Friday, May 6, 2016

(234) Jesus Snow + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 6, 2016
  • Jon Snow is back and Kit Harington was apologizing to fans this week. All I could think of was this.
  • The episode was pretty much flawless. Keep on going like that and bring us Stoneheart
  • I am getting old. Last Sunday was the first and only occasion during this Game of Thrones season when I could watch the episode live (3 AM Monday here). It was because we had the day off on Monday. Yet around midnight I was so freaking sleepy I barely made it. It would be easier if I didn't know every single detail before the episode aired (good job HBO protecting the show from being leaked, 2/10 eps so far leaked. And yes only 2/10 have aired and the excitement of the unknown kept me going.
  • Well I did manage to stay awake and even though I knew what was going to happen I still almost shat myself when Jon woke up with that super loud hyperventilating.
  • I may take a day off after finale to watch it live. But only if Stoneheart doesn't show up and her showing up is not leaked (last year 5.09 and 5.10 were leaked all over the place) before the finale (which is when I am hoping she shows up). If by some miracle by Friday afternoon before finale I know nothing and the soundtrack list hints at her being in (for the fourth year in the row....) I'm taking a day off. Fuck it. We will die in this hype train together.
  • There is a new interview (which is either real or a very elaborate hoax considering it hes references to Michelle's theater work) with Michelle Fairley and the hype is alive with the sound of hanging bodies and me opening that battle of wine that has been waiting for her for four fucking years. The thing is she used the phrase "clue". If all we get this season are clues and I have to wait another year I will not make it. I will literally spontaneously stop living. This has to happen this year. I am running on fumes here. Fortunately I think it's just Michelle being mysterious again because delaying her another year would be a legitimate grounds for me to sue Dan Weiss and David Benioff on account of acute emotional distress and failed hype.
  • Check out the insightful behind the scenes for the first two episodes.
  • I forgot to link this last week - here is the second Honest Trailer for the show. It's hysterical, specifically the mentions of Littlefinger's ever-changing accent:
  • Oh that reminds me. I have been spending more time than usual (which is none) on 4chan in my quest to find leaks for the show. 4chan is not a great place and more often than not when you click spoiler pics you gonna see dicks. But there is something on 4chan that makes those visits worth it and that it is the DABID meme:
    (click to enlarge)
  • Word from The Walking Dead set is....well, there are almost no words from The Walking Dead set. The whole thing is barricaded and some people got arrested trying to get in. I don't give a shit who Negan killed - they are depriving me of the beauty that is JDM on the set. Keep your stupid mystery but give me set pics!
  • So instead here is Jeffrey on the set of The Good Wife,the finale of which airs this Sunday,.and here he is talking about the show:
  • Check out this awesome story about Harrison Ford
  • Have you guys seen the outfits on MET gala this year? Oh my God. They were so awful it's actually difficult to find the worst one. Alicia Vikander's has gotta be the front runner in the competition for the worst one, though.
  • We have a new poster and new stills from The Neon Demon. The film is gonna be released on June 24th.
  • Daisy Ridley is gonna play Ophelia. Somewhere Keira Knightley is sobbing. And I'd actually rather see Keira take this on than Daisy, who is cute as a button and was lovely in Force Awakens, but really how good is her dramatic acting? And this is a challenging role.
  • We have not one, but two (1,2) new videos from Radiohead, the first one directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
  • Here's the final trailer for highly anticipated The Nice Guys.
  • Here's the new picture of Harley in Suicide Squad. Good Lord!
  • Yep, Alden Ehrenreich is officially the new Han Solo.
  • That Hooper Cats monstrosity is still happening. Prepare yourselves for meowing Redmayne.
  • Here's the story - James Franco wants to do the adaptation of Blood Meridian. James Franco's plans are announced. People are violently hating this idea. Then we find out Franco forgot to acquire the rights. And hence the universe is saved. At least temporarily.
  • Here's he first picture of Charlize Theron from the set of Furious 8.
  • So Ryan Murphy is making a TV series Feud based on the famous conflict between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The series will star Susan Sarandon as Davis, Jessica Lange as Crawford and Judy Davis as Hedda Hopper (most recently played by Helen Mirren to bland effects in Tumbo). On one hand this sounds fantastic - I'm a big fan of the involved actresses, there is so much rich and fun histories in the history of Hollywood that are ripe for movies and TV series treatment and this is one of the best ones. Also I'm a huge fan of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane so it will be great to see a series made about the behind the scenes of this one. On the other hand I wish Murphy would stick to a show and focus on it. He develops AHS then he develops Scream Queens and it seems his focus is split. And now he adds another show? There's also American Crime Story but he was mostly just a producer there. Seeing how I adore Scream Queens and the fact we are getting second season at all is a miracle, I just wish he gave all of his energy and focus to that one.
  •  I saw High-Rise which was nonsensical and boring. The cinematography and the outfits were good but really the whole thing was lacking in every single other department. It made absolutely no sense, they were killing dogs left and right and the potential of the story and the cast was utterly wasted. It was like Blindness meets American Psycho but nowhere near as good as the latter and actually marginally worse than former. The first 40 minutes were fine but then it was like...why is the protagonist acting crazy? Why won't these people just leave? Why the hell should I care? Tom Hiddleston's charisma and semi-nakedness deserve a better movie.
  • Penny Dreadful and Peaky Blinders ae back with new seasons but I didn't have the time to watch the episodes. I had my medical tests for work done this week so I was super stressed. The blood tests came back fine but there is some sort of growth on my thyroid and I have to have this checked so I'm even more stressed now.
  • Nathaniel wrote a great piece about Death Becomes Her 
  • Ruth shares Five for Fifth for May
  • Kevin defends The Village
  • Brittani and Anna recap episode 2 of Game of Thrones 6
  •  and finally m.brown stopped corrupting the youths with Zack Snyder's vomit and awful flicks and enjoyed Chuck Norris movie, hopefully by himself.


