Saturday, July 16, 2016

(244) Pokemon NO + links

By sati (harlequinade) Saturday, July 16, 2016
  • Before we get to the Squad talk....
  • Now let me preface the upcoming rant by saying I don't mind people playing games in their free time. I do mind people playing them all the time, behind the wheel or - and that is a true story - in Auschwitz. 
  • Let me get this straight - people are falling off bridges while chasing Pokemon. 
  • This is the world we live in. 
  • People...falling off bridges....chasing POKEMON.
  • ....
  • Am I supposed to not laugh about that? 
  • Cause that ship has sailed.
  • I keep hearing how amazing it is that the young people got out of their houses and are exercising. It got to the point in this sick society where people need to be tricked with pixel animals (actually what exactly are Pokemon? You know what, don't tell me, the less I know, the better) to move their lazy asses.
  • I sit here, amazed. I spent most of my life studying to have a good job. I have it now and though I earn well I have very little energy left. I do exercise without the need to chase some imaginary crap while doing so. But I don't really have the time or energy or interest to do much more than occasionally see a movie, post here, hopefully 2 a week, and hang out with people I like. I'm in my twenties and though I love cinema there are times I don't go to cinema for weeks because I'm just too tired from working and everything else adult life entails. Who the hell are these adults who have the energy to walk around the city and look for pokemons? Are my taxes paying for that? They are, aren't they?
  • Seriously those smartphones, while used on bridges and highways, seem to work like natural selection. 
  •  This week has been a goldmine for RF because Lena Dunham has been talking. First she decided to vandalize Jason Bourne posters because there is a gun on them so that's bad because glorification of guns = dead people. Never mind the fact that she was in that Taylor Swift video with half naked chicks SHOOTING MACHINE GUNS.
  • Oh, but it gets better.
  • You see, the morons who attend the same university Dunham did say that incorrectly prepared sushi is offensive.
  • These are the kind of people who should play Pokemon Go....
  • the middle of a highway.
  • You know what this university should do? They should gather those students of "liberal acts" (they are basically "studying" to mooch off their parents for the rest of their lives while they are being pretentious twats) and send them to Siberia, also making sure they have buckets for toilets and sawdust instead of toilet paper.
  • Another group of people who are also in desperate need of reality check are entertainment writers and people who are professionally outraged. Not everyone knows hashtag history. In fact knowing something like hashtag history is probably not something to be proud of.
  • When your politicians act like this, USA, forget about hashtags.
  • Mick Jagger, 72, expecting his eight kid. This time with 29-year old. Even to me that is messed up.
  • Remember that time I wrote about The Devil Wears Prada turning 10 years old and we all felt old? Well, guess what? Legally Blonde turned 15 on Wednesday. 
  • We have the first official look on The Dark Tower:
  • They aren't letting Helen Mirren drive in F&F. What is this all about then?
  • Jessica Chastain's next role sounds interesting
  • The Heat 2 script is ready but Bullock doesn't wanna sign. Goddammit, just do it!
  • Milles Teller bleached his hair. There are no words.
  • Colin Farrell joins Kristen Dunst, Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning in new Sofia Coppolla's movie. 
  • Here's a concept art for Blade Runner 2.
  • Tom, is it all about that? I'd respect whoring out for money more than for fame but he has the money so what is he doing?
  • Even Idris is laughing at him.
  • Also what the hell is this?
  • Meanwhile shrewd mouse's ex boyfriend said some stuff.  I am at least familiar with Katy Perry's music. I barely know who Harris is and my only contact with Swift was brief 30 seconds of the dying cat parade called 'Bad Blood' they showed this week on the news while discussing how rich she is.
  • Lainey has a great point though. 15 months they were dating. Surely he has more.
  • Boy, I do love good revenge.
  • Jennifer Aniston had the audacity to whine about fame, paparazzi and worst of all women image and LaineyGossip handed her ass to her. A week ago I whined about woman's image in media. I have the right to do that. Aniston who goes around talking how she is always on diet and has no cheat day (I'm convinced a year into my diet that a cheat day on Friday is the only reason I'm still alive), poses naked on the covers of magazines and constantly talks of her private life doesn't get to talk in accusatory tone. She is the one to blame for the fucked up image too. 
