Friday, November 27, 2015

(211) Let's add a white horse and see ladies faint + links

By Sati. Friday, November 27, 2015
  • Would you look at that. Cause I've been unable to stop for a while.
  • These are the pictures from the set of Taboo, Tom's new show which he is shooting right now. Not only is he still gonna have that glorious beard in this role too but...
  • I think this is an attempt to murder the entire population of women. I mean the only thing that would make this better was if he 1. was shirtless 2. was holding a puppy.
  • ...and now I'm imagining it.
  • ...
  • ....
  • ......
  • All right, let's move on.
  • I have been rewatching Tom's scenes in Peaky Blinders. He seems to have finished shooting season 3, which was fast? I just hope they will finally give him more to do, he had less than 10 scenes last season and let's face it they were the best things about this season. Would you look at that?
  • And this?
  • It's a good thing you cannot gif a voice. Those would be deadly if I could do that.
  • Yep, I'm making edits of Tom being intense now. This will be the end of me. 
  • So Legend which I was too afraid to see in the cinema (to avoid single woman faints/dies during Tom Hardy movie headline) got the most critics seem to masturbate to this performance TV spots I've seen this year - see this one
  • The Revenant reactions! The movie was screened and we know some interesting things - there is apparently a 40 minute long period with absolutely no dialogue, Leo has less 10 lines in English in the entire movie (which means we heard half of his lines in the trailer), Hardy speaks a lot and is epic and the film is very gory. That it was gory was well known but let just hope the Academy is not gonna act like a bunch of panicky little girls yet again. Just give Leo an Oscar before he murders you silently, people.
  • Also apparently some of the voters are butthurt because Tom said he thinks the whole Oscar thing is like putting a hat on a dog. Some are saying they will vote for Dano instead because of that comment. So in case you ever think you are being petty just think of how petty the Oscar voters are.
  • God I hope they all get dick punched like Inarittu probably did. 
  • No, they won't. Tom has no time for these basic bitches.
  • Also Jeffrey Wells is a sexist prick and can go fuck himself. 
  • Here is the new trailer with original score in the background - this sounds so heavenly!
  • It's Black Friday today so above is essentially me upon seeing all those deals on clothes.
  • There truly are no limits to HBO's idiocy. Someone on my GoT board posted this pic and I'm like OK so it's a fanmade and then it turns out it isn't, it's real. Like, they actually have that shit on the building's billboard and  up on the official website. What the shit, HBO? You go out of your way having actors  tell people this dude is dead for good and now you plastered him on the first poster? How high are your marketing people? How high are your interns, who I assume you leave in charge of artwork/promo stuff  - because there is really no explanation for this atrocity? And what the fuck are you high on? Is it my fucking tears since it's year 4 of Stoneheart watch?
  • Also this is so badly made. I see dozens of better fan art edits every day. And the most depressing thing is that this is not even the worst poster they had, this is probably the best one since season 1 but this is not saying much. I have better blood brushes in my photoshop.
  • It gets better as it is, apparently, the picture from season 3 of the show. This is the biggest show on this planet, can you believe how lazy these turds are being?
  • Amateurs.
  • I cannot even blame D&D for this because I'm fairly certain they had no part in this. It physically hurts me not to be able to bitch about them this week.
  • Seriously my God Scream Queens upped their shade game again this week:
  •  Chanel talking about pushing Hester down the stairs:
  • Chanel on the phone with her mother:
  • So much good stuff.
  • The episode was so much fun and they are really throwing so many red herrings for us to theorize who the killer is. I think they even had every single person in the house check the turkey (which in the end turned out to be a human head obviously) to throw us even more off. Personally there is so much talk on the board for the show about Murphy probably going to copy the famous and creepy as fuck Sleepaway Camp twist so now I'm kinda on board with the idea that Pete is one of the killers (the consensus seems to be there are two more).
  • So I've been watching Downton Abbey again. Everything to do with Edith makes me wanna jump off a building. Jesus, that poor girl. Watching her stare at her kid because she cannot raise it herself is heartbreaking,. Meanwhile Mary is slutting it up in hotels. I'm very fond of Michelle Dockery and I think she gave the most brilliant performance in Wright's Karenina (hopefully one day I have the time to write about it) but Mary is the worst. I'm on season 5 now so I'm probably gonna reach Matthew Goode debut episode tonight. Good stuff.
  • But the best reason to watch the show is obviously the Queen of Shade:
  • What a treasure she is.
  • I have half of my Things I Love about Fury Road posts (there will be 2) made and the new Raising Star post completed but I actually had no time to even add the finishing touches and publish it. I was half waiting for people to comment on last Rambling Friday a bit more (which didn't happen) and hoping I'll have the energy to do that the next day (which also didn't happen). So what is it now? 4 posts per month?
  • Oh and I cannot actually remember when is the last time I saw a movie. This is bad.
  • Meanwhile everyone lost their shit over that Civil War trailer and I was sitting here at 6:15 AM - which is the time I usually have the time to catch up the news as I wait for my mascara to dry (yeah I'm kinda busy these days) and being all "so what else is new?". This looks like another boom-boom-boom + let's have Black Widow be totally boring + cliche story all over again. And where the fuck was Ant Man?
  • However would you look at that?:
  • Do you know what this is? It's Robert Downey Jr. remembering he used to be more than a guy who cashes in checks. This is him remembering "my God I used to act once" and trying to do that again. So at least that is exciting. 
  • MettelRay writes about the problems she has with movies about women written by women
  • Keith reviews Spotlight 
  • Alex lists 52 things he loves about Kill Bill Vol. 1
  • Josh shared 10 underrated performances he is greatful for in 2015
  • Brittani shares her thoughts on Indie Spirit Awards Nominations
  • m.brown reviews The Night Before


    1. That Jon Snow poster is horrible! Like how stupid are these people? Is HBO spending so much money on filming the damn show, that they don't have people to hire for their promotional campaigns that they have a random-selection-photoshop program that makes their posters?

