But then some sheeps' stomachs start exploding - or something - so she rides after the lamb guy because only he can help her. Then some gigolo soldier arrives and waves a sword - literally - at her in the woods and she marries him. He is of course a douche and gets her in debt and impregnates some plot device played as usual by Juno Temple and then plot device and its baby die and then he is pronounced dead after he allegedly drowns so poor Sheen proposes again and just as she maybe kind of will graciously agree the dead husband comes back and Sheen shoots him so he is sent to jail and the one left who gave her a lamb is leaving her but - poor guy - she catches on to him and they make out.

    My God.
  • I legit kept hoping she would die - that she jumps off the cliff like the sheep, that the dude's sword slips and her head gets cut off, that the lightning hits her or she falls off this barn... what a deplorable character. And she lived to the end! There is no justice.
  • The film, the awfulness of that character aside, was really beautifully shot, it had great music and at this moment Sheen makes my best supporting actor line up.I could see Stephen Dillane play this part too - quiet, kind, dignified man, surrounded with women with absolutely fucking terrible taste.
  • Also I noticed that I've been calling "Far From the Madding Crowd" "Far From the Maddening Crowd" this whole time. I'm really tired, in my defense.
  • I also saw Bridge of Spies which was....fine. That is the nicest thing I can say about this movie. Tom Hanks was good doing his usual likable and admirable character thing and Mark Rylance was good but I'm at loss as to what exactly is gonna get nominated for Oscar here? The man isn't even making my top 10 and I haven't even seen about 15 of the biggest buzzed movies. It's a fine historical movie but it's entirely forgettable.
  • I saw extended version of Spy. That movie is such a laugh riot. The extended version didn't have great flow of theatrical one, but really more of McCarthy is always great.The best thing that could possibly happen this Oscar season would be if Jason Statham scored some nominations for the film. The man really needs to do more comedies.
  • Rian Johnson and Duncan Jones had a feud at twitter this week that was just amazing. They are both talented. They are however also so petty. A rule I follow and a piece of advice - don't do more than 3 tweets in twitter feud. Anything more is just fucking sad.
  • No, I have not seen that Star Wars trailer. I just don't give a fuck.
  • Scream Queens was awesome this week, obviously. Chanel is a hero! She returned for Zayday. Also Wes is shady as fuck. I hope he is not the killer because that would be too obvious. 
  • And on American Horror Story? The Queen is back!:
  • Angela Bassett finally showed up and as usual stole the show. I hope I have some energy during the weekend to write the recap for the recent episode. 
  • I started watching Child 44 but I saw an hour of it so far and just couldn't kept going/. I have zero idea what the hell is going on in this film. Also the director doesn't know how to use his actors and the editor is a fuck - that shit is 147 minutes long, there is a scene where Hardy begins undressing to take a shower and it cuts to Hardy dressing up after he took the shower. What the fuck?! Why do you think I'm even pushing play on the movie about children getting killed in Soviet Russia?! Thank God at least Hardy is in a uniform in most of his scenes.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio started his campaign for The Revenant talking about some things he had to for the role. There is also a poster for the movie, which looks beautiful but I don't quite like it. I think this is bad marketing - it misses the brutality of the story.
  • So apparently Sony executives telling Craig to shut the fuck up didn't really help much. He did this now.What's next? I keep waiting for him to lose it and shit under the poster of Spectre in a movie theatre and then pick up this shit and throw it around or something.
  • There's probably a bunch of things I'm forgetting since so much is going on now with the Oscar season heating up. News this week - Chris Rock is gonna host the ceremony. I'm honestly gonna be fine with everything that may happen except if Redmayne wins another Oscar. Chances for that seem to be getting pretty slim but there is even greater horror that may happen - Jennifer Lawrence may win her second Oscar. And if she wins, it means that Redmayne would be the one handing it to her. The collective awfulness of all of that may actually kill me.
  • Speaking of things that may kill me - more rumours and news from Game of Thrones season 6 set confirm that Blackfish and Edmure Tully are returning. So we are getting Jaime and Brienne in Riverlands, The Freys coming back and the Tullys coming back. Can you imagine my outrage if with all of this, Lady Stoneheart still is not gonna be featured on the show? I swear to God, if that happens I'm definitely buying a big ass bell and following D&D for the rest of their lives yelling SHAME!
  • Josh reviews Beasts of No Nation, Bridge of Spies and Crimson Peak
  • Brittani and Courtney review Crimson Peak 
  • Mark shares hilarious moment from The Big Lebowski 
  • m.brown reviews A Most Violent Year
  • Jack reviews Macbeth
  • Ruth got to see one of my most anticipated movies - Room. Brie you must defeat the monstrosity in Best Actress race.
  • MrsMariah reviews Sicario
  • BigScreenSmallWords reviews Knock Knock and Final Girls. Yep. Knock Knock is atrocious and currently stands as my worst movie of the year.


    1. I haven't even seen The Madding Crowd, but your recap of it was amazing. Great job, there. Hilarious post, all the way through. Btw, I have exactly zero interest in Tom Hardy's personal life, but that pic of him with his first son melted my heart. Great find.

      1. Thank you, I'd like to think my review was more entertaining than that film :) I love this pic, it's just so adorable

    2. Glad to read your honest opinion on Bridge of Spies, because I was gunning to see that next week. Not anymore!

      So...I saw your most anticipated last week--Room. It was OKAY. There I said it. This just isn't my year. Tremendous acting, but just an okay plot...I was expecting something more powerful/beautiful, but didn't really get that. Meh. So much meh this year.

