Friday, March 4, 2016

(225) The Post-Indy Music Fiasco depression + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 4, 2016

  •  Welcome to the Brave New World where Leonardo DiCaprio has an Oscar. 
  • My work has been less shitty and I feel all around wonderful. Wow, is this related to this? Is there some sort of cosmic balance being restored thanks to him finally winning?
  • And just like that 2015 Oscar season is over and it's soon gonna be the time to start drafting another Best and Worst list. It's March already. I have only seen Deadpool out of 2016 movies. My God, is that right? And no there is still no release date for The Witch set here yet.
  •  I watched Cowboys & Aliens. Yes, voluntarily. It was not a complete disaster but I cannot imagine how much weed Harrison must have smoked on that set to get through that movie
  • On the plus side, he looked beautiful. The horse-riding, grumpiness, pistol and hat, loved it all.
  • I started watching K-19 2 days back and I'm still on 40th minute of it. Had it not been for Harrison running around in a uniform it would be unwatchable. 
  • I am actually running out of movies with him. And that's quite amazing because my pace of catching up with the ones I haven't seen before is constantly stalled with the countless rewatches of Six Days, Seven Nights and Sabrina. It's do you top that?
  • Well, with Witness. But I fear seeing it again might kill me.
  • Apparently there is gonna be a deleted scene with Han on TFA blu ray. I am both happy and I also feel like this is just throwing salt in everyone's wounds after that massacre that occurred right before our eyes. Don't. Ever. Do. This. To. Indy.
  • If you think Tom looking amazing at the Oscars was all that God gave us this week, you are wrong:
  • Somebody needs to stop this man.
  • Sylvester Stallone's brother had a complete meltdown on his twitter after the ceremony. I mean there is no reason to go after Mark Rylance, but Stallone was robbed.
  • Then Stallone went on to apologize to Rylance but got his name wrong.
  • Still, man, did Michael Rapaport top that. Oh my God. That was my exact reaction too, but when Joe Biden walked on that stage.
  • And getting back to the Oscar night for a moment:
  • LOVED Keaton's walk to the stage:
  • I think we can all agree Tom was an absolute class act during the show:

