Friday, March 11, 2016

(226) What kind of world do we live in? + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 11, 2016

  • This is the CURRENT photo of Harrison. The man is gonna be 74 in 4 months. Jesus Christ. 
  • This was actually during this event. And his words are so beautiful. 
  • Moving on...
  • That Thrones trailer...not impressed yet. It seems so small. Maybe they aren't showing footage not to spoil people but to have Ian McShane in the show and not even feature him in the first trailer a little shows that they learned nothing and are probably still wasting the amazing people they have the opportunity to work with.
  • Trying times, my friends. It has come to the point where I am in situation I have to not just side with Chloe Moretz but say she is talented....but that's only when compared to worthless trash. Now I am not exactly aware of what Kanye and Kardashians are. I know that South Park parody and that video Franco and Rogen spoofed but that is the extent of my knowledge here. I do not know his music, I do not wanna know his music. But at least he seems to be doing something, like actually making stuff and putting it out there in a legitimate career. What we have here is just...big nothing.
  • Again people outraged with 'slut shaming' comments. Slut shame away people. There generally isn't enough shame in the world if someone does shit like this and follows it with tweets saying people don't know who Moretz is.
  • So well done to Chloe and Bette Midler

  • This actually gets better as Emily "Who?" Ratajkowski new strategy in life is even more pitiful than just undressing - it's undressing AND latching on to more famous people. First she took a nude pic and wrote and 'essay' for Lena Dunham's "website" and now she just took a nude pic and in the form of tweet backed Kim K. I mean....what kind of world do we live in?
  • Here is the new Suicide Squad poster.
  • J.J. Abrams is under fire - he apparently led people to believe 10 Cloverfield Lane is a sequel to Cloverfield and it kinda isn't. Now, I will defend J.J. - not because it wasn't a dirty, dirty trick to pull or because I have forgiven him for triple fucking homicide on the one reason to watch SW for me in TFA (stab - throw - explode). I will defend J.J. because when that door fell on Harrison, he launched himself to his rescue (shame that the clip from Conan's show is not on youtube when J.J. was sitting next to Harrison and Harrison was telling the story explaining the nobility and futility of J.J.'s effort).
  • So leave J.J. alone. He is good people. 
  • So I am watching this new Civil War trailer and I'm not hating it and then this happens:
  •  I am not against this cutesy/funny approach in Marvel films. It worked in Guardians and Ant-Man. But the director says Civil War is inspired by Se7en and Fargo, RDJ is doing the opposite of this and proclaiming it to be "the Godfather of superhero films" and then just when I think it may actually be serious and emotional movie (but still overstuffed to the point I don't give a fuck about 3/4 of characters) adolescent Spider Man shows up, squinting with some weird lenses and saying that line. No thanks. Gonna catch this one on DVD.
  • Oh-oh. Halle Berry is gonna be in Kingsman sequels
  • Remember when I saw Interstellar and my interpretation of poor McConaughey being forced to act out a scene where his character is putting Morse code in a watch (!) in space (!) among bookshelves (!) to send it through time and space (!) so his daughter can make a breakthrough discovery (!) was that Nolan went to Mojave desert and dropped peyote in a tent and wrote that whole fucking thing? He must have done it again. 
  • OK so I wrote a bit about Ghostbusters trailer last week, stating that my 'this is not gonna be good' impression is hopefully only the case of a bad trailer. A week has passed and I read more stuff about it and the film is really looking like a train wreck. I read the leaked plot and it's horrible. Worse yet - it's not funny. Had the film was dumb or filled with cliches but still funny, that's cool. But it just sounds embarrassing and quite shocking - like, did they really think during the making of the movie that any of this was funny?
  • Another thing is that the original took the paranormal stuff seriously - there was a decent element of horror to it, so even if the comedy wouldn't work but the new one took this seriously there would still be some good in it. But it's a straight up comedy where the jokes fail.
  • What is making this into such a bigger deal is that this is being hailed as this girl power/feminism comedy and that will just reassure a lot of people in the false belief that women aren't funny. These actresses can be funny but the material is awful. I just felt embarrassed reading it. And remember guys - I freaking loved The Heat.
  • And it's looking like the one person who may actually be funny in this is Chris Hemsworth (I'm not surprised, he was hysterical in Vacation). So they made a girl power comedy where only a man will be funny. Wow.
  • Then you have Paul Feig and Leslie Jones engage in twitter feuds with haters. Oh my God. I have less than thousand and less than 10,000 followers on twitter and tumblr respectively and even I know - never ever engage in a feud with people (playing fast and loose with the term people here) who harass you. Ever. Haters gonna hate and all you are doing is giving attention which is a substitute for oxygen to them. Cut the supply. Just cut it and move on.
  • Then I hear Sony is actually blocking trailers from being viewed on youtube? This is all very, very bad. And then I saw those pictures. While the intent might have been noble, these pictures are horrific. 
  • And to end on a funny note here is how quickly Morgan Freeman wanted to get the fuck away from the Oscars.
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  • Kevin praises The Assassination of Jesse James and its great use of narrator
  • m.brown shares a personal movie dream of his 
  • Flixchatter reviews 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Brittani finally saw splendid Respire
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  • Andrew had fun watching- as most did - with Ant-Man
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    1. To be fair, Spiderman is going to be in Civil War for all of 5 minutes. I don't think he'll do much with the tone, which I expect will be similiar to the other Cap films. I'm so excited for this one.

