Friday, May 13, 2016

(235) JFC how hot was Arthur Dayne?! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 13, 2016
  • Welcome to 999th post on this website. 
  • Let's perv.
  • I'm seriously still not over how hot Arthur Dayne was. GoT reached new levels of cruelty - find a gorgeous man in an actor Luke Roberts and feature him in only ONE scene.
  • When I saw him I was like "HELLO THERE" then I was like "oh no he is gonna die" then I was "Ned bitch don't do it" and then "oh my God". It's not a proper use of such eye candy, dammit.
  • We need porn spin off here HBO. Two swords. Double penetration. Make it happen. Take my money. Take my dignity (too late, though). Take everything.
  • The guy is on twitter. All my efforts this week went to not proposing to him there.
  • (Is it evident that I'm on day 5 out of 6 day-long working week at the moment? I feel like it is. I have to ge up at 5.30 AM tomorrow and go to work for 8h. It just sucks so much.)
  • I mean it's been a while I was so smitten I made a gifset. This right here is my new mobile background. People are literally looking for this guy's shirtless pictures. I would too but the others just link those to me. Almost every woman I know who saw the episode made a remark how hot this guy was. Almost every one, because some of them fangirl over Jon. And this is my reaction to fangirling over Jon. Come on, he is like a puppy!
  • Seriously I was never interested in the idea of GoT prequels. I'd watch them, sure, but I was never actively rooting for them to get made. But if they would involve this guy? Oh, I'd root for them to get made.
  • Meanwhile, JDM finally showed up in Georgia and when him and Norman Reedus stopped to get coffee he also took some photos with fans. I hope the glorious beard situation still being present means he won't shave for the new season of TWD.
  • Fingers crossed for Stark reunion for Sansa and Jon this Sunday. And hopefully we won't see whatever is happening in Winterfell. Enough with this. 3 seasons of Ramsay doing heinous shit. Say it with me - overkill.
  • The fact that Brienne reaches CB creates several cool opportunities. Brienne killed Stannis and Melisandre and Davos are in CB. Also Jon has been resurrected so in light of my eternal hope of Brienne running into a certain lady the fact she met Jon, whom that lady hates and yet he has been through same supernatural phenomenon would be interesting. Also there is always so much potential for sweet and funny with Pod. I just hope they do something cool with these two teams meeting because it's always such a shame when they miss out on opportunities like that.
  • For the fourth week the summary for the episode leaked and let me tell you Daenerys fans, you are getting one hell of an ending this week. It sounds so dope I'm actually tempted to watch the episode live but by that time I will be ending on 6/7 days in the office week and facing another. I'm too old to attempt this.
  • Ronan Farrow wrote a downright shocking article about Woody Allen. I vaguely remember him denying his sister claims at the time she wrote that letter, so to be honest I'm losing interest in all of this because it seems we never get to the bottom of this. Also why is Woody Allen being constantly trashed in media and Bryan Singer isn't? Pajiba reports that the festival in Cannes opened with "rape joke" and that the word of mouth about Cafe Society is not great. Um, the word of mouth on that one is great. I'm shocked because Allen's recent films weren't great and the trailer for that one looked bad. Fabricating stuff to take jabs at Allen doesn't add any credibility there.
  • I cannot believe they made another one of those. I liked the previous one but really who would wanna watch that?
  • Looks like Jared Leto didn't terrorize just the crew and cast of Suicide Squad but also the public. Look I'm not gonna sit here and defend Leto for the third time. I don't care if his sends out condoms or disturbs people in restaurants, I'm sure he is gonna be very good as the Joker. The crap he does in his own time is not my concern.
  • Meanwhile, Margot Robbie generates Harley hype.
  • Out of nowhere, I was hit with a rumor (or news, I'm not sure how confirmed all of this is) that they are rebooting The Vampire Chronicles, although only two movies were made so far, and that is in the last 22 years - Interview with the Vampire, which in spite of lacking my favorite chapter from the book (and the only chapter missing from that adaptation, that is just my luck) is one of the best adaptations ever made and really cannot be topped - and Queen of the Damned - which has almost nothing to do with the book but it has truly fantastic soundtrack. In any case Rice's Vampire Chronicles are terrific and worthy of great films made about them (I've been re-reading them lately). Coming back to Leto there is a rumor he could be playing the new Lestat and I think he would be perfect but God save us, we would be in for so many weird and creepy reports of his method acting again.
  • Have you guys seen Assassin's Creed trailer? Apart from fabulous hairdo Marion has and that quick bit of Fassy bondage above it ain't great. Mostly because Kanye ruins yet another trailer with his music. But really if it wasn't for the people involved it would look like yet another dumb blockbuster. 
  • Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are dating. With this and Silverman banging Michael Sheen I just wanna ask, if funny is enough, where is my hot guy??
  • There are so many posters out for John Travolta's latest movie and I'm not sure which one is the funniest. 
  • The trailer for Yoga Hosers was released. Nope.
  • Johnny Depp has a new project lined up. Surely it won't be worse than that thing above.
  • I would love to like Sophie Turner. But then I see headline like this: Sophie Turner Remembers That Time Jennifer Lawrence Punched Her in the Crotch: 'It Was Pretty Funny' . It's even worse than it sounds.
  • What a moron.
  • Tom Hardy may be in next Star Wars movie and slap Finn's ass. Unfortunately we won't actually see his beauty because he is gonna be a stormtrooper. What is it with this week and wasting the gorgeousness of handsome men?
  • The Nice Guys reactions are ecstatic! Also congratulations to Ryan on baby number 2!
  • and here is Gosling and Crowe goofing around on Colbert's show:
  • Anna and Brittani review recent Game of Thrones
  • Courtney, MettelRay, Ruth and Mariah review Civil War
  • Alex shares 66 things he loves about The Exorcist
  • Andrew is excited abut Xavier Dolan's new movie
  • and finally my favorite blog, m.brown's Two Dollar Cinema is 5 years old!


