Friday, April 15, 2016

(231) The Neon Demon and the method Joker + links

By Sati. Friday, April 15, 2016
  • You guuuuys. You guys. JDM owns a candy shop...with Paul freaking Rudd!
  • I am so not thinking of 50 Cent's song and lollipop line right now. I really am not.
  • I am so not thinking that.
  • Just like I totally did not read Negan fan fic I "accidentally" found on tumblr this week
  • ...
  • I....I had a long, tough week.
  • I have waited years for this. #1!!!!: 
  • So I watched Heist. I didn't have big hopes because since he was in it chances are it's absolutely awful. But it was surprisingly not terrible and JDM was great in that. De Niro actually managed not to embarrass himself in this one and that's saying something.
  • I started reading TWD comics. Starting with issue 100 because that is Negan issue. I just cannot wait for all the things they can do with JDM on the show. Comic Con trailer can be just him getting out of the shower and saying 'it's good to be bad' while standing there, shirtless. That's it. Best trailer ever. Panties falling on the stage in San Diego. Women fainting. Andrew Lincoln sweating profusely.
  • Reached season 4 of the show. Lori and Andrea are finally gone. Rick is slaughtering piglets, there is a feral woman in the woods who keeps her husband's zombiefied head, people are getting sick, Carol gets banished, there is some creepy little girl obsessed with killing...stuff got dark. 
  • However comparing to my anxiety over dentist visit and actual visit this week this is fucking nothing. Every time I closed my eyes I heard the sound of a drill. I almost passed out in the waiting room. Then given that people say this is a civilized country but not really all I got was a local numbing and still yelled like insane. It was horrible. Then I was kinda high from anesthesia for like two hours, but not in a good way.
  • LSH hype year four. Either introduce her or give her storyline to Blackfish so I can stop caring.
  •  In other news, GoT may just have 13 episodes left after this season airs. Now I know you know I'm hate-watching the show but you all love me and want me to stop suffering so the sooner the better, yes? No. Not only is it a bad idea - there is no way these hacks can wrap up the story coherently with 13 not 20 episodes, also it almost entirely kills my LSH hype. Because there is even less chance now that she gets introduced sometime near the end of season 6 if all that is left is gonna be 13 episodes. D&D run this series into the ground. They wasted so much time - on brothel scenes, on Dorne, on that ridiculous and offensively stupid Sansa story arc in season 5. And now they are gonna haul ass and the results won't be pretty.
  • Benioff and Weiss have the audacity to title the third episode this year "Oathbreaker" and call anyone an asshole. God, they make Gimple look like an awesome person. And I kinda wanna punch him in the face.
  • Still haven't caught up with Archer or American Crime Story. Ugh. The new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt dropped today so in preparation I binged the first one for the last 2 days. Love that show, it's so happy and optimistic!
  • Jacob Tremblay got a puppy and named her Rey. Unbelievably cute
  • Alden Ehrenreich is the front runner for that young Han Solo movie. This is the only acceptable choice but still no one can come close to Harrison. No one.
  • This whole story about Ghost in The Shell creators running CGI test to make Caucasian actors look Asian is just gross.
  • There's something you should know about Joe Pesci.
  • Doctor Strange trailer looks as crappy as I expected. Worse yet it has some visual nods to Inception which as I'm sure most here realize is imho one of the most overrated movies ever. Yeah, yeah. I realize Doctor Strange the comics came up with all that visual stuff first. But guess what, in the world of cinema this looks derivative and boring. Even Tilda Swinton looks boring and that is just just unthinkable.
  • Also that unnecessary Spider Man movie is called "Homecoming".  But Michael Keaton is gonna play the villain, so it's not all bad.
  • But never fear because surprising no one, Civil War is getting good reviews. BvS is a terrible movie, it is. But so is Age of Ultron. Marvel is so boring and formulaic by now. I don't question how BvS got bad reviews because it deserved bad reviews. But how is mass produced product from Marvel getting good ones every single time, I have no idea.
  •  Am I the only one who is just sick and tired of Marvel and all their characters? I don't give shit if Civil War is the best movie ever, ENOUGH. I don't care about Cap, Tony, Black "where is my uterus? or whatever that super kids friendly nonsensical Ultron plot was" Widow...Look I'm sure Civil War is great and fun, but this is too much. The only film which is potentially interesting is Ragnarok and they threw the Hulk in there and he doesn't fit that story at all. DC has far better and intriguing characters. And yet look what happens.
