Saturday, June 25, 2016

(241) All hail lady Lyanna! + gifs

By sati (harlequinade) Saturday, June 25, 2016
  • Thank God that lovely little lady is safe.  That look on Lyanna's face was my favorite moment of the episode. I give the show a lot of shit these days but the decision to bring her character in is absolutely brilliant. She is my absolute favorite.
  • I hope she didn't lose too many of her men in effect of Sansa's yet another betrayal of her countrymen.
  • The latest episode showed Sansa as a selfish psychopath who led to 90% of Jon's army being slaughtered because she didn't want to tell Jon about Knights of the Vale. And then that worried look on her face when he chases after Ramsay. And then her smirk at the end. Would Theon, a person who has far more right to avenge Ramsay, smirk like that? No.
  • I'm assuming the smirk was Sophie Turner's idea. She can barely contain her happiness about her first kill in BTS video. Her understanding of character is as bad as the writers' understanding of Sansa.
  • People are like "Sansa didn't know if Littlefinger will follow through;'. Are they watching the same show as me? He practically begged her on his knees in that whorehouse for her to allow him to help. Are people actually serious when they say LF would not arrive after Sansa wrote him the letter? Really?
  • All Sansa had going for her was her innocence, which is now gone. And she has so much blood on her hands and all of that because of her arrogance. How many Northmen died? How many Mormont men? And for what?!
  • There was another smirk too. After the army she did nothing to procure (it was LF) smashes into Boltons. What is this disaster smirking about? It's not her accomplishment they are there. It's like there was a party and someone is like "I can bring pizza" and the other person is like "nah, there's food" when the fucking fridge is empty. Then that person texts "BRING PIZZA" and pizza is there. And that person is like oh my God I'm so glad I took care of the food!
  • I hear rumors that this ---->
  • is Lyanna Mormont and Sansa in finale. I hope for this so much. Lyanna crushing Sansa's delusions of grandeur and making sure she is nowhere near any position of power would be incredible to behold. Winterfell should never ever be hers. She is not a Stark anymore. No Stark would revel in cruelty.
  • Third time the battle ends with another army showing up to save the day. And this episode gets 70,000 votes on imdb and is rated 10. I'll tell you why. Because this is the shiny Barbie doll the showrunners are waving in front of your face to distract you from the quality of the script.
  •  I mean Dabid and Dan can't even be consistent within a single episode. Sansa rode off before Ramsey mentioned that he hadn't fed his dogs for 7 days but somehow she knew this when she sets his dogs on him. Even stuff like this they cannot keep track of. I ain't nitpicking. Some things seriously pop. They pop in an episode with everything else but the writing being so good.
  • The battle was well executed, the cinematography breathtaking:
  • the music in entire episode was as always brilliant, the acting mostly strong (Turner started well in the beginning but whatever she is doing nowadays is unwatchable).
  • We also had this:
  • I'm all for Yara and Daenerys together and the actresses themselves are very excited about this.
  • But the writing is what matters. It's the spine. Without it...well it's kinda like this.
  • Sadly for me the writers ruined the Starks (other than Arya, and I do like Jon) and I felt nothing when the direwolf flag was raised in Winterfell again. If that happened 2 seasons ago I'd be in tears. But not now. Back in season 2 or even as far as season 4 the characters were so intriguing that I cheered even for the Lannisters when Tywin rescued King's Landing. But now? No. Davos, Tormund and Lyanna are safe and that is what matters. Also it's fairly obvious people like Dany, Jon or Arya are safe now no matter what. Even if I didn't know Jon survives there would not be a single moment where I would think it doesn't. It's repetitive and bit by bit losing emotional impact.
  • The finale is shaping up to have the epicenter in KL even though the entire season KL was either underwhelming or boring. The scene which will happen had horribly executed build up but Ramin Djawadi is gonna rescue it with his music (seriously listen to this, it's the best track from the show yet). It's gonna be quite spectacular too and for me far more thematically interesting than the battle. Other than that prepare yourselves for yet another time showrunners think that the obvious and pompous ending is a good season ending scene. It's really, really not.
  • I have 9 days off starting tomorrow. I'm not actually going anywhere just need to catch up on my sleep, clean my room because it's a fucking liar of destruction and just in general chill. Work has been maddening and as you can see even though I announced the sidebar will be updated a week ago, it still isn't. Nor is my Conjuring 2 review ready. So other than updating the website this on the left is me for the next 9 days.
  • Also the website crossed 2.000.000 views this week! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!
  • HBO is in shambles. Vinyl which they hyped so much got cancelled.  They literally only have Game of Thrones now and that's on for another 14 episodes. I think HBO will do anything in their power to get Dabid and Dan to make more episodes. They don't strike me as those for art types. They strike me us types who have big ass room filled with money in their mansion and they just jump into that pile butt naked and rub themselves with cash.
  • Apparently AMC cut Hiddleston's naked ass from The Night Manager broadcast in US. Did anyone ask Taylor Swift what she thinks of this? 
  • Ariel Winter's graduation dress.....I'm not gonna say she has no right to wear this. If she wants to look like a hooker, go ahead. But for freaking graduation?!
  • The new Legend of Tarzan trailer is out and it looks so dumb but hey, we all wanna stare at half naked, wet Skarsgard and Robbie, right? And they are adorable together.
  • Suicide Squad has a lot of new posters out. It's seems that every week I show you some new promo material. They are pretty dope but the one on the right is probably overdoing it. I actually think the people who designed it were high at the time
  • And Viola Davis wanted to pepper spray Jared Leto.
  • No idea what Twenty One Pilots is but they made a song for the movie and the video for it. There is also a music video for Sucker for the Pain song by Imagine Dragons and some other people I don't know. Is it evident I'm not exactly current here?
  • Both video have some new footage from the film. I really liked that. I haven't seen movie clips intertwined into a music video in so many years. Remember stuff like My Heart Will Go On or It's Raining Man videos? 
  • Oh God, I'm so old.
  • More to that point The Devil Wears Prada turns 10 today. 10. Where the hell did that time go?! In any case this is a fantastic article with a lot of great trivia.
  • There are two Agatha Christie movies in development but at least one of them has Emma Stone in it.
  • Darth Vader is going to appear in Rogue One. Odd for them to reveal that in magazine spread instead in the actual movie or at least a trailer.
  • Archer was renewed for the three more seasons . Please tell me Babou will finally show up again. Also I still have season 7 to watch and there are few things better than new episodes of Archer waiting for you to see them. 
  • Ben Affleck lost his mind during some HBO show.
  • What fucking hourglass? And the author says she wasn't photoshoped into oblivion?
  • I am old and haggard at 27. Elizabeth Banks is not at 42 and certainly wasn't at 2. This is just outrageous. 
  • Penny Dreadful is no more. Showtime apparently didn't market the last episode of season 3 as series finale so people are pissed off. It's kinda great though. They had no idea it's gonna be the last episode so the element of surprise was huge.
  • Tom Hardy has a new project lined up. Hopefully the beard returns for it.
  • Brittani recaps new Thrones
  • Kevin loved The Witch
  • Courtney didn't like The Lobster 
  • Ruth is geeking over The White Queen
  • Andrew gives his awards for the year 1999
  • MettelRay and Khalid review The Nice Guys
  • m.brown reviews Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


