Friday, February 26, 2016

(224) Leo, it is time + links

By Sati. Friday, February 26, 2016
  • So yesterday someone was all like hey, why do you ladies even need ovaries in the first place? and released this shit all over the web.
  • Leaving aside the fact this probably just incorporated Children of Men scenario into real world, let's just ask one question -
  • just how irresponsible is Tom Hardy, really? Walking around, with some sort of belt covering his dick, carrying a spear, playing a savage? Who then goes to England and wears a suit? 
  • My God, man. My God.
  • It's Tom Hardy Watch 2016 for me this Sunday which means I'm gonna have to do what I never do - watch garbage press people harass celebrities aka red carpet. But I need to watch it to see if Tom is there. And then have a melt down all over my twitter. I know how much some of you are looking forward to my drunken, batshit insane live-tweeting. Oh yeah. It's happening again this year.
  • And again, for absolutely no other reason other than I want to, here is the picture of Harrison playing tennis shirtless, because as we established - ovaries, gone.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we are now 2 days away from witnessing Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar
  •  Maybe indeed anything is possible. I mean this is definitely gonna happen.
  • What else can happen? Can we finally get a time machine that can take me back to the 80s? Or alternatively - can Harrison Ford ride in front of my building on a white horse? Or fly in his jet? Or fly on his angel wings? You cheer me up?
  • The means of transportation are really not important here.
  • And it would be good timing too as I had a horrible week work-wise and had to smile through all of it and I was essentially a cross between Chris Traeger during Leslie's trial and Clooney's character in Intolerable Cruelty. 
  •  That should be the title of my autobiography, by the way.
  • Still the humor was pretty strong in me this week - I think this is really clever. 
  • Also I offered Harrison a safe haven in case Trump gets elected. 
  • But back to our dear Leo - I imagine this whole week he had Thursday face on. Just sitting there, waiting. Possibly adding in all that bullshit about how The Revenant brings awareness to what was done to the natives to his speech.
  • Oh God. The Internet will go wild. Kate Winslet is probably going to faint. 
  • The memes will end. But the new ones will start. Because I cannot believe the man is winning for throwing himself in the mud in some forest and moaning like he was insane. I just cannot believe he did it, they shot it, the studio released it and people actually thought it was good and it may win BP. 
  • But Leo is good people. He deserves it.
  • Meanwhile, this year the Academy was relentless in their efforts to ruin this season for everybody. I mean I genuinely think they are trying their hardest to come off as the worst people on the planet. Or at the very least - the dumbest.
  • They are now letting only 3 out of 5 artists perform the nominated songs.  The most famous ones which sadly includes the one sounding like the dying cat parade. One of the performers who is not gonna sing is a transgender person so seriously the Academy is basically just fucking themselves all over again.
  • And what the fuck is Dave Grohl even be doing there?
  • Also this comment I found on one of the movie boards - "I defended the Academy when they were racists, but I cannot defend this. This is bullsh_t." - absolute gold.
  • Seriously this is one ugly Oscar season. Let's thank OscarSoWhite backlash people for that. I mean...I am not ruling out Jada Pinket Smith throwing a bucket of pig's blood on Leo on Sunday. 
  • I am serious.
  • Two weeks ago I ranted at length about people discriminating against younger woman/older man relationships. It apparently is an issue even when the involved are themselves very young people - Henry Cavill, 32, is dating a chick who is 19 and he is getting tons of hate for it on the Internet. Yes she is 19  but come on, 19 is an adult. I know that America is a sick country where 21 is considered an adult, but that is their deal. Leaving aside the fact that in that Elle magazine interview Cavill comes off as a total asshole for other reasons, you wanna tell me there is some harm coming to this girl that she is doing him? I'm fairly certain every single nineteen year old out there would trade with her. And let's not bring the issue of age here because if you read this interview Cavill comes off as a less mature than an average nineteen year old girl and that is saying something. So no one is getting hurt there, people.
  • Speaking of Cavill, apparently Justice League movie is still going ahead and they are starting shooting this April. I still think Batman v Superman movie looks so bad, except for Affleck. I found this picture and I think this is pretty accurate depiction of Affleck and Snyder watching the footage - the disgust and shock of an actor vs the blind joy of an awful director, respectively.
  • Just last week I was wondering what the hell is going on with Sharp Objects adaptation and it is finally gaining some speed. Amy Adams will play the lead in TV adaptation with Dallas Buyers Club director behind the camera. I pictured Rebecca Ferguson or Rebecca Hal for Camille, given that I think she is in her early thirties. Adams is 41 years old, she looks younger but it's not an ideal casting. She is way too innocent to play someone who is as fucked up as Camille. She would have to mix up her highest shady moments from The Master and messiest ones from other performances (does she even has any where she plays someone who is deeply depressed and feels empty?). I just cannot imagine this cheerleader playing a dark soul like Camille - Ferguson, Hall or even Emily Blunt have this cloud of mystery around them, Adams never had it. They can still make good adaptation here, because the part of the mother in the story is so juicy and there is a perfect actress out there who could play her - Michelle Pfeiffer. I so hope she gets cast here.
  • Rosamund Pike is majorly channeling Isabelle Adjani in Possession here:
  • American Crime Story was very good this week. Travolta is just so damn entertaining to watch. This and Entourage is literally all I've been watching lately, I really need to find time, somewhere to see an actual movie next week.
  • m.brown wrote a hysterical review of The Witch
  • and Brittani also didn't hate the film so that's great 
  • Ruth reviews Trumbo and Hail, Caesar!
  • Andrew shares his thoughts on news from this week and again I have a meltdown in his comment section about the monstrosity known as Blade Runner sequel
  • Kevin and Josh share their Oscar predictions
  • Courtney shares her top 10 movies from 2015 along with some OscarsSoWhite thoughts
  •  In his In Character series Alex features the great John Goodman
  • and finally Nick wrote a fantastic piece on Leo's career and acclaimed roles and gave praise to his Blood Diamond performance which I don't see enough - it's such a great work from Leo.