  • Suicide Squad keeps looking great with each trailer. I just cannot wait to witness Harley on the big screen.
  • Meanwhile dead pig is not the worst thing Jared Leto sent his co-stars. When Leto says "used" I am hoping he means unpacked not used....
  • If I were a movie critic for a major publication I'd be too frightened to give Suicide Squad bad review now. I mean Leto may show up in their house as the Joker with a dead pig and used condoms.
  •  Here's the thing - I am sure Leto is gonna be amazing in the role. Other than Panic Room, the man doesn't give bad performances. He has very strong resume, he is talented, charismatic and clearly dedicated. That said I really am not sure how to even process the fact he sent used condoms to people. I get that this is artistic environment, I get that they are all quite quirky (Robbie tattooed them all to commemorate them working together) but really...sending your co-workers used condoms? And what the hell does it have to do with the Joker? Why would the Joker sent anyone condoms? I'm sure Leto has some reasons for what he does but as good of an actor he is, he appears to be a real shitty co-worker. And then there is stuff like this.
  • Also - God do I hope he is amazing in the role. I actually hope people go "woah he is almost as good as Ledger". Do you know why? Because even though BvS was awful, there is clearly bias towards Marvel. So Leto needs to be so amazing and he clearly has the confidence that he is, considering he keeps hyping how insane he got for the role.
  • I read The Neon Demon script today because somehow I forgot I have entire book of Celtic mythology to read (work is slow lately which isn't good cause I'm learning fuck all and starting to feel like a drone programmed to do the same shit over and over again, BUT I do get to actually read stuff for pleasure which I never have time for).
  • Anyways the script is....interesting but disappointing. There is a curious narrative shift in the last 1/4 and the story has several cool, gruesome moments. Keanu Reeves plays a sleazy pervert so that's something new. The best and most juicy parts are those of Abbey Lee (who played The Dag in Fury Road and is brilliantly cast here) and Jena Malone whose character is the heart of the story. Fanning isn't given much, she will look spectacular I'm sure but she will have to dig deeply and use the full force of her considerable talent to flesh out this character.  It's not Black Swan - it doesn't have it layers, complexity and it's kinda a flipped perspective - here the character played by Lee being unhappy, unappreciated Nina and Fanning's protagonist being desired Lily. Some stuff in the script was completely superfluous and went nowhere (the stunning Christina Hendricks has one scene which is featured in the trailer, but that's not a good example -  the whole plot with Jesse's boyfriend is useless) and some needs more or at least some explanation. It's like Under the Skin approach - the source novel was rich and thought provoking, the movie was a very interesting but purely visual adaptation stripped off all the meat (literally, given the content of the book). Here the source material is a very well known horror trope I won't reveal but the film gives it minimum explanation and details. The ending scene and shot are terrific, but overall I hope what I read was not the final draft. The film will look stunning, the music will be great, everyone is very well cast (other than Desmond Harrington, why the fuck would anyone ever hire this guy, I'll never know) and that shift in narrative in the last quarter is inspired but the protagonist and the horror elements of the story needed more exploration and hopefully Refn gave that draft that. Here we have the first trailer for the film.
  • The Girl on the Train first trailer will be reportedly attached to that The Huntsman movie nobody really wants to see. Some say it looks great other note it's like a crossover between "Fifty Shades and Gone Girl" and I don't know what to think of that. 
  • We got first trailer for Birth of a Nation. I don't think any other movie has a chance of winning BP with this and Loving in competition, not after this year's OscarsSoWhite "scandal"
  • MettelRay writes about Daredevil season 2
  • Brittani reviews Demolition
  • m.brown liked BvS, didn't notice JDM was in it and he took his kid to that. But we still love him.
  • Dan chose a great shot for HMWYBS for Witness 
  • Anna reviews The Witch which I will finally see tonight
  • Ruth lists 10 actors whose voices are divine
  • and finally Alex published a monumental post with the shot for shot breakdown of Hunger


