Friday, March 25, 2016

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By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 25, 2016
  • I like Elizabeth Olsen even more now
  • Harrison also dropped by on Ellen's show on Tuesday. I am just loving how much fun he has doing all those interviews these days. His eyes are sparkling, he is cracking jokes, oh it's just terrific.
  • And this is so funny! 
  • Here is your another weekly fix of Tom Hardy.
  • Ok, gang. Let's talk about Daredevil season 2.
  • First of all - the dog. I was absolutely horrified when they threatened to torture him but then Punisher started talking and they let the dog go. Then Matt finally brings his ass to help and takes Punisher outside. Did these two just leave the dog there? I mean Punisher is monologuing next to that tombstone and I'm thinking where is the dog? What the hell happened?
  • That rooftop kill vs don't kill argument. I was rolling my eyes so hard at Matt. He is an idiot - he is sitting there, judging the Punisher for killing people and Punisher is all like yeah some people are evil and Matt - wait for it - goes that there is tiny bit of good in some of them. Well, shit Matt. I care so deeply that there is some good in rapists and pedophiles. That is such an excuse to let them live so they could continue spreading their evil and infecting others with it. Because what? Maybe they have a grandma and bring her flowers every weekend? What is this logic? The show is just so insanely naive - there was this whole episode in season 1 when after Foggy found out Matt is the masked man he kept talking how they should be using the law, how the law can help them etc. which as someone who actually is a lawyer I found even more laughable than those in the audience who aren't probably did. And then in the finale Foggy's flawed and childish logic was proven right when one witness was enough to take Fisk down and arrest all those powerful, wealthy people. Look no further than The Big Short to see how much freedom the money can buy. A lot of it. Actually - all of it.
  • Another thing is that Matt is straight up kicking people in the faces, bashing their heads against walls etc. he can cause injuries that will result in those people dying. And what if it happened, he would go 'woops', drink a beer and still continue to act like he has the moral high ground?
  • This whole 'no killing' thing is also in Batman but from what I heard Batman actually kills people in BvS which may prove to be the best contribution from this movie. I mean this whole idea that the ONLY thing separating these vigilantes from the bad guys is that they don't kill is just not true and utterly moronic.
  • I also had a bit of an issue with the show recycling plot elements from really terrible dross like Daredevil the movie or True Blood. As nicely done as that kissing in the rain scene was it just gave me horrible flashbacks to the movie. And the fact that Elektra showed up right after Matt finally took things to romantic level reminded me of that moment when Bill was happy with Sookie and then BAM! that psycho chick showed up.
  • OK I think that's enough complaining - I did love love love Jon Bernthal's performance as the Punisher. That was Joker's level of awesome where pretty much everything else is boring in comparison. I mean Matt's silly  philosophy, awful choices in women and general vanilla personality ain't great. Foggy is a nightmare for a cynic like me. Elektra wasn't well written and the actress wasn't the best. The Punisher as played by Bernthal was so good that I think not even Hardy, who I believe expressed interest in playing that character, would do a better job.
  • Jon Bernthal. Holy shit.
  • I am a huge Kastle shipper now. Look at that! I wrote about how much I love them in my hit me with your best shot post. Honestly I just hope they pursue this because that was the best thing in the show for me this season. Oh God I just loved how he kept calling her "ma'am". Tumblr is going nuts about them too. I almost stopped breathing when this happened:
  • I was astonished how brutal the show is but in a good way - I mean if the hero is a naive child at least bring the ass kicking. I gasped during episode 4 and drill to the foot and shotgun shot in the face moments. The fight scenes in the show are incredible especially that stairwell fight everyone have been shitting themselves over for an entire week now.
  • this whole Matt/Elektra thing....yeah so how does this vanilla altar boy exactly take up with exotic psycho? Or makes her interested in him? I didn't buy any of that. The sex scene in the ring was really well done and the actress playing Elektra definitely had enough allure but everything surrounding their subplot and that Yakuza subplot was just not interesting at all.
  • Fisk's scenes were terrific though. His scene with Matt was insanely intense. When you have scenes like this that Yakuza subplot looked even worse in comparison
  • so Charlie Cox has said some stuff and I am just confused. I am not sure what story he is referring to when talking about Bullseye and Karen - I am aware of one famous moment from the comic books that I really hope won't be in the show. Actually I hope most of Karen's comic book story won't be in the show.

