Friday, April 29, 2016

(233) And GoT is back... + links

By Sati. Friday, April 29, 2016
  • The Good Wife is such a mess right now it's unbelievable. I just watch JDM's scenes and fast forward the rest but that show has no plot. It's just pandering to Margulies to give her "emotional" moments. JDM is completely wasted other than being am eye candy. At least they're giving us all those delicious soundbites as you can see above.
  • I'm gonna watch something called The Courier tonight. It has atrocious rating and word of mouth on imdb but it also has this:
  • Yes, baby.
  • Few more thoughts about Game of Thrones in addition to my weekly recap - where is our beloved vengeful, ruthless Cersei? What was that defeatist shit? I don't like this direction. Cersei needs to get her grove back and murder that fucking Septa with her very own spoon. Obviously the writers did that whole resigned Cersei thing because they screwed up Dorne and the only thing to do not to escalate the shitstorm was making Cersei too sad to want to nuke them. This madness has to end. We deserve real Cersei back.
  • How can I root for Sansa when Sophie Turner is saying shit this dumb? When was Sansa manipulative? The only thing scene in the premiere portrayed was Sansa being innocent. In 2 seasons time Sansa was continuously in need of a rescue. I am not fond of that character to begin with but the more I hear Turner talk nonsense from "Sansa being a boss ass bitch" through inconsiderate hints of Stoneheart appearing to this crap it makes me think she must be a really awful actress - she thinks what she is portraying is ability to manipulate? What? Also this "Sansa takes Stoneheart storyline" nonsense needs to end among the fans of the show. She doesn't, people. The only person who can take over that would be Blackfish and he appears to be holding Riverrun so there is hope. 
  • There is hope.
  • Still that oath scene? Magic.
  • Brienne needs to get to Riverlands asap and they need to start doing the set up the Lady or all of those characters can burn in hell, I don't care.
  • So Alexander Siddig was a fan favorite to play Doran. Before season 5 when it was announced he will play Doran the fandom was overjoyed. Then season 5 happened and Dornish storyline was shit but Siddig was the best thing about it. And people kept hoping that in season 6 they will kill off all the annoying Dornish characters and keep the cool ones. Do you know what happened in season 6 premiere? The annoying characters killed the cool ones, including the one he played. Siddig had about 15 minutes, if not less, screentime in both seasons. We have yet to hear from him about what he thinks of all of this but there is this pic of him circulating the net that kinda says it all. 
  • I'm having 4 day long weekend now. Which means this is the only opportunity this season for me to watch the episode live. First episode was completely leaked in transcript so it was cool because there were no surprises. But I'd hate to learn anything from leaks when someone does get to Riverlands. I mean either way it's going to be epic- Stoneheatt doesn't show up - you will have the most ferocious, insane rant here. Stoneheart shows up - I'm in hospital recuperating from alcohol poisoning. But in any case, oh time flies. It's pathetic or really Queen of the nerds of me to measure time with GoT - I remember sitting here during another long weekend and drinking while waching 5x09 and fortunately I knew what was going to happen. And here we are a year later. What the hell will we do when this show ends?
  • Amanda Peet is whining about the state of her career and her looks. If I were her I would be more worried about the IQ of the man I'm married to (to those not obsessed with Thrones - she is married to David Benioff, 1/2 of the duo brilliant enough that the possibility Stoneheart won't appear actually exist). And the fact that he is keeping most of younger female characters in his show while squeezing the older ones out. 
  • Alicia Vikander, who Peet says is making it difficult for her to get roles, is gonna be new Lara Croft. This is just awful. I mean it really is saying something when Angelina looks imposing comparing to this chick.
  • We have a new picture from The Neon Demon.
  • The cast of The Dark Tower looks insanely good. 
  • There's a new trailer for The Nice Guys. Only few more weeks till it hits the theaters!
  • We are getting The Punisher series! 
  • Surprising to no one Mother's Day is atrocious.
  • I finally finished watching American Crime Story. Its finale was so intense. I really hope all these people get Emmys apart from Cuba Gooding Jr. who was clearly the weak link there.
  • Catching up with Modern Family because amidst my deciphering of LS hype I need something light. The show it's not as funny as it used to be but at least it's something sunny and optimistic.
  • Veep season 5 premiere was fantastic. It's such a funny and clever show and it's so great to watch after I spent half of Thrones furious and the other half trying to forget what happened in season 5 and enjoy occasional great scenes.
  • I don't know what Lemonade is, I don't care who Becky is.
  • Chris Hemsworth proves that he  is gonna be the funniest thing about Ghostbusters. A bunch of men has an issue with that already.
  • The only movie I managed to watch this week was The Boss. I do love Melissa McCathy and I had few drinks before seeing it but I thought i wasn't nearly as bad as the reviews made it out to be. It was charming and had few very funny moments and Melissa was as usual hilarious.
  • Brittani and Anna share awesome recaps of Game of Thrones premiere 
  • m.brown reviews Hush
  • Josh shares his Oscar winner predictions
  • Ruth reviews The Wait with Juliette Binoche and Lou de Laâge from Respire
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  • Alex reviews Knight of Cups
  • Chris pays tribute to Chip, blogger in our community, who passed away
  • Next Tuesday it is time for another Hit me With Your Best Shot over at ThefilmExperience and it's time for Death Becomes Her
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  • Mariah writes about Ghost in the Shell casting controversy


    1. Thanks for the link Margaret!

      WOW, The Good Wife had JDM and Matthew Goode at one point right?? Man, the eye candy quotient is sky high for that show!

      I like Vikander but I don't see her as Lara Croft at all! But I don't really care for that project anyway.

