Friday, March 18, 2016

(227) Indy is love, Indy is life, Indy is forever! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 18, 2016
  • Sitting there on Sunday morning afternoon, drinking coffee, checking my fav tumblrs and that picture on the right comes on. I was picking up my jaw off the floor for about 5 minutes there.
  • Fine, 5h.
  • Indiana Jones 5 is happening!!!!! Please no younger side kick this time. Harrison fucking Ford doesn't need a younger side kick. But if you absolutely have to, get Chris Pratt because he is awesome and likable. I think him and Ford would be great on the screen together.
  • And no aliens and no refrigerators this time. For the love of God - no. I think there is no danger of Shia returning, so at least in this regard we are safe.
  • " it appears the 73 year old actor is going to reprise all his classic roles before leaving this mortal coil" - Playlist. Disgusting. I'm just so appalled by that comment.  
  • I understand how an average person who is 73 can be considered old. But this is Harrison Ford people are talking about. Hydraulic door fell on him on the set of Star Wars and he was coordinating the better way to get to hospital calling his friend immediately after it happened. He crashed a plane in April last year and was completely fine few months after this. He promoted Star Wars in every single possible talk show doing shots with Jimmy Fallon and breaking Jordan Schlansky's Millennium Falcon on Conan's show. He was running around the place during Globes this year all night long congratulating people and fooling around with Calista. He fucking kicked ass as Han in new Star Wars. He can do more than several 20 years olds combined. And he looks fantastic. And even though he is 73 'old' just doesn't apply here. I mean it just doesn't. It's not that he has to do the movie. He wants to do the movie. He has been saying so for years. He is wonderful in the role, he has fun playing it and we should be grateful for having the privilege of seeing him do that again.
  • I mean I get home from work at 4PM. I read some stuff, play with my dog, I work out for about 30 minutes, make dinner, watch a movie, go to sleep. Occasionally I go to cinema or hang out with my friends. I am not yet 27 and I am exhausted. I fall asleep at 11 PM these days. So no, I do not think that a person capable of doing as much as Harrison takes on is old. I mean I could barely stay up for Globes this year while I was seated in my apartment in front of a screen and the man was actually there, present and super friendly throughout 3h long ceremony.
  • Awful comments aside majority of people seem thrilled. However the whole thing has a bit of morbid veil falling over it with people - not being mean or insensitive but - realistically wondering if well, Spielberg and Ford will be with us in 2019. We all hope they will. And the thought that we could ever lose him is just too much to handle and I can't think about it for more than a second. 
  • To brighten up the post here is Harrison on the set of TFA. I cannot wait to see the behind the scenes features.
  • Now I assume when my readers saw the news of this they immediately assumed I was freaking out. You have no idea how much I was freaking out. Double what you are imagining, triple it even. Then the following day they kept reporting the news everywhere and I was just barely able to contain myself from clawing the walls and throwing myself on the ground and sobbing because this is so awesome. I also jumped around a lot. A LOT. 
  • I's like my brain can overheat. Between a shit ton of Indy gifs and photos people attached while retweeting the news there is also this - Harrison just walking around Central Park taking pics with people with this beard and in that sweater. I have got to chill. 
  • Meanwhile here is the only acceptable title for the movie: 
  • Watched Clear and Present Danger on Saturday. There is this moment when Harrison just kinda vertically throws himself on the main bad guy. I gasped and sat in catatonic state for several minutes. 
  • Here is your weekly fix of Tom Hardy
  • The work has been temporarily slow so I put American Gods on my phone to read. I was reading it and this shorter chapter came up. It was a sex scene where a woman...devours a man through her vagina. I stopped. And I wondered - did I read it right or have I been watching too many Harrison movies and the words just form into bizarre, surreal and violent sexual imagery? The good news is that this is actually what was in the book and I was not imagining it. The bad news is that Bryan Fuller, who made Hannibal, is doing the adaptation. So we are definitely gonna see that scene in TV series filled with even more bizarre surreal imagery, slow motion and some sort of insane industrial score playing during it.
  • The character of Laura is gonna be played by Emily Browning which is not good news. I used to root for Emily but her work in Legend last year was one of the year's worst performances. 
  • However as usual, Ian McShane has the power of single-handedly making it worth seeing. That said the book is very good - I mean I read 1/3 of it by now, so I don't know what happens later but it mixes folklore, Americana and mythology which are some of my favorite things and it's very entertaining.
  • The Dressmaker was crazy fun. Shame not many people saw it. I have a review written and I should publish it next week. Great work from both Winslet and Davis and the music, costumes and the cinematography were wonderful.
  • “You say the slightest thing and the Internet goes ape.  I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think get a f—ing life. It’s only tits and dragons.” Ian McShane is seriously the best. GoT is not worthy of him.
  • He continued with this - “You’ve got Will Smith’s wife, whoever she is, saying she will boycott the Oscars and we’re thinking, 'Yeah I’m sure we’ll miss you, darling.’ Why? Because her husband wasn’t nominated, even though he’s put on a Nigerian accent for his latest film? We’re expected to go 'wow’ about that, are we? It’s like Leonardo DiCaprio. Not the finest performance, just him grunting and being raped by a bear. The Oscars are ridiculous.”. That Telegraph article is just pure gold.
  • Stephen Dillane kinda trashed the show too. And again fanboys weren't happy. Stephen shouldn't be grateful except for a well paying job. As far as I can tell he didn't get any roles thanks to his GoT participation, he was known before and he is doing the same kind of projects nowadays as he did before GoT. He has been working steadily for what? More than 25 years now. He owes GoT nothing and I'm sure for an actor of his talent and dedication it was disheartening to read the scripts and realize his character is largely wasted. Year after year after year.And yet people say he sounds ungrateful. What exactly should he be grateful for?
  • And here's another huge fail from Game of Thrones marketing team. 
  • Peter Dinklage is going to host SNL on April 2nd! This may be better than the upcoming season of the show.
  • Andrew of Fistful of Films deleted his blog and twitter account.We all got really worried, since he didn't really give the heads up to anyone. We contacted him via e-mail and he is fine. He had personal reasons to do what he did, which we should all respect. I do hope he comes back, though. Apparently you can restore a blog here in 90 days time, I think it would be such a shame if years worth of his work were gone. In any case please send him all your prayers and positive vibes, he is a great guy and he needs it right now.
  • For all of the bloggers out there - we care, your readers care. When someone suddenly disappears we worry. So whatever reasons any of you guys can have to delete your websites, just give at least one of your readers a shout out.  I mean if we didn't have his e-mail we wouldn't even be able to contact him to make sure he is all right.
  • So the early word on BvS is not that bad. By early word I mean mysterious poster on reddit. But still, it seemed legit. Apparently Eisenberg and Gadot are stand outs and judging from the rumours from the set and the footage so far I believe Gadot part. I will be very excited to see an interesting female character in comic book based movie (I fall asleep just looking at Scarlett Johanson being utterly wasted as Widow) that is not made out to be a femme fatale to be interesting.
  • I've listen to Hans Zimmer/Junkie XL score for the film this week and I have to say it's really excellent. I especially love the distinct Wonder Woman theme. If the film is half as good as the score is, than I'm gonna be very surprised.
  • So Henry Cavill walked out on the street as Clark Kent/Superman and no one stopped him. no one bothered him. no one recognized him.To every sane person out there that just means the guy is not really famous enough for people to go nuts when they see him. To obsessive DC nerds this is a reason to yell that this proves how extremely brilliant Clark Kent's disguise is.
  • Affleck and Cavill did have some good moments promoting the movie this week, though. I suppose it makes sense for them to do as many funny/cute appearanes as possible when Superman is played by a guy who is saying some really immature things and Batman banged a nanny.
  • There is also this and this is what I'm leaving as the last bullet point, because dear God, this is Batman guys!:
  • Keith reviews Steve Jobs
  • Ruth writes about the things she is looking forward to in Daredevil 2
  • FlickChicks review Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  • Dell trashes Trainwreck and rightfully so
  • Kevin writes about Vinyl which I didn't get a chance to see yet 
  • Alex lists 10 bad scenes in great movies
  • MrsMariah reviews 10 Cloverfield Lane



