Friday, December 25, 2015

(215) May The Force be with you this Christmas + links

By Sati. Friday, December 25, 2015
  • Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Let us first dive into a shitstorm. So you probably heard of the whiny, unprofessional "journalist"'s reprehensible tweets and Tom's open letter to him. I was going to rant about that but instead I'm just gonna express how sad I am that this bothered Tom's peace. Clearly it did - he wrote the letter. It's Christmas. And instead of having that time uninterrupted, he had to deal with that manchild.
  • Look at him:
  • Yeah sure seems like an asshole during interviews (and this one is a particularly fantastic one).
  • Oh and him and DiCaprio when they pair up? Such horrible people:
  • They really do seem like miserable people who don't have fun doing interviews, do they?:
  • I'm sure that chat ended with DiCaprio giving the journalist titty twister and Hardy stealing his lunch money.
  • So...movies!
  • I finally saw Legend.
  • Fearing for my life while doing so.
  • Because seriously:
  • What the hell, Tom.
  • And before we start, can I just point out that there is this thing online yet I don't remember Tom being shirtless at all in this movie? Granted, I was drinking while watching it. But....I don't think I could get drunk enough not to notice Tom without a shirt...could I?
  • No, no. He was definitely clothed the entire time.
  • ...though.... was he?
  • Legend was good but I hate it when the movie is so much worse than the main attraction - Hardy's roles. He was magnificent. I know his way of talking, gesturing, acting in real life and he disappeared in both Krays - I saw no trace of Tom there. It was almost startling, I mean I usually see something from him in his performances - like in Peaky Blinders there is this imposing quality he has, like he could just cloud entire world for you in spite of his short height, but he looked much less strong and threatening in Legend. So because I saw no Tom in that it was actually pretty easy to despise his characters.
  • That also posed an issue because they wanted me to feel for his wife but Emily Browning was so fucking dull here I wouldn't give a shit if Reggie hacked her into little pieces. How easy is it to play a woman who is in love with character played by Hardy?! And yet she failed to portray that.
  • The whole thing with him playing both roles is impressive - there is a scene where they both fight and it's really incredible how he pulled all of that off. Overall it's definitely worth seeing just for his performances. He is currently my win in Lead Actor but I have yet to see The Revenant. Which by the way has been leaked online but there is no way in hell I am gonna watch it on small screen. 
  • I can wait 40 days *claws walls*.
  • Steve Jobs was great. Better than Brooklyn, better than Carol. I think it's because people weren't yelling what a fucking brilliant movie it was so when it turned out it was great I was pleasantly surprised. Fassbender was terrific and Winslet was lovely Rogen was also very good as was Daniels. I really enjoyed the energy of this film it was frantic and tense and it made for a great viewing experience.
  • Carol fell flat on its ass. I don't give it a single nomination. I just don't dig Haynes' movies. Which makes it all the more amazing I loved his version of Mildred Pierce (which was a mini series). His movies are all style, no substance. You never get a sense that these two women are in love. What exactly did Rooney Mara win for in Cannes? Walk around with the same look on her face? You cannot sell me a cold movie about love. Love is not cold. This approach never worked for me and never will. No one involved with this film has any business being near nominations and the cinematography winning would be laughable.
  • I tried watching Joy. Managed to see 40 minutes. It's unwatchable. It's not because of Lawrence, who tries, but the film is just beyond awful.
  • Hateful Eight already made its way online. FBI is apparently trying to figure out who leaked it. Can you imagine Tarantino on a phone with these guys? Also are we sure this isn't someone from Disney being responsible for this particular movie leaking? He did bitch about Disney and we all remember this, don't we? ------->
  • I thought starting with the coffee scene the film was entertaining but the preceding 100 minutes were mediocre. Samuel L. Jackson plays such a vile character and the story he tells is the grossest thing in all Tarantino films. I was also uncomfortable with the level of violence directed at Jennifer Jason Leigh which was not only extreme but also was played for laughs which was disturbing. It's not a bad movie, but it's one of Tarantino's weakest.
  • Star Wars. I saw A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back along with half of Return of the Jedi last weekend, so I still need to finish but I really liked it. Luke is kinda boring and Yoda was creeping the shit out of me but the films were really a lot of fun. However, Leia annoyed me to no end. I mean...Harrison Ford rescues you and you are acting like a total bitch to him. 1 1/2 of a movie it took for her to let him kiss her. My God.
  • The Force Awakens was impossibly dope. What a fun, entertaining movie. Daisy Ridley - there are no words, probably, but I'll try. She is so natural, enthusiastic and adorable. And her character was so admirable and easy to root for. And we care for her from the very first moments because she fixes BB-8's (I SO WANT BB-8 of my own!) antenna and is so kind to it. 
  • I'll probably review the film in few days but man, it was awesome. I already made the cover for the review, super proud of this one:
  • I had tears in my eyes when that lightsaber lit up after flying to Rey. Jesus Christ.
  • The only thing it was lacking was eye candy department. I mean I'm still shell shocked from seeing Adam Driver bang Lena Dunham on Girls. So when I see his face, I have fucking flashbacks to that. You need to balance it out with something.
  • My mom was satisfied just with Ford there (she basically dragged me to the cinema and her reason for seeing the movie - her only reason - was that she is seriously horny for Ford and remarked about 15 times how good he looks when she saw a footage from the premiere on the news) but I'm like, you have Oscar Isaac there and you are underusing him.
  • Seriously:
  • If they are hellbent on having interracial couple, OK let me try and pretend that a woman would prefer a goofy Finn to this. But at least have Poe shirtless for the freaking audience.
  • And the new episode of The Big Bang Theory:
  •  ....was outstanding. Not only did it feature the gang loving TFA but also Sheldon and Amy had sex!
  • That's right. Even Sheldon Cooper is getting laid.
  • So apparently Dumb and Dumber are gonna make some changes to Game of Thrones after rape controversy. How about you do something about No Lady Stoneheart controversy, huh?