      Anyway, I'm so glad I changed my assumptions about Scream Queens and decided to watch it because wow.. it's pretty much the only show I'm on track with. The "Gravity" line was brilliant. And it's nice to see the Glee men finding their special little niché between Glee and AHS - it's like a perfect combination and an irony blast!

      I actually liked the Captain America trailer.. or maybe it's just Sebastian Stan... cause I like him a lot. And I think he is nice and deserves more scenes!

      1. I've never seen a single episode of Glee so all those actors are completely new to me. The show has surpassed AHS - I haven't even seen AHS in weeks. I hope there's gonna be a second season

    2. Aw, your dog looks cute.

      I'm stoked for the new Captain America.

      Jeffrey Wells is a prick. He's just jealous that Tom gets more pie in a week from his life than Wells will ever get in a lifetime.

      1. That's not my dog :) Come to think of it I actually forgot to include Gustav's pics here and I was supposed to do that

        That is very true :)

    3. I fucking love the Civil War trailer. I've watched it about 20 times. Wanda is flying!!

      And fuck Jeffrey Wells. Wtf was he thinking? Our precious lady brains can't comprehend that level of violence? Sit the fuck down .lol

      GoT needs to hire a new marketing team. In theory, that poster is a great idea. It's just very poorly executed.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. The funniest bit is that I am not even sure what idea they had with this poster, the execution is so bad I don't even know what the hell they were going for

    4. Hi there! I thought I had responded to your last RF last week, but hopefully this one will go through! Happy Friday. Yes, black friday here is a mad house. The fights that ensue are popcorn worthy. I was pretty shocked by the Jon Snow poster, as I thought they had screamed to the rafters that "yes, he's really dead." Yet here we go again. Someone is seriously on bath salts at HBO.

      I love the tweets in response to Jeffrey Wells! The first one was awesome. Like you, I like Michelle as an actress, but Mary is terrible. I almost think she's a villain. She's the worst. I enjoyed Season 5 for the most part. Goode's part was all too brief, but lovely.

      1. The best part is them trying to sell it as 'memorial image'. God, these morons.

        I'm on season 6 now and I think he is gonna show up again soon :)

    5. These guys making posters of GoT spend 'so much effort' on them. Is it that hard for those approving them what the Internet has to offer?

      I don't think there is a bigger bitch in the world of cinema than Channel 1 - that push was pretty satisfying. :D

      Jeffrey Wells is an idiot - not all women are the same...

      Civil War trailer was really good - I enjoy Captain America's storyline and I found the last movie the most interesting Marvel has made.

      1. I really don't know what these morons in charge of marketing are doing. Thank God at least GoT trailers are awesome

    6. Soooo excited for The Revenant. Could very easily become my favorite of the year. I love everything I'm hearing about it. And thanks for the link!

      1. I am dying that I need to wait an extra month for it to open here. Jesus that movie looks all kinds of amazing

    7. I'm pretty sure I can't handle The Revenant on the big screen given how gory they've been saying, but man I'm tempted to rent it later just for Hardy! I saw LEGEND and he's really the only reason to see it. The movie itself is just so-so, but Hardy is absolutely mesmerizing, even my hubby was mesmerized, ahah. He looked like freakin' James Bond in some of the scenes, more so than even Daniel Craig in 007 promo pics, ahah.

      1. I think it needs to be seen on the big screen! I really think I may faint during Legend, Hardy is a God, Craig looks like a drunk hanging out next to a dumpster in London :)

    8. I don't know about the Game of Thrones poster. It's so bad and so good at the same time. I totally imagine the guy thinking how he's gonna troll everybody. "You don't want to stop talking about Jon Snow ? So here he is ! And you still have no idea if he's alive or dead or whatever." I just can hear it in my head, with a demoniac laugh. I actually like the poster from season 5, but the promotional art work is so poor on this show that just a little effort pleased me.

      I'm pretty sure Tom Hardy will not do a lot in Peaky Blinders season 3, but I could be wrong (I like his character and I think more development from that part of the story could be great). Anyway, Taboo sounds pretty good and whatever happens, it will be beautiful to watch because Peaky Blinders is the perfect illustration of a very stylish show.

      On the Downton Abbey subject, I'm so annoyed Julian Fellowes can't conceive that a guy could not be attracted to Mary. Mary The Worst. Seriously, when she falls, she has to take her sister with her, but she has her (second) happy ending before ? Edith deserves so much better, hopefully in the end she should have the job, the man and the money !

      1. I really love Tom's character on PB so I hope there will be lots of him in the new season, he was my favorite thing in season 2, you just never know what he will do when he is on the screen

        Edith is such a poor thing and Mary is just vile to her, I just don't understand why she needs to be this nasty

    9. Thanks for the link!

      At this point, I'm thinking I might nominate Tom Hardy in both categories for Legend and The Revenant. Can't wait to see them!

      I'm ready for the Marvel movies to be over, but Civil War does look somewhat interesting.

      1. His work in Legend is my current win. He is incredible there. It's definitely his most challenging role to date but his work in The Drop is still my favorite.