  • Also this picture --->
  • It's like he is getting him pumped before big fight.
  • I don't know her but I love her - Chrissy Teigen. Her expression to Stacey Dash thing was amazing and it's not the first time she gave us such a great expression.
  •  Inarittu's bitch face here kinda speaks for itself. And what it speaks of is 'Tom you should have punched me in the dick again, right there and then".
  • Mark Ruffalo had a great time at the Oscars. Also this is wonderful. I really am very happy that while in my opinion the film didn't hit hard enough the cast and the crew is bringing more awarness to that horrible subject.
  • I still don't get what the big deal about Jacob Tremblay's dad is but this tweet had me in tears. 
  • Oh yeah Oscar night I was hammered beyond belief. Which is good because that Indiana Jones music/Joe Biden moment would have killed me if I was sober. I mean Leslie Knope would be thrilled but me? I cannot believe they did that. How do you play Indiana Jones music for someone else? How do you not have Ford during the Oscars? I'm just so appalled. JJ the sadist Abrams was there, the droids were there. But he wasn't? Ugh. UGH. 
  • Someone hold me, please.
  • We mustn't overlook what happened during Spirit Awards:
  •  I think missing on that Oscar nom is gonna be one of the best things that happened to Idris. He is landing gigs left and right, he got so many awards this season and it's better to not be nominated and have people go 'you were so much better than all the nominated actors!' than actually be nominated or even win and later people resent those accolades (they often do) in the long run.
  • And here's Gustav during Oscar day:
  •  Also I had a non-shitty week at work so 1. I'm thankful 2. it means it will be terrible next week. Let's enjoy this evening of peace. And Ford.
  • Here's Ian McShane not giving a flying fuck about HBO and Game of Thrones secrecy. Absolutely glorious. Always a legend.
  • Interview website has a great interview Shyamalanana did with Anya Taylor-Joy of The Witch. What a girl. I love her. There is so much joy, optimism and passion in her words. And she loves dogs!
  • So...I should probably research what Dark Tower is, yes? I mean I know it's by King (right?) and they have been talking about adapting it for ages and now it is happening? With Elba and McCounghey and I love them both, so....maybe someone in the comment section can enlighten me with brief what's what?
  • Here is the mentality of SJW this week -  "Let's boycott the Oscars! Let's shit on one of the few successful actresses of color few days after that!"
  • I'm referring to the hate Zoe Saldana is receiving for playing Nina Simone. Why the hate, I quote - "she is not black enough". Saldana is one of the few successful actresses of color. What exactly is that hate campaign against her going to accomplish? The film lead by actress of color being boycotted or ignored. It's madness. I understand it's upsetting she had to use make up to darken her skin in order to look more like Simone, but think why she was cast. They don't look for resemblance first. They look for someone who will bring people to the cinema. And Saldana was in Avatar and a Marvel flick. Of course she was considered first because she is successful. It's about money in Hollywood. And frankly the level of nastiness she received:
  • is just...wrong. Sure in the perfect world they would cast someone who first and foremost resembles the real person. But it's not a perfect world. And trashing Zoe is not gonna improve anything. 
  • I mean Jesus Christ, if Tropic Thunder was released today RDJ would get more hate than when he shat in his co-star's trailer back in the 80's. That's a true story.
  • Reached season 7 of Entourage. Yep, it is going downhill but it's still funny. And Walsh is back! Last we saw him he was lashing out in Cannes. Love this guy.
  • Some news - they are remaking Suspiria with Tilda Swinton. Not bad so far? Let me piss in your corn flakes - Dakota Johnson is playing lead.
  • WB is getting desperate. They must have tortured Cavill for hours and yell at him to be interesting or at least mildly amusing on Kimmel's skit. And then they sent him out there.
  • Cavill succeeded. I am impressed. I mean you can see he is exhausted trying to emote, but he is doing it, damn it.
  • He probably went into a coma for few days after such effort.
  • Still Affleck stole that show with that "fuck off!" in fake Batman voice.
  • There's a new spot that is not terrible.
  • But to restore the balance we got some news from EW article that Steven in particular will hate - Jena Malone's scenes were cut from theatrical version of the movie.
  • I'm not impressed at all with Ghostbusters trailer. It didn't have a single truly funny moment. What it did have however was plenty of moments where we were supposed to laugh but didn't. There is nothing more embarrassing than watching a moment that you know the writers wanted to make you laugh at and it doesn't accomplish that. Like that purple wig thing? The hope is that this is just a bad trailer - I mean compare the trailer for Spy to the actual movie. The trailer was so-so, the film was absolutely hysterical. I love Melissa so I really hope it's gonna be good.
  • Ruth writes about the Oscars
  • MettelRay reviews Moon
  • Kevin shares his - and his wife's - 15 favorite films of 2015 
  • Keith reviews Trumbo
  • Andrew reviews Ex-Machina
  • Mariah shares 15 more ridiculous things on The Walking Dead



    1. Thank yooooouuuu for the link. Always appreciated. The Saldana hate is baffling. Are we really at this point??? And Ghostbusters? thanks.

      1. You're welcome! Yeah I wish Ghostbusters looked better

    2. The Saldana hate is just pitiful. It seems like no one is ever going to be fully satisfied in the neverending POC debates. It's getting tiresome.

      1. Indeed they are never happy, a shame about Zoe she seems like a nice person and no one deserves to be treated like this

    3. Thanks for the link! I can't help but be disappointed for Sly on that Oscar loss. I really thought he'd get the lifetime achievement vote on that one. I like Rylance's work in Bridge of Spies though. That and Creed really are neck and neck for me, as far as 2015 movies about wonderful people go.

      I told you Entourage would weaken. Don't even think about watching the movie. It is pure shit.

      Thanks for the linkage!

      1. Yeah I heard the movie is an absolute abomination. I wonder what went wrong

    4. Hi Sati! Thanks for the link! You had me so excited about Suspira...and then. I hope Dakota does a good job. Tilda of course will be perfection.

      Ha ha, I've always said Cavill is one step away from Dornan. I'm glad to see that he's at least trying to emote. Batfleck looks awesome. Keaton's response is awesome! Talk about someone who was robbed. He was robbed of the best actor Oscar the year before. That was highway robbery!

