Friday, October 30, 2015

(207) The week of 9 films + links

By Sati. Friday, October 30, 2015
  • The Queen of Mischief was featured in the pics in Empire magazine. Oh my God. I may actually stop living while watching this movie.
  • There are also few new pictures of the Joker and one showing the scene with Harley back when she was a doctor having a session with him. I'm so psyched for this!
  • This is from the Empire magazine article about the film - "It could be the role of a lifetime for Robbie, who gets to play both Harleen Quinzel, the doctor assigned to probe the Joker’s psyche, and Harley, the result of his ghastly seduction. The actress has also been the main focus of Mr. J’s off-screen affections. “Jared sent me a rat,” she says. “A black one with cute white paws, like he’s wearing little socks. I named him Rat Rat and my assistant Soph and I would sit down on the carpet with him and all drink tea."
  • Well that is just too cute!
  • And the King of Globes is back. Ricky Gervais will host next year's Golden Globes and I'm so happy about this. As great as Tina and Amy were Ricky was just an absolute blast. He totally stole the show from them last year when he was presenting Best Actress in comedy. I am so sure that he will go after Hardy and Inarittu in his monologue.
  • Man, when will I finally see The Revenant trailer in the theater? They didn't show it before Crimson Peak. But of course I had to sit there defenseless while they played Hunger Games trailer.
  • But that's nothing. They had this trailer and it had Adam Scott and Packer from the Office so I'm thinking "oh, OK, it's a Christmas comedy" and then some really bizarre shit started happening. Ben Wyatt and Todd Packer in a movie about Christmas demon? This is something that people should probably bring weed for to the cinema.
  • Since last RF I saw 9 movies - Crimson Peak, Youth, Everest, Southpaw, Warrior, The Man from Uncle, Bone Tomahawk, Danny Collins and Me, Earl and the Dying girl. That is more than I watch during 2 months time any other time of the year other than Oscar season. Also I'm so exhausted after work this is all I can do, just sit and watch a movie. I should get a fucking medal for actually going to cinema to see Crimson Peak in the state that I am after work. 
  • But I still had enough strength in me to take selfies of myself to brag about my outfits ---------->
  • And the one on the left, bottom is inspired by Scream Queens which sadly didn't air its new episode this week thanks to some stupid sport event that they showed instead.
  • It's Halloween tomorrow! YEY! It's my favorite day of the year and continuing with the tradition of seeing one spooky movie that's new to me and one that I love I'm gonna see Black Sabbath and Black Swan, respectively.
  • You already know what I think of Crimson Peak so here are my thought on the other films I saw this week:
  • Youth  was pretentious beyond belief. It had great performances but my God did this movie bore me. Also it was so superficial - beautiful young naked women contrasted with Caine and Keitel talking about difficulties peeing they are having since they are old. It was just trying so hard to be beautiful and smart but it was just tiresome. At one point Paul Dano starts walking around dressed as Hitler. The film is filled with random shit like that.
  • Everest was so boring. Nothing at all happened in the first 70 minutes. Then something started happening but I didn't care much. A whole bunch of all those fine actors was just wasted there. I was hoping that maybe Keira Knightley had stuff to do and she did impressive work for her awfully short time on the screen but the story was so poorly written it didn't move me as much as it should. Emily Watson and Josh Brolin were the only two people whose work was so good it transcended the bad script.
  • Then I saw Southpaw which was more eventful than Everest but took a steep dive into tedious the second Rachel McAdams was gone. Gyllenhaall was great but the quality of the movie hurt his performance. The final fight though, as is usually the case with films like this one, was very exciting and well done. 
