Friday, January 15, 2016

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By s. Friday, January 15, 2016
  • I'm not gonna beat around the bush here, this week was a nasty bitch. I cannot remember the last time that we had a worse week.
  • First we were hit by the news that David Bowie, a complete legend, died at the age of 69 after losing battle with cancer. Yesterday, also at the age of 69 and also after losing a battle with cancer, Alan Rickman died. Like every single person on this planet I was familiar with Bowie's music. But with rock stars you just assume they will never die. The news of Bowie's passing came as a huge shock, particularly right after we were all celebrating the Globes. And then it was just sadness. Not silence though, I think every single person out there honored Bowie by listening to his amazing music.
  • Even more so I was hit in the heart with the news of the death of Alan Rickman. I loved this man. His performance as Severus Snape in Harry Potter should have got all the possible awards. He was an incredible actor and a wonderful person who gave us so many incredible performances. Emma Thompson said it best here - "He was, above all things, a rare and unique human being and we shall not see his like again." Goodbye, Alan. We will never forget you.
  • You know, this just makes you think. First of all, fuck cancer. But also there are all those artists that we may see the death of in our life time. Luckily for all of us, this generation and the future ones, their legacy will live on forever. And we should all be so thankful for that.
  • Last Friday I awoke to the news of BAFTA snubbing Tom not once but twice. I'm not recaping that crap. What is this? Bridge of Spies? Tom Hanks?! YOU PEOPLE ARE BRITISH!
  • Tommy, you should move as a sign of protest.
  • Watch this interview with Leo, Tom and Inarittu. Their body language is hilarious. Also everyone is in the suit but no, Tom is not gonna do that. I'm genuinely curious what the hell he is gonna wear for the Oscars (please God, attend the ceremony Tommy). Given Tom's comments that him on the Oscars would be like alligator in a tutu I'm not ruling out a tutu.
  • Tom earned his first Oscar nomination yesterday. I am thrilled beyond words. I legit screamed and gasped when I saw his name among the nominees.
  • Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu said some nice words -  I wrote it to him, I said, “few people have this sensitivity and the antenna to catch what you do which is so good it’s imperceptible, you are almost invisible. You don’t get the attention and that’s the most difficult thing to do”, and so the fact that the Academy noticed that it gives me hope and I am very, very, very happy for him, he deserves it.
  • I haven't seen any official comments from Tom yet but the word from The Revenant UK premiere taking place right now in London is that he is genuinely happy about it. Him and Leo sure look happy here ---->
  • Here is George Miller congratulating Tom - His nomination is actually doubly significant for me. I got so used to seeing him in the cutting room as Mad Max. It just shows what a great actor he is. I didn’t feel any familiarity watching him in The Revenant. I felt like he was Fitzgerald. It just shows that he’s the guy who’s prepared to take on anything. He’s like a decathlete in the Olympics. He doesn’t just do the 800 meters but he does the broad jump, the high jump and the pole vaulting.
  • So I saw Age of Adaline. As good as Lively and as lovely as Ford's performance were that movie was so ridiculous. The second they mentioned that comet I knew the movie will end with that fucking thing flying across the screen. Also - the chick gets in the car accident and stops aging - fine. Even though she is not aging she can get scars - fine. But did they expect me to believe she would consider telling the truth and staying with that gigolo GoT Daario but not young Harrison Ford? That's just nonsense.
  • I also saw Presumed Innocent. Very good movie but I thought the twist could have been executed better. Ford was very god here but Raul Julia stole the show, it's such a shame he died so soon. There is a desk scene in this movie that almost made me faint.
  • Now I know what you are wondering - gee, I wonder if Sati gifed that scene.
  • This is like, the most from it that I can feature here on the blog but it gets further. The gifset is from the entire thing. I did my fever no favors there.
  • I also saw Air Force One - during which I might have said the words "Oh, Mr. President!" many times and Patriot Games. Both were crazy entertaining and the latter had the added bonus of lovely Polly Walker playing a sexy IRA terrorist.
  • I have in general been making a lot of sets lately. Mostly the interviews because these are absolutely priceless:
  • There are some fabulous Globes pics on the Internet:
  • I don't think Oscar Isaac can possibly get more likable. Also I think that this Mel Gibson/Gervais scene from the ceremony which was so utterly insane is going through Harrison's head as he is posing with Ricky. And I just love Winslet/Fassy pic. They seem to have better chemistry than him in Vikander. I don't think anyone is surprised by that.
  • I cannot get over how quickly this fucking final category went by. Harrison should have played a diva or in his case A LEGEND THAT HE IS card and refuse to present unless they do it properly and do right by the presenter and the winner as opposed to giving him 15 seconds and about 30 for Inarittu. He should have gone all:
  • and then take out his whip. 
  • Oh. We crossed into the territory of this one recurring dream I keep having. Never mind.
  • Frankly, I'm not sure fireworks would be enough to welcome the man and they had announcer say 'from Star Wars - The Force Awakens' and that's it! I mean....I'm appalled. I greet a mailman carrying my new clothes with more enthusiasm.
  • Oh that shortlist of actors for Han Solo movie?
  • I hate it. All of it.
  • There is a new fantastic trailer for Hail Caesar. More importantly there is also a new trailer for The Witch:
  • I've been waiting for that one for a year and it's only a month away! Very excited!
  • In a very exciting news - my favorite drama series of all time the one and only Deadwood is finally getting that fucking movie follow up.  I don't want to sound cold but given what has been happening lately and considering that the great Ian McShane is 73.....please hurry.
  • Look at those comments. Look at here too, look how many notes. People are finally starting to see how terrible Lawrence is. Regardless what that journalist was doing, this is just not the way to treat people.
  • The only film sans Mr. Ford I saw this week was Trumbo. What is this movie doing with all those nominations? It was completely mediocre and Helen Mirren didn't do anything memorable. Cranston, Fanning and Goodman were good but I was just so bored during this movie.
  • Ruth recaps Golden Globes
  • Andrew did quite well predicting Oscar nominations
  • Keith loved The Revenant, Courtney not so much
  • MsMariah shares her favorite 10 movies in 2015
  • Brittani chooses her favorite post-apocalyptic films
  • MettelRay posted a tribute to Alan Rickman
  • Alex lists 15 best male performances in 2015.
  • Double dosage today cause we need something to smile about, I trust you remember this?


