Friday, December 18, 2015

(214) Mercy! + links

By Sati. Friday, December 18, 2015
  • oh my God.
  • oh my God....
  • OH MY GOD. 
  • This week saw the premiere of Star Wars, BFCA nominations and many others. But the most important thing to me and therefore the most important thing in this post?
  • Tom Hardy's very presence and especially his three-piece suit on The Revenant premiere 2 days ago.
  • I think we are now past the point of no return....
  • ... from this particular mountain ...
  • ....of being incredibly good looking. 
  • For we have seen the peak.
  • Do you think at some point he stopped while he was dressing himself and figured 'this is too much' ? Like, he looked in the mirror and thought "my God, what if someone sees me and dies"? 
  • I think he should have done that. 
  • This is merciless.
  • I have a dog, Tom. I cannot fucking die.
  • I'm just gonna sit in the corner for a while and scream into a pillow.
  • We also got actual interviews too. Here.And here he is with Leo.
  • And an interview for Variety which is good, but he also says he did not hit Inarittu. Right, Tom. Just like I did not black out upon seeing that premiere get up. I'm assuming his agent had the "shut up Daniel Craig" kind of talk with him. Or it's just Tom being clever - 'no I didn't hit him....but I choked the shit out of him". Plenty of gold in this interview too - from fear of the horses,  my realization oh shit he is on the horse in The Revenant and doesn't it just add up to my risk of fainting?, and a gem in Tom saying he was pissed off on the set of The Revenant because he missed on Suicide Squad and the paychecks he would get for it. When someone says what they think with such a disarming honesty, it's just lovely. Because why shouldn't Hardy get tons of cash?
  • Check out the pictures from the premiere, especially look at that girl behind Leo:
  • And here is the after party. I'm just gonna say this - that button, dude:
  • There is the first clip from the Revenant out. I just gonna give up right now on trying to understand how the hell did they film this thing.
  • We had some very, very good things happen nominations wise - Fury Road scored a whopping 13 at BFCA, including the nominations - double actually - for Theron and a double nomination for Hardy - best actor in action film and best supporting actor.  Then in Toronto Tom won for Legend. Got a double nomination in Houston. Triple nomination from London Critics - Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, British Actor of the year. Nominated for best supporting actor in Phoenix. Nominated for the same in Kansas. And Legend is on Oscar make up shortlist so they cannot use 'we didn't see it' excuse. My God. This is nerve-wrecking. It's such an insanely close race this year.
  • BFCA nominations are so far my favorite this season so with the heavy heart I link the following - apparantly they are taking additional vote to determine where Star Wars should be nominated. I'd comment but are there really any words that would be sufficient for this situation?
  • Tim Burton had a date with Eva Green in London. At best it means we are getting another shitty movie from him which will waste Eva's time. At worst? Yeah, answer yourself that.
  • Just as the Batman v Superman board was the place to be after the trailer was released, this week the funniest place on the web was The Force Awakens board. There were such funny things written there, like that comment about what JJ Abrams probably thinks of original cast being in new one "I get to kill off these white, old fucks". Here is another one -  "JJ writes people as if he sees them only in theory. Like he's an alien who's heard of human beings, but has to guess what we're actually like.".
  • I think he makes entertaining movies but  there is no denying there is truth here. Watching his stuff is like watching puppets in a fun show. Star Trek is just basically something shiny to look at when you don't want to think or care too much.
  • And check that one out:
  • "Ford kind of looks like a fragile elderly woman in this. One of them lefties with short hair and no bra. You know, the ones who knit sweaters while sipping tea out of clumsy ceramic cups while fondly remembering the 60’s.
    - I bet he'd probably still kick your arse
    - I’d throw some Werther's Original and a pair of comfy slippers at him, and tell him his son’s on the phone."
  • Yeah after that one I laughed. A lot.
  • The film is actually getting outstanding reviews but I wonder how much of it is the gratitude for this simply not being as awful as the new trilogy. But let's face it, there aren't many things that are worse than the Hayden shit show + Jar Jar. To this day I'm fucking astonished no one at any point realized how atrocious what they were doing was and just yelled STOP. 
  • I have never seen original trilogy. Yep. I do however plan on seeing it before seeing new one. And since I assume TFA will get BP nomination and I'm gonna need to see it anyways, perhaps the next 3 days is a good time to catch up. 
  • Have you guys seen that new The Witch poster? It's spectacular. My favorite poster in a very long time, gorgeous, haunting and so awesome. 
  • Katherine Waterston is gonna play the lead role in Prometheus' sequel. i would have preferred Ferguson but this is also a very good choice. 
  •  NYT Great Performers features our Furiosa
  • I tried getting into The Leftovers. I saw the pilot episode and as outstanding as that riot sequence was, I just cannot get into that show. It's too nihilistic and joyless for me.
  • I saw The Intern. It was a perfectly pleasant movie with really good and sweet performance from De Niro (which makes his involvement in that horrid upcoming Efron movie even more pathetic). Do you know what is even more annoying than Anne Hathaway? This movie provides an answer to this question.  Anne Hathawy playing a drunk person in one scene. Jesus, that was so cringe worthy.
  • I also saw Room. People whine about Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara being in category frauds but Jesus Christ, Jacob Tremblay is getting nominated in supporting almost everywhere when he is the lead! If anyone must be supporting here it is Larson. This is just such a laughable placing. But it's probably good news for DiCaprio because my God, this kid is amazing. Larson is great but she is overhyped - she is miles behind Theron and Japy in Respire for me. But this kid? Unbelievable. I'm not sure I'll have the opportunity to review this one but it was so emotional and lovely and I cried so much when Jack met the dog. The film is flawed, Larson is overrated and the category fraud is just gross, but it's a good film.
  • As for Brooklyn it was a more skillfully made movie, but its story wasn't as emotional. I do find Ronan's natural and subtle performance to be really great but again, this ain't Theron or Japy. I expected to watch both Room and Brooklyn and go 'woah' and I was only mildly impressed. I mean Brooklyn was lovely, the score was beautiful, the costumes outstanding. But it was forgettable too.
  •  I have to say most of those Oscar contenders fall flat on their ass this year. We were supposed to be rolling in potential candidates and have masterpieces and the potential candidates underwhelmed (films like Suffragette) and those 'masterpieces' (Room and Brooklyn) are not that. But Carol is next for me. Fingers crossed.
  • Keith and Brittani reviews Room
  • MettelRay shares my outrage over Globes snubbing Hardy
  • Josh shares his latest Oscar predictions
  • m.brown reviews Krampus
  • Alex lists 55 things he loves about Inglorious Basterds
  • Ruth reviews Creed 
  •  and finally it's a Christmas miracle! Andrew is back!


