Friday, June 3, 2016

(238) All the bullies + links

By Sati. Friday, June 3, 2016
  •  LSHype is simply bipolar this year. Also on this day, exactly 3 years ago, Red Wedding episode aired and our hype watch began.
  • 3 years. I've been waiting 3 years. I need help.
  • We got the most tease heavy episode to date last week. Jaime is heading to Riverlands. Bran literally sees Red Wedding and so does the audience in his vision sequence. Not only is Walder Frey back but his sons are back AND HE EVEN POINTS OUT WHICH ONE OF THEM KILLED CATELYN. And then the Brotherhood without Banners is mentioned to be targeting Freys. 
  • But what happens later in the week? GRRM was dining somewhere and run into someone called Preston Jacobs, who apparently has some sort of GoT podcast. And this Preston Jacobs person asks him if the Lady will show up and GRRM says she was cut from the show. GRRM has said that same thing before but saying that in the middle of hype is just not cool. On the other hand what was he supposed to say? So either we are heading towards the Lady or the writers are heading towards the ringing of shame bells for the rest of their natural lives and beyond. Oh, I can promise you that.
  • Also look how much fun the showrunners have. You know in between fucking us over with LSHype
  • Kit Harington shaved and he looks fucking terrible. 
  • In case you forgotten - THIS WEEK IAN MCSHANE SHOWS UP ON THE SHOW!
  • Props to Steven for directing me towards the greatest thing that happened in Cannes since Lars Von Trier said he understands Hitler and Kristen Dusnt didn't know what to with herself - Mads Mikkelsen visibly dying inside as this whiny bitch cried on stage:
  • Mads, I love you so much.
  • Suicide Squad spoilers started pouring in and the ending sounds so good. And we have a shitload of promo material.
  • I just can't with Jared having a gigantic tattoo on his chest saying "The Joker". It's like I got Gustav a sweater that says "cutie pie".
  • We also got Suicide Squad prequel comic.
  • Margot Robbie has done it again. And by it I mean making me 2% lesbian (the other 1% is for Christina Hendricks).
  • Of course the biggest story of the week is Amber Heard accusing Johnny Depp of abusing her.
  • We live in some seriously fucked up world, let me tell you. There is misogyny everywhere and yet the second a photo of some actress is released and she claims her husband, who going by the media reports has never hit a woman, hit her, most people believe her. 
  • You know Gillian Flynn once said I’m talking violent, wicked women. Scary women. Don’t tell me you don’t know some. The point is, women have spent so many years girl-powering ourselves — to the point of almost parodic encouragement — we’ve left no room to acknowledge our dark side.
  • I deal with divorce cases. I see women lie about domestic violence all the time. I really am not talking out of my ass here. So I do not agree with this whole 'we must believe the victim first and foremost' thing. She has yet to prove she is a victim. You may find this cold, but that is a fact. So far we have pictures of her bruised eye and cut lip. There are some texts that the party that she claims she had the conversations with, says are doctored. This is nothing. Even if the judge rules out that there was abusive behavior on Depp's part, based on those evidence it is gonna be simply an assumption in the ruling process -  that there is a connection between Depp drinking, doing drugs and him possibly having a temper. But it was not proven yet. 
  • The sad thing is that even if it turns out that it was a lie, the accused one is forever tarnished because some people just won't believe the facts. Gossip, lies and accusations unfortunately leave a stain. And how can they not when the public seem to be impressionable bunch of sheep?
  • It is scary that all she has are some pics (she claims she has a video and that is all this is at the moment - a claim) and people are believing her automatically. There are all those articles how Johnny was possessive of Kate Moss and they fought a lot and how he trashed a hotel room in 1993. There is a very big difference between this and hitting a woman. And there is a big difference between then and now. I've seen people actually believe Heard because Depp trashed a hotel room once. That was 23 years ago! And for 14 years there was not a single story of violence when he was with Vanessa Paradis.
  • The public is ready to hang this guy based on this one story and some photos. Oh my God, she has a cut lip! The only way that this could have happened is that he hit her! There are other photos but a pic of a wine bottle on the floor and smashed picture is nothing. The cops apparently said when they showed up there was not a mark on her. 20+ years I never heard of him hitting a woman. It seems like out of character, even given that he has clearly hit the bottle hard lately and lost hist mother, for him to beat his wife. And all I see around me, without decent evidence or prior behavior on Depp's part that caused an outrage, are torches.
