Friday, May 20, 2016

(236) Where will WE go? + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 20, 2016
  • The Starks are reunited. I almost cry whenever I think of it. 
  • I mean:
  • It really was everything.
  • Rumor has it there is a Frey wedding in this season which considerably murders my LSH hype. The wedding is an endgame not an opportunity of her first appearance. I am also hearing Benjen is coming back. I was mad at the writers before but if they bring Benjen back in the season that also introduced Euron and had Osha in 2 pointless scenes and yet does not include LSH I am going to be furious. I am gonna buy a shame bell and find them. They can load the show with faux feminism all they want, this is not fooling anyone. So she better be in. Ugh 
  • It's even worse because even though there is no room to breathe (I don't even remember if someone important died last episode) this is a very good season.
  • I just want this season to be over and stop wondering about this. It's madding trying to come up with plausible scenario that allows her to be in that fits the leaks (which are not confirmed to be real). And we are dealing with the writers who had Brienne stand in the blizzard waiting for a candle to be lit for half of the season. Who knows what they will do. It's like trying to put the puzzle together. In the dark. While drunk.
  • People are going batshit for Trienne. I told you Brienne's interactions at the Wall will be awesome.
  • Kristen Stewart's new movie was booed in Cannes but she got raves, so....yey?
  • No, Marion. No.
  • Meanwhile, that Xavier Dolan's movie with her in it is getting ripped apart. That's surprising seeing how from what I remember Cannes was always super kind to him. 
  • Still the reactions to The Neon Demon take the cake. "Didn't hate it, but I will always cherish the closing dedication, “For Liv,” being met with a cry of “*beep* you Liv!” 
  • The critics are divided, though.  Some of the reviews are actually good (1,2,3). Also just look how lovely Elle Fanning looks.
  • Also the press conference is really a thing to behold.
  • These two weren't the most hated though. Apparently Sean Penn unleashed cinematic disaster over there.  
  • Meanwhile here is the first look at Charlize Theron in Fast8:
  • Good lord it's like those super special promise rings don't mean anything anymore.
  • Robert Kirkman was hit with the question about the cliffhanger in TWD finale in AMA and tried to do his best to excuse it. At least D&D don't try to excuse their dumbass ideas. Which may be worse because it's year 4th of me waiting since neither of them had the balls to make a definitive statement. But back to TWD - we have rumors of dreamlike scene being shot for the show's season 7 premiere so we probably gonna see Rick dreaming up some shit until he wakes up and most likely the GN's victim takes the bat. There are also news of Negan taking Darryl hostage which is so stupid. But hey it's still JDM so I don't care.
  • First look at Idris Elba on the set of The Dark Tower. Well at least it will be a visual feat. 
  • Margot Robbie did American Psycho-inspired video for Vogue.
  • Harley Quinn is getting her own movie  Apparently other DC girls will be there. I love Poison Ivy so I beg you don't cast Chastain in this role. She is occasionally great but she has as much spark in her as a statue. Find someone feisty.
  • And the same week we got news of DC going with all female-lead comic book movie we got news of Marvel changing a gender of a villain from female to male to...sell more toys. Last week I was wondering, right here in RF how is it that media go after Woody Allen but new Bryan Singer's movie is out and no one says a word. While this is just comic books when it comes to DC/Marvel and not horrific real life things, this selective attitude baffles me here too. No matter what DC does everyone is skeptical. But Marvel, the company which ruined Black Widow and still didn't give her a solo movie does something like this on top of everything and still everyone just shrugs? What the hell is happening?
  • Apparently Daniel Craig really doesn't want to be Bond again. I'm betting Hiddleston is the next one. I'll be shocked if they don't announce it before May is over.
  • New Ghostbusters trailer is out and this one is not awful.
  • Wait, last I heard Katherine Waterston was starring  in Alien: Covenant, now it's Rebecca Ferguson? Anyhow there are some intriguing set pics already.
  • Day 13. 12 of last 13 days spent in work. Also sick. Also fever. Also kill me.
  • Don't even have anything new to fangirl over here.They offed Arthur Dayne, the whole set of TWD is barricaded and I hear Hardy hasn't shown up on Peaky Blinders yet. Yep, that's how I know what happens in the shows nowadays - I read about it or people tell me.
  • I have not seen Veep in 3 weeks, I still haven't even began Peaky Blinders and Penny Dreadful. I am gonna see either/or both Neighbors 2 and The Nice Guys soon. I am  passing out at 10 pm these days. It's a miracle I even manage to post RF. I actually forgot to note my last GoT recap was 1000th post around here.
  • And I need to be up in 8h to go to work again where I have so much to do. I'm in desperate need of a break, and there are 4 days off next week but it seems so far away, 5 more working days before that and I don't even take a break to eat these days. And GoT season is on so it's the busiest time of the year. Let's just hope this season will be worth it in the end.
  • m.brown loved Civil War 
  • Andrew shares his awards for 2015
  • Ruth reviews Love & Friendship
  • Brittani and Anna write about new Game of Thrones