    1. I love the fact that JDM owns a candy shop, it somehow makes him even more irresistible.

      I started watching One Tree Hill again and I'm so jealous of Hilary Burton.. she has adorable curls and she gets to go home to JDM every day.. and eat candy at his shop, though I doubt she eats any cause she seems so thin.

      Suicide Squad is definitely on my "need to watch" list but so is Civil War. I think Captain America is the most decent franchise Marvel has launched, and the most consistent, it's actually getting better and better as it progresses. Then again, I'm a fan of Sebastian Stan, so I'm obligated to love it. Also, I'm glad it's getting good reviews because I was a little scared after the Avengers horror but I guess I was right about the Captain being the best.

      1. She babytrapped him, though :) Not that I blame her :)

        I hated the first Cap movie but Winter Soldier was very good. Still CW looks more like Avengers 3 than Cap 3

    2. Lmao that Rick meme. Stuff and Thangs never gets old. Best line in all of TWD history.

      Ugh season 4 lol.

      I'm not sick of Marvel, but you already knew that. Bring on Civil War.

      The Neon Demon trailer looks great, I hope the film is decent enough. I keep forgetting Refing didn't do Lost River and that was just Gosling ripping him off. I keep thinking of Lost River when I see Neon Demon stuff.

      Birth of a Nation...yeah, it's getting an Oscar nom. Not films like Pariah. That.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Actually Lost River was about 10 better than Only God Forgives :lol: It does look similar you are right and Hendricks is in both but at least in LR she had stuff to do, her one scene in TND is very cool but it's only one scene

    3. Paul Rudd and Jeffery Dean Morgan has a candy shop... where?

      I do like Jacob Tremblay's puppy, it's so cute.

      I don't like this whitewashing thing on Ghost on a Shell and I feel bad for Scarlett for being put in a bad situation. Fucking Hollywood.

      Jared Leto.... ew.... if you ever hear a story one of these days of him getting hit in the head with a guitar. It was me that did it.

      The Neon Demon.... I so want to see this and I'm happy Jena has a meaty role as I heard she is the kind of the mother hen in the film for the models and actually kind of really takes care of Elle Fanning's character. Now hoping she gets some overdue awards attention.

      1. Somewhere in NY that's the most I know :)

        Yeah but it's not like ScarJo was forced on gunpoint to participate in that mess :)

        Haha :D I like Leto but he does some very weird things. There are worse things in the world. Like James Franco.

        It's somewhat true what you heard of her character :) It's a well written part and she is very well cast

    4. Totally with you on Alden Ehrenreich. Though I do agree no one can touch Harrison.

      That gif of Harley is awesome, can't wait for the movie. I'm totally with you on Leto, he's almost always great, though those stories do sound a little strange. But I love The Joker and Leto - I'll be watching just for that!

      You got to read the Neon Demon script? how cool, is it online or something? I'm also looking forward to that, mainly because I don't have much idea of what I'll be in for. An 'Under The Skin approach' also has me interested.

      And UGH, dentists. I feel your pain, I recently had to go for six separate sessions, my teeth were that bad. And yeah, local anaesthesia is nothing, the pain is ghastly even if you ask for more numbing stuff =/

      1. I found it somewhere on the imdb bnoard for the movie, UtS similarity is that it's mostly visual not that much substance in it, sadly. I would have hated UtS if I wasn't familiar with the source material and appreciated how the director implied some stuff just with images

        Six! My god I'd run away! :)

    5. The trailer for Birth Of A Nation looks really intense. I don't want to say right off the bat that it's THE film to beat. But it'll certainly get nominated. Both that and Loving depending on the reviews Loving gets.

      Also, if I were shooting Suicide Squad and got sent those dead pigs and used condoms, I'd probably report to the studio. I know Leto is playing The Joker who is batshit insane. But that's taking it too far imo.

      1. I really don't know what the hell Jared is doing but hopefully his performance is great enough to make everyone forgive those antics

    6. All this news about Ghost in the Shell is really disgusting. Like, it’s still hard for me to believe that it’s something that is actually happening.

      That’s a shame about The Neon Deman script… I really liked the trailer. I did get a Black Swan/Suspiria vibe from it, so I’m still going to be hopeful that it’s good.

      D&D trying to save face is going to be awful. They wasted so much potential.

      I cannot even with Jared Leto. That’s just going way too far.

      I hope you enjoy The Witch and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S2!! Loved them both so much.

      1. The Witch was excellent! I'm halfway through UKS and while it's not as good as season 1 it still has its moments

    7. My brain almost broke at the fact that JDM and Paul Rudd own a candy shop.

      D&D need to stop talking. Jared Leto is taking this Joker thing way too far.

      I wonder as Birth of a Nation makes it way to Oscar gold, if this is going to be brought up from Nate Parker's past as a Penn State student: Parker was aquitted of the charges.
      What they are doing to Ghost in the Shell is horrid.

