Friday, July 8, 2016

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By Sati. Friday, July 8, 2016
  • Oh boy, what a week. Not in a good way. In women have it awful in this world aka thanks Hollywood kind of a way.
  • I trust by now you are aware that the recent issue of Vanity Fair profiles Margot Robbie and features a gorgeous photoshoot of her, shot by Patrick Demarchelier. What you may not be aware of is the actual contents of the article. Just look at wonderfully savage round up from pajiba. People are rightfully calling out the author for being a horny pig and the ridiculous way he writes about Australia but for me there is something else that just jumps out of this "article". He describes Margot as "the girl next door".
  • Oh yeah. Go next door to lend some sugar. You'll find this:
  • Never mind that Margot doesn't play these types of roles. She plays characters that are extraordinary or at least extraordinarily beautiful. But what kind of bizarre mindset one has to have to describe what is a truly, truly, outstandingly stunning woman as "girl next door"? What is wrong with that guy?! Don't try to answer that, we'll be here all day.
  • And it gets worse when it comes to journalism. A male even more disgusting than the one who penned Robbie article wrote this about Renee Zellweger. Women were pissed off and rightfully so. Rose McGowan also wrote something in response. This is just so sick - Zellweger has been under scrutiny her entire life because of her looks. She is 47. She had work done. And she gets a long article written about how she was never Hollywood beautiful but "beautiful in a real way".
  • There is so much wrong here with describing Renee like this, which in this publication and society seems like a "polite" way to say she is "ugly" and then few days later we see Margot being described as "girl next door" in another major publication.
  • I do hope that backlash hits both of those "writers" hard. It's just all around gross, both of those pieces, one putting an actress down, the other just disgusting account which equals to the writer masturbating for several hours because he might as well have considering how gross this article is. He probably definitely did too. Really it reads like some delusional fanboy's heightened reality account of meeting with a woman whom he fantasizes about fucking. It's highly, highly, HIGHLY disturbing. It's not someone's personal blog like this here. It's not few paragraphs, it's entire article. It's written for a major publication and the writer actually met that girl. If I ever met Tom Hardy I would spontaneously combust out of embarrassment over some stuff I wrote here on this website.
  • Here is an excellent article about why it's all so wrong. And what makes it worse is that there are men who don't understand why people are angry about these articles and they...defend their authors. If you don't get it, say nothing. I don't say anything about issues I have no idea about and clearly some men - or all of them to some extent - have no idea about women issues. Also I read a suggestion that Margot is at fault here because she was naked in TWOWS...what? It was a performance in a movie. Robbie gave great reasoning for her nudity, not that she was required to for appearing naked, saying how for character her looks was currency. Robbie is a talented actress who played a seductive model in Scorsese movie, she ain't someone like Emily Ratajkowski who snaps pics of her naked tits and uploads them on twitter hoping it will lead to fame and movie roles. I was left speechless so many times over male reactions to this week's articles but the outrage seem to be the reaction of majority so thank God for that.
  • If you are a man and do not understand the outrage, you are part of the problem. But don't worry. There is a female celebrity in your company:
  • Mila Kunis "goes without make up" here. What the takes a lot of make up to look like she does on this cover (look at the comments, some pictures for evidence there). And if not make up, then it's photoshop. I have one thought on this cover and that thought is "bitch please". I spent 15 minutes a day just to look somewhat presentable and need at least 10 products. Again, bitch please.
  • This is just such a terrible week in terms of women image. While Zellweger and Robbie have no say when it comes to pigs who wrote about them if Kunis is claiming this is no make up....this makes idiotic males then go on thinking that a woman like Mila on this cover is 'normal' and Robbie is a 'girl next door'. And now we have boys looking at that cover thinking "so this is what a regular girl without make up looks like!" and seeing Robbie as 'girl next door' pretty. Gee, what realistic image of women they must have now...
  • Children of Men is gonna be reality. Not because women will be unable to get pregnant but because men in this society will become so disgusting no woman will want to bang them.
  • Mila, I used to root for you. You're an embarrassment and part of the problem. Snap a selfie of yourself at 5 AM, put it on the cover of a magazine and then you can say "no make up". 
  • Oh and speaking about Mila. Look at this photoshop on the poster from some new crap movie she did. Kathryn Hahn looks like Jenny Slate. This is madness.
  • But getting back to Margot, aren't her and Alexander Skarsgard the cutest? Also apparently they had 'primal sex scenes' and there was a kiss scene between Waltz and Skarsgard which were deleted from the movie. Are you kidding me?!
  • Suicide Squad is featured in new EW including new pictures, covers and an article. Margot was also on the front page of imdb yesterday. WB is throwing this cash like crazy with the marketing for this one. It also seems someone is seriously promoting here. That's good. She is lovely, has wonderful down to earth-fumy vibe to her and is talented. There is so much more to her than just outstanding looks and I do hope people see that.
  • EW also has a first look and article about American Gods. Yep, still didn't finish the book. The work is nuts lately. But just look how hot Ian McShane looks! Also Bryan Fuller is getting the cast to wear those flower thingies like he did with Hannibal cast which you can see on his twitter where he shares the photo of Emily Browning wearing one. Also his twitter avatar seems to indicate they shot that great carousel scene already.
  • Speaking of Ian McShane there is an absolutely delightful interview with Brian Cox here in which he reveals that he wants to be on Thrones but in the past he turned it down because he thought it wasn't enough money. Now he loves the show - " Well, stupidly, I turned it down in the early days because they didn’t pay enough money [laughs]. Now they have more money. And I was silly. I was silly, it was silly, because I’m a complete addict now. But I don’t know what I could play. Maybe I could do – I mean, I just watched my friend Ian McShane, and I thought, ‘Ooh, Ian’s in it’, so I settled down to watch him. And I thought, ‘Ian did that?’ and immediately I thought, ‘God, they must have paid him well’, because I know Ian! [laughs]"
  • Daisy Ridley used a pillow to cover spoilers for next Star Wars. What. is. happening. 
  • Alex Ross Perry had some great stuff to say about The Neon Demon.
  • JDM is officially series regular on The Walking Dead
  • Seems to me it's this chick who always wants press that's why she is always naked? 
  • Remember when Tom Hiddleston had self respect? Neither does Tom Hiddleston. Good lord. This is just all kinds of embarrassing.
  • It got worse. I mean when Piers Morgan is making sense and is right then things are really, really serious. I don't even wanna see Hiddleston's movies anymore.
  • There's a new, gorgeous Beauty and the Beast poster. I'm very psyched for this, the casting is just impeccable.
  • Sarah Silverman almost died because of some freak throat disease. Considering it's 2016 and so much terrible shit happened already, she is twice as lucky as she would be any other year.
  • Abbey Lee film career continues and I'm so thrilled about it/
  • I had no time to clean my room during my 9 day long vacation but yesterday I proclaimed I'm gonna give Outlander a third try so clearly this is so happening you guys #sarcasmsign
  • I cannot even remember last time I saw a movie. It's July and I saw around 12 releases from 2016. I reviewed...I don't know how many of those. 1? 2? 
  • This is so bad.
  •  But I'm back to work which means I now have the time to read movie blogs and other websites. Ironically when I'm at the office this is the only time I can catch up on my reading. When I come home I'm so exhausted I do nothing.So at least yey! me commenting!
  •  Last week I talked how gross McConaughey looks on the set of The Dark Tower. Idris Elba on the other hand is the opposite of gross. Also check out those pics.
  • Emily Blunt and John Krasinski welcomed baby number 2! Her name is Violet. God bless that precious, hooked up for love not publicity, couple.
  • Melissa McCarthy and her husband are making another movie even though Tammy and The Boss weren't exactly successful. Gillian Jacobs is also on board for this one. Bless them too. Do what you want, I'm still gonna be there to watch it. Also apparently Spy 2 is gonna happen? And Statham is gonna have a bigger role there? Well, I'm ecstatic.
  • m.brown and Keith reviews The Shallows
  • In celebration of Eva Green's 36th birthday Ruth posts about her favorite roles of the actress
  • Josh chooses The Witch as his favorite movie of 2016 so far
  • Meanwhile FlickChicks choose 5 best and worst movies of 2016
  • Brittani reviews great Wild Tales
  • Dell wrote a hilarious review of Independence Day: Resurgence


