Friday, February 12, 2016

(222) Just cause you don't understand it doesn't make it wrong + links

By Sati. Friday, February 12, 2016
  • I have no specific reasons to share the above, I just really want to.
  • Clearly I need to see Regarding Henry. In fact, I am about to.
  • That gif is like my own personal manifestation of what heaven must be like.
  • I saw Random Hearts over the weekend and there is a car scene in that which involves Harrison Ford that made me fairly catatonic for several hours afterwards.
  • There is no other way to say this. There are pictures of wet, naked Hardy on the Internet.
  • Yep, from Taboo set. Tom just took out his pants, showed his butt - and more - and dove into the river. God bless you, pervs hiding in the bushes.
  • There's a video too.
  • On a related note it looks like I'm finally going to see The Revenant. On Valentine's no less.
  • I was looking for some new blogs to read lately, then I saw this comment section. The ageism and close-mindedness just shocked me. There is a vast difference between criticizing movie characters and then crossing over and projecting intolerance onto real life, which is what goes on there. To go after people's romantic preferences and downgrade the whole relationships to 'ew' just because some type of men is not your type.... I am appalled. And the whole thing with 'women are with older men just for money'. I have my own money, thanks. Excuse me for not finding Zac Efron attractive.
  • Why do people always have to comment on younger woman/older man relationship? Look at that shit.  And wasn't there a case lately when Jim Carrey's much younger girlfriend committed suicide and people downright blamed it on the fact he was older and she was younger? Some women happen to like mature men. And who do you think is more mature? 20 year olds or older men? It just makes me so fucking annoyed when people judge other people on their romantic preferences.
  • A picture that didn't have Tom in it - and not even 100+ photos of him in different states of undress can make up for that - is sadly the Oscar Nominees Luncheon pic. Look how sad Leo is.
  • Six Academy members share their picks in nominations. Stallone and DiCaprio are taking it.
  • I started watching Entourage, which is very entertaining. Ari Gold is amazing, the others are kinda annoying but Ari's lines make the show worth seeing.
  • USA? USA? USA? 
  • Just how dumb can the Academy get exactly? Because I cannot imagine them topping that.The speeches are so great because they are emotional and so difficult to contain. This is just....taking the life out of the ceremony. And yet they don't think Gaga singing again is more of a waste of time? What the hell....first the joy of the nominees is sucked out because of that ridiculous OscarsSoWhite thing and now they are even trying to temper with the moment they get in spotlight when they win. This is bullshit.
  • Have you guys heard that Amy Schumer is gonna be in some PTSD drama? Is she playing the thing that gives people PTSD? If not....what is this?
  • In even more bizarre news apparently Danny McBride is gonna be in Alien: Covenant. Have I bitched about Noomi Rapace not returning yet? I don't think I did, so let me do that now - what the hell is wrong with Ridley Scott? I think even the people who hated the movie will admit that Rapace was the best thing about it. And now her character, the sole survivor of the expedition, is not returning at all? And McBride is in? What is this movie? Is there gonna be a big Xenomorph slaughtering people carnage scene and then afterwards, 30mins in, McBride shows up to use up all the food to make breakfast and suggests someone sucked a dick last night?
  • Cause it still sounds like better writing than The Martian.
  • Have you guys read what Meryl Streep said at Berlinale?
  • Asked by an Egyptian reporter about the lack of diversity on the berlin film festival jury and whether she understood films from the Arab world and North Africa, Streep said that while she didn't know much about the region, "I've played a lot of different people from a lot of different cultures."

