Friday, June 10, 2016

(239) It's never too late to come back + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, June 10, 2016
  • The LSHype is off the charts as pictured above (and yes this is the hype gifset of my making).
  • Cat/Brienne music in the ending. Two mentions of Cat's getting her throat cut in the last two episodes. Blackfish reminding Jaime of his oath to bring back Catelyn's daughters. BwB splinter group hanging the septon. One of the actors mentioning there are in 2 more eps so however their showdown with Hound in upcoming episode goes, there is one more. Brienne in Riverlands, the woman responsible for Sansa. Jaime in Riverlands, the douche who promised Catelyn her daughters back. Sandor in Riverlands, the man who was accompanying Arya and was seen with her by the Brotherhood, the Brotherhood which would now be led by Stoneheart.
  • You've gotta be shitting me.
  • Can it be?
  • And if anyone dares to tell me it's pointless and bringing too many characters back is jumping the shark, go ahead, tell me how it's more important to bring Benjen with his idiotic story than bring back the revenge for the most heinous and well known crime in the show's history at long last while we got absolutely no revenge at all for 3 seasons. Tell me how this is more jumping the shark than destroying Sansa's character, making Starks minus Arya dumb-asses who either get their friends killed or are so inept it's mind blowing or my favorite - Brienne staring at the candle.
  • Go ahead. I dare you.
  • Meanwhile, meet the new favorite character of pretty much everyone. Lyanna badass Mormont:
  •  The moment Lyanna dissed Sansa...
  • love turned eternal.
  • Also seriously, Jon. Used to like him a lot last year. But really, this guy is the most important character in the series? This is the guy who gets brought back from the dead? This inept boy who cannot convince anyone to join him, doesn't have any attack plan and brings useless Lady Bolton (who dissed Davos which now makes me actively root for her to die a painful death) on the war campaign? Really? I have now lost the interest in that big battle of theirs almost completely.
  • I cannot believe Arthur Dayne died for this shit. 
  • I'll say this - at least Jon is humble. Unlike this.
  • We need Lyanna on the Iron throne. And we need Davos as the Hand of the Queen.
  • I was seriously standing up, clapping. This little girl stole the show in the episode that featured the return of the Hound and IAN MCSHANE. Who by the way is incredibly hot and no I do not care that he is 72. This is Swegen, ffs.
  • There are two things that redeem the fact that they got him just to hang him. The fact that he is probably foreshadowing Stoneheart. And this. I fucking roared at this.
  • This is my fav comment found under episode review on pajiba:
  • "Sansa's stock bottomed the minute she decided to open with "When I saw you, you were theeeeees high!" or whatever the fuck. That's gaggy and annoying when you're a NORMAL ten-year-old. To a ten-year-old in Lyanna Mormont's position, it's grounds for cutting a bitch."
  • And pajiba review is the best yet again:
  • "We open in the Shire Witness Protection Program. A place so happy I thought I had accidentally changed the channel. And here comes friendly friend Al Swearengen, just walking around. ‘Put your back into it, you!’ Wink. ‘Here’s an axe, lad!’ Smile.

    I’m like where the hell are we?"
    "Cersei, conversely, has raised psychopaths and chum. A king so infantile and lost that it’s like a rigged season of Survivor where a cobra keeps a hamster as a voting pet, all the while telling the hamster “you’re a cobra too.”"

