Friday, December 11, 2015

(213) I hope Ricky Gervais throws up on them + links

By Sati. Friday, December 11, 2015
  • First of all, all hail feral Hardy! 
  • And HFPA and SAG? 
  • You people are dead to me.
  • Thank you Jesus! Tom has finally started to promote the movie - himself I mean, because come on the actors showing up to those events just do that because they want to be nominated or in this case it was either 'seriously Tom, do something nice for awards people' from his agent or 'bro, let's hang out' from Leo. I really do hope Leo attends talk shows and talks about the making of the movie. And praises Tom. And tells us if he really was inside that dead horse.
  • Anyways they both attended BAFTA screening of the film on December 6th.
  • Look.
  • Look how cute!
  • I love the fact that this is what he wears to the screening for Awards people. That's not even a new shirt!
  • On the same day there was a ceremony for British Independent Film Awards. I tuned it just in time to see Best Actor category and Tom won (Legend folks, Legend)! He wasn't there, though and Domhall Gleeson accepted the award on his behalf. He was hilarious. He said that he had nothing to do with Legend but he worked with Tom on The Revenant and Tom made his life "a living hell" on the set of that one but Tom asked him to read an email. The email obviously started with "this is fucking awesome". But it was super sweet.
  • His award arrived safely and Woody got to play with it:
  • I think he may actually be starting to enjoy this whole Awards thing. Which is ripping my heart apart because of SAG and HFPA. Who I repeat - are dead to me.
  • I rewatched This Means War during the weekend:
  • Oh man. That movie is so stupid but it was worth seeing:
  •  Oh, is it worth seeing.
  • I also made the first gifset out of several I want to make with Tom's best moments in Peaky Blinders. The Drop may be my favorite performance of his but Alfie Solomons from Peaky Blinders is definitely my favorite character he ever played. Tom is hysterical here, they really should give him more humorous roles in movies:

  • Some of his moments in the show are like something straight out of old Guy Ritchie films or something Quentin Tarantino would have made back when he was in his top form in the 90's..It's amazing that he mixes so much humor into the role of someone so violent and quite deranged and is funny and scary at the same time.
  • Richard Ayoade was hosting BIFA, I haven't seen more than few categories but it looks like he was as usual hilarious:
  • This is Inarittu's statement about his Golden Globe nomination: "I can’t believe this time last year we were in Calgary shooting The Revenant, and right now I’m in London and just heard the good news! I’m thrilled for our incredible cast and crew. Any nominations for this film are an acknowledgement of them, their hard work and great passion. I’m especially happy for Leo, his emotional performance and what he does is truly remarkable. This film is very personal for me; so I think I will have a drink with my daughter tonight to toast to everyone who was a part of it. Thank you to the HFPA, this is very nice.” 
  • He is thanking the crew. When I read that yesterday I laughed for several minutes. Hey, remember when they quit and made this as a representation of him? --->
  • I am 99% sure Gervais is gonna go after Leo with that bear rape thing. Stallone being there is also gonna be irresistible to him. But if he goes after the nightmarish duo of Lawrence and Schumer - he is not just a great comedian, the man will be a God in my eyes.
  • Scream Queens finale was controversial to say the least. We thought one of the characters was Red Devil because someone claimed they have inside info and Ryan did surprise, by going with not surprising. The killer turned out to be the most obvious person but thanks to that leaked fake info pointing to someone else I was still surprised.
  • That moment was everything:
  • I liked the two final episodes very much. I thought Jaime Lee Curtis last scene in the season was her best one and one good thing came out of Globes - she was nominated for her performance, so that's terrific. Man am I gonna miss this show - the awesome 80s/90s music, the outfits, the Chanels....I really hope it gets renewed and they return. I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun while watching a TV series.
  • I saw Krampus this week which wasn't as funny as I hoped it would be but it was pretty damn original. In spite of not delivering on having Berta there in the house, the moment when jack in the box hugged that elf slayed me. The film while not as witty as Trick'r'Treat, which I should really watch again because I feel I'm talking out of my ass here, given that the last time I saw it it was few years back for Halloween, was really very unique and ballsy. The cinematography was really gorgeous, the Christmassy atmosphere was on point and the creature design was spectacular and very inspired. But it sucks a little Dougherty is making us wait for the sequel to show Krampus' real face - in the movie he was wearing a grotesque Santa mask. But it looks like there will be the sequel - the movie made it budget back in 3 days in theaters, just in USA.
  •  I was also going to start The Leftovers but Christmas shopping got in the way, so that will happen this weekend.
  • Have you guys seen that atrocious trailer and poster for Tarzan? It looks so bad. Why are they so hell bent on making it look like Planet of the Apes movie? But let's face it, we are all gonna see it for Skarsgard and Robbie.
  • In movie news - Cate Blanchett will be in the third Thor movie. Marvel got her to. It's like..Body snatchers or some shit.They are just getting all those great what end? Should we be afraid?
  • Well, DC should that's for sure.
  • Ruth shares her thoughts on SAG and GG nominations
  • Keith reviews Brooklyn
  • Dell for some ungodly reason saw 50 shades and reviewed it
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  • m.brown reviews The Good Dinosaur
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    1. That joke from Richard Ayoade is funny. Tom Hardy being snubbed, fuck you Eddie Redmayne.