      1. D&D have their heads so far in their asses, they actually believe what they are making is good TV series :/

        I am sure the studio is gonna make sure that story gets buried :/

    8. Thanks so much for the link Margaret! And YES JDM has a fantastic voice indeed. OMG he owns a candy store in upstate New York??! I bet now sales' gonna go through the roof now that more people know about it, ahah. I mean I WANT to go there now!

      That Alden actor was good in Hail Caesar but yeah, nobody's gonna top Harrison, not even by a long shot.

      I might rent Neon Demon just to see Keanu Reeves as sleazy pervert, now that'll require some acting :P I love him though, he's fun to watch.

      I don't really have any expectation for The Huntsman but I'm gonna see it Tuesday as I love the female cast, so curious to see The Girl on the Train trailer!

      1. You're welcome! I never eat candy but I soooo would like to go there :)

        TND is gonna be seriously gory at time, though. Reeves is probably gonna be fantastic, it's such a different role for him

    9. I heard that story about Leto things to his co-stars. Ewwww. Still looking forward to Suicide Squad, though. Great post.

      1. The film looks awesome enough to let people forget about whatever it is Leto does in his spare time :D

    10. Oh my God, I had to stop reading and scroll all the way down after reading about Jacob Tremblay and his puppy, Rey. That's just too much cute in one sentence!!! I'm going to explode.
      - Allie

      1. It's adorable isn't it? i never saw a puppy like that seems like such a cute breed

    11. I'm so glad you're catching up on the walking dead. Now you can know our a good way. But you're right Gimple has nothing on Benioff and Weiss. Nothing. I really hope they wrap up GoTs decently so I can one day find the courage to binge watch it. As you know I stopped watching during the 5th season.

      Yeah, the ScarJo casting for Ghost in the Shell was concerning enough, but the CGI to make the white stars look Asian is crazy. Like... I can't believe someone even thought that was an option in 2016. Did these people come from 1956 in a time machine?

      I'm certainly not a SJW... Or someone who complains about anything and diversity in emojis or an ad campaign in which one girl's arm was on top of another girl's head (yes, those are real SJW campaigns).

      But I am a huge Ghosts in the Shell manga and anime fan and I'm concerned about the lack of roles for women of color (and of course for women in general--who only have 30% of speaking roles). I'm very disappointed that they didn't hire at least a Japanese actress in the lead...and are blaming it on marketability, which from the research I've done on this just an excuse. If they were to make an awesome f*cking movie, with good marketing and word of mouth I'm convinced people would see it. No one cares about major stars anymore. There have been so many films that have gone down in flames w/ major stars in them, it's amazing that Hollywood still uses that model anymore. I adore ScarJo as an actress, in fact she's probably my favorite actress. I really hope this doesn't stick to her.

      Oh and Leto is going to kill it in the Suicide Squad. I wonder if he immersed himself so deeply b/c of the inevitable comparisons to Ledger. IMO, Leto will top Ledger's performance. He's one hell of an actor, but I concede that he may have mental health problems. I don't get the condom thing.

      Yes to more JDM please and thank you.

      1. There is actually LSH hype this year as usual so I'm sticking to it :lol: Thoros is showing up. I mean if he shows up and then they still do not do LSH then they are literally the worst show runners in history, no matter how many asinine cliffhanger Gimple throws at us

        ScarJo shouldn't be totally excused here, though. I mean it's not like somebody hold a gun to her head and forced her to do the movie. I think she is very talented but come on, she must have realized that this is not right casting. They should have gone with the girl from Babel and Pacific Rim

        I think Leto may top Ledger but it will be very very difficult to do that

        JDM always <3

    12. Holy shit, you comment in the link cracked me up. Thanks for that.

      I don't even know where to begin with all this Leto weirdness. I mean, he knows it's all make-believe, right? Can you imagine Will Smith's face when he got a package full of used condoms? He must have thought Jada had found some shit and was sending a message.

      I didn't see whatever that last Keanu Reeves movie was (Knock Knock?), but I'm looking forward to anything he's in. I have a very weird love for that man. Maybe I should send him a package, nevermind. I'm too soft for jail.

      And who would take my kid to bad movies?

      1. Google 'free pizza' scene from Knock Knock, you'll enjoy it :lol: And that movie was atrocious don't watch the whole thing, I mean it