Friday, July 22, 2016

(245) Pillow pants is 10 years old / Tay-slayed tale + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, July 22, 2016
  • This is everything to me right now. 
  • For months I was like, will they kiss? WILL THEY?
  • And here she is trying to bite Batfleck underwater:
  • !!!:
  • Also during the weekend the theme for Harley and Joker composed by Steven Price (he composed the wonderful music for Gravity) leaked. It was magical. It was also promptly removed by the copyright owner. I had to look for like 5 minutes to listen to it. 5 minutes! Usually when shit leaks, it's all over the place even if it keeps getting taken down.Well today the entire score leaked. The music is fantastic - it has clear themes, it's dark, but it also has this whimsical bell sound/choir. It's very much like what Elfman did for Burton's Batman films.
  • Suicide Squad panel tomorrow on Comic Con. I am 80% sure Leto shows up in The Joker getup. 50% sure he brings a dead pig and throws it at the crowd. 
  • In any case I'm EXCITED.
  • There were so many clips, TV spots and mini trailers and other promo material released this week I couldn't possibly link it all so I will just say this - watch that one
  • If you still don't believe in Leto's Joker after seeing this than I don't know how to help you.
  • God bless Margot --->
  • WB just and I mean just - since I started editing this post there wee three new promo things - released this photo and I kinda want Harley to hook up with Deadshot as soon as possible now:
  • This week's we're so old reminder - The Dark Knight turned 8. Clueless turned 21.
  • It gets worse - Clerks 2 is 10 years old today. 10 years old! I haven't seen this movie in ages - or 10 years, apparently - and I adore it. The go-karts. The dancing. The diss of LotR. And of course Pillow pants.
  • Meanwhile here is this gorgeous asshole.
  • Why do these celebrities get into stuff like that?
  • Jones is a successful person with a big movie in theaters. Why does she waste her time having discussions with trolls? There are idiots writing stuff about anyone who made something and is successful at it, hell, there are idiots writing stuff about me. I remember one time some person on a message board remembered my nickname just because I made a post year before where I said something about Mad Men. That's creepy. The kind of people who feel the need to stalk and verbally abuse people? They have no life and need to find something to do. They are the burden of society - I wonder how much of our taxes go for sustaining the scum who wrote that stuff to Leslie Jones. In any case even I know - you don't respond to trolls. Never.
  • I've been called a C word, stalked online, had people accuse me of vile things just because I run a GoT board. You know how I deal with that? By realization these people are so petty, lost and sad they have the will and time to do that. Sad lives that don't deserve anyone's attention. And karma being a powerful thing will get to them. It always does.
  • Leslie, use your talent and time on something that brings you joy. If you cannot separate yourself from your twitter account just think how richer and more awesome you are than these guys. Combined. And if you cannot even do that - find more stuff to do. When you have little time you only spend it on stuff that is worthy of your time.
  • I think she is doing this because she thinks if she retweets those racist tweets and people will hurl insults (or in this case remarks right on the money) towards those racists they will stop being racist. People are vile. You cannot change that. I'm sure someone can say 'oh but if you leave this, it will continue!'. Will it, though? I'm sure 99,9% of online abusers wouldn't have the balls to say those things to her face.  Who cares about tweets from random people? The stuff they wrote says things about them, not the person they wrote it about.
  • Gabourey Sidibe has the right idea. She once posted a pic of herself in a gorgeous gown attending one of award ceremonies tweeting greetings to haters and informing them she is about to get in a private jet and shoot AHS with some of her favorite actors. 
  • So in spirit of that - people care about my opinions. People appreciate me. I can buy whatever I want and not care. What do you have? Nothing.
  • Also comparing to what was written about Leslie the fact Taylor Swift claims "that bitch" was something to offend her...really, Taylor?
  • Ah yes. The Gossip Christmas.  I have done absolutely nothing on Monday because Kimye vs Taylor was on.
  • Here are the cliff notes in case you didn't heard of this gloriously stupid celebrity feud. 
  • Another recap of the event.
  • And no, she cannot sue.
  • She is still super mad. "If Tay Tay saw a dog shaking off water, she’d sue that bitch for copyright infringement for copying her song Shake It Off, so I won’t be surprised if her delusional ass sues Kimye and files a police report against them." 10/10
  • That rant from her friend.... Like even me and my moral spectrum think it's too much to involve kids in this. There's also this. There are truly no words.
  • Kim may be slutty as fuck but there are worse things. I hate sneaky, manipulative liars who pose as something innocent. They are fun as a character in the movie but in RL? Fuck you, poser. Kim told the truth and so did Kanye. They may be trash but trash that doesn't betray themselves and poses as a victim.
  • This is all kinds of fucked up, though. And not completely impossible. 
  • It's a strange, strange week when both Kim Kardashian AND Ted Cruz do something that people respect
  • More politics? Just listen to John Stewart's rant
  • Run faster Tom, after you scoop your way out of the compound. That little decision to get inside the van of crazy will hunt him for the rest of his life.
  • Another piece on how Hiddleston assassinated his career.
  •  I have a theory Idris pimped Hiddles to Tay-snake to fuck over Hiddles' chances to be Bond. Cause those chances are gone now. Idris sitting somewhere drinking freakin' martini all like "not so street anymore, huh?"
  • Meanwhile, he is walking around talk shows since he is in Star Trek but no one really wants to talk about that and they ask him about those Bond rumors. Idris thinks he is too old, which is cute.  Also keep scrolling the comments on that dlisted article and you'll find a very glorious gif of him.I mean the outline of a dick one.
  • About that role he has on Star Trek here is something I felt the need to tweet yesterday
  • Also here he is dancing because what are non-exploding ovaries even:
  •  Amber Heard using her "talents" to land a billionaire. At least slutty Kim took down Tay. This one did nothing except provide Amy Dunne RL example. Except trashy, non-classy, stupid one.
  • I watched 2 1/2 episodes of Stranger Things. Everyone already watched it. Like, by Monday people were fuckin' wrapping up and I'm still on episode 3. In news related to it, it may be getting a sequel.  Here's the thing - I'm only on episode 3 but 'real' is the last word I'd use to describe Ryder's performance and I saw some people use that word. I was so excited for her comeback but she is  terrible in majority of her scenes and her performance is so jarring it immediately takes me out of the show. The show is great not thanks to her but IN SPITE of her. She is fine in funny moments or when she is trying but any scene involving her yelling at someone that her son is gone - and there are plenty of those - is a disaster. I hope she improves in next episodes.
  • Wonder Woman Comic Con poster. Because why show face when BOOBS. 
  • Here's Honest Trailer for BvS. Cheer up, Ben. When Screen Junkies says you shone in the honest trailer for a movie they are ripping apart it is not ironic. It means you really shone.
  • They just released an absolutely awful trailer for next season of the Walking Dead on Comic Con. When they showed that tiger? I'm drinking 'cause it's Friday and I laughed so hard I am now wiping vodka off my screen.
  • Here are the blooppers for new season of Game of Thrones. They should submit this for Dinklage's Emmys consideration cause it's better than what he had opportunity to do this season, except for the dragons scene.
  • First look at Emily Browning in American Gods. Very excited to find out what happens on the Comic Con panel for the show, which Ian McShane is attending!
  • Chris Pine did something to his face and there are no words
  • Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer will play Penny's mother and brother on The Big Bang Theory.
  • Why doesn't Leo own a modeling agency is an excellent, excellent question. 
  • Just when you think the Emmys cannot become even more disgraceful they go and they do this.
  •  Divergent is wrapping up...on TV
  •  Lena Dunham's own flip-flop attacked her. God bless you you brave flip-flop.
  • And finally there are rumors Dunkirk trailer is coming. I don't know if at Comic Con or anywhere else but it's Hardy in military uniform so I may be catatonic for DAYS.
  • Brittani reviews 45 Years
  • Dan includes Addams Family Values in his Summer camp movies picks
  • m.brown reviews The Purge: Election Year
  • Alex lists 10 best movies of 2016 so far
  • Flickchicks and Flixchatter review Ghostbusters