      Tarzan looks... BLECH!

      1. Redmayne is one of the worst things that ever happened to us :D

    2. I love Ayoade. Such a funny guy. I have never heard of Peaky Blinders but I'll have to check it out, sounds great!

      I love Tom's attitude to the awards, I've never seen the fuss in them either. I love the shirt he is wearing there, classic!

      1. Peaky Blinders is a really good show, it has a great cast and it features Cillian Murphy's best performance imho

        He could have worn that one he has with the image of him and Dicaprio practicing fight scenes or the one with him 'jokingly' chocking Inarittu :lol:

      2. Hahaha! Awesome sense of humour. I can see why you like him as much as you do!!

      3. He is really very interesting :) But that T-shirt thing is really amazing, he actually had the Inarittu one made for everyone who worked on The Revenant

    3. If you're going to start The Leftovers be prepared for a bunch of dog death in the pilot episode.

      Hardy needs to try to campaign a bit harder, I hate saying that. He's a laid back dude, but compared to DiCaprio who is so used to the awards season press, that's probably why he's missing out. I still hope he snags something for The Revenant.

      I'm not crazy about Ricky Gervais hosting, I've just never found him that funny, hopefully he proves me wrong here.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Oh Jesus :/

        Yeah Tom should at least do more in UK, I'm hoping he does a little bit of promo for The Revenant

        I love Gervais, especially during award season, he just pulls no punches ^^

    4. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Leftovers. Such a brilliant, weird fucking show. The second season blew the first out of the water. Both great though.

      As for HFPA and the Globes, I never put any stock in that bullshit (Master of None not up for Comedy Series is the true travesty for me), and I'm not a really a fan of Gervais, so that doesn't help much either.

      Thanks for the link!!!

      1. I'm about to watch first episode!

        I saw few episodes of Master of None, but didn't continue. I liked it enough, but there are just other shows I'd rather watch

    5. Richard Ayoade never ceases to make me laugh out loud. Dude is amazing.

      Charlize Thereon not being nominated for her role in Mad Max is effing nuts. She is the beating heart and soul of that movie and for them not to give her the nom and instead to Vikander lost any shred of respect I had fr them let alone tons of snubs like Master of None nor Scream Queens not being up there for best comedy or Denis O'Hare for his best role yet in AHS or even Tatiana Maslany for Orphan Black.

      I thoroughly enjoyed the finale too and I had a riot watching till the end. And it stayed true to what it was aiming for from the start and that's to be a silly horror/comedy/slasher/spoof/whodunnit show. I actually think we need more shows like this.

      Tarzan trailer looked like a huge knockoff of Planet of the Apes. But I'll go see b/c of Alexander *drools for an eternity* and Robbie *hears voice**slips into a coma*

      1. Vikander has whored herself out in every single way possible for more than a year. It's disgusting that it worked. Twice.

        I really hope they renew the show. It was so entertaining, fun and clever and there are no other shows like this one on TV

        Robbie and Skarsgard are both ridiculously beautiful so at least the casting there is awesome, but L. Jackson and Waltz feel so out of place

    6. Thanks so much for the link Margaret, though I share your sentiment about their stupidity in failing to recognize Hardy. I mean the only reason I can think of is that none of the voters have seen LEGEND :\ Glad the British Independent Film Awards gave him an award, now the Brits sure knows talent when they see it. I can't wait to see more of Tom promoting The Revenant!

      Ahah yeah, that Tarzan trailer is laughable. I'd probably rent it for Margot though, that Saarsgard kid doesn't do anything for me at all.

      1. I really hope Tom actually does promote the Revenant I don't think he ever promoted anything in US by appearing on any talk shows :/

        Oh my God. But he is like....a viking or something :P

    7. Thanks for the link! Honestly, this is the first year I can recall in which I haven't been the least bit excited for awards season. It's all so bland this year. But I'm glad Hardy got a Critics Choice nomination!

      1. Well I am excited this season for all the Max Max love and hoping that Tom is nominated and Leo finally wins. i mean Leo winning would make this season memorable on its own!

    8. I like Richard Ayoade's sense of humor, didn't know he hosted BIFA, I should check the highlights. And to stay on the same topic, I'm excited to see Ricky Gervais at GG. In fact I'm more interested in him hosting than who wins.

      1. Oh same here. Ricky hosting is definitely the biggest attraction when it comes to Globes this year for me.

    9. LOL, I love Richard Ayoade!

      Let's hope the British voters keep Hardy's performances in Legend and The Revenant (and, of course, Fury Road) in mind when they're voting. Maybe they'll come through for him at BAFTA and the Oscars.

      1. I think he is pretty certain bet for nominations at BAFTAs but the Oscars seem less likely. Still if he got in it would be such a great surprise, much like with Hill getting in for TWoWS