  • There is also something very disturbing here about the reasons why people believe her. Johnny Depp is, based on a lot of accounts, one of the most friendly actors in the world. I remember a while back he kept winning this poll about nicest celebrities because he would always find time for his fans. There are all those stories about him visiting kids in the hospital. It all makes him look like a decent person. He also appears to be a good father, good partner (Paradis' relationship was exemplary) and a good co-worker. Lately, though, his movies weren't the best and the public has been ridiculing him for his role choices and the fact he hides under make up. Is the fact that Depp has been quite  a laughing stock lately excuse enough to use this whole situation as means to kick him when he is down? It's disgusting. Hasn't the man at least got enough goodwill for people to pause and say "let's wait what happens" before jumping in to conclusions? Apparently not. Depp making bad career calls damaged his credibility enough to make people dislike him or find him annoying enough to assume the word of a fairly unknown starlet who doesn't have a single noteworthy performance on her resume or is known to be nice, friendly or a joy to work with is more believable than his. It's downright twisted.
  • The choices here are - he beat her before she married him, she married him, he continued to beat her. She is the victim of abuse and he is the abuser. OR Amber Heard has been planning this for a while, collecting photos, inflicting self injuries and is now using false claims of domestic violence as means to gain fame and money. In either case she comes up on top - even if it turns out she lied, people will still say they believe her because in this SJW oversaturated society filled with bullies who thinks they are protecting the hurt ones, it is unthinkable to declare otherwise. Women lie. It's a fact. But you point that fact out? Torches.
  • I'm not saying she is lying. I'm saying it's possible. I'm saying wait. Wait for the actual evidence that she couldn't possibly doctor. Wait for the court to look at those evidence and do their job. And FYI restraining order that was issued is a standard procedure. A woman walks into court with bruises on her face and asks the judge to grant the restraining order against the man she claims inflicted those. Of course he grants it. A preventive measure is not an evidence of anything.
  • It is so bizarre how little it takes for the general public to act like Judge and Jury and want to be Executioner. People openly tweeting that those supporting Johnny are gross....being skeptical and not believing her instantly is gross? Isn't it just a little wrong to automatically side with her because she is a woman? As a woman and as a lawyer I find what is happening in the media based on so little evidence really disturbing.
  • Then Paul Bettany weighted in and the lunatics chased after him with pitchforks. Then pajiba which can be very funny but is so overwhelmingly SJW-oriented it's almost impossible to read some of their stuff, dropped this thing trying to discredit people defending Depp. You know, people who actually know him instead of someone who read some stuff and saw a picture on the web. Laurie Holden of TWD fame also defended Depp and she was told that she should kill herself. People behaving like that is unfortunately a common thing these days. They think they are defending the "victim" but they are crossing all the possible boundaries of decency. They are simply bullies.
  • Some selfies with bruises she took. All it takes. I could smash a phone on my face, accuse any one of you, post it online and I bet 90% people would believe me.
  • I used to root for her, I thought she is very pretty and not an awful actress so she should be doing better. But she killed her career, because now, no matter what happens, she is gonna be forever known as that girl who accused Depp of hitting her and was famous for 5 minutes. 
  • And that alimony she is asking for! Did you see how much she spends a month? It's all in the link above. I sure hope being able to continue to pay 2.000 $ a month (which is so much more than I earn doing actual job I studied for years to do) for restaurant food is worth it.
  • John Carney in other shitty news this week, is a huge douche bag (1, 2) I always knew there was something wrong with this guy - just take a look at the way his movies end, it's downright sadistic. I literally sat there, during the climax of Begin Again, wondering what could have possibly happen to the writer who came up with something this cruel. But to go after Keira Knightley who seems incredibly down to earth, is reportedly a delight to work with and gave a lovely performance in his movie, for apparently no reason at all? That's just fucked up. Even I, admittedly, a crazy person, don't just go after someone for no reason at all.  And I would never, if I were him, go after someone who contributed to my film being seen and being as good as it was. He tried apologizing but the damage is done.
  • Amazingly this time trial by twitter was deserved and on point. The directors she worked with came to the rescue too. Carney, seriously, take your shit endings and go away.