    1. Thanks for the link Margaret, always appreciate it!

      Oh man, most of the MET gala outfits are horrendous but Vikander's one is totally WTF! Might as well just wear the robot suit from Ex Machina.

      I was hoping you'd write a long opinion about Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. My first thought was that he's too short as he's only 5'8" compared to 6'2" Ford, but even if he's as tall, there's NOBODY who could top Ford anyway so I don't even know why they bother.

      Bummer about High-Rise! I'm actually more intrigued by The Night Manager though, just for Hiddles.

      1. You're welcome!

        I think that robot suit would be so much better than whatever that was :)

        I wrote about this several times in previous RF because he was the front runner for this one for a while and I just find the idea of making this movie at all to be silly :/ but out of the people they were considering he is far and away the best choice

        I heard The Night Manager is excellent

      2. Ah yes I remember that, but that was when he wasn't cast yet. Somehow I thought it'd go to a Brit as most American movies have Brits in the role, ahah. Yeah I like Alden in Hail Caesar, so we'll see how he fares.

        I can't wait to see The Night Manager when it's available to rent somewhere. I like to binge on things when all of the episodes are available.

      3. I wish I had the time and energy, GoT is swallowing all of it this time of year and there is also Veep. And Penny Dreadful and Peaky Blinders and I haven't even started the new seasons of those yet

    2. Hahahhahahha. You know what? I really don't like my job. Maybe the kids would enjoy some Chuck Norris cinema.

      For whatever reason, I was interested in High-rise, but maybe I'll pass. I mean, I've got standards to maintain, you know?

      Cats. F--king Cats. With f--king Redmayne? I guess this is the project to provide balance in the the Baywatch movies. Though, honestly, I'm hoping there's a lot of locking in that one.

      Okay. This took a turn. Thanks for the link, dear friend.

      1. I think Redmayne meowing will be new heights or rather lows of terrible. I'm almost sure he is gonna be in this movie but even if he is not, it will be awful

    3. I like that Kit apologized, it's more than Gimple and TWD writers will ever do lol.

      Fueds sounds like something I would watch, I see your point about Murphy losing focus though. Does he usuallt have multiple shows at the same time?

      Still don't know why we need a young Han Solo movie.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Kirkman did some apologizing lately :lol:

        I think he just finds new shows while being in the process of working on his last shows he did and loses focus. It's been like that for years

    4. This year's MET gala was the worst. I can't think of anyone that put on something good? In fact, I think they're getting worse every year. I'm so waiting for a beer-guzzling Scar-Jo to come in wearing only some jean-shorts and a black t-shirt giving every fucking diva a Scar-Jo stunner and then give them the finger for the fact that they fucking suck.

      I so want to see The Neon Demon...

      Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo? I might go for that.

      Cats? Oh Fuck Off!!!

      And here is my reaction the new videos by Radiohead....

      1. Hahaha a lot of people had that reaction to those videos:)

        I liked Claire Danes' glowing dress but that's pretty much it.

    5. So we're still going to get Cats shoved down our throats, huh? Sigh. Anyhoo, I really came here to find what you thought of that Han Solo casting given your affinity for Harrison Ford. Do tell.

      1. I think out of all the choices this is the only one that is not a disaster, Miles Teller or whatever and other people they considered would be so bad. That kid was at least very charming, funny and interesting in Hail, Caesar. So if they insist on making that movie, he is the only good choice

    6. Thanks for the link Sati! I really loved that episode too. Please please please DABID continue this momentum! I love the idea of Dabid grabbing his 'idea crayons' - so realistic. I also love that Kit came out and apologised for lying, as if it wasn't the worst kept production secret of all time. And ohhh man I can't wait for Suicide Squad.

      Also I swear to god if we don't get LSH this season I'm going to wander over to D&D and give them a stern talking-to.

      1. You're welcome! Seriously it would be the worst one yet - it was pretty bad when she was not in s3,4,5 but now? Euron is in, Rickon is back, Balon was brought back just to die and Brienne will finally be win Riverlands. There is no excuse not to feature her this year.