    1. Viola Davis doesn't fuck around. I love that. Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard are adorable. Taylor Swift and Hiddles.... NO!!!!

      Elizabeth Banks being too old for Mary-Jane? Shenanigans!!!! She still looks hot to play Mary Jane.

      Ben Affleck's rant was hilarious. After all, he's from Boston and a Patriots fan. Of course he'll say shit like this.

      Sorry about what is happening in the U.K.

      1. I'm not in UK :) But this will cause a chain reaction and fuck everything in Europe up, for sure :/

    2. They didn't ruin Bran! lol. I always have to speak up for him, I love that kid.

      The writing for Sansa is just so bad. It's like they take us one step forward, then two steps back.

      I'm losing so much respect for Tom Hiddleston and this massive publicity stunt of a relationship that is him and Taylor Swift. Hiddles has always been a bit of an attention whore, and I loved him anyways, but he's dialing it to 100 right now. Dude really wants to be Bond.

      Ariel Winters seems to have gone crazy in these last few months, right? She's becoming a Kardashian on social media essentially. Those photos of her at graduation compared to Elle Fanning at her graduation were a huge contrast.

      While I normally agree with the sentiment of women being old and haggard, I can see why Elizabeth Banks at age 27 didn't get the part of 18 year old Mary Jane. They needed someone who looked like a teen. Tobey Maquire despite being like 25 actually looked like a teenager, so that was a pass. Elizabeth Banks looked like a beautiful woman in her 20's. (Then again, my pet peeves is people clearly not teens playing teenagers)

      Thanks for the link! (Sorry for the mini rant lol)

      1. Well Hodor and others are kinda dead because Bran had that little 'everyone is asleep so I'm gonna visit a horde of WW" adventure :)

        It's just so obvious it's a stunt. It's very sad. It's not like he had cemented himself as a great actor yet and him doing something like this just makes him more into a wannabe celebrity not an actor

        I don't what is up with this chick. I read somewhere she has crazy parents or something?