  • And amazingly he is the second biggest douchebag-director being mean to an actress this week. I man at least Carney apologized.
  • Ryan Gosling thinks men should be objectified more. Bravo, Ryan. But you kinda didn't even take your shirt off in The Nice Guys. That said I think his scene in Crazy Stupid Love, you know the one where Stone tells him to take off his shirt and he does, buys him cred for life. No joke, my co-worker watches this on her phone in the office sometimes. I'm not here to judge. I have the picture of Arthur Dayne as my mobile desktop image. I stare at it in the office sometimes too. Fine, not sometimes. A lot.
  • Sicario sequel is definitely happening
  • Disney is in panic mode and reshooting 40% of Rogue One because the movie is too serious. Yes, dumb it down, Disney. Make it funny and light and cute like MCU. Help form even dumber society, a society that won't even need a picture and will need only a word to chant MURDER on twitter. 
  • Gillian Anderson joined American Gods.
  • Robert Kirkman has thrown some shade GRRM way. I don't think people who thought that cliffhanger was a good idea should be throwing shade. About anything. Ever.
  • Sienna Miller has said some dumb stuff but what is truly noteworthy here is this line in Celebitchy's article about her words which seriously almost killed me: "I’m not saying Jude is an idiot, but considering he’s not smart enough to consistently wear protection, I wouldn’t call him a deep thinker".
  • It looks like Elizabeth Debicki is playing the main villain in the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. Movie idea - her and Gwendoline Christie both in the same film. It doesn't matter what the genre or story is. Just get these two impossibly tall, awesome, talented ladies in the movie together. And get Kit Harington and Oscar Isaac in there too so we can all point and laugh at how tiny they are.
  • I was seriously bored during my 4 day long weekend. I have some sort of Stockholm Syndrome when if I'm not working or sleeping it seems weird because this is what I do the entire week when there are no more days than just the weekend off. The only reason you guys are getting this post is because I type it as I take my coffee breaks in the office. And I barely made Monday deadline with GoT recap which by the way only got 3 comments so me sad
  • Hence I saw movies last week:
  • I watched Brothers Grimsby which means and this is exactly what it sounds like - I watched Sasha Baron Cohen sucking the poison out of Mark Strong balls, Mark Strong and Sasha Baron Cohen hiding in an elephant which then gets fucked by the bunch of elephants (they get hit with the dick and everything) and Ian McShane suddenly seeing  a close up Gaboiury Sidibe's character vagina on the screen. It's actually magnificent how surreal that movie was.
  • I also saw Civil War which was decent fun but yet again the Marvel universe has no balls to actually kill anyone and Rhodes gets some cool futuristic things that help him walk 2 minutes after he gets paralyzed. What is that?! Why does it all have to be so pussyass? Some people got imprisoned? Let's rescue them in last scene! Cap and Tony are fighting? Let's make sure they make up before credits roll! Someone killed Tony's parents? Oh but he is brainwashed, so he is not a bad guy! You blew up my father? I won't kill you in a fit of rage and you, as practically everyone in this universe, will survive. There are literally no stakes in this whole universe. But other than that and the fact that after seeing his performance I kinda believe the rumor RDJ is too lazy to learn his lines these days and assistant whispers them in his earpiece it was good fun. Ant Man and Spiderman were really the highlights and at least I wasn't bored.
  • I also saw Neighbors 2. I loved the original but this was just awful. I don't think I laughed once during this whole movie. I'm so happy there were no showings on Sunday and I saw The Nice Guys theatrically instead.
  • I finally started season 3 of Penny Dreadful. Only saw 2 episodes so far, but it was good other than I wish they found someone charismatic to play Dracula not whoever this guy is. The plan is that I'll see Peaky Blinders 3 onight because apparently the God that walks among men:
  • showed up at long last in the recent episode.
  • Archer season 7 ended and I still haven't even seen the premiere. My life is garbage.
  • The Nice Guys was pure magic. Gosling is truly the King of Comedy - between his girlish screams, the scene where he attempted to break the glass and him finding that body - I was practically in tears. Crowe was awesome too. America you practically deserve Trump as punishment for not seeing that movie ergo making sure it earns a lot ergo a sequel is made. It is so far the best picture of the year and if you haven't seen it yet, do.
  • Brittani and Anna recap new Game of Thrones 
  • Flixchatter, epilepticmoondancer, On the Screen Reviews and  Feeling Fuzzier have reviews for The Nice Guys
  • m.brown reviews Neighbors 2