    1. Oh no I am so sad about Fisti's blog being deleted! If I send you an email can you send me his email? I would love to check in on him and tell him he's missed. Thank you for including this in your RF. I routinely visit certain blogs and I would have wondered what happened to fisti had I not read this.

      You know one day when I'm Ian McShane's age I hope I say what I want to as well. Ian McShane doesn't give two flying F's and that makes him awesome. "Tits and dragons" should be a teeshirt. He essentially summed up Game of Thrones in 3 words. His comments about the Oscars are hilarious.

      I'm really hoping for a good BvS film. I hope DC gets their groove back.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I sent you a twitter DM. Yeah I saw someone mention that his accounts were gone on Saturday and I was just overwhelmed with worry especially that he has scheduled so much stuff to post

        Show haters and there are plenty of those these days, hell I' half a show hater myself love this phrase. It is utterly brilliant!

    2. Ah, I was wondering what was going on with Andrew. Hope it isn't anything too bad. Either way, sending good vibes to him.

    3. I hope Indy 5 will be good though I really want to call it Indy 4 as I'm in denial that Crystal Skull ever existed. Harrison Ford is 73, he don't look like it. I just want to cheer for Indy one more time and be happy. And no fucking CGI monkeys.

      I really hope Andrew is OK as I was worried about him deleting his blog. I just hope he gets it back up and just announce that he's taking a break for personal reasons.

      Ian McShane, he is the fucking man. He's got balls and I applaud him for saying it like it is.

      I like the fact that Ben Affleck is willing to humiliate himself for our entertainment as I think it grounds him. Maybe he'll find a way to get back with Jennifer Garner and for fuck sake, no more nannies.

