Friday, February 5, 2016

(221) Leave Jared alone + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, February 5, 2016
  • I'm still not alright after seeing Witness. Good God. 
  • That's it. I have never seen a man more beautiful than Ford in it, other than maybe...nope, I've got nothing. Seriously, I cannot come up with one example.
  • There is so much sexual tension between Ford and the main girl. I do not know how Kelly McGillis survived that film. She is a lesbian now so maybe that was what saved her from spontaneously dying on the set. 
  • There was nothing to save me as I was watching it so I just sat there, shaking my head and gasping.
  • Also anytime nearest woman doesn't just rip his clothing off him and that goes for pretty much every moment ever, off and on screen, is shocking to me.
  • The Fugitive. It was basically porn.
  • I thought in addition to looking gorgeous Ford gave a wonderful performance in this one. His pain over losing his wife was so well shown and he was so delicate and sweet, even during all the action scenes, you just wanted to hug him. 
  • ...
  • Anyways...
  • How the hell did Tommy Lee Jones win an Oscar for this? I mean he would be an OK win given he gave a good and fun performance but then you realized he beat Fiennes for one of the best performances ever in Schindler's List? What?!
  • So here's the thing. A couple of days ago, this quote, reportedly from Hardy showed up - My wife Charlotte made me make a tailored tuxedo. I will see Dicaprio again, Iñárritu, it means that it will be a force of nature. Whatever happens we’ll celebrate, we’ll have a nice drink, but in moderation because I’ve stopped with the excesses. 
  • I had this whole very lengthy rant written about how incredibly disappointed I am. Because as I'm sure most of you know Tom is a former drug addict and an alcoholic and he has been in recovery for over a decade. So this quote was a shock to me as there is no such thing as 'moderation' or 'one drink' for an alcoholic. I was very sad and disappointed because I find it to be very impressive and remarkable for a person to come out of something like that and it's something I admire in Tom, probably even more than his talent. But just few hours ago it turned out it's not a real quote and the Italian website that published the 'interview' actually made it up. I'm very relieved. In all honesty if my choice was either Tom doesn't attend or does attend and drinks, I rather he doesn't. I don't want him to play Russian roulette with his life.
  • So this was supposed to be a much longer RF but now there will be just one rant, not two. Thankfully a few hours back Henry Cavill posted this picture, so at least I have something for you all to stare at ---->
  • Yeah, Ford in Witness still wins. Actually Ford anywhere anytime still wins.
  • My viewing of The Revenant got postponed another week again. I'm even more tired than last week, so there's that. Not that I actually have the time or energy to sit through anything sans Ford or longer than an hour. But my friend is sick this week so that's the main reason we aren't going, hopefully next week he is gonna be fine and I'm gonna be less exhausted.
  • I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant after seeing Idris Elba's antics on SAG awards. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this too.
  • From him being, you know, just there to him being concerned if the award isn't too heavy for Tremblay to hold, I almost lost it. I actually haven't even seen the entire ceremony yet just seen his acceptance speeches and gifs on tumblr. I also didn't even get to see Critics Choice yet and that was weeks ago. 
  • Adult life, you suck.
  • And the entire Internet basically shat itself when this happened:
  •  I'm not sure about that whole SAG thing, though. That make up wins happen was known for a while, especially with Affleck and the snub for Argo, but this year's SAG ceremony was seen as a huge fuck you to the Academy. They are basically just kicking someone who is lying on the ground and convulsing with agony right now.
  • Speaking of fine men, here is the first look at Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters remake:
  • Jared Leto and Margot Robbie were announced as presenters at the Oscars. If they appear on the stage together and she calls him "Mister J" know that I am crying and clapping whilst I witness this. 
  • There is so much irrational hate being poured on tumblr by the moronic SJW who took time from their busy schedule of writing shit essays about 'issues' or posting edits of Poe and Finn fucking, to write how Jared Leto is embarrassing himself. I'll get to the issue in the minute but let me just sum up this environment:
  • This sort of thing and by that I mean - someone writing some bullshit with attached gif that is supposed to prove something, but really doesn't - got insane amount of notes, in this case over 90,000. That kind of post doesn't show up on my tumblr dash often. I only follow around 100 people and they all seem normal. Well clearly, one slipped through the cracks, since I saw that inane post today over morning coffee. But tumblr is a website where this offensive 'all those actresses look like the same woman in different stages of her life' tweet about Academy Award nominees this year was screenshoted and shared hundreds of thousands of times with approval. Yes, let's shit on actors for no apparent reason because diversity! High five! And now let's explain what feminism is while using some background - no no, that's not edgy enough - mentioned on 5 pages in the whole series - characters from Harry Potter! Or let's explain to people what social/mental disorders are and how well Mr. Robot portrays them all! And now let's suggest more straight characters from mainstream movies and TV are gay because for some reason that is more awesome! YEY, progressive thinking! YEY, you guys!
  • YEY.
  • Seriously I just hang out there to post my edits and reblog stuff from Harrison Ford/cute dogs/nature/funny gifs/movie blogs. But in my late 20's seeing how dumb and judgmental most of the teens are these days is just fucking depressing. They complain about bullying and then they bully people. They know nothing and act like they know everything. And they just have two modes - moronic or super-serious. There is no in-between.
  • Anyways, back to that post on Jared - the post said he is embarrassing himself because he says that playing The Joker turned him psycho and Mark Hamill is adorable because he played Joker and does this *attached gif of Hamill balancing light saber on his hand during Force Awakens premiere.* Apparently, there is this whole official meme, whatever the fuck that means.
  • OK first of all, where is Leto saying The Joker turned him psycho? Because I have yet to see such a quote from him. When I shit on a celebrity I at least attach a link so people can read for themselves, clearly the younger generation thinks that their tumblr posts are gospel which should be spread around like some sort of virus. 
  • Kinda like rabies. 
  • If it's about him being in character on the set that is not unusual for an actor to do. Also it is my understanding Leto was chosen for the part precisely because he is eccentric. So whatever he is doing nowadays probably doesn't stray far from what he was doing before playing the part. He brought a bag of fucking avocados to Golden Globes that year he won. What are you people getting your panties in a twist over for now?
  • Ah....because it is trendy. Because Heath played the Joker and died so in these people's understanding NO ONE can ever play the Joker again. This is like 2007 all over again when the first pictures of Ledger resurfaced and people were freaking out. Except now people are freaking out and in their twisted minds are doing it in honor of Ledger's memory or something, when I'm sure they couldn't even see PG-13 movie on their own when The Dark Knight was released.
  • And I'm sorry but how did Hamill play the Joker? Oh yeah. The voice work. Which I am not gonna deny is form of acting but it's one thing to act just with your voice and whole other deal to go through full physical transformation and go method for the role. 
  • And also shouldn't you all love Leto since his recent part was so progressive? Ah not really. Tumblr just likes teenage guys who are shirtless in crappy CW series. Ah, like taste, like intellect.
  • So...shut the fuck up, kids.
  • In other news, I saw the first episode of American Crime Story and it's excellent so far. Parts of it were like Fincher's Zodiac, except about prosecutor office instead of newspaper office. Paulson is obviously excellent but a surprising standout was David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian. I cannot believe the man is acting so well. I liked him on Friends but that's it, he nearly ruins my lady boner over Ford with his shitty acting in Six Days, Seven Nights whenever I watch and I watch it a lot. I cannot wait for the next episode, this is proper good TV guys, watch it.
  • Two weeks till The Witch arrives (though I'm not sure because if it just opens theatrically and not on VOD then I'm fucked) and it has been named the "official Satanic experience". Well, that sounds mighty fun.
  • Bittani writes about SAG winners
  • Fisti lists his 12 favorite actress in the leading role performances in 2011 
  • m.brown reviews The Boy
  • MettelRay shares her anticipated movies in 2016
  • Ruth shares 5 for Fifth for February