    1. Hey thanks for the link, Margaret! Ahahahaha, Margot as 'the girl next door'??? Which door are we talking about here, in which planet?? Ugh it's disgusting when male writers describe women in such a way, esp after meeting her? It's so disrespectful. I mean, gush if you must, I won't blame them, but please realize she is still a human being with a brain and heart and soul.

      It's so disheartening too about Renee Zellweger, oh geez, I can't even read that stuff.

      "Remember when Tom Hiddleston had self respect?" Nope, can't say that I do, completely obliterated now.

      On the positive side, look at that gorgeous Beauty & the Beast poster!! I think I'm gonna put that up my work cube!!

      1. I really hope Beauty and the Beast is gonna be good. They have the perfect casting and story hopefully the awful CGI and ridiculous attempts and creating new story won't ruin it like latest feature flicks from Disney

    2. I feel sorry for what Margot Robbie has to go through. Being pretty is one thing but I feel like there's a lot more to her. I like the fact that she doesn't take herself seriously while also being a goofball. Vanity Fair can suck it. Mila Kunis looks good in makeup. That poster though... ugh....

      Hiddles.... you disappoint me. Going out with that harlot and now being pussy-whipped into that godawful posse of bitches. I'm going to call the Bullet Club (Scar-Jo 3:16, Cactus Jena, Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, Olivia Thirlby, Anne Hathaway, and PO'TMAN MOTHAFUCKA). I don't like Piers Morgan but he's right about Hiddleswift... BLECH.