    1. The whole Johnny Depp/Amber Heard drama is such a fiasco. I'm with you...wait for the evidence; don't immediately bring out the torches for Johnny Depp. I'm not saying she isn't a victim, or that she's potentially pulling a Gone Girl. I don't know what to believe. I do, however, think the media circus and twitter bitches are completely over-the-top. People jump to conclusions too quickly. Show me the receipts.

      1. Exactly, all this hatred being poured on Depp and those who defend him is so premature and maybe not even necessary

    2. Thanks for the link Margaret!

      I'm not as excited as you about Suicide Squad, I guess I'm more curious than anything. I think Margot is gonna be the best thing about it. Not really crazy about the publicity around Jared as Joker, so I totally agree w/ your statement.

      As for the whole Amber/Johnny hoopla, yep my first instinct is to wait before making judgments because there's always two sides to every story and just because Amber is a woman doesn't automatically make her innocent and the guy is automatically guilty. Is that letter from Vanessa posted somewhere? Well that also doesn't prove Depp is automatically blameless, but it certainly speaks volumes about his character.

      Btw, did you see Carney's apology about his remark about Keira. Yeah I think that was so uncalled for, but I'm glad he at least apologized in a sincere way, well it SEEMS sincere anyway. I like his movies, but he's being an arrogant twat for saying something so negative publicly about actors he worked with. Similarly, Michael Bay insulted Kate Beckinsale but instead of apologizing, he actually said something even worse afterwards. But it's Bay, why am I not surprised :\

      1. You're welcome!

        Yeah that is a note Vanessa wrote last week, it was published on several of those gossipy sites.

        I wrote about that apology in the post, it's good he apologized but the fact he went after her in the first place is simply bizarre and uncalled for

    3. Thanks for the mention. Mads is eternally cool. Kit Harrington needs to grow back the beard. John Carney did a very bad thing. Bad, bad!!!! Yet, he's a saint compared to Michael Bay who is a true misogynist.

      For fuck's sake, he introduces women by shooting them either walking up the stairs in their underwear or fixing a motorcycle wearing skimpy clothes. Oh, and I do remember that he had a 15-year old Megan Fox be on the set of Bad Boys 2 in a skimpy bikini and a cowboy hat for her to dance. I know you dislike Lars von Trier for valid reasons but Bay is much worse in his treatment of women. I don't blame Kate Beckinsale for tearing him to bits all because of what he said about her body. What a piece of shit. Scarlett Johansson doesn't have nice things to say about him either when they did The Island.

      I had a lot of people really giving me shit over my views on the whole Depp-Heard bullshit at the NIN Echoing the Sounds forum when I posted articles about what Vanessa Paradis and their daughter had to say. Even when I said that I thought Heard's bruised face looked fake as they went after me. There's some people there who are just fucking ignorant. I don't buy a damn thing she says and I want some fucking proof but I feel like there's too many holes there. Even those so-called friends of her I feel are lying. That doesn't mean I'm on Depp's side since I've lost a lot of respect for him over the years. Bottom line is this. He never should've left Vanessa Paradis for some blond bimbo.

      1. I think Von Trier is s much worse. Yeah Bay's treatment of actresses and female characters is gross but Von Trier straight up hates and humiliates women every single opportunity he has. He has like serious mental issue. Bay is just an immature asshole

        I don't think he left Paradis specifically for this reason - 14 years is a long time and I think they just drifted apart. But yeah people jumping in on "Depp must have done this! He is abusive!" train because of some story with gigantic holes in it and some pics are just naive and honestly their lashing out at those questioning Amber's actions is gross and shows how ignorant they are

    4. I agree on Depp and Heard. We need to wait for facts, and right now she doesn't seem to have many of them. The fact all this came out the weekend before Alice Through The Looking glass came out is suspect too. The bad press is contributing to it bombing. It's a shame, I actually met Heard once. She was nice.