    1. WHOA!! Really need to see Witness soon. Kelly McGillis is a lesbian now?? AFTER being in a movie w/ Harrison Ford doing all of THAT? [shakes head] But yeah maybe that's how she survived the ordeal [shrug]

      Cavill's body is SICK but I'm still more riled up watching Sam Riley typing/reading/walking in ON THE ROAD fully clothed. Well the almost threesome scene is pretty darn hot though.

      I haven't read much about Leto as The Joker but I feel like he's already so overexposed. I still don't know how he could top Heath in that role.

      1. I think you'd like Witness!

        Cavill is beautiful but unfortunately he has no charisma :/

        I think he is only overexposed because people are having such strong reactions to the little of footage we saw of him

      2. I hope to watch Witness soon, I pretty much like Harrison in everything he's in, I think he's good in action AND dramas. I hope you love Sabrina. Harrison is sooo good and he has such chemistry w/ the lovely Julia Ormond!

        Cavill has no charisma at all, very true. I mean, that's why I'm crushing over Batfleck more than him in BvS. It proves that a hot body and nice face alone isn't enough.

      3. Oh I've seen Sabrina many times! :) It's such a romantic movie and he is adorable in it

    2. Oh my, where is my manners! THANK YOU for the link and your comment on it! Cheers Margaret!

    3. If I recall, Kelly Mc Gillis came out long after Witness and Top Gun and she had great chemistry with Ford in Witness and really good chemistry with Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

      I can only shake my head at tumblr. I did not see that Jared Leto post in question. But the role of Joker will be played by many people post Heath Ledger's death, people need to calm down.

      I wonder if Tumblr will melt down when Star Wars reveals that Poe and Finn are straight? Or will they just ignore it? I hate that oscar actresses post where they are all the same person from different phases of life.

      1. Yeah it was years until she came out but I need some sort of explanation for this woman's survival on that set :)

        Oh man if Poe and Finn are gonna turn out to be straight the Star Wars franchise will instantly be called homophobic by these morons

    4. Witness is such a great movie. I really need to watch it again. And I just want to go on record and say that I like the Tommy Lee Jones win for The Fugitive. He's so damn funny. Fiennes was great, but I think the Oscars needed a lighter win that year.