    "I think it’s Jaqen in an Arya mask. I mean, yes, it could be the real Arya and she could have Sansa’d her way around Braavos, just learning nothing at all from the events of every day of her life, but it seems fishy to me." (x)
  •  I am just gonna go ahead and say it - the depravity of Peaky Blinders episode 5 with all the fucking and perversity was delightful, too bad Tommy wasn't in the middle of it. But he was still in the episode and just stole the show. No other movie or show on Earth uses him better than this and his Alfie Solomons continues to be my favorite character of his. Between his hysterical welcome of Arthur, him having his hands tied up and his intense gaze when he was staring at that Russian I had to drink so much water not to dehydrate. I saw the final episode too but I need to wait for subtitles (both to understand his scene and make the gifset like the above one). I give people a heard time for not understanding Bane or Fitzgerald but trust me, Alfie, with all the slang mixed with poetry in his dialogue and Hardy's way of saying his lines as if Alfie was always so drunk he is almost about to fall (but his mind is 100% alert) is truly a thing that needs subtitles.
  • Benicio Del Toro said Amber Heard is manipulative. Which a lot of people think. Look at how this story is reported here. Why do these reporters (and I am playing fast and loose with that term here) think they have the right to decide which opinions matter more than other? It also looks that the more accomplished and famous you are, the your word matters. Well at least to SJW.
  •  And lett's not forget this came to light this week.
  • I have no idea if what you are seeing on the left is actual poster or fan made. But it's certainly hilarious.
  • Suicide Squad got PG 13 rating and people are bitching about it. Calm down. Did you really think it would get R? Let's focus on what's important here. We are still getting Margot Robbie dancing with a chain like a stripper.
  • Jared Leto talked a bit about his character accurately saying that the only villain more iconic than The Joker is the devil. Also there's gonna a panel for the movie next month at Comic Con and the cast will visit Conan's show. Very cool news right there. Conan is gonna perv so badly about Margot.
  • There's new TV spot too.
  • Morgan Freeman said some shit this week.
  • And this was linked in there and I was not aware of it. The fuck you're on about KITten?
  • Look what Snyder did to JK Simmons.
  • You've gotta read about this casting call for whores for Tarantino movie.
  • New Anthony Hopkins/Al Pacino movie tanked really bad.
  • Mel Gibson is planning on making the sequel to The Passion of the Christ. What can possibly go wrong?
  • Idris Elba and Kate Winslet will star in a romantic thriller. They crash in mountains and they fight to survive. God, I'd love to crash in mountains with Idris Elba.
  • Megan Fox can talk to dead fetuses. Yep.
  • However Fox also said this and this is just such a wicked burn. 
  • So all in all...interesting girl!
  • This whole all female Ocean's 11 reboot is a bad idea.Why do we need to remake successful movies with women in lead roles instead of men? Can't you think of original story? Is that the future of Hollywood? Comic book films, rebootin stuff with different gender and race and doing whatever you can to appeal to SJW? It's scary.
  • I don't even wanna talk about this Brock Turner person. But I salute these fellow pagan women!
  • Turns out Katherine Waterston plays Ripley's mother in Alien: Covenant. Well of course. Ridley won a Globe and he thinks he can make good movies again no matter how easy or stupid the story. You really can't.
  • Mackenzie Davis joined the cast of Blade Runner sequel. I'm gonna get real here - finally a female who I don't suspect got a part in this flick thanks to acrobatics on casing couch.
  • Ian McShane confirmed Deadwood movie is in the work. DO IT!
  • They are planning on making Archer movie one day with Jon Hamm as titular character. They can do whatever they want. I've been catching up with the show and it remains the most clever, funny and wicked thing on TV these days.
  • Myerla and Kevin review The Nice Guys
  • Ruth shares her Five fo Fifth in June
  • We got sad news this week of Muhammad Ali's passing. Alex shares his favorite scene from Ali in a lovely post.
  • Dell shares his experience on writing about Ghostbusters needing to be a hit and the reaction to his write up. He also links his article there and I hope I'll find the time to read it soon
  • Andrew gives his awards for 1983
  • Linsday has 4 reasons why people should see The Conjuring 2
  • m.brown reviews How to Be Single
  • Brittani and Anna recap new Game of Thrones
  • FlickChicks review Eddie the Eagle


    1. Who the fuck called themselves iO? Seriously, sounds some like hack-ass fame-whore.

      I didn't think Passion of the Christ was all that great. Still, I want to support Mel Gibson as I do like the guy no matter how crazy he is.

      If the film w/ Idris Elba and Kate Winslet has a scene where they have sex, I will go see it.

      1. I think it will have a sex scene otherwise it's just a waste :)

    2. Lshype!!!

      I don't know where too start with this post, there's so much I want to talk about.

      I still love Jon, I don't blame him for being a bit melancholy now, but marching on the Boltons felt very OOC of him. He usually has a plan

      I'm bummed that's a fan made Suicide Squad poster because it's hysterical.

      The Depp/Heard saga is such a fucking Trainwreck. I'm surprised she was arrested for DV herself.

      I really need to start Peaky Blinders. It's sitting in my Netflix queue. Same with Deadwood. So many shows I have to watch.

      A passion of the Christ sequel? Dear God...

      Thanks for the link!