      I'm so saddened by the hate Saldana is getting. She's a wonderful actress. As someone who has a fair complexion, I have received my own share of hate b/c I'm light. "It's like f*ck off. I was born this way. Go look at a picture of my father." There are an unfortunate few in this country who spew hate towards fair skinned African Americans and of course the opposite was true for centuries (historically speaking). That's probably where it originates--especially in the south. Vanessa Williams went through hell when she became Ms. America because she was fair skinned. The nude pictures came after.

      I do think Saldana is miscast. I would have liked to have seen someone who physically looked more like Simmone. But I say this about a lot of actors--same thing with Fassy in Steve Jobs. That said, I think people need to give Saldana a chance now that she has been cast. As you've said before, we all frequently disagree with casting choices, but to spew this kind of hate toward a talented young actress-- it's disgraceful. The person running the Nina Simmone account is disgusting. They're pissed she's wearing a prosthetic. Hmmm, what about Nicole Kidman in 'The Hours?' No one said anything about that.

      1. I just don't understand it, it's basically undoing everything just because someone's skin is not dark enough - it's still a person of color who accomplished something and people should be happy about it. And of course the reasons for casting Saldana were purely because of money why is she getting the hate for how Hollywood works?

        I think how selective all of it is is really weird. It was really iffy how they hid Lupita in The Force Awakens as this motion capture performance or whatever it is called but no one said a thing really because it is Star Wars. Then there are jokes about JJ and diversity kids referring to Issac and Boyega. It's just one thing gets hate, another gets ignored and another is made into a joke. I don't understand how all of it works

    5. I don't understand the hate towards Saldana and the new Ghostbusters. I think this is Saldana's chance to prove herself and I think she could do it. The new Ghostbusters look funny.

      I actually don't like Chrissy Tiegen as I think she's annoying and overrated but that reaction towards Stacey Dash was smacked on.

      Michael Keaton's moment, give him the Oscar he should've won. I love Rylance's gesture to Tom Hardy, that is class. That's an example of winning and still putting the other guy over. Something that fruity pebble John Cena never does to any new talent.

      That skit on Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious but here is my actual reaction to my woman being cut from the film...

      1. I am so sad about Jena's scenes being cut from the movie. I thought she was going to play an important character or something, they kept it a secret so long.

    6. I am really making the plot of the Dark Tower very simple here: it's about Roland Deschain and his quest to find the Dark Tower. It's an 8 book series by Stephen King. Hiring Idris and Matthew is a good start, as they have been trying to get a Dark Tower film going for a long time. The concerning thing is that they are rushing this to the theater, Jan 2017 and filming begins in late April. As of right now, it's being considered a potential franchise starter depending on how it does in the theater.

      1. Wow 8 books! That's a lot. I hope it's gonna be good, if only for the actors sake

    7. There was so many great things to click on in this post.
      1) Fuck Stallone's brother. Sly is not that great of an actor *ducks from flying objets*
      2) That photo of Leo and Tom is SO beautiful.
      3) Mark Ruffalo's winks are sexy.
      4) Dakota Johnson? WHYYYY?!
      5) I love you Ian, McShane and his complete lack of a fuck for what D&D think.

    8. Hey thanks for the link Margaret! I still haven't seen Cowboys & Aliens yet but I'd only watch it for Ford, yeah he looked pretty darn good in this cowboy getup, better than Craig I reckon. The whole ordeal about Zoe & Nina Simone is madness indeed, boy they can't at least see the film and then judge if she's good or not? Sheesh! Awww, the Gleesons are awesome, hey at least there are still fun people in the biz who don't mind poking fun at themselves, love both of them as actors, too!

      Glad to hear you work has been less shitty these days btw.

      1. He always looks better than Craig as do a lot of men :D I actually only found Craig good looking in Dragon Tattoo movie.

        Thank you! But it's bound to get worse soon, I assume

      2. Aw, not nice for Daniel Craig. He has a nice ass in Cowboys & Aliens :D. I remember thinking about it during my viewing, which says a lot about how the movie was bad & boring because I don't objectify like that during a watch.

      3. Craig has a nice body but he is just not my type :)