        I'm not sure Dunst looked that much like teenager:) McGuire is a freak of nature anyways :P

        You're welcome! ^^

    3. Thanks for the link! He..he.. well to be specific I'm geeking over Richard III or to be even MORE specific, the Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard :D At first I only liked him as he reminds me of Sam Riley, but then I fell under his spell [uh-oh]

      As for GoT, I heard the battle of the bastards cost like $25 mil or something? Boy that's like the cost of maybe 10 indie movies!

      Wow, 9 days off starting tomorrow. Good for you Margaret, hope you get to relax and watch a ton of movies/shows you love!

      1. You're welcome!

        Yeah I think so. It was a well made battle but because of the script being so mediocre lately it lacked emotional impact

        Thank you I hope so too! :)

    4. I feel like Suicide Squad is going to be great. No matter the hype and expectations, it's going to be great! Twenty One Pilots is quite a good fit for the movie as well, they have this sort of depressed and melancholy sound (stating this almost like I know a lot about music).

      But hearing movies turning 10 and so on, god, that makes me feel old as well.. and the more I work, the older I feel. Oh boy.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Well you definitely know more than me, I didn't know they existed before seeing that video :)

    5. Excellent write up of the last episode, Sati! This line just sums it all up perfectly, "Because this is the shiny Barbie doll the showrunners are waving in front of your face to distract you from the quality of the script." I thought it was a good episode but no way better than The Door, Hardholme, Rains of Castamere.

      It's very hard to concerned about Jon, Arya and Dany when you know they'll survive anything.

      Viola Davis gives me life. I am really hoping Tarzan does well, Alexander Skarsgard deserves to be a big star. I love his chemistry with Margot.

      Enjoy your well deserved 9 days off!

      1. Thank you! Oh God no, and no way was it better than Blackwater which probably cost 5 times less :/

        I hope it does well for the sake of Margot and Tarzan too but it's 5 days away and there doesn't seem to be much buzz :/

        Thank you!

    6. Congrats on reaching 2 million!

      I'm still waiting (rather impatiently) for Suicide Squad to finally come out. That said, I don't like either of those posters on the right or left. They both look like too much to me. Love the one in the middle, though.

      1. Thank you!

        Yeah they are making it a bit too 'look how fun it is!' but I can understand why WB is desperate :)

    7. Congrats on reaching 2 million and thanks for the link!

      I loved the latest episode of GOT. I think it might just be my favorite one yet, but I'm so with you on Sansa. I was so pissed they she got all those men killed. And that look on her face just wanted to make me throw a brick at the TV.

      Twenty One Pilots is actually a really cool band you should check out. They're kinda like Beck meets Green Day.

      Not surprised about Vinyl. First season was really disappointing and the show had absolutely no direction in regards to it's story, which is really disappointing considering Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terrence Winter were all involved. Hopefully, Westworld turns out to be something great for HBO.

      1. Thank you and you're welcome!

        Yeah and she didn't explain herself at all in finale. Lousy writing.

        I haven't even seen a single episode of Vinyl yet but I suppose right now I don't have a reason to...a shame for Cannavale and Wilde, they are good actors

    8. Great recap, and I'm totally loving your new avatar! That little girl is so badass and has the best resting bitch face I've ever seen. This episode was by definition LIT. I can appreciate your gripes, but I was too overwhelmed by the cinematography to care about the flaws in the story...them camera angles and shots were some Saving Private Ryan shit!!! So good.

      1. Yeah it seems everyone loved the execution so much, and rightfully so, the script didn't bother them. I'm hoping there will be much more of Lady Mormont in season 7 - she is absolutely spectacular!

    9. Two Million? F--king awesome. Totally deserved, too.

      I don't know what it is in Hollywood, but for a decade you're a young perpetually twenty, and then all of a sudden you're straight-up old and haggard. There seems to be no middle ground. I'd seriously rather shoot myself than guess anyone actresses age. I saw Robbie on Kimmel last night and she's f--king 25. Holy shit. You're all sooooo young.

      Dude...that Schumer cover. I don't even know what to say. Hooray...I guess?

      (thanks for the link!)

      1. Thank you!

        I think Robbie is older than she claims, though :) She is super beautiful but come on she isn't 25 ^^ She looks 28-30 to me.