Friday, April 1, 2016

(229) Are you ready for this? + links

By Sati. Friday, April 1, 2016
  • OK....I get that it was Easter and everything...but 8 comments under my last RF? Sad face.
  • So Harrison didn't do any more interviews this week and I'm like, oh, I can calm down. I couldn't possibly be more wrong.
  • (still let me put that picture of him riding a white horse for no other reason than I really want to) ----> 
  • There was a danger to my ovaries coming from completely different direction.
  • Because it is time - Jeffrey Dean Morgan is about to show up on The Waking Dead in two days and I am freaking the fuck out.
  • For those of you who don't know him and I'm assuming that would mostly be men - Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a seriously beautiful guy (who gets confused for RDJ and Bardem a lot) who showed up about 10 years ago on Grey's Anatomy where his character tragically died but the few episodes he was in already made all the girls watching this show fall in love with him. Around that time he was also on Supernatural where he was just in few episodes and it still made us love him even more. And then - I'm just gonna go ahead and type it - he showed his bare ass in PS: I Love You and that is when that love turned eternal. So when I hear he is gonna be on The Walking Dead, believe me, I'm gonna watch The Walking Dead. 
  •  It's a bit of a running joke how whenever he shows up his character dies (he is currently dying in his first and last scene in BvS where he plays Thomas Wayne) or it's the last season of the show (The Good Wife and by the way you've gotta see what is going on there I mean I literally just watch his scenes) or the show gets cancelled (Magic City, Extant) so it's very exciting for me to finally have something that will provide weekly fix of him and it ain't legal drama. I cannot watch any more legal drama.
  • I am not up to date with The Walking Dead at all. I rewatched season 1 last week and slowly make my way through the rest, but I know enough from reading about it over the years not to be completely lost. He is just gonna be in one scene this year but then he is gonna be a regular next season. It's such a great role for him - he plays main antagonist Negan who has a baseball bat which he nicknamed Lucille wrapped in barb wire and he smashes people's heads with it. But he is also, apparently, very funny and an iconic character for the fans of the graphic novels. And that scene he has this Sunday is probably the biggest one in the show yet. So I am super psyched that things are finally happening for JDM because man, we waited a long time for this.
  • The funny thing is that so far we only saw his back in the promo and girls are already freaking out. And I repeat - he bashes people's brains in. 
  • Andrew Lincoln is already in mourning over the fact him and Norman Reedus are about to lose fangirls to Jeffrey. Well, duh.
  • There is so much confusion, misinformation and potential spoilers flying around about that finale - Game of Thrones has absolutely nothing on that this season. I mean it is well known who Negan kills in the comic books but it's still not clear if he does so on the show. Also there is a rumor it may end up with him just swinging the bat at the camera and it will end with cliffhanger. Also there is a leaked audio of the scene but I couldn't listen to more than few seconds of it because his voice is too much
  • I am just there to prev out over JDM so I don't care what they do. I'm still so disappointed he was in only one episode of Shameless. They gave us this and then just took it away. This is bullshit.
  • Honestly though I love The Walking Dead fanbase on tumblr, at least when it comes to blogs I follow - those (1, 2) really made me laugh.
  • Here is another weekly dose of Hardy
  • Kevin Smith practically destroyed BvS and then started back paddling hilariously.
  • Here's a new picture of Elle Fanning in The Neon Demon
  • Honest Trailers rightfully ridicule The Revenant. Good God. The trees. 
  • Leo Dicaprio is really thriving after winning that Oscar, hanging out with elephants and calling people 'boo boo'
  • We have some new info on Kingsman sequel 
  • HBO got Sharp Objects! This is fantastic news I am hoping this gets a proper adaptation unlike Dark Places
  • I told you last week that Affleck's expression is pure gold - it went viral few hours after I published last RF. Behold Sad Affleck.
  • A bunch of websites is reporting that Suicide Squad is gonna have reshoots. Well, this is truly pathetic. I am still hoping this is some grossly unfunny April Fools joke but if it is true than BvS is like a crapper in which Zack Snyder threw a grenade and it exploded and the shit went everywhere. Even if what that 'source' said is true and all the jokes in the movie are in fact featured in the trailer - so what? BvS didn't get good reviews because it was horribly written, boring and joyless. I don't think WB executives understand the difference between "joyless" and "humorless". The issue was not that the film didn't feature a bunch of jokes, the issue was that everyone in this movie, minus Gadot, looked like they were having an awful time on that set. That is not the impression at all coming from Suicide Squad, the cast of which loved the experience so much that they even got the tattoos to commemorate it. What matters - and that all that matters - is if the story is good and the characters compelling and the latter is basically guaranteed. And now they are gonna make it more fun? The same people who thought Zack Snyder should be entrusted with 400mln dollar worth movie are now gonna decide what is fun and what this movie needs? The same executives who gave BvS a standing ovation when they saw it on a screening are gonna do that
  • Hold me. Hold me, someone
  • I hope all it means is that they are gonna insert stuff like a scene of Harley jumping out of cake, The Animated Series-style, not just more explosions or some shitty jokes mid-action ala Marvel
  • If they fuck up the first movie ever that features Harley Quinn I am gonna be furious. Seriously Jared Leto should go method again and scare the shit out of whomever made this decision and Snyder, that no good hack.
  • The tragic thing is that while it may be April Fools joke this is easily believable because that is how dumb WB has gotten.
  • I'm not saying for sure there is a correlation here but while I was watching BvS my eye started getting fucked up. Then it's started getting worse until yesterday when it started looking downright horrific...aaaaanddd pink eye. It's the worst, so annoying. You don't get to go home even though 90% of my job is reading and writing (10% is getting bollocked), so I spent 8h today holding a cotton ball to my eye at the office. And it's so obvious I got it from the dust of all the court files, those things are filthy, reek and are all around disgusting.
  • It's like Melissa McCarthy in that basement in Spy, working conditions-wise. If a bat flew at me I would not be the least surprised.
  • However I'm gonna go ahead and blame Zack Snyder for this as well. I'm gonna blame everything on him now. My pink eye. Suicide Squad reshoots. And if TWD ends with cliffhanger this Sunday.
  • Ruth, just like most of us, disliked BvS
  • m.brown reviews Room 
  • In honor of April Fools, MettelRay chooses her favorite movie hoaxes
  • The Film Experience asks how soon can promo material use spoilers
  • Brittani shares her thoughts on the latest The Walking Dead episode, Daredevil season 2 and more
  • Alex shared a music video he made for the band Seasons and their song Fossils
  • Myerla reviews The Witch
  • FlickChicks review The Dressmaker