      1. I have the same hope in regards to Andrew.

        McShane just doesn't give a fuck about anything. It's fantastic because he is so talented no matter what he says people will want to hire him and it's not like he is wrong about any of that stuff he talked about in this interview

        Garner should permanently kick his ass though. Cheating is just gross.

    4. I'm devastated Fisti deleted his blog. Hope everything is okay with him.

      1. Yeah it's a huge loss for the community :/

    5. So glad you heard from Andrew and that he is okay. Hope he comes back to us, but if not I understand.

      I'm cool with an Indy 5 starring Ford. I just hope it's a whole hell of a lot better than Indy 4.

      Despite my reservations I'm going to see BvS opening weekend. I hope it's worth it.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I would love to see BvS next week but as usual we are getting it later, thankfully just a week later. but I'll go see it if only to see Wonder Woman finally being in a feature film

    6. That Ian McShane quote is the shit! Great post, as usual. Harrison Ford is a badass, plain and simple, and I will watch any damn Indiana Jones movie they want to make. Thanks for the link! And definitely give Vinyl a try. It's not the best drama series ever made, but it is a solid piece of period badassery.

      1. Yeah I really wanna see Vinyl, I like Cannavale and Wilde and it looks like a decent show. But first I need to catch up with Daredevil

    7. I hope the next Indiana Jones movie will be a ton better than the fourth one. I'm excited for Ford - as long as he wants and can do the role, why shouldn't he?
      I hope Andrew's doing ok - sending him positive vibes!

      1. Exactly! He is just such a gift too humanity <3 :)

        I really hope Andrew comes back :/

    8. He he he.. I love your enthusiasm for Ford, its almost infectious!

      Glad you enjoyed The Dressmaker. A good, Aussie flick ;D

      1. It really was! A shame it's so underrated

    9. Glad you are enjoying your Harrison Ford marathon! I’ve seen most of his films. The top image is from The Mosquito Coast (1986) and I’d be interested to read your opinion of it, because that movie is actually in my top 100. Sorry for not commenting much around here lately, I’m still reading your posts :)

      1. Yes, I started watching it on Friday but need to finish it, so far it's very good!

    10. Ian Mc Shane is a boss. Love his comments about the Oscars, Will Smith, Leo and GoT. Your comments about Stephen Dillane are 100% spot on. And the Radio Times features, I am guessing the same interview where his comments don't come across that harshly, honestly. It's really just the man's honest opinion of the show and like you said, it's not like GoT has given him a career bump, he's worked for 25 years already.
      About Harrison, I really do think Indy 5 is going to be a way to wrap the Harrison as Indy films in a good way (and pretty much erase the awfulness that was Crystal Skull). I just hope that they do a much better job with the character and the film this time around. Without George Lucas's involvement, that seems likely. My mom is almost Harrison's age and she gets around great and is in great health. Her boss is almost 90 and is sharp as tack. So 73 is not a death sentence! And I am sure, with the way insurance is on sets, they'll have a stunt double for Harrison. What happened to him on Star Wars was a freak accident and not age related.
      I wish Andrew the best. Nice to hear that the opening words of BvS is pretty good!

      1. Yeah what a blessing Lucas is not gonna be involved in this one! That thing that happened on SW set was just unacceptable. I'm so glad nothing more horrible happened there.

    11. Maybe it's a sign that I am, myself, getting a little long in the tooth -- LOL -- but I don't consider 73 old. Not in the age of modern medicine. My dad will be 80 this year, and he's going strong. And Harrison Ford. Pul-eeze.

      1. Exactly! All those awful comments on the Internet just make me so mad

    12. Thanks for the link Margaret, Daredevil 2 is fantastic so far (3 eps in). Harrison Ford resprising Indy again is great news in my book though I sure hope it'll be eons better than ID4! I LOVE Clear and Present Danger, one of my faves of his movies and he's the BEST Jack Ryan!

      Glad to hear Andrew is ok, he's a great guy, hope he gets things sorted out.

      LOL about Ian McShane's 'tits and dragons' comment, ahah, he's a hoot and I love that he speaks his mind.

      1. I'm on episode 6 at the moment, loving Punisher not so much Elektra :/


        McShane is unstoppable. I cannot wait to see what else he has to say about his time on GoT

    13. So much YES in this post haha! I immediately thought of you when I heard the Indiana Jones news, and damn, I can't wait for that movie!
      Looking forward to your review of The Dressmaker, ours is in the schedule list and we loved it! Not the movie I was expecting at all, and I can't stop raving about it.
      Thank you for the link :)
      - Allie

      1. I'm so glad everyone in this comment section is excited! I really do hope it's gonna be good, Harrison wanted to reprise the role for years.

        YEY glad for The Dressmaker love! i think I'll have the review up on Wednesday

    14. Thanks for the link! I'm glad to hear Andrew is okay. I was definitely wondering. Sending all positive thoughts his way.

      1. You're welcome! I really hope one day he comes back.