  • Have you guys seen what Dave Letterman looks like these days?!  
  • Look at that picture of Sansa. What are the moronic writers calling her? 'hardened woman'?'s disgusting how much they highlighted the cleavage here. All the photoshop, to make them look bigger....This person does a great job highlighting how gross what is said in accompanying EW article is.
  • Perfect.
  • Also does Turner even have someone who would maybe prep her and explain some things she wants to say are just moronic? No, I don't think she does.
  • I'm not sure if I informed people here of it before - I know some of you keep up with Game of Thrones via my recaps/reviews because you - wisely - gave up on the show, but I'm done writing them. I'll probably ridicule the show in my RF on Fridays but other than...let me say this - I barely have any interest left to actually watch the show, let alone waste more time on it by writing lengthy posts about it. I'm done with that.
  • Playlist shitty 'journalism' strikes again. Just read what they wrote in regards to Stewart, then read the comment section which highlights their mistake.
  • The second The Nice Guys trailer dropped. I cannot wait for it! Gosling is fantastic in comedies and the fact he is screaming like a little girl made me laugh so hard.
  • The poster is hysterical. You know what I'm referring to.
  • So I mentioned last week how the early word on BvS seems to be positive. Oh man, was that early word far from critics' consensus. It is impressive however that Gal Gadot apparently managed to do something really good in that mess.
  • Still imdb board for the movie is the place to be this week. Gems include stuff like this -"Marvel gets Vincent D'Onofrio for a Netflix show and WB gets that fu_cking clown Eisenberg." and people wondering if Snyder is a Marvel agent sabotaging DC.
  • Here is my legitimate question - why would WB hire Zack Snyder to do the sequel given how Man of Steel turned out? I question why they even hired him to begin with but sure, they gave him a shot. The film did well money-wise but the reviews were mediocre, there wasn't much love there. I wouldn't question them getting Snyder to direct something less crucial but for the love of God, if I am not mistaken the budget for BvS is 250 mln and additional 150 spent on marketing. It's 400 mln dollars total. If this movie tanks thanks to bad reviews which mostly single out Snyder being responsible WB has no one to blame but themselves. I mean you don't give an incompetent person your most valued possession to handle.
  •  Here is Snyder's one sentence defense. Again I ask, how can anyone entrust that man with 400 million dollars? 
  • I feel bad for Ben Affleck. He looks devastated here. I bet he has flashbacks to the time he was a laughing stock. But actually quite a lot of people are calling him the best Batman yet so it seems that the failure of the movie is not on him at all. Also there is so much other gold in this video - Gadot sounds like she drinks 2 bottles of vodka a day - but man is that voice sexy. And the reporter straight up lying to Eisenberg that he is getting good reviews really made me laugh.
  • Bridget Jones' Baby trailer is here. It actually looks really great and fun, but what do I know I had good time watching the second one. The thing is though why the hell Hugh Grant didn't want to return? I mean his career is kinda in the crapper these days.
  • Nostra really didn't like Batman v Superman
  • Ruth chooses her favorite moments from many Batman and Superman films
  • Brittani reviewed American Ultra
  • Kevin chooses his favorite music biopics
  • m.brown reviews The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • Keith asks - what makes you cry in a movie?
  • FeelingFuzzier reviews The Witch
  • Josh lists best performances in 2015
  • and finally Andrew stopped by and I am so grateful, brought his blog back. But he is still on a hiatus. But if you haven't yet, drop by to show him support! I really do have to say that this is such a fantastic, supportive and mature community we have here. It's just such a pleasure to be among you all.


    1. Elizabeth Olsen marking out over Harrison Ford... that is funny. Who wouldn't? The man is a legend that is overdue for an Oscar.

      I so want to see The Nice Guys as the idea of Ryan Gosling screaming like a girl is a win for me.

      I was expecting Batman v Superman to get mixed reviews but man, it is being brutalized. Maybe my darling Jena put a voodoo curse on the film for cutting her out of the theatrical release. Serves them right. Now I'm going to have to write something for her. I really need some kind of motivation to get me started as I do have another idea as it is part of a trilogy of films that would also star Anne Hathaway and Scar-Jo 3:16.

      1. I am super excited for the Nice Guys, loved KKBB.

        I think she is relieved now that the movie is getting torn apart that her scenes were cut :)

    2. Did you just mention Bill and Sookie? uggghhhhh don't remind me how that show fucked me over with no Sookie/Eric endgame!

      I kept reading your Daredevil points even though I'm not caught up and now I'm confused and annoyed with my lack of self control. lol

      I mean, I can see why people want Snyder to direct their comic book movies, he has a good vision for it, but Man of Steel was pretty bad even with Amy Adams and Michael Shannon being in it.

      I love how Sansa has her dark!empowered! wardrobe back. Wonder if they'll stick with it this time.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I still haven't seen its final season, but the one before it was just fucking terrible. Still I'm sure the last one was even worse.

        I spent most of today reading TWD spoilers so I may be worse than you :P

        That was the only time I saw Shannon deliver crappy performance. That film was just so bad

    3. Thanks for the link! Please please see Superman I & II, if not just to see how iconic Christopher Reeve was.

      I love all your gushing over the Silver fox! And Elizabeth Olson geeking out over him is adorable. Hey he’s not just SW and Indy, there’s also the Jack Ryan franchise and he’s STILL my fave actor in the role, seriously Affleck was an embarrassment as Jack Ryan!