    1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, truly one of the most underrated and underappreciated actors ever. I liked him in Magic City but the material didn't really do a lot for him as he was surrounded by mostly people who couldn't act for shit.

      I'm stoked for Neon Demon as I'm just hoping Jena has a substantial role in the film. If Suicide Squad sucks, let's blame it on Zack Snyder.

      1. I started watching Magic City this week and it's pretty good so far but I may be biased because he is either having sex scenes or walking around in a suit ^^

        Let's blame it ALL on Zack Snyder

    2. Thanks for the link and for the comment on my site! I can't wait to see The Neon Demon. Fanning looks so good in it!

      1. You're welcome! I'm really psyched for this one, cannot wait for the trailer to finally drop

    3. Oh I can't wait to see JDM this week. I'm super excited. He's the sexiest man alive...or at least one of them. It's rare to have a near perfect casting, but they did it. JDM is exactly who I pictured from reading the comics. Neegan can be awful at times (case in point above), but he's hilarious. This will bring JDM to a whole new level of fandom.

      1. Yes! I think he is about to become whole lot famous which is great because that should have happened a long time ago

    4. Pink eye sucks. I hope you are better soon.
      I don't know, I was not too impressed with the SS trailer and I do hope reshoots, in this case, make a film better not worse.
      Jeffrey Dean Morgan, where does one begin? Such a handsome man and a versatile and underappreciated actor. I am of two minds, I can't wait to see him as Negan but at the same time, I'm not looking forward to Negan or his bat.
      Another person who backpedaled on BvS was Harry Knowles from Ain't It Cool. He wrote probably one of the best reviews he's written in a long time and then comes back with a revelation about the film after seeing it in IMAX. The corporate overlords must have gotten to him and Kevin Smith.