    1. When I read your Hardy "I did not hit him" comment, I totally thought of Tommy Wisseau in The Room..."I did not hit her! I did not! Oh hi, Mark." lol

      Tremblay is also some serious category fraud. That kid is a lead. I feel like people aren't talking about him as much because he's not a lock for a nomination like Mara or Vikander are. I disagree on Larson though, I don't think she's overrated, I think she's amazing in Room. She was so broken down.

      I'd have to say, I think Saoirse has one up on her when it comes to actually winning the Oscar, just because she didn't have much competition within Brooklyn, where as Larson had Tremblay in Room.

      That Witch poster is gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to that.

      I can't with IMDb boards much trolling. lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. She was amazing in the Room but the way people have been talking about her, as if she gave one of the all time best performances...I think she was a bit robbed by the script, as this is clearly Jake's story not Ma's.

    2. Agree with all you wrote. I don't think any movie is getting the special treatment TFA is getting. I think JJ Abrams is very overrated and those board comments are spot on. I do think all the love is from the simple fact it is probably better than the prequels. I did like Revenge of the Sith though. I will be seeing TFA after Christmas.

      1. I think I'm gonna see TFA as soon as the audiences calm down, I imagine right now there are people armed with popcorn at every screening and I hate the smell of it

    3. I agree with you on Tremblay being the lead but I too am with Brittani about Brie Larson who I think is an amazing actress and way better than J-Law and Redmayne.

      Tim Burton and Eva Green.... I give it 2 years.

      1. Who isn't better than JLaw and Redmayne?:D

    4. I definitely agree with Tremblay being under category fraud. His performance was amazing and demanding, he really should be campaigning for lead. I liked his rapport with Larson. I can't wait to see Brooklyn and Carol for the performances hype alone.

      1. That kid was fantastic, him and Larson really felt like son and mother!

    5. I've never seen the originals either I'm not the only one?? Thank you!

      That poster for the Witch looks amazing. I only stumbled by your blog the other week but I have a pretty good feeling you'll like it.

      And reading your blog reminds me every time its not January yet and I can't watch The Revenant. Haha! Thanks a lot!

      1. Oh I'm sure I'll love the Witch! It looks like a terrific horror movie and I'm a big fan of that genre.

        I need to wait to January too! 29th even, which is absolute hell.

    6. I cannot with the BFCA's choice to maybe include TFA in the Best Picture lineup. That's so incredibly unfair.

      That poster for The Witch is fantastic!