      Glad Carney had to apologize though. What an unprofessional asshole.

      I'm glad you weren't bored during Civil War! I agree with Rhodes' legs though. They should've left him in a chair. They could still do that I suppose. I'm okay with them not killing anyone in this because they do have to team up in Infinity Wars and I expect people to die there.

      Kirkman should shut the fuck up. Lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Kirkman really has some nerve even giving interviews about anything after this gigantic fiasco :/

        Carney must have been going through some shit or lash out, good that he at least apologized. Keira seems very lovely

    5. Hi Sati, great rambler today! Lots of updates. Yeah the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp madness has been all over the news. Most of the articles have been negative toward Depp, but the comments I've seen have been negative toward Amber. I will reserve judgment just b/c the circumstances are so weird. (i.e. police not seeing any evidence of a fight, the doctored texts, Johnny not having a domestic violence history). I don't know.

      My issue is that women are frequently not believed when it comes to rape and domestic violence. Rape seems to be the only crime in which the victim is automatically considered to be lying. In the states there have been so many instances of women getting raped while they're drunk or incapacitated in some way. B/c they're drunk no one believes them. Likewise, there are so many perpetual domestic abusers in Hollywood who are never called out and they still manage to be commercially successful. I don't get it.

      I can't speak to anyone's relationship, but IMO, I think Depp and Heard may be in one of those crazy toxic relationships that brings out the worst in people. I've seen relationships in which the wrong people come together and it's like a perfect storm. I assume something bad happened between them. Perhaps he got angry and threw his cell phone and it accidentally hit her. Either way, I hope the truth comes out. I'm not a fan of either of them. The person I feel the worst for is poor Vanessa Paradis who gave Depp 14 years of her life and two children only to be dumped for Heard.

      I'm a little disappointed that Blunt will not be in the Sicario sequel. I feel like they could have included her in the storyline. That said, I will see another movie with Benecio. He made that film for me.

      I'm very worried about Rogue One. Reshoots are not a good sign. Oh the look on Mads face is so awesome. I think I may just cry. I'm so looking forward to seeing the Suicide Squad. The tattoos are a little much for me though.

      1. Sorry this is mariah@ spaceblogyssey. Not sure why it was listing me as a guest blogger. Must be b/c I'm in a different email account. :)

      2. I don't think Johnny dumped Vanessa. I think they just drifted apart, she speaks very fondly of him which I don't think would be the case if he just left her for another woman. They do seem to be on very good terms, as he is with his kids too.

        Rogue One reshoots sound like it's not a bad movie but Disney has the problem with the tone. So that's really bad because they will probably butcher's the director's vision and what will be the result will most likely be a huge mess. I just don't understand how something like this can happen with such a high profile movie with high budget - don't they have people who oversee the production practically day by day?

    6. "Marvel universe has no balls to actually kill anyone"

      THANK YOU!! Someone else sees that Civil War movie for what it is. I honestly thought I was alone. And:

      "There are literally no stakes in this whole universe"

      Yep. Exactly. Just super people fighting other super people. No emotional impact whatsoever. Ant-Man and Spidey were the only parts I liked too.

      1. It's just so boring and repetitive. Yeah they killed off Quicksilver in that Ultron disaster, but who cares?

      2. I'm so glad you're with me on this one haha, I thought I was the only one. Pussyass is an apt way to describe it. The writers of these films need to grow some balls and make something that actually hits hard, rather than being mindless entertainment.

      3. I am puzzled as to why people don't seem tired of it. Yeah these films are entertaining but they don't deserve the glowing critics review they always get

    7. Oh, and thanks for the link love! :)

    8. I see entirely where you're coming from regarding the Depp-Heard situation. I mean, I don't want to call her a liar because domestic abuse is serious. Yet it seems a little suspicious because of how she wants to take a lot of his money. Like you said, we should wait for the court to figure things out.