    "There is a core of humanity that travels right through every culture, and after all we're all from Africa originally," she added. "Berliners, we're all Africans really."
  • I read it at work today and almost fell off my chair laughing.
  • This is delightfully funny in grab a popcorn and watch it all implode. You know what's pathetic and not funny at all? Clooney declaring he will do things to help solve refugee problem. Why cannot these celebrities see how ridiculous something like this sounds? DiCaprio is engaged in this whole climate thing but at least that is something he can actually help up with by showing up and raising awareness for various issues. What the fuck will Clooney do? Remember that Modern Family episode where the gay couple was trying to say the word 'adoption' as many times as possible and clap and smile so that their adopted daughter would associate this with something positive? Will Clooney go to the border, grab a Syrian child, shout 'ADOPTION' and clap his hands? Because I cannot imagine what else he can have in mind.
  • I just can't even.
  • There is a new Suicide Squad poster but so far we only have a picture of it:>
  •  New Batman v Superman trailer is actually pretty dope. I mean comparing to awesome trailers it's not that great but comparing to previous BvS trailers it is awesome. Cavill actually looks like he has a pulse in that quick moment he jumps into a tub with Amy Adams.
  • Batfleck is gonna slay me, you guys.
  • Veep! YEY!
  • Rumour has it Charlize Theron was approached to play a villain in next Fast and Furious movie. I have yet to actually finish the recent one but I'm excited for Theron in practically everything she is in and she is badass in action genre and her playing a villain, a female villain in this franchise, would definitely be something I'd love to see
  • Meanwhile, we got another trailer for that whole Snowhite sequel thing The Huntsman: Winter's War. Oh good. Disney is turning infants into ash and then freezes the crib. And there is still that dreadful CGI everywhere. And Chastain running around miscast. So what else is new?
  • We finally have some footage from The Tunnel season 2! Stephen, I missed you.
  • And finally here are some of the first pictures from Game of Thrones season 6. You can see more of those and talk about them with other fans on my board for the show.
  • Brittani reviews Spy
  • Drop by flixchatter to wish Ruth happy birthday! She celebrates by sharing her 41 favorite cinematic things, one for each year
  • Another awesome person celebrating her birthday is MettelRay who shares 27 movie characters for each of her 27 years
  • Keith reviews Burnt which I enjoyed more than most
  • Dell shares his thoughts on Poison Ivy films. I adore the first one. 
  • Kevin reviews Hail, Caesar!
  • Mariah lists the worst movies of 2015
  • m.brown reviews Chi-Raq



    1. Regarding Henry is seriously a depressingly awful movie. lol. It probably plays back to the fact that I think Ford reminds me of my dad, and I'd hate for my dad to lose his memory like that.

      The May-December romance thing is an interesting topic to me. I don't judge people our age for liking older people. We're in our late 20's and have life experience. It's when you get teenagers in the mix with liking adults that it throws me off. It's just inappropriate. (also who wants to date teenagers?)

      Rapace not being in the Alien sequel is bullshit.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It was very depressing but you know....Harrison was in it, so still better than other films :)

        Teenagers being in the mix is indeed wrong. But yeah anyone over 20...that is just a personal preference thing and nobody's business really

    2. THANKS so much for the link and the b'day wishes!!

      Ooooh I LOVE Regarding Henry, that's one of my fave Ford roles, I actually like him in dramatic roles as much as his action ones.

      Oh heck yeah about Batfleck! I mean, Clark who?? Superman is so damn boring compared to Batman & Wonder Woman.

      1. You're very welcome!

        He was just wonderful in this movie!

        At least Wonder Woman gets saucy scenes with Batfleck Cavill is just in some stupid action scenes with him

    3. LOL, the wife and I area currently watching Parks and Rec and we saw that episode at your closing recently. LOL.

      I'm with you on the Thank You Scroll...sounds like an awful idea. I have that in my 'Fistful of Thoughts' post for Monday.

      Poor Birgit...but I see your point.

      Glad you'll be seeing The Revenant! Can't wait to see your thoughts.

      1. YEY! Do you like the show? Ron Swanson is my guru and I fucking love Ben Wyatt

      2. We LOVE the show. LOL, Ron Swanson in my favorite character in pretty much any show ever.

      3. So glad you love it! That show is so warm and funny and Ron is God, my favorite episode is Summer Cataologue when Leslie assembled all the previous Parks directors :lol:

    4. Whatever happens between two consenting adults is fine by me. Like Britt said, it's when teens are involved it gets icky. That said, if a movie recognizes and explores that side of it without excusing the behavior of the adult then that's okay, like American Beauty, for instance. I think treating it as a farce like in the Poison Ivy movies can work too. Even in that there's an element of it being a cautionary tale for older dudes into teenage girls, as misguided as that may be. Again, if we're talking adults then this isn't an issue. Whatever floats your boat whether you're 25 or 95.

      Love that you always say how you feel. Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah exactly, adults are adults I mean another thing that pisses me off is how people interpret it as if older man somehow manipulated these women into relationships - 20 or 30 year old women can make their own decisions for the love of God.

        Thank you and you're welcome!

    5. Thanks for the link Sati! I've been enamored with Harrison Ford for years, so I don't mind May-December romances. I personally find men more attractive with some grey hair. My issue has always been the ageism towards women in Hollywood, which is a different subject. As long as everyone is a proper adult then you're right it shouldn't matter.