      Thanks for the link! Crimson Peak is worth the IMAX experience :)

      1. I always cry on films like Room so I anticipate I'm gonna be a mess, I barely made it through the trailer :)

        We have no IMAX in third world country :P

    3. Whoa, another Oscar for Eddie Redmayne and Jennifer Lawrence? FUCK OFF!!!!!

    4. The Revenant poster looks good, hopefully the movie is going to be amazing! I hope Jennifer Lawrence doesn't win for Joy - she looks like she was putting a repeat performance for her character in Silver Linings Playbook, which I don't think deserved the award (but I haven't seen the performances of the other nominees, so can't really tell if she was the best among them). Hopefully some of the more acclaimed performances will push for the win. Also, Reese Witherspoon's daughter could be her twin! Thanks for the link!

      1. The Revenant will melt our fucking faces off :) Well Lawrence is my #2 that year, right after Rapace for Prometheus who wasn't even nominated so she did deserve that win but it was an exceptionally bad year for best actress category

    5. Hi Sati! Thanks for the link! Wow, that character from the maddening crowd sounds like a complete moron. I can't believe people thought that was a good movie. I agree with you on 'Bridge of Spies.' I just saw 'Bridge of Spies' tonight. I thought it was a good movie...but Oscar worthy? Did they see the same movie I did? Idk after just seeing 'Sicario,' 'Bridge of Spies' just seemed "ok."

      I always think that scene with McCarthy and Statham is hilarious. I wish they would make another movie together. I'd watch the hell out of that.

      1. The film was fine it's the protagonist that was terrible :D Bridge of Spies was just so forgettable. But at least it was not War Horse - that was just unwatchable

        I'd kill to get a sequel to Spy

    6. That Twitter feud started off hilarious because I assumed they were joking but then they got really, fast. lol I love both those directors (Especially Rian Johnson) so I hope it was a joke the whole time.

      I think I'm going to take Far from the Madding Crowd out of my Netflix queue now. I skipped it in theaters but threw it in because I like the cast. Though I thought you were going to have some Richard Madden pictures with that pun. :(

      I have Spy in my Netflix queue too. I hope it's as funny as everyone else thinks it is.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Well it is a good movie and Sheen is absolutely wonderful in it but seriously that main character was just infuriating. But it's worth seeing, it looks lovely and the music is beautiful.

        Oh God Spy is hysterical, hope you'll like it!

    7. I agree on the poster for The Revenant. Not quite dirty enough. I refuse to read anything Leo says, or anybody says, about this film though. I want to know absolutely as little as possible about it until I see it.

      I couldn't disagree more on Bridge of Spies, though. I found it decidedly UNforgettable. It exceeded all my expectations and deserves plenty of Oscar noms.

      1. Well then you are into some shocks, I was stunned when I was reading the script.

        I thought it was a good film but honestly I don't remember much about it

    8. Thanks so much for the link Margaret. Sorry been so exhausted covering TCFF, but the adrenaline rush kept me going :P

      Ooooh, congrats Tom Hardy! Sexiest dad ever!

      Ahah, I totally get why you're frustrated by Mulligan's character in FFTMC, I mean how in the heck did she refuse the kind and handsome shepherd AND hunky & rich Michael Sheen... and for what?? That dude who looks like he's in some boy band with zero charisma.

      Yes I hope Brie is nominated and not JLaw again for that thing called Joy, ugh.

      1. That soldier dude was the worst. He looked like a freaking metro-sexual. I'm almost surprised they didn't cast Gosling for this part

    9. Thanks for the link! I'm still wandering the Earth shaking my head at that Witherspoon pic. Madness, indeed.

      Yo, that Tom Hardy pic with the kid is adorable, but also mildly terrifying. I'm pretty sure Hardy could kill a grizzly bear gently laying on top of it. Hopefully that kiddo is tough.

      Speaking of tough, that Statham gif makes my life. My God was he ridiculous in Spy. I have to see that again immediately. No, wait. Scratch that. I'll be too busy.


      Damn you, Sati! How could you do this to me?

      1. I think Hardy was just pretending to be asleep :) He does love take pictures of himself, bless him :)

        Spy is life and love. I so want him to at least get Globe nomination for that.

        Haha, yeah I'm sure Daddario is gonna get naked.

    10. Thanks for the link!

      Haha, I loved Far from the Madding Crowd, but your reaction is PERFECTION. :)

      That twitter feud was brilliant. I think they were both in on the joke though, and it was only a half-hearted feud.

      Ugh, Redmayne handing Lawrence a second Oscar... Please, no.

      1. You're welcome and thank you! :)

        That Redmayne/Lawrence thing just cannot happen

    11. Holy shit, Reese Witherspoon totally cloned herself. That is uncanny! I also recently read an amazing summary article of the locations of all the actors for season six shooting of Thrones and how it relates to the book story that was very promising in terms of certain things that we like... it's a shame I can't find it again, when I do I shall copy it along!

      1. I saw some spoiler breakdown/stroyline floating around but that is probably fake :/ But Jaime and Brienne definitely have scenes in Riverlands in season 6 so that's promising

    12. Redmayne handing Lawrence another Oscar? I get chills just thinking about it.

      1. Thank God it is looking less and less likely with each day :)