      Also, if there are rumors about RDJ having his assistant read his lines for him, I can honestly believe it because as much as I loved Civil War, he kinda half-assed his performance. When you look at how much he earned for Civil War, that's just very crummy.

      1. Yeah his work in CW wasn't the best, in fact it was probably his worst as Stark to date

    9. rambling to rambling after a few weeks of absence (life sucks, I'm ok with that or I try to be ok with that).

      * "Mads, I love you so much." - I love him more for that !
      * "There are all those articles how Johnny was possessive of Kate Moss and they fought a lot and how he trashed a hotel room in 1993." That one totally lost me. I couldn't wrap my head around what it means. So, when he was young, he liked to trash rooms and by extension it means he has been abusive ? How people arrive to that kind of conclusion is beyond me.
      * "Did you see how much she spends a month?" - Yes, I did. I'm poor, I'm bitter. She has money, spent so much more and it's just irresponsable and I really despise people like that (because I'm poor and bitter, of course) in a world where so many of us are starving and in difficulty. Even if what she says is true, it can't make me forget the monetary side of her life.
      * I had no knowledge about the Michael Bay/Kate Beckinsale thing. Did he really looks at her ? I don't feel disturbed when I see someone pretty (we should ask him if he's feeling the same around those beautiful actors... I swear, those people), but damn, Kate B. is a beauty ! (and Kate Winsley is too by the way).
      * I'm not agreeing with Ryan Gosling about objectifying men more. I think we should objectifying women less. I'm not for arrive to equality with going up, but with going down on this one.
      * I catched up this week on Peaky Blinders. But not the Tom Hardy episode. I'm impatient to see him !
      * Archer season 7 ended and I have seen only the premiere.

      1. Really people jumping from "Depp trashed a hotel room 20 years ago" to "he must be beating his wife" are astonishing and not in a good way

        I'd be OK with her spending that if she actually had this kind of money but she is actually justifying getting alimony because fo 15 months she got used to better living. The nerve!

        Beckinsale is really gorgeous. Bay has shit taste if he thinks she isn't

        Hardy is in episode 5 and 6 and he is glorious :)

    10. That Mads gif is AMAZING, and I say that as the biggest Dolan stan imaginable.

      But really...LOVE!

      As far as the Heard/Depp thing is concerned, I'm always inclined, not to believe blindly, but to sympathize with the accuser in this type situation because I just naturally feel for a 'victim'. That said, I know full well that not every 'victim' is really a victim and so I, too, will not vilify without proof.

      That being said, there are a LOT of people bashing Heard as a gold digging whore liar, too, and while it may be a photo and her word versus his, we shouldn't judge her too without proof that Depp is innocent.


        Well there is this now...

      2. Yeah, I saw that. I still don't think that means she's making anything up. I'm not saying she couldn't be, but I don't think an incident in an airport years ago means she's lied about everything.

        But it doesn't look good, I'll give you that.

      3. Yeah but it's a good counterargument to people saying Depp trashing a room (!) in 93' means he is abusive.

    11. Yessss, this was a very interesting and educational read. The whole Depp/Heard thing is a f--king nightmare, and like you, I'm simply willing to wait till more facts come out. I don't understand why we always need to have answers NOW. Like there isn't anything else we could all be doing with our time...and ire.

      Wow, did John Carney decide he wanted to be a huge douche one day? What would compel a functioning adult to say something like that...publicly?

      Aw, you hated Neighbors 2? I thought it was a giant serving of 'okay' but my wife liked it (and stayed awake), so I have to call it a win. And any time with Byrne...well, I don't need to finish that sentence. (but your girl, Chloe? Yikes!!!)

      The Joker...has a tattoo...that says Joker. On his stomach. Cool. I'm going to tattoo Asshole on my face. In face I forget.

      1. I'm thinking drugs or alcohol...or his dick didn't work when he needed it to work...still, Carney I understand your crap endings now they come from within.

        YOU WIFE STAYED AWAKE? I watched it drunk as fuck and still didn't laugh

        Nah, tattoo 'awesome' at least it will be acurrate!