      1. Thank you! It's so irritating.

        I both dread the brutality of the scene and cannot wait to see him in the role, it's gonna be a long wait for season 7!

        I always wonder why people do this, sometimes you can legitimately misjudge the movie upon first viewing but BvS is just a terrible movie and critics who trashed it were spot on

    5. I'm psyched for JDM as Negan, but not for how TWD is going to handle this. I hope he gets a lot to do next season, Negan always just popped in and out of the comics. I'm hoping since they hired him, they'll show him more.

      Even though Gimple will still fuck it all up. lol

      I'm so psyched that HBO got Sharp Objects, it needed that kind of network.

      No matter what happens with the Suicide Squad, Margot will be a great Harley, that's all I care about. lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah I really hope he is gonna be featured a lot! I am still hoping there will be no cliffhanger and AMC somehow has those 3 minutes hidden from those who were leaking spoilers....I just don't want them to fuck up his first scene

        I really hope they cast some major talent in Sharp Objects the source material really deserves a great adaptation

    6. I think that even if Suicide Squad reshoots turn out to worsen the quality of the film rather than increase it, I think that Robbie will still give a fantastic performance.

      Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so underrated. As much as I enjoy Shameless, that they only had him for 1 episode is just annoying.

      The Neon Demon looks beautiful. That cast is to die for.

      I kind of expected people to hate BvS, but I didn't expect it to have that many bad reviews. It's nice to know that Gadot made the most of her screen time though.

      Hope your pink eye goes away soon!

      1. I think they recast his role in the later season because he had different obligations, but it was such a shame :/

        Gadot was so good without this entire movie would be barely watchable :/

        Thank you!

    7. Thanks so much for the link! I LOVE your BVS review and we're basically on the same page about that one. Heh, that Suicide Squad reshoot news is just preposterous. Yep you said it, Hollywood can't tell the difference between joyless and humorless. I wasn't all that excited for that movie and even less so now.

      JDM was so hot in PS ILY!! And yes he's got a cute butt! :P He's sooo wasted in BVS I can't even…

      Sorry you got a pink eye, just blame BVS! I think I'm cross-eyed too trying to figure out just WHERE to look there were so much going on.

      1. You're welcome! I JDM showed up as a favor to Snyder, well at least that opening was good....the rest of the movie was almost a total disaster

        Those action scenes were chaotic as hell and all those cuts to Lois and that dumb spear...:/

      2. Ahah, actually the spear is probably the least idiotic thing in the whole fiasco! Well, at least JDM's presence made the whole derivative murder scene bearable. Come to think of it, Jeffrey could easily play a grizzled Bruce Wayne!

      3. He easily could :D But the part he has on TWD right now is so delicious I am glad there's gonna be at least couple seasons of that

    8. Not too disappointed about Batman and Superman being bad.. but I mean, I've never been a DC person. But I also hope the SQ news are bogus because that would be a damn shame!

      Also, I'm now going to spend my entire day off on catching up with TWD... I think. Considering I have to catch up with so many shows, I guess even TGW... I'll waste my entire week. But I barely even have a day.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I'd just watch Jeffrey's scenes in TGW - it's the same all drama there as usual with Alicia being annoying and uptight. Ugh.

    9. Regarding the Suicide Squad reshoots, because they apparently wanted to make it more fun since they seemingly put all the film's jokes in the trailer, I think that could be to avoid a case of mismarketing like with Batman v. Superman which was made to look like a "fight em up" type movie when it was the opposite of that. I'm hoping it's for that reason and not because BvS was labeled as too dark. I don't think that was why people hated BvS.

      1. I think people hated BvS because it was boring and all over the place...but really announcing reshoots now is just emabrassing

    10. Thanks for sharing the links :)

      That Kevin Smith back peddling part was great!! Haha what a tool...

      Also, really well written what you said about Suicide Squad compared to BvS. I also hope that the shitshow BvS is doesn't somehow affect Suicide Squad, I'm really looking forward to seeing Leto in that role

      1. Leto looks fantastic. Honestly the idea to have reshoots after one movie bombed based solely on the studio's decisions - continue to have Snyder as a director - is just embarassing