      I thought I was the only one who liked Batfleck. Affleck brings something to the role that Bale didn't. I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's gravitas or non-angsty anger. It's visceral and it can't be described. If only Affleck had a better movie to star in? I'm becoming more and more convinced that Cavill (although pretty) is a few steps away from Jamie Dornan-- who is an emotionless mandroid. I really don't like Cavill as supes. Perhaps I need to see the new trailer?

      Oh and I'm pissed that Rapace is not in the sequel. How in the heck is she not in the sequel when she is the lone survivor! She was the best thing in Prometheus and is the only thing that salvaged the movie for me.

      1. You're welcome! Loved your end of the year posts! Oh I find men with grey hair more attractive too.

        Oh no, people are going crazy for him already! I think that is this frustration and anger. Bale's Batman was fairly passive and with Affleck you can already sense the rage. Cavill is a bit better in the new trailer but yeah he really lacks charisma. Not on Dornan levels though, at least Cavill was funny in Man from UNCLE

    6. Regarding Henry.... not one of my favorite films that Ford or Mike Nichols did. Plus, every time I hear about the film. I think of that story John Leguizamo had in his book.

      He talked about how Nichols had this cappuccino machine and was on about it. The crew were pretty angry and Leguizamo didn't enjoy working on it so he and the crew decided to piss into the cappuccino machine. Ford didn't drink cappuccino, thank goodness.

      Naked Tom Hardy... that is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      1. Oh my God, that is hysterical :P Good thing Harrison didn't drink it!

    7. What I don't understand about age gap (well I understand, but I prefer to ignore the fact that I do) is... even if it's for money... so fucking What ? You shouldn't care that much because it's not your life as long as nobody is truly hurt (killed or whatever lol). That's some horrible thing to say about Jim Carrey and his girlfriend. All those people, whatever their age, are just like everybody, trying to get by and in that particular subject, find happiness in a sucky world. It doesn't have to be their cup of tea, but the time devoted to bad useless feelings towards people you don't even know... Human beings !

      Maybe the Clooney comments is more about desperation. I don't remember him being so disconnected at that level. I don't follow what he does on that subject, but he mostly in the past was modest about the power you have to change things in other countries and all that stuff. I don't know. And... Do you think DiCaprio's boat is working on an ecological energy ? (lol)

      I thought about you when I saw those Tom Hardy pics. A little bit of sunshine in those difficult times lol. Like that Meryl Streep comment. That's so laughable at least !

      1. Exactly. I do write about celebrities a lot but I never judge them on their relationships because it really has nothing to do with anything. Except for Vikander/Fassbender because that is for publicity and they are not even trying to hide it

        I think Dicaprio's boat is working on supermodel sexiness or something :) But I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of stuff DiCaprio does is very climate-friendly, I heard he is a vegetarian too which makes the fact he ate that bison liver for The Revenant even more impressive

    8. So many people saying so many stupid things.. seems like a popular thing to do these days.

      Tom Hardy's new movie looks amazing already from what I have seen. And I've seen enough.

      PS Thank you for the link! :)

      1. It's a series! so it's gonna be so much longer than a movie :P

    9. "Is she playing the thing that gives people PTSD? If not....what is this?"

      This gave me a good chuckle, haha!! Having just watched Trainwreck I can see your point of view!

      I hope you enjoy The Revenant! :)

      1. Trainwreck was terrible:/ What a nightmare that woman is

    10. Thanks for the link.

      As for this post, epic as always. I love that you're watching Entourage. Great series, and Ari is the reason for that. Jeremy Piven is fucking perfect in that role. It gets a bit shabby later on, but the first several seasons are some of my favorite TV.

      Leave it to a state legislature in America to try to police people's bedrooms. This is Michigan, no less, where an entire city is being charged money to drink and bathe in poison.

      I kind of dig the Oscar name list scroll idea. It's gonna save us some awkward rushed yelling as the orchestra starts up.

      And I so wish Batman v Superman and any of its promotions were doing it for me. I just can't get on board. And it's not Affleck's fault. I like him. I just still have such a bad taste in my mouth from Man of Steel, I think. I just hated that movie so much.

      1. You're welcome!

        Entourage is crazy entertaining, so glad you like it too!

        Man of Steel is such shit. I cannot believe after that one they still let Snyder direct the new one

    11. I should watch Regarding Henry...and Random Hearts. :/

      LOL, that Streep comment had me rolling!

      Happy that people are coming around to Batfleck. He was always an intriguing casting decision to me, and I hope he nails it.

      1. I'm pretty sure Affleck will be good but the rest of the movie looks really horrible