    1. Thanks so much for the link Margaret! I’m off on holiday to Montreal so will be taking a break from blogging as well.

      OMG what the heck is Marion wearing??! Geez louise!
      Ahah, Cavill can’t seem to keep a girlfriend. And how could that girl be 19?? She looks at least 25.

      That Margot Robbie AP video is a hoot! She’s too darn gorgeous!

      Have a lovely weekend!

      1. You're welcome, have a good holiday!

        It's awful! It looks like she cannot breathe in that thing. Maybe she was drunk because that would be the only explanation for wearing this :) The rest of her outfits were great

    2. I'm glad The Neon Demon got that raucous reaction as that makes me want to see it even more. Yay for NWR. BTW, did you hear NWR dissing Lars von Trier again and said that Lars asked NWR's wife to sleep with him? Oh shit. Oh Lars, you done fucked up big time.

      I wanna see Personal Shopper and all other of the films at Cannes.... except for Sean Penn's new one as his new film I heard is this year's Southland Tales. I also read that Charlize and Sean were really cold to each other and Charlize didn't want to be near him. I guess Charlize realize what a piece of shit he really is.

      I agree with you on Marion.... no, just... no....

      1. Yep. And then NWR called his wife a slut. Him and Von Trier are just...bizarre.

        Good for Charlize for finally coming to her senses, I don't know what she saw in him to begin with

      2. The Danish, they're a weird bunch but make good movies.

        I don't know what anyone saw in Sean Penn. Honestly, he just needs to shut the fuck up and go back to his fuckin' mansion. And he should take Susan Sarandon with him. They would make the perfect couple.

      3. Sarandon has been acting weird in Cannes too. She attended the dinner after Allen's movie premiere and then the next day she was trashing him on the red carpet

    3. Lol that Jonsus picture.

      Cannes audiences are so over the top. This gives me a bit of hype for Neon Demon. I'm surprised like you are that Dolan isn't getting more love.

      But Penn getting ripped apart gives me life.

      I wish they were making a Harley movie now instead of Suicude Squad lol.

      I just rewatched Jon/Sansa scene. So perfect.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Cannes is a cool place though. I think booing and applauding movies as passionately as they do over there really makes that festival stand out. Also the jury drama every year is so fun to read about.

    4. I'm getting 404 errors on the imdb links =/ What were the reactions for Neon Demon and Dolan's new film? I can't wait for The Neon Demon, though I doubt it'll get to theatres here!

      A Harley movie sounds great, I loved her in the Batman games. Though I'll have to see what Suicide Squad is like first.

      Oh, and in all seriousness, kudos for keeping up a blog while working those sorta hours. I barely work part-time and I often have trouble getting stuff up on my blog. Keep up the good work, and I hope you enjoy your 4 day break! :)

      1. Weird it works for me :( TND got divisive one - applause and booing, also insults shouted at the screen. Dolan's film just got trashed

        Thank you! I also run a Game of Thrones fanboard :lol: Usually I'm able to write some stuff during work hours but it's crazy before the holiday season because we do everything before the judges head off for vacation

    5. Happy belated 1000th post!!

      The Jon/Sansa scenes in this last episode were SO good, but I hope that there isn't a Frey wedding this season.

      Refn and von Trier, I can't with them. They're both so weird. And I had NO idea until I read that link that NWR's dad was LVT's editor on most of his films.

      Charlize deserves so much better. I'm really excited for a lot of films coming from Cannes this year, including TND and yes, even the new Dolan. I also love the fact that 3 Fury Road actresses had films play in Competition!

      1. Thank you!

        Frey wedding and Walder dying this season would be so bad. i don't want the show to spend next 2 years on that stupid fight with WW arc

        I'm sure Abbey Lee is slaying in TND, I really need to read the available reviews for this one