  • m.brown, Brittani and ruth review The Force Awakens and Courtney lists 5 reasons why The Force is back
  • Alex shares 38 things he loves about Django Unchained
  • Keith reviews The Connection


    1. You liked The Force Awakens and Daisy Ridley... YAY!!!!

      Tom Hardy and Leo, please put them in a comedy. They look fun together.

      I love that moment when Mickey Mouse kicked the shit out of the Jonas Brothers. Mickey was fucking pissed.

      1. Leo and Hardy in a comedy would be amazing :)

      2. Maybe it should be a remake of This Means War but with a better script, more stakes, and Scarlett as the woman the two fight for with Jena Malone as an assassin who wants to kill them both as she also has a thing for Scar-Jo. I smell $$$$$$$ on that. And it should be directed by Matthew Vaughn or someone cool.

      3. Vaughn made Kick Ass so he should be banned from directing on the spot :) Kiss Kiss bang Bang dude would be good for that

    2. LOL that Carol poster.

      I didn't think TFA was lacking in eye candy. I think I've told you about my super weird crush on Adam Driver before and Isaac and Boyega aren't bad looking. Neither is Gleeson. I love this film so much though. Rey and Kylo are easily my two favorites, they're fascinating.

      I'm thinking about trying Joy in theaters, but that will probably be a Netflixer. The Big Short and The Danish Girl just came out here, I'll see them first.

      Steve Jobs was good. I'm glad you liked it. My only complaint was it didn't feel much like a Danny Boyle movie.

      Thanks for the link! And your Rey edit is perf. :)

      1. I don't know, for me only Isaac could maybe get it :) Driver is tainted forever by the very assassination to Girls and that monster in charge of it.

        Dude don't spend money on Joy. It's awful. The Danish girl is a nightmare too

        Oh yeah it didn't feel like Boyle's movie at all but I didn't mind

        You're welcome and thank you!

    3. Love that Carol poster! xD

      I definitely had so much fun watch TFA. And Rey is such a fantastic character with tremmendoys work from Daisy Ridley. She looks a lot like Keira Knightly and even has a lot of her mannerisms. BUt yeah, I still think TFA pandered too much on the nostalgia factor and didn't try to be its own thing. Still didn't detract from my enjoyment.

      Well that's slightly disappointing to hear from Carol. I'll still see it but I'l keep my expectation down.

      I'll only see The Revenant once it comes out in cinemas. This films deserves to be seen in the largest screen you can possibly find. I too have 40 days till it comes out here. Ahhhh the wait seems forever!