    1. More Modern Ben and Han! lol.

      I'm okay with Amy Adam's Sharp Objects casting because I love her. I was picturing Anna Paquin for some reason as I read it. lol

      I'm excited for Leo to win this Oscar. His performance is so far ahead of anyone else in that category. Sure, he should've won for WoWS, but I'm fine with this. The only thing that would be better is if he got on stage and cried.

      And fuck the Oscars and their best original song performances. I'd rather see unknown artists perform over that egomaniac Gaga who changed one line in that song and got a writing credit on it.

      1. Oh God, not Paquin! :)

        I just can't with Gaga, didn't she just sing there like 2 years ago? :/

    2. Also thanks for the link! (hit enter too quickly)

    3. If the Fascist Asshole does get elected, can I live in the house as your cleaning maid?

      Fucking love the Massive Attack video as I marked out over the references to Possession and Phantasm.

      This year's Oscars are dumb. I only want to watch Leo win it and give Jada crotch chops by telling her to suck it!

      Tom Hardy not wearing pants.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      I love these Kylo Ren gifs.... BTW, have you seen this picture:

      I saw this a month ago at the NIN Echoing the Sounds forum.

      1. Sure you can :)

        I did and someone also made a banner 'Making a murderer' out of it :P

    4. I think the internet will break if Leo loses haha. I guess he deserves it but to be honest there isn't a heap of competetion this year. Except for Hardy in Legend but that wasn't even nominated somehow. I think that's the case anyways. Look forward to your drunken live twitter report ;D

      1. Yeah Hardy and Tremblay not even being nominated means Leo isn't actually stealing that Oscar from anyone :)

    5. Thanks for the link!

      I'm relieved that Leo is finally winning, even if it's not for his best performance.

      The Academy is becoming a big joke with the decisions it's made this year. And, seriously, Dave Grohl?!

      YAY! Another Han/Ben Solo gif! :D

      1. I really have no idea what the hell is Dave Grohl going to there.

    6. Thanks so much for the link Margaret!! WHOA, it's been a great week w/ Hardy & Ford shirtless pics there. My goodness I thought that gif of Hardy was a fan art thing but it's a real film?? WOW, just wow. But Ford looking like someone a third his age is incredible!!

      Yep I think Batfleck is the saving grace of BvS, that whole thing just look awful!

      1. You're welcome! It is real. He is just after all of us, trying to kill us

        That is actually an old pic of Harrison, but I think he was around 60 during that time :)

      2. Well I can't wait to see that movie w/ Hardy. Who cares about the plot when you have THAT kind of scenery ;-)

        WOW, he's around 60 at the time?? That's still incredible, I mean he barely had any body fat even compared to much younger guys!

      3. Much younger guys don't even compare to him, really ever :)

    7. I'm glad Leo is winning, though he has given MUCH better performances.

      The Academy once again fucked up, no surprise. I find it so ironic that the two original song performances that they chose to cut are better Gaga's song and the Bond song, yet still aren't favourites to win. And for all the available singers, they cut the songs for a performance by Dave Grohl?!

      Rosamund <3

      1. I really don't know what the academy is doing. That thank you scrolls thing is also ridiculous

    8. There is no way Leo's not winning. I mean I just dont see it happening.

      Glad someone agrees that Affleck is the only thing about BvS that looks good. I could go all day about how awful Zack Snyder is and I'm really, really surprised DC entrusted him with the future of their cinematic universe. I've even heard that Affleck rewrote lines of the script in his Batman suit because he wasnt satisfied with them.

      1. Yeah he is winning this thing for sure :)

        I just don't understand how Snyder got a gig in the first place let alone how they let him do another after that mess that was Man of Steel

    9. Ha ha I love that pick of Harrison playing tennis. Can we have a tumblr blog dedicated to this?

      I agree with you on Cavill. He's douchey for many other reasons...other than dating a 19 year old. As long as everyone is a proper adult then it's fine. People are considered to be adults in the US at 18, but they just can't drink until 21, which is silly. You can get drafted and be killed in war, but can't have a beer? You also have trouble renting a car here if you're under 25. It's crazy...I know.

      However, I feel like the age thing works both ways, such as with Amy Adams. Male actors frequently play younger versions of themselves. I don't see why a woman (who looks younger) couldn't do the same? A 41 year old Adams should be able to play a character who is written to be 8 or 9 years younger. I feel women are under a double standard when playing younger characters.

      1. There really should be one, it's that glorious :)

        I swear I don't get those age regulations at all. It's even crazier in UK - when I was there you could smoke at 16 but drink at 21. Madness.

        Oh yeah totally that's why I am ultimately glad she is playing the part. But it's not her age that is my issue just the fact that she is too innocent to play the role

    10. Thanks for the link! I'm loving how much Travolta is hamming it up in American Crime Story. Priceless.

      1. You're welcome! Cannot wait to catch up with the latest episode