      1. Yeah Jones was good but Fiennes' performance was simply brilliant. It's a shame he never won an Oscar

    5. Whoa, where did that gif of Harrison Ford and Adam Driver come from?

      Did you hear what Kate said about the ending in Titanic on Jimmy Kimmel? She said that she would've made Jack live as well since there was room on that thing Rose was in for the both of them. I agree, he could've been on top of her or something and maybe would dry-hump or have sex on the thing to stay warm.

      I still thing Harrison should've gotten the Oscar for Witness. The scene where he confronts the main antagonist with all of those people around him is just incredible. That was his Oscar moment. Jones over Fiennes... sorry but Jones gave a better performance.

      1. That is just something someone on tumblr did - used scenes of Ford and Adam from other stuff they did and put on the subtitles :)

        Hardy basically said the same thing once, that there was room on that door. That was such a stupid scene :)

        I think you are the only person I came in contact with who would choose Jones over Fiennes. And yeah that was amazing scene in Witness!

    6. Love your take on Hardy and his comments on having a drink. You are absolutely right.

      I'm also in agreement that TLJ should not have beaten out Fiennes, who was just frightening.

      I don't do tumblr, so I have no clue about anything you're talking about there. I'll just say that I am really looking forward to see what Leto did with the role.

      1. Well thank God that he made no such comments and they turned out to be fake. That would suck if he really said that

        Leto looks insanely good in the role, especially in the new trailer

    7. I wonder if some of these people have ever heard of method acting? Leto has always been method...just like Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field. In fact, Field said that some of the best actors are method. He's acting. He's getting into character. I'm sure he'll embody the next role he takes too. People need to get a hobby. I'm so excited to see Leto as Joker that I may pee my pants.

      Oh my gosh American Crime Story was so incredible. Paulson was of course fantastic. Schwimmer was surprisingly good, so was Travolta. I was actually gobsmacked. It was like going down memory lane. I was a young teenager at the time. It was so surreal to go back to 1995. I remember watching the trial on television. It was a terrible miscarriage of justice.

      1. Yeah I'm really excited to see his performances too!

        I don't remember any of this, I was just 6 when it happened so it's fascinating to watch it on the show

    8. I should watch The Fugitive again. I've seen it like five times already but once more wouldn't hurt.

      I like the fact that Jared is the new Joker.. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning when the stills appeared, but seeing him in motion is actually reassuring. Nobody can erase what Ledger did as the Joker, and if only, they can be inspired by him because he did a brilliant job... but the hate towards somebody just because he took a role, seems stupid. I'm glad I haven't read that rant.

      PS: Cavill is... so big.

      1. Oh no it wouldn't :)

        Yeah and The Joker can be portrayed in so many different ways and so far it seems every actor managed to find something unique to do with the role

    9. LOL those last gifs. Driver and Ford could've had some great scenes together it's to bad it went the way it did.

      Tumblr SJW are the worst. I think Leto's Joker looks awful, but he doesn't deserve to be called a psycho over it. The movie isn't even out yet, we're basing this on looks alone. The only thing Tumblr SJW's have done lately that actually made me happy was reblogging Lawrence being rude to that reporter and calling her out on it. It's about time.

      I haven't seen Witness or The Fugative, I need to get on that. I hope you get to see The Revenant soon and it doesn't get postponed again.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah that Lawrence thing was, I think, the only tumblr outrage I actually agreed with :P

        Yeah I'm hoping to see it too, I cannot post my end of the year lists without seeing it

    10. In my ignorant little world I did not know anything about Hardy's past. Thankfully that is a false quote, cos you are spot on in what you said. I've struggled with similar demons.. If possible I now admire Hardy even more now

      All the internet hate towards Leto just confuses me. I think you summed it up very well:

      "But in my late 20's seeing how dumb and judgmental most of the teens are these days is just fucking depressing."


      PS hope you get to see The Witch soon!

      1. I admire him so much because he overcame his personal struggles, to which I also relate to

        I'm just dying to see The Witch!

    11. Fun stuff Sati! I just can't get excited for a Ghostbusters reboot. It sounds gimmicky. And why can't Hollywood leave these 80's movies alone and concentrate on new material? Ugh...

      C'mon girl, you've got to make time for The Revenant! You can do it! ;)

      I haven't seen The Witness in years but I remember liking it a lot.

      1. I don't know....but it's better than some other stuff out there like that planned Han Solo movie... :/

        I really really hope I can!

    12. Witness is such a great film. Ford's 80's output was amazing, and I'm so glad he nabbed an Oscar nom for that film.

      I'll never be alright with Tommy's Oscar win for many reasons. Fiennes was LEAGUES, MOUNTAINS, OCEANS, PLANETS better than him, for one...and he was also co-lead and in just as much as Ford and should have been competing in that category...where Ford was BETTER!

      Alas, Oscar is...weird.

      1. No...I think Jones was indeed supporting. But Ford was better.

    13. So glad you've been watching a lot of Harrison Ford's films. He's a legend!

      All of the drama aside, I'm really looking forward to Leto's performance.

      Haha, I love that Ford and Driver gif!

      1. There's a whole series of Kylo and Han gifs so I'm set for my Smile portion of RF :)