  • Then since I was really in the mood to see more of half naked men beating each other up - which I am kind of always in the mood for - I rewarched Warrior which I didn't see in years. I forgot how amazing this movie is - it has such deep themes but it is also so entertaining and as usual Kevin Dunn provides so much humour. The acting from the main trio is so incredible and that slots scene is probably one of the most crushing father/son scenes in the history of the cinema. And then Academy goes and gives it only one nomination which in spite of Nolte being better than Plummer gets nothing. 
  •  Academy members are fucking deranged.
  •  Then during the week I saw The Man from UNCLE which was so stylish and charming. Man, why is Armie Hammer cursed? All his movies seem to be flopping hard and he was really wonderful in it, hell he even managed to be good in J.Edgar. The film was very entertaining and him and Cavill had great chemistry together. It's such a shame it was not more successful because it was very well done. Alicia Vikander is so stiff, though. Hammer was generating the chemistry for both of them.
  • And then instead of first watching a bone chilling horror and then two handsome dudes in a spy movie I did this the other way around and saw Bone Tomahawk next, right before going to bed, after reading many favorable opinions on movies boards I frequent. It was incredible - the first 90 minutes are basically like an episode of Deadwood with four very different dudes played by Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins and Matthew Fox who has blown my fucking mind because I always make fun of him and he was incredible here, being in pursuit of a cannibal Indian tribe who took Wilson's character's wife. Then in the last 30 minutes it becomes a full blown horror film which contains the single most violent, disturbing scene I've seen in years. So this is definitely not for everyone but seriously if you are into horrors this is a gem. The acting is just outstanding.I nominate Matthew Fox for best supporting actor. Let me repeat that for impact - I nominate Matthew "we have to go back!" Fox for fucking best supporting actor. He may even stick around until the end of the road here, considering he is number #3 at the moment. It's not like I don't have contenders for this category to watch left, I do - The Revenant, Spotlight - it's just that he is seriously good enough to stand a chance.
  • The only flaw is the actress who plays Wilson's wife. Not only is she such a bad actress that her weird and shallow interpretation of the role leads to some disturbed people making threads like this, but she was just annoying.
  • Also the most WTF moment of the year for Sean Young being in the movie for 2 minutes with half of her face obscured with a hat. God...remember how lovely she was in Blade Runner? 
  • Then the next day I saw Danny Collins which was forgettable but it was also very sweet. Pacino was just great here and very charming, it was also quite unique how this rock star he was playing was actually a kind soul. Usually when there is a rock star in the movie they all go wild and they want to go wild, but here Pacino was playing a guy who was scared of attention as a young artist and when it all happened to him, this entire lifestyle, he succumbed to it but was happy to leave it. The film told a simple story but it did it with a lot of humour and grace.
  • And then I saw Me, Earl and the Dying Girl which has the baffling rating of 7,9 over at the imdb. I gave the movie a very weak 5 and keep in mind one whole point is there for the sole presence of Nick Offerman on account that Nick Offerman should be in every single movie. This film was so outrageously pretentious and annoying I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. It was like it was made by some juvenile poser kids after they took drugs and binge-watched Wes Anderson's pretentious bullshit aka practically all of his films. There are 2 good scenes - the showing of the final movie and the scene in Rachel's bedroom near the end but the former has a movie in it which is so hilariously hipster I actually laughed out loud. The guy playing Earl was hilarious, so at least something good came from this. Also who knew Joe Bernthal could act like that? I'm actually psyched for his Punisher now, though I'll never stop being bitter that it's not gonna be Hardy in the role.