      This whole "empowering" nude selfie business is just...I have no words.

      Does Halle Berry have to be in the Kignsman sequel? lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah but it's 5 minutes for him, 5 minutes for this Panther thing, 5 minutes for Ant-Man...too many characters again

        I hope Berry drops out, her involvement is a bad omen :D

    2. Isn't the Kardashian a proof of what a bunch of surgeons can do today? This is literally progress manifested in the wrong person, but at least thanks to her we can see it. (that is, I bet the only real thing in her body is her tongue).

      I am expecting an emotionally engaging, serious, depressing if need be Cap. A. Civil War movie...that last trailer may have partially broken my expectations. Iron Man 3 was enjoyable but certainly had too much humor to my liking..

      1. She is just so's pitiful how famous she is

        I did like Iron Man 3 because at least it wasn't overcrowded...Ultron on the other hand was a disaster

    3. Thanks for the link! Appreciate it. I have to say, first, that The Ghostbusters trailer was incredibly underwhelming, though I certainly felt a bit of nostalgia. I really hope there's more there than the trailer let on because it was not funny at all. Not looking good after your thoughts on the leaked plot (which I haven't and probably won't read).

      I'm not interested in any Marvel movie involving Avengers of any kind. That Age of Ultron was just an overlong mess, and I hated the first Captain America, so I am just not in, despite the Spider-Man "shocker" that seems to have nearly broken the Internet.

      Bette Midler's comment on Kim's pic is about the funniest thing I read all week. Go Bette! Kim Kardashian sucks. She is what's wrong with American teenagers. And Kanye is a jackass. I'll admit that some of his music is quite good, though.

      1. You're welcome! It is really looking bad. Hemsworth seems like the only one with a shot at being funny in it

        Same here. i liked Ant-Man and Guardians because they were kinda far from the Avengers which are just so boring now.

    4. Harrison Ford.... the embodiment of what every straight-laced male wants to be. That moment in (500) Days of Summer where JGL looks himself into a window and sees Han Solo....

      The Kartrashians..... they're the lowest form of scum on the face of the galaxy. Kudos to Chloe and the Divine Miss M for laying the smack down on that bitch.

      I like J.J. Abrams, he's the nerd in all of us and isn't trying to do anything but be our P.T. Barnham. What is wrong with that?