      I haven't seen a lot of new releases either. Lack of interest as well as not being close to a theater near me and timing. I really hate this year.

      1. I could see all those new movies but I just don't have time and energy. The shallows is not even 1,5h and it's still too long for me these days

        Honestly I feel the worst for Ryan Reynolds. he looks like he is dying inside on that instagram photo

    3. That Vanity Fair interview was gross. You could practically feel that guy jerking it.

      Damn it, Margot, Team Eric! Always Team Eric.

      That beauty and the best poster is beautiful, but god Emma Watson is so bad. I'm not sure how this will be.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I like Emma, though she has off moments :) She is the worst bit of casting there but that may be only because the rest of the casting is seriously incredible, cannot imagine better choices than Stevens and Evans

    4. Fascinating post. I don't follow celeb news and don't read publications like Variety, or EW, so I had no clue any of this was happening. I did read through some of the stuff you linked to, though. It's pretty bad. Hate that RZ's movie is overshadowed by a ridiculous article about her look ls and the responses to said article. Unfortunately, that's where we are. Hope we can get beyond this before the end of my life. Wish me luck.

      Thanks for the link love!!!

      1. You're welcome for the link! I don't follow those magazines either, other than the twitter feed but when people started getting outraged I was interested to see what was happening and read those :/

    5. That koala bit is adorable!

      I read a bit on the article on Margot Robbie; what were the people of Vanity Fair thinking? Didn't they bother reading the article before slapping it on the pages and running it? She's a talented actress and she is more than just her looks. So is Renee Zellweger.

      I'm a bit excited for Beauty and the Beast; it's one of my favorite Disney movies and I'm hoping it'll be great!

      1. I worry they read it but given how gross the articles like that usually are they just didn't care :/

    6. Aww, I love the baby koala pic. I am so disgusted by how women in Hollywood are treated and written about. It's sickening. Both the article about Margot and Renee were stomach churning. Do they have editors? The Vanity Fair article was so insulting to Australians. He basically called Australians cave people. I swear some people who live in Hollywood live in an alternate reality bubble that's separate from the world. I'm so glad that women are not taking it anymore! Good for Rose.

      The last few eps of Outlander of season 1 were really good. You should finish it if you get a chance. Admittedly the series felt a little long in the middle. I think this series would benefit from being 6 to 8 episodes instead of 16. I think that's the big problem-- it's just too long. I haven't started season 2 yet.

      1. I'm still on episode 2 :lol: I don't know why I cannot find the time to just sit down and marathon it, it looks like a very good show and it's getting praise everywhere I look

    7. That Vanity Fair article was all over the Aussie news here last week - it did NOT go down well. "Throwback people" and "Australia is America but 50 years ago" is straight-up rude. Anyway, nice photoshoot of Margot, even if the accompanying article was total horseshit. Between Tarzan and Suicide Squad, Margot has got the next few weeks of publicity sewn up - she's going to be everywhere!

      Can't wait for Beauty and the Beast - I love that cast also! Emma is going to ace it.

      1. I'm super glad for Margot being everywhere but I wish those guys would actually write something interesting about her career and personality. I mean I can see she is gorgeous. No words needed, everyone sees that.

        Beauty and the Beast looks really wonderful, hopefully it will be better than all that horseshit from Disney in recent years (minus Cinderella which was lovely) combined

    8. Wow. On top of what you've said, the article on Robbie... the way he describes her entrance is the writing equivalent of an unwanted hand on my ass, but I guess they wouldn't see the wrong in that either.

      As for Renée... it's mind-blowing the way the guy is so casual and righteous about it all, as if what is saying is common sense.

      1. And whats worst is that the editors must have rad those articles but the articles written in such a way are so common these days they probably weren't even shocked or thought it was inappropriate to print

    9. much gross in those two articles.

      But, on a lighter note, I want a f***ing koala now.

    10. Thanks so much for the link. Always appreciated.

      To be honest I am a bit ignorant on this whole 'girl next door' story. I will say this though, I never let Hollywood or the media define "beauty" for me. And as a guy I have said something similar to "she isn't Hollywood beautiful". But by that I was saying it as a compliment. I was saying she is naturally beautiful, not needing a team of makeup artists, enhancements, etc. Obviously there are those in Hollywood who are naturally beautiful, but women should never be judged by such a lofty standard as we often see. Renee certainly doesn't deserve that. Even the headline is offensive.

      1. You're welcome!

        I think the guy said something about beautiful in real way or whatever and combined with the rest of article it's pretty evident that he meant that in a pejorative way :/ I think that most of girls in the world, given the stylists and cosmetics could look Hollywood beautiful, comparing those Mila photos with some of the candids of her in RL shows that

    11. What the actual fuck is Hiddles doing with Taylor Swift? Dating or hooking up with the girl is fine, but all these planned photo-outings is so beneath him. What the hell is he doing???!!!

      1. Whoring out, it seems :) Why? I don't know.