    1. Thank you sooooo much...FOR THOSE TRAVOLTA POSTERS! Holy shit, that looks like something I need to see!! Each poster is terrible...and there's so many of them! I love it.

      Evans and Slate are an interesting pair, no? I always thought the funny guys got the hot chicks, but I support these turned tables! (though I hate all funny people...cause I'm a dick).

      That said, thank you very much for the link and the sentiment. Too kind, as always.

      Hey, 999 is soooo f--king impressive.

      1. I laughed so hard when I saw those Travolta posters. Him and Cage should team up again as the results were ridiculously campy back when they were actually having somewhat respected careers

    2. Yaasss Aurther Dayne and congrats on 999 posts!

      Ronan Farrow always defended his sister. He's been very vocal about being troubled by Woody Allen marrying one of his sisters and molesting another. I thought he brought up some good points, mainly how the times gave Allen more space to defend himself than they gave the victim, which from reading previous articles, it does seem like the original judge felt they had enough evidence to prosecute Allen on it. It's a mess.

      I want to like Sophie and Lawrence again too, but yeah..can't handle articles like that. Lawrence's stupid story on Norton's show the other day about dancing in from of JJ Abrams was OTT too.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. He is so hot, we need the damn spin off!

        I always remember useless info to do with celebs and I remember he wasn't very vocal back when that letter was published but something he said made me think that he was not backing her up. I don't know, it's disturbing and unpleasant matter for sure but I don't think anything was proven enough for the media to act like they do. Poor girl though, she was either abused or brainwashed into thinking she was by Mia who is by the way a complete nut job.

        They both need to stop talking. Go into some cave and take Schumer with them

    3. TEARS! Travolta!!! LMAO!!!

      I'm so here for The Nice Guys and I'M LOVING the reactions.

      I'm over the Farrow/Allen thing. I mean, every time he has a new movie this will happen. It's a mess and I can't really take a side nor should I.

      Assassin's least Marion has the Dolan coming out this year.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Every time he has an acclaimed movie. It's just another shade of ugly that they just wait to write this stuff and not just come out and say them whenever they want to but whenever the press will give them exposure.