  • Speaking of ladies' image...
  • I have no idea whether new Ghosbusters movie is good, mediocre or a total trainwreck. There are so many people with agendas - let's rate it higher because I'm a woman, let's rate it 1 because I'm a guy, let's say it's good because I'm a movie critic with NO BALLS and I'm scared of backlash - that I don't know who to trust and whether to spent what is left of my energy and go see it. Seriously the bloggers in our blogosphere are the only people I trust anymore because they ain't getting paid for their opinion. Nor are they - hopefully - deranged enough to think imdb ratings matter. So I'm gonna wait for you guys to tell me whether or not to see it.
  • Look it's possible the film sucks. But you know what? This. Those little girls won't look at the film and think oh it's an unnecessary remake of the classic! oh no, it's the same jokes again! They will think it's awesome that women are kicking ass. Regular women, not action heroine built chicks like Sarah Connor or Ripley. When I was growing up there were no flicks like this. Flicks where nerdy or awkward or shy girls got to lead the movie along with other girls and kick ass. Maybe I'd be a better adjusted adult if there were (my only solace is that at least I'm not looking for Pokemon. No, seriously. It's the only solace). If anything, if 90% of people won't like it but few little girls will think they can be anyone they want, it was worth it.
  •  Regardless you should check out the movie's imdb board. Holy God.
  •  pajiba has an idea how to make men's heads explode. I'm not sure this is a good thought - many men already see all women as bitches and want to destroy them, why give them cinematic "evidence" for that? Oh, because they would use a movie as a proof, trust me.
  • La La Land trailer is here and it's magically lovely. Between this and The Nice Guys...yeah I kinda see why girls like Gosling. Wouldn't kick him out of bed.
  •  Hollywood manages to gross me out again. Is it Leto? I hope not. One of the commentators says Leto likes choking chicks during sex. That is a better option than what that article is detailing.
  •  Jared Leto took a selfie of himself as the Joker and it's the stuff of nightmares. Few things scare me anymore but this is creepy.
  •  Have you seen the details of the new photos? The mouth tattoo on Joker's hand or Harley's necklace saying 'Joker' as well as the fact that "Daddy's little monster" is not just something written on her shirt, but also a tattoo. Very cool stuff and what a great design.
  • Margot is so game for all that promo stuff
  • There's also this awesome animation/spot of Harley Margot shared on her instagtam.
  • There's also one for Enchantress and I love the outfit of her character so much.
  • Also David Ayer talked to Slash magazine and said that this version of the Joker is gonna be stylish and is the kind of person who has to know what Prada outfits will be for next season. I love that. The Joker was always portrayed as very stylish in the comics and it fits so well with his narcissistic personality.
  • Concept art for Harely's outfits. And here is some interesting info about the film, I love how much detail went into those tattoos and what Margot had to say about Harley's ones.
  • One of the Skarsgard brothers is playing the new clown in It remake and here is the first look at the character.
  • Emmy nominations! Big congrats to Kit Harington and Maisie Williams scoring their first nominations for Game of Thrones. Those are very well deserved, as is Lena Headey's nomination. Peter Dinklage at least had that lovely dragon scene but why the hell is Emilia Clarke nominated? She is all right but at that point she has three nominations. This is ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as Max von Sydow scoring a nomination just for showing up because let's face it he wasn't given anything to do. I'm still laughing about the fact Ian McShane chose to submit himself for two other shows but not Thrones. But the big snub? Jon Bernthal. What the hell?
  • And finally here is Samuel L. Jackson's beginners guide to Thrones. You must listen to this. 
  • Brittani reviews 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Andrew is psyched about La La Land 
  • epileptic.moondancer reviews Sing Street
  • MettelRay is reading American Gods
  • Keith reviews The Conjuring 2
  • Ruth shares the trailer for Loving 
  • m.brown reviews The Purge: Anarchy
  • Alex shares 66 things he loves about The Insider