      I loved Room and Brooklyn a lot, with the latter edging the former out by a bit. Did you have any problems with Room's score while watching the film? It just felt really off putting and distracting to me.

      1. No, I actually really liked Room score...maybe it seemed a bit too grand for the way movie was done which was very indie and raw, but it didn't distract me.

    7. Thanks so much for the link Margaret! Oooooh My Hardy!!! He's just so dapper in that suit during Revenant premiere, I kinda feel bad for Leo every time he's photographed next to Tom, I mean it's just no contest who's hotter. Tom is just effortlessly sexy w/ a devil-may-care attitude which makes him even hotter.

      I LOVE BFCA and now those are some wise voters!! I hope Fury Road still gets Oscar noms after the Globes' omission. I agree Theron is on par if not better than many of the Best Actress noms out there and she actually IS leading the movie!

      1. You're welcome! Leo kinda looks like a homeless guy next to Hardy in that suit. Anyone would, really.

        Theron not getting major nominations is so wrong. Her performance is the best thing about the film.

      2. Ahah well I think Leo just lacks sex appeal in general but yeah, next to Hardy, nobody stands a chance.

        I know, it's really a travesty about Theron, it's sad too as it's a well-written female character we don't get to see enough of in Hollywood.

        P.S. I'm off on holiday to NYC, so have a great Christmas Margaret!

      3. Thank you so much and have a great Christmas too!

    8. Can't wait for you to see the original Star Wars trilogy. Definitely want to see what you think of it.

      1. I saw New Hope and Empire and really liked them, especially New Hope, The Hoth part of Empire wasn't that interesting for me. I still have Return of the Jedi to finish this week :)

    9. Thanks for the link!! I really appreciate your support of my QT posts. I loved that BFCA noms as well, and Tremblay is DEFINITELY a lead. Thank you!

      1. You're welcome! Love your QT posts! I wish you reviewed Room, I'm curious what you thought of it

    10. Holy bananas that clip from The Revenant is insane! I completely expect that movie to be a roller coaster ride of emotions. It also looks so incredible and beautifully shot, but we knew this from the first trailer.

      Completely agree with you about Larson's performance being overrated. When I think about Oscar winners of the past, her performance doesn't come close to absolute greatness like Winslet or Streep or Blanchett. It's good, but not great. Tremblay slays that movie.

      1. I am just dying to see this damn film :)

        Larson was kinda held back by the script, but the praise for her, Ronan and Carol actresses is baffling to me

    11. Hi Sati! I'm a little said that Noomi Rapace has such a small role in the 'Prometheus' sequel. I really loved her in the film.

      Like you, I could not get into 'The Leftovers.' I was just so incredibly bored with this show. I really tried to watch it. I made it about half or 3/4th through the first season then I just gave up. Life is too short to watch crap.

      I love Winona. She was the cool girl I looked up to as a child, but she's got crazy eyes in this photo.

      1. She is my win for Prometheus, really loved her work :/

        I'm sure it's a good show but it's just not my cup of tea at all.

        She really does :lol: I wish she had a proper come back

    12. So happy to be back, girl! Thanks for the link love :-D

      Tom Hardy is such a...nevermind, I won't say it...but DAYAM and I'm loving how embraced he's become this awards season.

      The BFCA thing is ridiculous. The movie is good, but not worthy of a BP nom anyways so the re-vote is stupid.

      1. Yes but still the assholes of HFPA and SAG did not embrace him :/ My joy of watching the ceremonies was greatly diminished there

    13. I have been really shitty about thanking you for the links, so let me just apologize for that right now. Oh, and thank you. Let me do that too.

      Dude. Dating Eva Green. When will Burton stop ruining everything that I love?

      Oh, and that poster is bad-ass. But, no bullshit? I don't think I can handle that movie. It looks creepy as f--k.

      1. You're welcome :)

        It could be worse, he could be dating Daddario :)

        I think you handled worse things ^^

    14. Thanks for the link! :)

      Tremblay totally steals Room from Larson, who's great, too. I'm actually going to be kind of bummed if Larson wins, since she's outperformed in the film. (Ronan carries Brooklyn, so I'd rather she win.) I'd like to see Tremblay nominated, even if it is ridiculous category fraud.

      The Force Awakens is good, but I still prefer the original trilogy. Hope you like them.

      Love that poster for The Witch!

      1. You're welcome! ^^

        Oh you have a good point there. Ronan really carries Brooklyn while Larson was kinda pushed aside by the script. I liked Force Awakens more than episode 5 and 6 but overall I think the first movie in the franchise was the best one