        People are trashing Marion in this trailer but she looks fine to me, it's the music that buries that promo

      2. Yeah, Marion looks far from bad in the trailer...but the movie looks...beneath her.

      3. I am not sure what are all those people doing being involved in it. Maybe they need money? Don't know. I wasn't big fan of Macbeth and that was based on a great thing so this is just not looking good at all for me

    4. John Travolta, I think it's time to call it a career. This is just embarrassing. He looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger with black hair.

      I'm likely to watch the new Woody film if it's on TV or something because I'll take a mediocre Woody Allen film over everything else. Besides, I'm starting to think Mia Farrow and her douchebag son are lying.

      This is one of the reasons why I don't like Jared Leto. He takes himself way too seriously. I still remember the fact that he terrorized and threatened to beat up Elijah Wood all because Wood said 30 Seconds to Mars sucked. If he was to do that to my face, I'd fuck him up.

      I will say this about Inferno though, at least it's not written by the guy who wrote this line: "Hi Freeze, I'm Batman".

      1. He was great in American Crime Story but the guy really deserves better roles than whatever that thing the posters are from is

        I like Leto based on his commitment and role choices but he is a bit too kooky for anyone's good

    5. "Adding to insult to injury, however, was the fact that Ford recognized Whitehall because they had recently filmed a show together. "

      Hahahaha!!! I don't like her, never knew why. Now I have a reason! And seriously, if someone hit me in the crotch for no reason, I wouldn't find it funny!! Would you?!

      "Two swords. Double penetration."

      This cracked me up, haha!!

      As for Jared Leto, well.... yeah I'm not gonna defend his behaviour either but I love him as an actor and I agree, I think his Joker will be great. You and you alone have me excited for Suicide Squad :) The more I see the more I think I'll dig it

      And 'Nice Guys' looks like it will be one of the best films of the year. Can't wait for it! Yet another film I didn't know about until I found your site.

      Keep up the good work Sati! :)

      1. I just cannot stand loud people who aren't funny. And that's her. She is just embarrassing and acts like some sort of hick who got invited to fancy ball.

        Thanks! I'm really hoping The Nice Guys and Suicide Squad are going to be as good as the trailers make them look or better. I'm so bored with Marvel so DC better does something right.

    6. I love these rambling Fridays!
      I thought Ronan Farrow always backed up his sister's claims about Woody.
      I join you in hoping JDM keeps the beard.
      I would totally take a Robert's Rebellion pre-equal with Luke Roberts as Arthur Dayne and Robert Aramayo as young Ned. Such terrific casting. I'm not really on the Jon Snow train...he's not even the tenth hottest guy that's ever been on the show and his acting does nothing for me.
      It's hard for me to be worried by Dany in any type of peril, her dragons always save her somehow. If the show actually gave her a challenge that she actually had to do something besides show up with dragons to solve, I might be interested her storyline.
      It's hard for me to get on board with Sophie Turner (she's more likable when she's not giving interviews)...I wish she was more like Viola Davis who basically said if Jared Leto had sent her used condoms and dead pigs that her husband would take care of him so it would not happen again...I wish Sophie had said yes, Jennifer punched me in the vagina and then I punched her in the face. It never happened again. But then again, Sophie probably would never be able to work a day in Hollywood again, so unfortunately people have to tolerate J Law's stupid behavior and think it's funny when it's not.
      A reboot of The Vampire Chronicles, sounds interesting. I could see Leto as Lestat. I just hope he doesn't go all method.
      Congrats on 999 posts!

      1. Thank you!

        Yeah I vaguely recall hm being nowhere near what I would call supportive around that time the letter was released

        I like Harington's acting and Jon as character but he is just too cute for me to fancy him

        Yeah Dany has it way too easy. Whenever there is a small danger she just prevails - dragons, Jorah, Daario and others are there for her

        If Turner punched Lawrence in the face she would immediately become my favorite person on this planet :)

    7. There really isn't a better way to celebrate 999 posts than to fan over hot guys :P congrats on the milestone, and here's to many more posts!!

      Those Travolta posters are golden omg. I hope he gets a good role soon, he was really good on American Crime Story. And if he doesn't, we'll always have those posters.

      The trailer for Assassin's Creed would have been great if it weren't for that music, and this is from someone who generally likes Kanye's music.

