Friday, December 4, 2015

(212) Survive this gif, and nothing can kill you + links

By Sati. Friday, December 4, 2015
  • I have never  seen this gif before. I have seen the glorious Esquire spread but I have never seen THAT before last Saturday when a kind - or mischievous - soul showed me that. 
  • Look into his eyes. 
  • They are smiling. 
  • He KNOWS.
  • I am now convinced that I am invincible for I looked upon that gif and I have survived.
  • Though I still think I may collapse when I finally see Legend. My fear is that I will see a bit of it and wake up in the hospital.
  • Now let's just stare at it for an obscene amount of time.
  • Seriously I probably spent several hours looking at that thing.
  • That is too much information, isn't it?
  • Oh, fuck it.
  • And here we have new pictures from The Revenant
  • Look at all those actors, posing normally:
  • But not Tom. 
  • Oh no. 
  • Tom is gonna do this ------->
  • Lord, have mercy. 
  • Tom was nominated this week for Legend at Satellite Awards. He was not however nominated for The Revenant. This race is already an emotional roller-coaster to me. Please for the love of God Academy nominate him for something so that Leo hugs him on the way up to get his Oscar.
  • I guarantee you Winslet is gonna be nominated for a Globe just for that. Just so that she could be there in case he wins and pull a Sharon.
  • There is more to Hardy being there-are-no-words amazing. God help us there is more. The white horse returned on the set of Taboo:
  • I just love his look here too. Never shave, Tom. Never shave.
  • I already dread watching this. 
  • And yes. He found another dog to cuddle.
  • *sigh* I wish I were a dog. 
  • Speaking of dogs I bought Gustav festive outfits for the holidays:
  •  I've also made this gifset of him protecting his new holiday toy:
  • So I saw Macbeth in cinema this week and people brought snacks to it. What the hell? 
  • Another movie and still no Revenant trailer! What the fuck?! Although, that one time they showed Legend trailer I got seriously dizzy, so maybe that is a good thing. 
  • The Oscar season is a fucking mess already. NBR rewarded Fury Road as the best movie of the year but there and on NYFCC there is no love for The Revenant. I don't know what  is happening. The blessing is that Lawrence and Redmayne haven't won anything yet but seriously I want Hardy, Leo and Lubezki to get all the love.
  • The reviews for The Revenant started pouring in. I'm too nervous to read them so I just do search for Hardy thing. " Hardy far exceeds the basic requirement for this role, which was to portray a man so despicable that the audience desperately wants to see him get his just dessserts."
  • Yeah unless he kills a dog in this, we're good here.
  • Scream Queens!
  •  That episode was amazing. And next week is the finale! There is still no news of renewal which is so depressing to me because this is seriously my new favorite show that is currently airing.
  • There is this hypocrisy going on that I have to talk about. Sarah Paulson, 40, is dating Holland Taylor, who is 72. And all the comments remark how beautiful it is. But whenever an older man dates a younger woman, people always leave spiteful comments. What exactly is the difference?! Why woman-woman relationship is something to praise in this situation and a man always gets to be called a pig and a woman a gold digger in man-woman relationship like that? People are the worst.
  • But hands down, the dumbest folks are the ones who came up with this 'bear rape' thing about The Revenant. When you see a bear attack a man and it looks like rape to you you should do one thing. Go to a fucking shrink immediately. I mean I saw many dumb comments but this one takes the cake. Seriously it's one thing to think that but to actual go and claim that you think Dicaprio is raped by a bear in this movie? What?!
  •  Oh my God. Have you guys seen that new Batman v Superman or whatever the fuck it is called trailer? It's so bad. Eisenberg is just an embarrassment to witness, that chick who plays Wonder Woman is so skinny and bland and Cavill is trying to emote so much but obviously he fails:
  •  Oh Henry. The Gods gave you looks, but they haven't given you any charisma.
  •  Batfleck vs Supermeh board was fucking hilarious yesterday:
  • - they should have done what Marvel did and introduce characters in separate movies!
    - DC said fuck the foreplay, straight to anal!
  • There is also "Still looks like Snyder pissed all over the lense"comment which made me laugh so hard.
  • There was a trailer released today for Shane Black's new comedy The Nice Guys with Gosling and Crowe and it looks so funny!:
  •  HBO marketing staff aka high interns decided to vomit another promo material which kinda heavily focuses on Jon 'it's just a memorial image' Snow:
  • But this is slightly better than the last year teaser - we actually get new lines here, in the beginning said by Max von Sydow himself and they included the glimpse of RW in it so hopefully YEAR 4 OF HYPE IS WHEN IT HAPPENS.
  • Dell lists 25 best films of 2014
  • Alex features the amazing Joe Pesci in his In Character series
  • Ruth has written some really lovely things about Hardy in Legend
  • m.brown is a great husband who takes her wife to see Nicholas Sparks' adaptations. Here is his review of The Longest Ride
  • Brittani reviews The Night Before
  • Courtney and MettelRay review Brooklyn


    1. The Nice Guys looks so funny! Like Shane Black's Inherent Vice. I dig. "Sweetheart how many times have I told you, don't say 'and stuff'."