      "Another thing is that Matt is straight up kicking people in the faces, bashing their heads against walls etc. he can cause injuries that will result in those people dying.” I know!! I was telling my hubby that he probably’s killed a bunch of ppl and not even know it! Bravo Karen for being Team Punisher!

      I thought the kissing in the rain scene is kinda corny, there’s no chemistry at all and they tried to camouflage it w/ creating a romantic atmosphere that’s so overused in rom-coms. Heh, I for one would rather go inside first than being drenched, I don’t care who is standing next to me, being cold and wet doesn’t make me feel sexy.

      Yes, bring on more Kastle! I’d ship ‘em too!!

      As for BVS, well Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the only one that got genuine cheers from the audience when she showed up in costume. Wish there were more of her!

      1. I really am gonna have to at some point, these films are so iconic!

        He was so insanely hot as Jack Ryan, loved his performances in both movies because he made a great job of showing a guy who is really just an analyst but can still kick ass believably.

        This is just so ridiculous - I mean i don't understand this whole no killing rule, sure, fine but then don't have the guy straight up bashing people's head against the walls

        I'd be up for being drenched and cold with the right person, though :) but sure as shit not with Mr. goodie goodie Matt Murdock...

        I really hope Karen and Frank have more scenes together in season 3!

    4. Oh BvS is getting terrible terrible reviews. You called it. I must say I'm very disappointed. I probably will wait for it to come on video. Like you, i don't freaking understand why they let one of the worst directors out there (Zack Synder) direct a $400 million film, after the CF that was MoS. Synder and Eisenberg were the worst mistakes. I can't believe someone sober actually signed off on that.

      I'm still looking forward to Suicide Squad and Gal's WW movie. I think I will spare myself and not go see BvS.

      So glad Fisti came back up for air for a few minutes and that his blog is back. I hope he returns when things get better.

      1. It's just absolutely baffling, even more so that they want him to direct Justice League films :/ I'm just so glad that the first appearance of new Joker and first ever appearance of Harley is gonna be handled by Ayer who I hope knows what he is doing

    5. Interesting read as always. I'm interested in why you abandoned GoT? I ask cos I have never seen an episode and quite literally have no idea what it is about

      I'm not sure if I will bother seeing BvS. I just don't care enough... although I do like Eisenberg... but my last chance I am giving the genre is Suicide Squad. That looks like some genuine fun (btw I didn't even know about it til I came across your blog, so thanks!).

      PS - I hope you get to see The Witch soon :) Where do you live? I can't believe Australia is playing it while other places aren't. We usually get bugger all movies!!

      1. Well I read the books and sometime in season 4 they started to just replace really cool scenes and story arcs from the books with the showrunner's fanfiction and the one story surrounding my fav character from the books wasn't introduced and my other fav character was killed in awfully written story arc last season :/

        YEY, glad I could introduce you to Squad hype! I really hope it's gonna be good, it would be a shame if the first introduction of Harley Quinn would be in a lousy film

        I live in Poland, it doesn't even have a release date set here so itunes is all I hope for

    6. oh, and thanks for the links! Always nice to find new blogs

    7. First, thanks again Sati for everything. started watching Daredevil finally and I'm LOVING season one...I glanced over your points on season 2 and I'm intrigued and worried but mostly intrigued. So far this is just incredible casting/plotting. So brutal yet so earthy, so grounded. Cox is brilliant, and D'Onofrio...dayam.

      1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD YOU'RE HERE! You're very welcome, I just want everything to turn out great for you!

        I think in some ways season 2 was better than season 1 in that it took the series to some darker places but season 1 was more coherent and together because it was mostly just DD vs Fisk. Both seasons are very good, though. Glad you're enjoying it!

    8. Sati, that is almost too much Ford to handle. Shit, man...I really, really like Ford...but my feelings are...changing. Sigh. I wonder what he's doing right now...?

      I looked at that Letterman picture for HOURS. It's altogether...mesmerizing. I hope I can pull off that look when i retire. Hell, maybe I'll go for it early and they'll force me out sooner. (anything's better than middle schoolers...anything)

      I'm so stoked for the Gosling and Crowe. That trailer is hysterical.

      Thanks again, Sati. For the links...and other good deeds you've done lately. I totally dig this community. Like, nearly Ford levels of affection, I have.

      1. Whatever he is doing I bet it is beautiful ^^ You are right but then again that is not my fault - he IS too much too handle *sighs* *claws walls*

        That photo is certainly...something :D

        You're very welcome and thanks for leaving a comment!