      1. DEADWOOOD!!! Watch it's seriously the best show ever made. PeakyB is good but you need to see Deadwood. It has done all the things GoT does wrong brilliantly - strong female characters, great buildup and McShane's character lives :)

    3. I was really disappointed by the latest season of Peaky Blinders, it was so slow with so little pay-off, major let-down compared to the amazing second season and the really good first season. But Tom Hardy was easily the best thing about it. Stole every one of the three scenes he was in and I wish this season had more of him.

      And J.K Simmons. WTH did Snyder do to him? He's playing Commissioner Gordon not Bane for fucks sake. Everything about Snyder feels excessive.

      1. I only saw Hardy episodes :) I hope Tom is featured more in future seasons

        I don't know what the hell they are doing but it looks ridiculous

    4. *skips all the Throne talk* I'm behind again with the episodes, I need to see Door I think, or the episode before it as well. I'm not sure anymore. But I've only heard about one spoiler in particular so I'm trying to not know about the other stuff.

      Oh, and couldn't agree on you more about the reboot-female stuff. I don't mind the females, that's fine, just, there are so many reboots and remakes and out of nowhere sequels that it's exactly like you said, nobody has any orginal ideas anymore. A shame really.

      1. Really it looks like they will just continue rebooting stuff and fit them into whatever agendas they have. These ensemble of ladies is awesome, why not come up with something fresh for them to do?

    5. PS: The Tarantino casting call.. Not even surprised BUT another western? TO be honest, I'm a little tired of them now..

      1. I think maybe it's just Tarantino produced movie. Back fuck him either way

    6. I dunno about an Archer movie... but I agree with you, it is the best show on TV. The latest season hasn't dipped in quality at all.

      Have you seen Rick and Morty?? I think that is the only show that is better than Archer

      As always, thanks for all the links and gossip :) I'd miss a ton of shit if I didn't follow these posts you do! Hell, I'd probably still be totally unaware about Suicide Squad!

      1. I haven't see it but I heard good things! Gonna need to check it out

        DC is gonna plaster the promo for this movie anywhere, they really need it to be a hit

      2. Yeah definitely check out Rick and Morty. Soooo bizarre, so surreal, its crazy. And it makes shows like Family Guy look like utter shit, cos it is so well-written

      3. I think Family Guy is utter shit without need of comparisons to anything :)

    7. Hi!!!Its my first time i post my comment here!! I love your blog.

      Here is the new tv spot of suicide squad:

      Very bad quality but so much better than others.. it has some new scenes!!

      1. Thank you so much!

        Awesome TV spot! Love that new shot of Joker and Harley in the acid tank, thank you for linking this!

    8. I'm a little baffled at the PG-13 rating...but I'll still see it.

      Also...finished Season 5 of Thrones!!!! MY GOD!!! I'm so obsessed with this show now. I need Season 6 on DVD already!!!!

      1. Stop watching while you can, save yourself!

    9. Thanks for the link Margaret!

      I saw a brief clip of Ian McShane in GoT. So he’s only on there for one episode?? He’s really a terrific actor w/ an enormous screen presence!

      Not surprised Suicide Squad is getting a PG-13 rating, I mean they can’t risk box office loss w/ an R rating but yeah Margot is gonna be the best thing about this movie.

      My goodness, Snyder is really ruining every male actor’s physique by making them all work out to look like watermelons!! I sure hope Sam Riley will never ever work for that guy.

      “God, I'd love to crash in mountains with Idris Elba.” Ahah, get in line lady! :P

      1. You're welcome!

        Yep only for one but considering how shit the episode after it was, it may be a good thing

        Snyder really has a problem, the guy has no idea what subtlety is, I cannot believe they still didn't fire him

      2. Yeah, I'm surprised too that Snyder's STILL getting major work from big studios! It's promising though that Affleck is getting exec producer role in the upcoming Batman films, though it's still tough to top Nolan's trilogy IMHO.

      3. I hope Affleck involved will rescue those Batman films from being a disaster. Affleck gave a very good performance and it's a shame that the movie he was in was so bad

    10. I don't understand why people would think it's "pointless and bringing too many characters back is jumping the shark". I read it somewhere and I thought : What kind of shows those people watch or think they're watching seriously? (I haven't read the books - or more precisely - just the first two and at this stage, one more character would change nothing for me, dead or alive or whatever !).