  • Hey, speaking of Tom. Here's the new picture of him with Idris Elba:
  • Wait, it gets even better. Here are new pics of Tom being adorable with dogs:
  • If you ever need a third wife, I'm right here. 
  •  There's more - there is this hilarious interview for EW that Brittani showed me -"To loosen things up on set, Hardy chose an unconventional method: wrestling with his director. “When things get a bit too serious, I go, ‘Why don’t we have a cuddle in front of all these people here?’ ” Hardy says. “It ends with both of us falling down in the snow. I think that’s a good thing. If I’m the naughty boy for doing that, then I’d rather be the naughty boy and release that tension."
  • That sound you hear is my ovaries exploding.
  • And then there is this gem - "Most actors dream of an Academy Award, but Hardy doesn’t think he should be allowed into the Oscar theater. “Lock me out of that, for your own good,” he says. “It’s like putting a wig on a dog, or a tutu on a crocodile. It doesn’t look right, it’s not fair to the animal, and inevitably someone will get bitten and hurt.”"
  • While my ovaries are still exploding let me share this promo picture for The Tunnel season 2:
  • God, I cannot wait for my Stephen.
  • Alien 5 is on hold because Ridley Scott is being a little bitch again and wants to disappoint most of the world with Prometheus sequel first. I have less and less faith that Alien 5 is actually ever gonna happen.
  • So they actually let Daniel Craig out of what I imagine is a tiny prison cell in Sony headquarters' basement and allowed him to do press during Spectre red carpet:
  • He really gives off the I'm gonna start shooting everyone around me any second now vibe.
  • There are also hilarious photos that Craig and Waltz are being forced to take as part of their promo tour for the film. You can actually see them dying inside --------->
  • Chris Evans aka my favorite casting of the year is no longer gonna play Tom in The Girl on the Train. Instead it's gonna be Justin Theroux.  SPOILER Gee, I wonder how fast will the audience realize Tom is a killer now? That would be Theroux's first fucking scene, probably. END OF SPOILER
  • ThePlaylist highlights how Villeneuve changed two big scenes from Sicario script and man, am I glad he did that. 
  • My God this is happening. Franco and Rogen making a movie about the making of The Room. And here's a gem of a comment from imdb - "James Franco playing Tommy Wiseau sounds like a bigger cinematic abortion than the 7-minute abortion in Nymphomaniac, tbh"
  • So apparently Game of Thrones will premiere later than usual - May 2016. Seeing how they killed off my beloved and fucked me over with Stoneheart 3 times in a row by now I can wait some more for new and exciting ways in which D&D wreck this show beyond human comprehension.
  • m.brown suffers for love and reviews Burying the Ex which he watched for Alexandra Daddario's....talents.
  • Alex lists the films he appreciated upon first viewing but loved the second time around
  • Ruth reviews Brooklyn 
  • Anna reviews Amy
  • Want something creepy for Halloween? Look no further than Andrew's opening paragraph in Creep review.
  • FeelingFuzzier reviews The Dressmaker
  • Brittani and Kevin have reviews for Steve Jobs
  • Keith reviews sensational Bone Tomahawk
  • MrsMariah reviews Bridge of Spies
  • Steven reviews fantastic The Others, which if you haven't seen before you totally should given how the most special day of the year is tomorrow!
  • Specifically to make m.brown smile - Alexandra Daddario on the set of AHS: Hotel