      Thanks for the link!!

      1. Loved that trailer, so nice to see Crowe and Gosling go for something different.

        You're very welcome!

    2. Gustav looks cute. Tom Hardy shirtless, he must pop a lot of ovaries.

      Please Oscars, FYC... no more Oscar nods for J-Law and Redmayne.

      The Nice Guys... YES!!!! Batman v Superman.... uh..... it started off fine until Doomsday.... if my boo Jena isn't given a substantial role. Zack Snyder will get the ass-kicking of a lifetime from me!!!!

      1. I think they are getting the nods, unfortunately :/

    3. I totally adore you deep, deep love/lust for Tom Hardy! Always entertaining. I'm so unamused and bored with the Batman v. Superman malarkey. I honestly couldn't care less, and I'm getting a little overwhelmed with the marvel/DC movies. Great post! I still need to see Scream Queens. Thanks for the link!

      1. Thank you :D I just hope SuicideS is turning point and that Snyder wasn't anywhere near that movie

    4. Oh, Tom. Don't stop being your damn perfect self. The Revenant sounds intense and great. Can't wait to see it.

      I hope Scream Queens gets renewed. It has a lot of potential to become even better in the second season. Who do you think the Red Devil is?

      The Batman v Superman & GoT trailers were disappointing, apart from Max von Sydow's new lines. I get that Jon Snow is a popular character, and last season a lot of the talk was about him, but there are other characters as well with just as passionate fan bases *cough*Stoneheart*cough*. Still, it's good marketing.

      1. I think it's Grace which will be quite disappointing, but I really don't think there is room for her in the show, she is quite boring and there are too many weird things about her, though Murphy better constructs the reveal moment brilliantly because this has a potential for a lot of plot holes

    5. Have you seen The Night Before trailer? Probably have, I thought it looked promising and so does The Nice Guys.

      Oh and the Suerman vs Batman movie just looks .. bad. On paper, on screen.. I just can't see myself watching it. Though I guess I should watch Superman with Cavill first and foremost.

      PS: Thanks for the link!

      1. I have! Looking forward to it, mostly because of Shannon

        Oh God Man of Steel sucks so much

    6. That bear rape thing was so stupid, and I can't believe sites like the Daily Fail ran a story on it without checking with the sizable amount of people that have actually scene the film. I feel like Ricky Gervais is going to make a joke about that at the Globes now.

      Gustav is so cute! And these Scream Queen gifs give me life, despite not seeing the show myself. lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Gervais is going either after that bear thing, DiCaprio not winning Oscar yet or Hardy punching Inaritu for sure :P

        I hope you get a chance to see Scream Queens! It's really very entertaining

    7. I love how your fan-girling knows no bounds. Seriously, Hardy is a great actor so I always look forward to his work. Still haven't watched the S v. B trailer, but everyone has said so bad it is I'm afraid to. The DC straight to anal comment dropped me to my knows, though, lol. Thanks so much the link!

      1. You're welcome! It truly knows no bounds, especially when every other month there is a new movie with him :)

    8. Thanks so much for the link Margaret! And I meant every word about Hardy, I think you'll love who my male [and female too for that matter] MVP pick is in my Five for the Fifth. Hardy's definitely gonna be on my final top 10 list, for both Fury Road AND Legend. Now we know he is a fantastic actor but even he probably can't portray a guy who could kill a dog.

      And yes I agree w/ you about the Batman vs Superman trailer, which I also mentioned in my recent FFTF, seriously DC totally botched everything they've done, forget catching up to Marvel, they're lucky they haven't declared bankruptcy the way they've been at it now.

      1. You're welcome! I just hope the dog thing is true, I'd never want to see that!

        I just don't know what is wrong with these people. Giving Snyder all that money and power is a move of a insane person.

    9. The Nice Guys looks pretty funny, and I like the duo Gosling/Crowe, it's a little improbable so that's always a nice thing in movie. I love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the good old days where Robert Downey Jr's career retaked shape and before he was stuck doing the same thing over and over. I really like Iron Man 3 just for the Shane Black/Downey Jr. association - it's quite good too, it helps !

      Have you seen The Tudors ? I had friends who found Henry Cavill quite attractive in it, but I couldn't understand his character's appeal most of the time. He had some good moments, but i wasn't charmed and it was not helped by the fact that, sometimes, he had zero material.