    1. I FUCKING HATE CANCER. It took away my grandmother nearly 5 years ago, it took away Ronnie James Dio, Lemmy, Bowie, and now Alan Rickman. Seriously, MOTHERFUCK YOU CANCER!!!

      I'm glad the J-Law backlash is happening. That bitch needs to be put in her place.

      I'm happy Tom Hardy got nominated as I got tickets to see The Revenant this coming weekend. Fuck you Eddie Redmayne for stealing Jacob Tremblay's nomination. I hope the little kid kicks him in the nuts and whacks him with the lightsaber with help from Han Solo and Poe Dameron.

      Harrison Ford has always been cool. It's about time you have a crush on him.

      1. Sorry about your grandma! :( And yeah Jacob needs to whack Redmayne :)

    2. Agreed.

      But did you catch the new trailer for Cloverfield?

      1. I haven't yet, I had no idea they are making a sequel

    3. This week has been rough. But at the same time, it's been great because Hardy got a nomination and Mad Max got so many nominations. Me and my roommate hope for all the awards for Mad Max!

      1. YEY Mad Max! But I have an odd feeling Spotlight takes BP

    4. Cancer sucks. I love Alan Rickman so much. I'm glad people our age got to grow up with him essentially our entire lives. Seeing him in Die Hard and Robin Hood when I was so young, then seeing him in new movies all up until now. At least we have that.

      I'm so happy for Tom, I hope he shows up at the Oscars for you.

      I'm glad you brought up Fassy and Winslet's insane chemistry. I was telling my friend after seeing Steve Jobs if you didn't already know that Jobs was married during all that, you would've wondered when those two would finally hook up.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think he is gonna show up, he seems to love hanging out with Leo so I'm really hoping he is gonna attend

        Oh yeah! I had no idea Jobs was married actually, but yeah they had amazing chemistry on screen and during Globes. They seemed to become friends during filming and were always praising each other so much in the interviews

    5. I have grown up watching Alan Rickman as Professor Snape, and thinking of a world without him makes me so sad. And so soon after David Bowie too. Fuck cancer.

      Fassy and Winslet have amazing chemistry indeed, but I'll always be a Kate/Leo stan haha.

      1. I just hope this terrible streak of death ends there

    6. I'm so excited that Hardy was nominated! I honestly think his performance was the best of the bunch, but I think Sly winning would give us all the feels/make me ugly cry. I'm torn.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You're welcome! I really want Stallone to win. Tom doesn't need to win, he is already the best

    7. After that journalist incident, I am over Jennifer Lawrence.

      On a lighter note, I am so thrilled that Tom Hardy got nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I'm not sure he'll win because Stallone has many factors going for him. But if not now, some day Hardy will.

      1. Yeah Lawrence is finally getting backlash that she had long coming for her. I'm delighted, she is such a terrible role model for people and mediocre actress at best.

        Hardy being nominated is truly such a wonderful surprise!

    8. Bowie and Rickman in the same week! This has been a bad week for people I adore.

      Thanks for the link Sati! I haven't seen 'Trumbo' yet, but I'm glad I finished my best movies list before seeing it. It doesn't sound like it would have made the cut.

      1. Yeah Trumbo is forgettable and I cannot imagine people actually featuring it in top 10 lists

    9. Thanks so much for the link! Ahah, love your comment about Age of Adaline, which I actually enjoyed to my surprise. But yeah, how the heck did she leave young Harrison and stay w/ his son. Yes Michiel Huisman is hot but still, it's Harrison Ford!!! Ford did a nice job here though, love that scene when he first saw Adaline, his expression is priceless.

      Love all his gifs here, ahah his face next to Ricky, mwahahaha! He's really such an icon, entertaining on and off the screen.

      Speaking of which, glad to see Hardy got nominated and all those nice things said about him is well-deserved. I sure hope he'll be at the Oscars just so we can all gawk and sigh whenever the camera is on him :D

      1. Hardy needs to move his ass and get there for the ceremony. I don't care if he punches every single 'journalist' on the red carpet because I don't want him suffer through those 'interviews' and neither does he. but he needs to be there :)

      2. Yes I hope he would! We need someone truly drool-worthy to swoon over at the Oscars :P

      3. That is true and if I were Ford I'd tell them to fuck off after they used him so terribly on the Globes

    10. RIP Bowie and Rickman. Those loses still sting. :(

      Hardy is an Oscar nominee...still can't believe the awesome news!

      Oh, I've always enjoyed Air Force One, and Ford was really good in The Age of Adaline, as was Lively. They made it watchable.

      1. Yeah Hardy being nominated was such a great and pleasant surprise!