    1. Cute doggie. I don't own a mobile phone and I don't want to. I've become an anti-modernist. Sorry but I'd rather be safe than pay attention to whatever text and tweets that I'm getting... oh wait... I don't have a Twitter account either. Yeah, I'd rather be an out of touch old fart than conform to the world of playing Chinpokomon.

      Lena Dunham... what an idiot. How about I just wave a donut right in her face and then put her in a trap so she can go away.

      Hiddles..... don't come crying to me or to Sati once you realize you have no balls and that succubus bitch has made an album all about you.

      My parents heard about Mick Jagger having an eighth child and they were like "what the fuck?" They're disgusted and they can't believe someone in their age group is going to be a dad again. My mom thinks he's ugly.

      1. You've gotta be loving this week in light of all the Taylor Swift drama :D

      2. Nope. Not on the side of Swift or Kimye. Personally, I'd rather see them and their friends to just... go away.

      3. Haha :D But at least Swift was exposed as a big poser, so that's good

    2. Lena Dunham just needs to stfu. There's times where I think cultural approproation should be discussed, but not when you're using different bread for a sandwich. Move on.

      Miles Teller....yeesh.

      Tom Hiddlestin...yeeeeeesh.

      Harley Quinn...yay!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You're welcome! Dunham's flipflop tried to kill her this week, you'll read all about it on Friday :lol:

    3. Here is one of the only reviews for Ghostbusters I think is somewhat telling the honest truth. It's pretty much what I expect myself.

      Suicide Squad is the only thing that's making me excited this Summer.. it's going to be epic! I can't wait.

      And the Swift drama.. you know, I think Harris was pretty much her only non-promotional relationship to date. I think they met and no publicist was involved because their relationship seemed so low key compared to her entire dating history.. and let's not even discuss Tom. I mean, he was one of my favorite actors after I saw him as Loki, but now.. the stupid High-Rise and this Swift business has made him so annoying in my eyes.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. Tom is having a particularly bad week right now :P Well he should have known what he was getting himself into....I think his Bond chances are pretty much gone

    4. I think I've watched the La La Land trailer like 100 times by now.


      This Pokemon thing NEEDS to end. How incredibly stupid. I can't with it anymore. I was ordering coffee yesterday and the guy taking my order started talking to me about how he's so tired because he's been chasing Pokemon and I literally wanted to laugh at him but I didn't want him to spit in my coffee.

      I just...literally...CAN NOT WITH THIS!

      Tom is a joke at this point. I king of hate him now, and I was all about him breaking out a year or two ago but ew...gross. He's not talented enough for me to let this go.

      I still love me some Swift, though.

      LMAO Mick Jagger.

      1. Haha, yeah it's a gorgeous trailer!

        It's kinda making me jealous that these people have this kind of time...takes me 5 days to respond to the comments under Friday posts ffs.

        I really don't understand why he did that. I wish we find out one day :lol:

    5. This smart-phone app shit drives me crazy. People walk around doing it, they do it while you are freaking talking to them, it is more dumbing down than commercial television. Drives me nuts, I use my phone to TALK to people!

      I'm skipping the Squad news cos I wanna go in as blind as I can. You've really revved me up for this thing! That Leto selfie was freaky tho. And Robbie is gonna kick it, wooo for Aussie power!

      heh, you are in your 20's and have a steady job. I'm about to be thirty and I'm still studying! And its not like I've been studying for a decade straight either :P

      You know, I think I'm gonna go see that Ghostbusters movie. Why not, eh?

      1. Leto probably walked around taking those creepy selfies all the time. I'm like 80% sure he is gonna appear in character as the Joker in San Diego for Comic Con panel this Friday

        Studying seems more optimistic than having a job to me :D

    6. Oh, and supposedly that weird sexual encounter is not Leto but Benicio Del Toro...and it's not the first time he's been rumored to be...kind of effed up.

      1. Yeah I read it may be Del Toro doesn't surprise me :)

    7. Thanks for the link Margaret! POKEMON NO indeed. Seriously, I can't even comment on the blatant stupidity of it all.

      Oh no, now you're into Gosling too? I guess I'm the only one now who still don't get his appeal, ahah.

      As for Ghostbusters. Well I had fun with it, the girls are the best thing about it, but the movie itself is mediocre. But as you said, it's awesome to see regular girls, not the superheroic kind w/ incredible physique who gets to kick ass, and for that reason alone I'm glad I saw it.

      - Ruth

      1. You're welcome!

        Haha, did you get to see The Nice Guys? Maybe you'll see something in him too :)

        Glad you had fun during Ghostbusters!

      2. Hmmm, weird that my comment showed up as Anonymous. Ahah, yeah maybe I will see something in Gosling, but I doubt it. So long as he doesn't annoy me that should be enough :) Hope you check out Ghostbusters, I think the ladies are a lot of fun even if the script is lacking.