      YES for Punisher series though I don't know why it's news, I thought it was a sure thing the spin-off was greenlit. In any case, bring. it. on!!!

      1. You're welcome!

        Goode was in s6 but dropped out to do Downton Abbey. JDM showed up in s7 so they didn't overlap which could have been deadly :)

        I think there was just vague talk before and nothing official :)

    2. Thanks for the link. Very sad and I'm still in shock.

      I’ll watch The Nice Guys. Fans of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang have been waiting for this to happen.

      1. It's such sad news. I was shocked to read what happened on your blog.

    3. Thank you very much for the link!

      I am 900% in agreement with you in regards to AV playing Lara Croft. Seriously, Jolie looks like a UFC fighter compared to Vikander. Oh well, luckily I'm old enough that seeing a Tomb Raider movie isn't mandatory viewing. Uh, anymore.

      Dude....Veep was incredible. JLD was destroying everyone!!!

      If The Nice Guys isn't awesome, I'm hiring a hitman to

      1. You're welcome!

        Vikander anywhere near action movie is a joke. She looks like a porcelain doll.

    4. Lmao that last gifset.

      I was okay with Cersei having that one nice moment as long as it means she starts doing henious, bitchy things again lol. We all slip up emotionally every now and then. Feeling sorry for herself is Cersei's.

      The most disturbing part of that Amanda Peet article was where they called Togetherness an "awesome" show. And she's right, I don't see how her or Alicia Vikander are competing for the same roles.

      Also Vikander as Lara Croft? Really thought Daisy Ridley would get that.

      Veep was so fucking perfect.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. For me Cersei has had far too many nice moments. What is the last thing she did that was truly heinous? She is way too sympathetic nowadays

    5. I don't see Alicia Vikander as Laura Croft either. I'll just stick with Camilla Luddington who played the character in the recent games.

      I'm so eager for The Neon Demon as I also a new still with Jena who looks gorgeous.

      I'm so eager for The Nice Guys. I apologize for the fact Mother's Day was shot on location in my home city which looks nothing like it in the movies. It actually looks worse.

      I'm not a fan of Beyonce so my opinion about Lemonade is... I don't give a fuck. I don't care who her fans are. No one is going to convince me that she is great as people laud her to be. I'm sorry, I don't see what is so great about her.

      1. I also don't get Beyonce's hype. But I'm not that familiar ith her music and at least the production values of her videos always look very cool. But I don't know any of her recent songs

    6. Thanks for the link! Really happy you liked American Crime Story. Paulson... holy fuck. She's such a beast. I love her.

      1. You're welcome! She was fantastic. So glad she is getting all those juicy roles lately

    7. Veep is back, and it was brilliant. If GoT disappoints me (which I’m expecting it too), at least there’s Veep to make me happy lol. Also, I saw the link you tweeted about what’s gonna happen in the next episode and… it sounds insane. I’m actually looking forward to it XD

      I love Alicia Vikander, but Daisy Ridley would have been a much better choice for Lara Croft.

      1. I think they are both too innocent looking for Lara :/ I'm not sure why they are even rebooting it but Vikander is a horrible choice.

        GoT was actually amazing last night :)

    8. Thanks for the link Sati! Yes, I had to stop watching the Good Wife. I may start watching when it comes to Hulu so I can fast forward to JDM's scenes. If they couldn't use Matthew Goode or JDM properly, what's the point of the show?

      I have to agree with Amanda Peet about the ageism toward women in Hollywood, but I also agree with you--charity starts at home. Her husband is one of the worst offenders. GoTs is one of the most sexist/misogynistic shows on tv.

      I find Alicia Vikander to be completely overrated, but I don't know why Peet would call her out by name. It's a little catty. The news that Vikander is the next Lara Croft is very disappointing. I could think of at least a dozen better casting choices.

      The problem is that Peet herself probably got roles written for older actresses when she was younger. Anne Hathaway admitted that she probably shouldn't have been cast when the role was meant for an older actress, but she was benefiting from it at the time.

      Unfortunately, it's a cannibal's feast in Hollywood--with women destroying each other. Ugh.

      1. You're welcome! Sorry for not commenting there yet, I am so insanely busy with Thrones and everything :/

        Well at least JDM is shirtless a lot :)

        Yeah and seriously Peet at least has a husband producer at home. There are so many far more talented actresses than her who so rarely get to have a comeback or even a meaty role. And yes Vikander is very overrated but Peet using her as an example was quite odd

    9. Oh and American Crime Story was excellent. It was probably my favorite Ryan Murphy show of all time. Everyone was so excellent, especially Sarah Paulson and Sterling Brown. Geez, the acting in that show was just phenomenal. Even Travolta... ACS needs to sweep everything during awards season.

      1. Travolta was so entertaining in this one. Him and that older lawyer guy in glasses were so much fun to watch.

    10. I am really excited for THE NICE GUYS. It just looks so fun and I cant wait to see Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling share the screen together with their odd couple-like roles. But the biggest thing Im looking forward has got to be Shane Black's writing.

      Not too sure about Neon Demon. Refn has been kind of a hit and miss recently and Only God Forgives really pissed me off.

      Glad you liked American Crime Story. I agree everyone deserves Emmy nominations, especially Courtney B Vance, Sarah Paulson and John Travolta. Agree that Cuba Gooding Jr was the weak link, but I think a lot of it was because of the role he was playing, which was not an easy one to nail, or one that had a lot of consistency inreagrds to OJ's character

      1. I really hope it's good because the trailers for it are seriously the funniest I've seen in a very long time

        OGF was just terrible, one of the worst movies I've seen in the last few years.

        I think Gooding was mostly just miscast as OJ