      1. KKBB is the movie I like a lot too, it's so funny and Kilmer was so terrific there. Iron Man 3 is quite good too - at the very least it was amusing, so that's something

        I have, he had way more appeal there than he does as Superman for me. But he really isn't charismatic and that's not a good thing for an actor as it shows, though he was well suited for UNCLE

      2. Maybe all Cavill needs is someone who can find a way to inspire him differently and push him a little. Like you said, he was well suited for UNCLE, so there's hope for him outside Superman. For this one, maybe Snyder's direction doesn't help. I'm still mad at how bad was Sucker Punch and I'm one of those people who liked Watchmen. But Sucker Punch, the dancing bullshit you never see, I will never forget and forgive !

      3. Oh God, Sucker Punch was the worst. It had a cool ambitious concept but Snyder really beat it to a pulp that was stupid, boring and borderline misogynistic

    10. Hi Sati! Thank you for the awesome gif. It cheers me up just looking at it. The more set pics I see of 'The Revenant' the more I think just how miserable that movie must have been for the actors and crew. We all know the director is cray, but I really feel for the crew and cast. No wonder Tom punched someone.

      Ha, my dad always brings snacks to every matter what it is. I've gotten used to eating popcorn during every single film I see with him. It's like part of movie watching for him. Snacks and a smoke (smoking outside).

      Gustav is looking mighty festive!

      The 2nd BvS: Dawn of Justice trailer was terrible. Where was Lois? She had fewer lines than Eisenberg? Are they kidding? Seriously who was in charge of that casting? I did like Gal's appearance as WW, but she could be a little meatier.

      I love your ramblers b/c they always bring up such great discussions. I personally have no issue with May/December romances. My issue is the ageism towards women in hollywood. It's really no one's business, if someone is in a private consenting relationship. I have always liked men with a little grey hair on them...personally.

      That said, I think the stigma comes from there being an overwhelming number of pervy men taking advantage of people...namely in Hollywood or in jet set circles. That is not always the case, but it seems to be prevalent in the pit of hell that is hollywood. It also seems to be overly prevalent in film casting. Much younger women are constantly paired with men 20, 30, 40 years older than they are. Again, no problem with that, but if hollywood does that matchup the majority of the time, then it makes me feel like it's a bit ageist toward women. It's the only way I figure Jlaw was cast in 'American Hustle' and 'Silver Linings Playbook.' She was so miscast in those films. Anne Hathaway talked about the ageism toward women in hollywood after the old age of 32. Perhaps that's where the stigma comes in, but you're right-- it shouldn't matter in "real-life" personal relationships.

      1. Tom punched the director :) But from the sound of it, Inarittu REALLY deserved that one.

        Oh popcorn is not that bad but people brought chips in those bags that make so much noise. Also who eats chips during a bloody battle scene or murder scene?

        I have no issue with May/December either but it bugs me how people always seem to think that this is something awful and they feel the need to comment on it and take 'moral highground' there. It's not their business, these people are adults.

        Oh that this is going in Hollywood and it films is indeed worrying. Also how Tom Cruise also gets paired up with hot women 20 years younger than him - it's not a problem if he is with someone much younger in real life but that casting thing really makes it difficult for actress over 30 to get a job. And they all look really great so I don't know what is the casting people's problem - Hathaway looks extremely youthful. As for Lawrence I agree she was very miscast in both of those

    11. I can't care less about new Bat. vs Sup. movie, that trailer was shitty as hell. Plus, why did they show us that the two of them end up teaming up? In itself it's not one bit shocking, but they basically showed us the whole plot...Civil War trailer was much more interesting.

      I always bring a snack in the cinema - but not anything too crunchy because the sound is too high and it's just annoying.

      The Nice Guys is going to be a good one.

      1. Yeah at least CW withheld Ant-Man...which is bittersweet for me :)

        Definitely, snacks yes, but stuff that is gonna bother other people - no no. But seriously Macbeth is so...unpleasant. I imagine it's like bringing food to the Revenant though that one is 2,5h and has Hardy so my blood sugar may be low :P

    12. People brought snacks to Macbeth?! That is indeed a WTF moment.

      Have you read the book The Revenant? Its reeeeeally good, I'm as excited for this new movie as you seem to be! Hardy and Leo opposite each other.... it is going to be awesome!

      1. Yep they sure did :/

        I haven't I only read one of the drafts of the script. I just cannot wait for the film but it's definitely not gonna be an easy watch

    13. I'm starting to think Hardy isn't getting nominated at the Oscars, unless he pops up at BAFTA, which could happen. Really hope he gets in.

      The Nice Guys looks great. Definitely one of my most anticipated films from next year.

      1. I never heard of The Nice Guys before this trailer showed up and it looks seriously amazing.