      Not sure if you've seen Spotlight but if this films wins BP over Mad Max, I'd be totally okay with that. Never has a film engrossed and sucked me right into it like Spotlight (except Fury Road). Second favourite film of the year for me.

      Also, The Gift is this year's Gone Girl in that it subverts expectations of story and genre and delivers a very unexpected but apt ending. Would recommend watching if you haven't. Definitely in my top 10 this year.

      1. Oh Abrams definitely played it safe. Too safe, but it is better than when Lucas tried to do something new with the franchise...that ended in so much shit and freaking Jar Jar...

        I've seen Spotlight few days back so I'll write about in in next RF. Really loved it and what a shocking story too. I think it would be good if it won not because it really is such a fantastic film, it could be better, but it would get people talking about Catholic Church crimes again. That entire institution should be dragged in front of the court. They are criminals and they've been bringing pain to this world for centuries now.

        I've seen The Gift. I found the ending to be a little thinly written. It's a good movie but that script could have been better

    4. Carol DID fall flat; I completely agree with you. Clearly, we're not sipping on the other critics sparkling Carol kool aid, but I simply can't. It's dull. Lifetime movie dull. Beautiful though. Cinematography may get a nod from me, but nothing really else.

      SO stoked that you were into The Force Awakens. I absolutely loved it and loved Daisy Ridley. I'd vote for Ridley over half the women in conversation this year!

      1. I was so bored with that story and couldn't give a crap about either of these women.

        Oh absolutely. Ridley is my runner up in actress.

    5. Can't say your thoughts on Joy surprise me, I've never liked O'Russell. I've just finished Episode V, one to go and then I can finally see the new one!

      Agree with you also on Legend. Hardy was the only reason to watch it, and the second half turned into a love story anyway.

      That part at the end about Carol is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing :)

      1. The problem was that it was supposed to be a love story but script and Browning's shitty acting rang so false not even Hardy could save this mess.

    6. I loved Force Awakens I was so surprise how much I enjoyed it. It will definitely be on my best list. I thought the relationship btw Rey and Finn was very very sweet and I hope they expand on it, but admittedly the eye candy was seriously lacking in this film. I almost wish Adam Driver would not have taken his mask off. He did a good job, but I still can't believe they cast him. Ugh. Daisy was my favorite thing in the movie. I love your cover. It's awesome.

      1. I mean seriously. This guy playing Harrison Ford's son is really not believable at all.

    7. That tweet, and the accompanying pic are probably the funniest things I've seen all week. Love the gifs of Di Caprio and Hardy goofing off. Great post, as always!

      1. Thank you! :P Leo and Hardy are great in those interviews

    8. Hey thanks for the link Margaret! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. I finally just got time to sit down w/ my laptop, didn't even open it at all the last five days since I left for vacation. Hey, you saw LEGEND... and survived! :P Tom is beyond HOT in this movie, I think that's why there's no shirtless scene so the director was sparing us from imminent death! Oh and THAT gif of him smoking in the club, I immediately screamed inside of me, BOND, James Bond!!

      Glad you enjoyed The Force Awakens, it didn't quite make my top 10 but it's in my top 25 for sure. It was hugely entertaining but I'm with you on Oscar Isaac, I hope they use him more in future SW movies. He's just so hot and so charming.

      1. You're welcome! That moment of him smoking in the club came very close to slaying me :)

        Isaac was shamefully underused in that :/

    9. BAH! Harold, They're Lesbians is my favorite Carol related story right now...tears of laughter!

      I am saddened by your reaction to the film, though, since it's one of my most anticipated of the year, by a long margin...but I adore all things Haynes so I may react differently than you here.

      I want Legend so badly, btw...double Hardy is a good thing :-D

      1. Duble Hardy is a deadly thing :)

        If you liked other films by Haynes you will probably like Carol my main issue is his cold way of telling these love stories

    10. I’ll finally be seeing Legend in a week or two! :)

      Carol is my #2 of the year. It RUINED me, and I love the performances from Mara and Blanchett. Sorry you didn’t care for it. :(

      Steve Jobs is SO good. I actually liked Joy (largely due to JLaw’s performance), which I thought was better than The Hateful Eight.

      YAY! The Force Awakens was a blast! I can’t wait to see more from Daisy Ridley, who was brilliant. Glad you liked the original trilogy, which I watched dozens of times when I was a child.

      1. Hope you like Legend or at least Tom's performances in it!