      I really hope Suicide Squad is good. I saw Civil War today, and while it was enjoyable, it didn't feel that much different from the other Marvel movies.

      1. Thank you :) 1000th will be posted today :)

        He was so much fun to watch in ACS. He really deserves better roles than some stupid action flicks

        I am so bored with Marvel I don't even wanna see CW for free :/

    8. Thanks for the link as always Margaret!

      Congrats on your 999th post! Oooh, that Luke Roberts guy is indeed quite drool worthy. As for that Assassin's Creed, well as I'm not as keen on Fassy anymore I thought it was just ok. Judging from Macbeth though it's probably more style than substance, I just hope it won't be as boring.

      1. You're welcome!

        I think it may actually be more boring as Macbeth at least had interesting characters

      2. Yeah I just heard the other day too that the majority of Assassin's Creed will be set in modern day, like 70% of it, instead of in the Medieval times. I was like, what is the point??! Heh, it seems like a misstep for everyone involved.

      3. That sounds even more boring than I assumed it will be :/

    9. I REALLY can't wait for The Nice Guys!! So much hype!
      Kanye aside, I really loved the Assassins Creed trailer, I'm a big fan of the games too and so far it's looking like a great adaptation. Still reminding myself it's a video game movie though...a girl can always hope!
      - Allie

      1. I've never played the game but the premise is interesting enough. Still the trailer was very weak imho, it didn't make me wanna see it at all

    10. Thanks for the link Sati and the Arthur Dayne and JDM goodness! I'm sure he will be brilliant in the role, but I am very afraid of what Leto may do if cast as Lestat. Hopefully he won't kidnap anyone while trying to get into character. I'm very excited to see the Vampire Chronicles given a proper treatment. It's one of the few book series I have actually read from beginning to end. Interview was flawless, but QoD was terrible. You're so right about the soundtrack. It was fantastic. 15 years later I still have a few songs from the soundtrack on my ipod.

      I haven't commented on the Allen allegations before. The whole situation is so terrible. I just read the Ronan Farrow article. Admittedly, I've always thought Allen was brilliant, but weird. Marrying his adopted daughter was very very strange, but the allegations about Dylan Farrow are horrific. I'm not familiar with Mia Farrow's issues. I do believe where there's smoke there's fire, but you make a good point about holding others to the same Bryan Singer, Nate Parker, etc. For some reason the media has completely gone to sleep about Nate Parker and Bryan Singer. I don't get it. It makes me sad that these very talented people may be sexual abusers.

      I'm wary of Fassy's casting in Assassin's Creed. I've played the game it's based on so I don't think he's right for the part. Idk what's been happening to Fassy, but he always looks worse for wear every time I see him. He and I are not far in age. So idk what's happening to him. Marion looks great though.

      I eagerly await your next Thrones review!

      1. You're welcome! I'm thinking Leto may get a job at some sort of clinic and deal with blood samples or something. I wouldn't rule that out :) The series really deserves adaptations- QotD the novel is so complex and it actually has the material for so many movies, I loved those short stories/chapters in it

        I think it all depends on good PR as Farrow wrote in his article, but still it's bizarre that the media that is not getting any money for this like all those SJW sites always go after Allen but never go after Singer

        Fassy likes to party, smokes and I think his German heritage has a role in him looking older too

    11. Thanks so much for the link! 999 posts?! That's awesome!

      The lack of conversation about the Bryan Singer allegations is really baffling to me. It seems certain celebrities get so much heat for things they may or may not have done, and others get a free pass. Very strange.

      1. You're welcome and thank you!

        Yeah isn't he the director of that new X men movie? Why isn't anyone talking about the stuff he did? It's bizarre.

    12. The Travolta posters are positively hilarious and what's even ore hilarious is the poetry that describes them :D
      Congrats on 999 posts!
      Really excited for the Nice Guys. It looks really, really funny.

      1. I really hope I get to see The Nice Guys soon it looks insanely funny!

    13. Thanks for the link Sati! Arthur Dayne... I want the show to give us more! I would love to see a prequel series if it has him in it.

      Seriously LOLing at those Travolta posters. Just terrible. Time to go to bed mate.

      1. He needs a prequel series for sure, he is so gorgeous <3