      3. I'm a klutz and deleted it instead of publishing, so I had to find the copy sent to me via e-mail notification and paste it :sorry: I definitely will but probably on DVD. i never miss Melissa movie

    8. Oh God, so much to talk about in this post! I'll skip quickly past Pokemon Go as I'm a player (but not one of the morons getting ran over or playing instead of holding down a job!)
      Miles Teller's new hair do made me throw up just a little bit.
      That was made all better by the sight of Ryan Gosling.
      Our review of Ghostbusters is coming up this week, but I'm still not settled on my thoughts. I think because I was expecting to hate it, the fact is wasn't a disastrous mess actually made me kind of love it? Either way, I recommend giving it a go!
      - Allie

      1. Yeah I'll definitely see it! Just not sure about the trip to the cinema, I'm so busy right now and I'm all psyched about SSquad so I need to save my energy for that :)

    9. I'm always psyched for anything Gosling does, but I'm kind of exhausted of him and Emma Stone in movies. Are there literally no other actresses out there who could fit the bill?? That's one of the many problems with Hollywood...

      1. Well at least it's not Lawrence :D

      2. This role is just so perfect for Emma, too.'s ideal casting choice, so I have no qualms with this at all.

      3. Yeah her and Gos have good chemistry too!

    10. Oh...shit. I can only imagine what you've got in store for next week's RF. But we'll have to wait and see.

      Okay...let's do this in a reasonable order.

      1) Pokemon GO...probably the only thing that will get anyone under the age of 17 outside in the US. It's pretty f--king stupid, but...uh....I, um...nevermind.
      2) The best part of the George Bush clip is Michelle Obama remaining...composed. That guy is a f--king clown.
      3) Speaking of creeps, is it safe to say Leto has either lost his f--king mind, or the ability to keep a secret? Or both? Damn dude...leave a little mystery to all the weird shit you do. And if there's shit we don't know thank you.
      4) And finally, Ghostbusters was a big bag of...okay. MM has to play it very straight (which is a bummer) as only McKinnon really gets to unleash. I pretty much had to take my son to this movie...but more on why when I post my review.

      Thanks for the link!!!!!

      1. Oh man, there is so much stuff for tomorrow's post :lol:

        I think those rumors about Leto liking to choke girls come from the said girls...but he is showing up to Comic Con tomorrow and I have no idea what he will do or say there. You never know with this guy.

        I hope your son liked it! And that it was a better movie than BvS :P

    11. Thanks a billion for the link. You be awesome!

      I'll be honest, I am so uncertain about what Leto is doing with the Joker. I mean I get the unique vision he is bringing to it. I respect all of that. He is such an iconic character that I have been so heavily invested in since childhood. Openminded though...

      Wait, Dunham is vandalizing Bourne posters because of a gun? Have we really reached that point of idiocy or am I missing something?

      Ghostbusters seems to be all of the talk. I love what you said about the whole "controversy". I didn't like the movie. Hopefully I represented my issues with it in a fair way. Clearly, it's problems aren't because females were cast. Also it isn't automatically great because females were cast. I refused to judge it without seeing it and I was determined to be open and honest with my response to it. Still I felt I had to defend myself a bit in the review. I guess that is a sign of how out of hand some buffoons have gotten.

      1. You're welcome!

        No, we really reached that point of idiocy, especially she did :)

        I'll try to read your review tonight!

    12. Haha, like you-- I do not have time for Pokemon Go, but I don't begrudge anyone from playing it. I see a lot of young kids and their parents playing and they seem to really enjoy it. As long as they're respectful, I don't see the harm. The people going to the holocaust museum or Auschwitz playing Pokemon Go are completely awful. Hopefully that's a small minority.

      I've been warming up to the new Ghostbusters too. I wish we could have films about kick butt geek girls that weren't remakes/cash grabs. But that picture with those little girls is so sweet. I'm going to go see it.

      I think LaineyGossip has some fair criticism of Aniston, while at the same time I really don't understand the fan obsession with her womb. I get really frustrated when people ask women about their families and aging. They never ask men these questions. It's tiresome.

      1. Yeah group activities are OK but there are like swarms of people looking on their smartphones in parks instead of the nature around them

        Aniston always encouraged those questions so her 'poor me' article is just so bad especially that since journalists thought it was OK to ask her about that they just made that assumption about all the other actresses they were interviewing

    13. I was abolutely pissed off by the Emmy nominations which is why I've kinda stopped caring about the Emmys in general. The fact that The Leftovers had zero nominations kinda just pissed me off, when it is, for my money, the best thing on TV. Hands-down