      Sansa is just the worst. I have sympathy for Jon, at a level, I think he's just traumatized by his death and didn't have time to process everything. Sansa is pushing hard and knows nothing on war, that's a level of confidence that is making her quite dumb. I hated the meeting with Littlefinger, because for me, both of them knew exactly the risk with going back to Winterfell and D&D just rewrite all that in my head just to go with the flow... rrgghhh... Well for me anyway, but who knows ? Because Sansa acts like a b**ch right now and seems incapable of learning anything. Anything ! I mean, after surviving all that, her strategy and the way she talks about Davos. You don't know him, how dare you ? You have 62 more men thanks to him !

      I finish Peaky Blinders series 3 and shock, I thought Tom Hardy was more easy to understand than in the last series. Alfie was amazing, the savior of the last two episodes, I love how he says those truths.

      1. Sansa is just infuriating and keeps getting worse and worse. I see in the promo for next episode she is lecturing Jon. Right Sansa. You have gotten hurt in Winterfell but only a moron would think this will end well and you went there voluntarily. Jon fought in a war, faced WW and got killer by his own men. Really Sansa is beyond redemption. She is so haughty and arrogant it's just infuriating to see

        Alfie was on fire this season. I really hope they feature him more in next seasons because the series is most alive when he is in the scene. You just never know what he does next

    11. Thanks for the link! Really appreciate that.

      Given the content of my own article, I feel strange saying this, but I kinda get where Morgan Freeman is coming from. Unfortunately, the way people dress still influences how others think of them. I've seen the way people react to me when I have a suit on as opposed to when I have on jeans and hoodie. It's basically the difference in looking at me like a hero or a villain based on my outfit. Like it or not, people see what you have on and form an initial opinion of you.

      Love that Suicide Squad poster. I'm so on board with this movie. And I fully expect it to be a PG-13 flick, so I'm not sure why all the fuss.

      Thanks again for the link!

      1. You're welcome!

        Yeah...but it sounds like Freeman knew the woman in question and there is a bunch of other kinda terrible things he said there

        Yeah I knew it will be PG 13 too. All I care it's that it is a good movie and Leto and Robbie get enough chances to shine

    12. Thanks for the link!

      That Mormont girl is a little badass. Loved that scene as well. And I really need to watch Peaky Blinders. One of my best friends started watching it, and he really digs it.

      As for all the reboots, the answer is a resounding "yes!" Hollywood is already simply remaking every single successful movie and it will continue and they'll probably get worse and worse. The new Ghostbusters just looks so bad. I'm really worried. I hope I'm wrong. I'm all about Hollywood pushing projects featuring strong leading female roles, but remaking classic blockbusters is not the way to go. There are original ideas out there. The studios just want name recognition, branding. They don't want millions. They want a billion.

      1. You're welcome!

        PeakyB is a really good show, especially when it comes to acting. Great ensemble.

        I read Ghostbusters script and sadly it's very bad :/ I think there is no way the movie is gonna be a success :/

    13. That Suicide Squad fan poster is awesome. Oh the Martha scene in BvS. I still can't believe I actually watched that. Poor JK Simmons. What in the world is he thinking? Isn't he Commissioner Gordon? Why does he have to look like a bodybuilder? Please Please WB get rid of Synder. It's the only way to salvage the Justice League.

      You know that I'm all for female empowerment, but why can't hollywood come up with new ideas for women in film? Why do they have to remake already established films like Ghostbusters and Ocean's 11 with an all female cast? I would love to see films with all female casts or just "more" female cast members instead of the token smurfette/black widow character...but get some new material. Geez. Great rambler btw. Thanks!

      1. I have no hope fo Justice League anymore. I hope Snyder never touches anything to do with Suicide Squad or Wonderwoman standalone film

        It's just baffling. Ghosbusters is gonna flop so spectacularly :/

    14. My God, I'm still shaking in the corner after seeing JK Simmons and his massive 61-year-old arms. Makes me feel like a real bitch, you know? But not a whore...

      ...because I'm bigger than a size 8. But my breasts are natural!

      Thanks for the link as always, and just from you mentioned on Twitter, I'm doing all I can to catch the Conjuring 2. Well, doing all I can to trick my wife into going with me. Maybe I'll play the Father's Day card...heheh.

      1. It's actually a lovely love story. But the film is scary as shit. If she falls asleep during THAT you need to start worrying.