    1. Thanks for the link-love. I would've just stuck with Crimson Peak and nothing else. All those other films you saw seem boring.

      Tom Hardy looks cute with those dogs...... *sniff*

      1. Well they are not boring, most of them, I think you are just blinded by Crimson Peak :)

    2. Thanks for the link Margaret! Brooklyn is certainly in my top 5 fave of TCFF so far. Wow you saw 9 movies in a week? Man that's a lot, I only saw a ton of movies during film fest like this, usually I'm lucky if I can see half of that.

      Hey great selfies, cute outfits too!

      Warrior is a REALLY good film! I love all of the performances there and first time I saw Edgerton.

      1. You're welcome! Well I saw 2 each night during weekend and then 1 movie in the evenings in the week it's really not that much. Normally I watch 1 movie per week :(

    3. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who wasn't really into Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. Yeah, it was better than most movies I've seen this year (albeit it's a shit year), but it IS pretentious as fuck and not really all that great. Meh again.

      1. That film was so fucking bizarre :/ I was watching it and all the weirdness was preventing me from seeing actual human beings in these characters

    4. Margot looks so great on that cover. She's the only reason I'll see suicide squad.

      I'm glad you liked that EW article and find never ending photos of Hardy and dogs.

      I hate that I can't watch The Tunnel. I can't find it anywhere here. :(

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You're welcome! Oh any interview with Hardy is a gem but this one had wrestling stories:)

        Damn, it's weird Netflix doesn't have The Tunnel, but I think it's only well known among Stephen's fans and we are not a big group :)

    5. Thank you for the link! I love those Harlequinn pics. They're awesome! I can't wait for that movie. Ha, ha Daniel Craig has gone off script. I love it. He keeps taking down reporters everywhere he goes.

      I'm so glad the director (and the cast) insisted on some of the changes to 'Sicario.' The movie was so much better for it. I clicked on your link and read the script changes. In the script Alejandro attacks Kate at the end and exposes her breasts. It just made no sense. Benecio and Emily made that scene so much more powerful. Also the dinner I was so impressed Villenue had the balls to pull that off.

      I may be in a minority, but I really don't care for Alicia Vikander. I think she's way overrated. You have made me very curious about 'Bone Tomahawk,' although I do have issues with excessive violence...your description of the film piqued my interest.

      1. What I really liked about Alejandro was that however damaged he was he was also very gentle so whenever there was any violence to do with his character it really came off sudden but never like he was some sort of animal or a criminal, which would be the feeling if that original scene with Kate stayed in the film

        I think so too, also the whole fake romance with Fassbender and her ties to Weinstein - she is his new IT girl - are gross

    6. I love how Daniel Craig just doesn't have any more fucks left to give. He's so cool. Him and Rachel Weisz are such an amazing couple, and they're both good actors too.

      I thought Youth was quite good, but I'm TERRIFIED of watching Bone Tomahawk. I've heard good things, but also about how it's pretty violent and gruesome? By the way, have you seen Tangerine yet? I watched it yesterday and it was stunning.

      While I think it's silly for GoT to have a later premiere date, what's even sillier is that there was no Scream Queens episode this week. I mean, it's Halloween!! Also, love the Scream Queens style in your selfies! They're fab on you.

      1. Bone Tomahawk is not much gory if you spread the amount of bloody scenes over pretty long run time but there is one scene that is extremely heavy, look away and cover your eyes kind of heavy

        I have not seen tangerine yet, but I heard very good things about it

        Thank you! I'm so happy there is a new episode tonight

    7. Based on your post, I should probably skip Youth, Southpaw and Everest and rewatch Warrior !

      1. Oh, absolutely. Warrior is amazing, these 3 are totally forgettable

    8. Thanks a ton for the link. Love giving Bone Tomahawk some good press. It deserves it.

      Also glad you enjoyed The Man from UNCLE. I thought it was a lot of fun. Some really good dry humor and I really enjoyed the Cavill/Hammer chemistry. I too am bummed that it didn't get more box office attention.

      1. You're welcome! I'm gonna review UNCLE soon, I really hope people come to appreciate the movie now that is being released on home media

    9. Thanks for the link! And thanks for recommending Bone Tomahawk. Fucking hell, that last act. Bruuutal stuff. I couldn't sit still for THAT scene.

      1. You're welcome and I'm so glad you liked the film!

    10. I can't wait for Suicide Squad! Margot looks insanely good. Such a complex role, and I hope it gets the opportunity to really unravel in the film.

      I need to see this Bone Tomahawk movie. I had never even heard of this, but between you and Mario talking it up...I really need to see it!

      I love Warrior! That film started my love of Joel Edgerton.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Dude just see Bone Tomahawk. Send your ladies to the mall or something and just enjoy. It's awesome.

    11. Replies
      1. Thank you! I'm going bankrupt here :)

    12. Thanks for the link Sati! I can't wait to see Suicide Squad. But meanwhile I've now melted into the floor because of that picture of Tom Hardy.

      1. Yeah Tom's pictures will do that :)

    13. Can't wait to see what Gervais does at the Globes again.

      Haha, Youth looks pretentious, but I'm still looking forward to it. :/

      I actually thought Everest was a lean, thrilling blockbuster, even if does waste its awesome cast.

      Oh, glad you liked The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which was SO much fun!

      Bone Tomahawk was brilliant. Love that you nominate Matthew Fox right now.

      LOL, that Franco/Rogen movie sounds kind of awesome.