      Sony can basically just suck my balls. They should be bowing down to the likes of Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar for making Sony Picture Classics the specialty film label we film buffs can count on.

      1. Sony really seems like it's collapsing ever since that leak happened. This is just gonna be such a disaster, I feel bad for Feig he made some of the funniest recent comedies

    5. Spider-man has to be in that freaking movie. It's called Civil War and he played a big role in the comic book... Oh wait no, there is nothin in common between the two.

      I disliked (a lot) Winter Soldier so I'm not excited at all for this one and the Spider-Man reboot annoys me - the teenage approach for marketing purpose. Leave Spidey alone, he doesn't need to be in movies, he already is the most popular super hero, he's selling more toys than anyone out there. But no, alas...

      And yeah for Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters. I really like Melissa McCarthy. The Heat was funny, Spy was really funny. But Ghostbusters's trailer is not inspired at all. Only Chris Almighty seems to really having fun. I hope for them it's just a story of bad montage (I haven't read the leaked plot, so I still have a little bit of hope).

      1. It's just too much too fast. 3 different Spider Man in 15 years! That's ridiculous

        I really wish I had hope but something tells me that leaked plot is real.

    6. Hey thanks for the link Margaret. Ahah, I haven't seen K-19 yet but I bet it's fun to watch just for this reason "Harrison forgets he is playing a Russian and doesn't do the accent..." I think it'd be hilarious for his *attempt* at Russian accent alone. I'm looking forward to Civil War but somehow that last trailer didn't do anything for me, I hope it'll be good, but for sure it'll be better than BvS!

      1. You're welcome! Harrison is adorable <3 :) Actually I'm leaning towards BvS being better, shocking, I know :)

    7. Civil War couldn't interest me in the least. That franchise just bores me to tears.

      And Morgan Freeman...there for the cookie then deuces!

      1. Yeah it's just...too much right now. I'm gonna be stunned if I even manage to be the least bit excited to watch it on DVD

    8. Oh that Morgan Freeman video is hilarious. He just took some cookies and bounced.

      Wow, those tweets are mean. Why do women do this to each other? After my hollywood diversity piece I was planning on writing a "woman" piece...mainly about women being our own worst enemies.

      I preface my statement that I think a woman should do as she pleases and I have no problem with tasteful artistic nudity (i.e. Demi's Moore's Vanity Fair cover when she was 9 mo pregnant--it was really lovely) or private nude pictures that you take for your significant other. The human body is beautiful, but I have to agree with Chloe Moretz.

      We live in a rapey/misogynistic culture. Celebrities who tweet naked photos of themselves continue to feed into the myth that women are sexual objects. If Kim's desire was to feel sexy, she doesn't need to post a nude picture on the internet. There are a million other ways. From my perspective the only reason one would post this on the internet is for the instant attention (good and bad) and to keep herself relevant.

      It's easy to forget, but the Kardashians are not famous for any particular talent. I suppose promoting themselves is their talent. I don't know, but there has to be a better way and a better example to the young girls who follow them.

      It's hard enough for women to be taken seriously. Oh the ghostbusters movie. I'm really sad this is turning out to be a debacle. I really hope they can salvage the film and pull it together. It's unfortunate, but if this film goes down then Hollywood WILL stereotype every other female ensemble film by saying..."remember the ghostbusters remake." These gals have a lot riding on their shoulders. It's not fair, but it's true.

      1. I think women as a species are very vindictive and mean. It's tough for us too be team players certainly more so than for men. That said, Kim Kardashian is not so much an embarrassment for us but for entire human race.

        Exactly, she could have take a picture in some nice clothes, or even lingerie. This was just done for shock value and attention. It's horribly irresponsible and disgusting behavior given that she is so famous for some reason and I'm sure some young girls look up to her

        Unfortunately it looks like this is exactly what is going to happen with that movie and the effects of it as you said will be very bad for women in business :/