    1. Margot Robbie is so cool and knows how to handle those paparazzi.

      Idris is now a better dancer than Hiddles.

      On Lena Dunham..... HA-HA!!!!

      1. Idris is now better everything than Hiddles :D

    2. I know it seems pointless for Jones to call out those Twitter trolls. But I think she did it so that she could call out bullies on their bad behavior and make her followers aware of how awful people on Twitter can be.

      Also, I've tried not to feed too much into the Kimye-Taylor feud. But I can say that I'm not really on either's side. Yes, Kim isn't all sunshine and daisies. But Taylor is just as bad as she is. Seriously, it seems odd that she has all these failed "relationships" yet she's the victim. Swift continues to push her luck.

      1. I think she pushed it...apparently she even has instagram in her pocket and it's so obvious, I'll have something about that in tomorrow's post

    3. I still need help, I'm not sold on that Joker! lol

      I actually like that Leslie Jones talked about the vile shit that was tweeted at her. It looks like Twitter is finally doing something to ban people that say things like that. Of course, it'll probably be short lived. I loved when Gaby made that private jet comment.

      Ugh, the Walking Dead trailer. I can't believe how excited they are for Shiva, she looked terrible.

      Taylor vs Kimye are the trainwreck gift that keeps on giving. I'm a fan of neither, but I used to be a Taylor fan and it's been pretty amusing seeing her being brought down a peg or two....or 10.

      I love the LOTR joke in Clerks 2, that was so amazing.

      I like your Idris theory.

      Emily Browning <3

      Thanks for the link!

      1. OMG dude get sold on that soon! :D

        Seriously Shiva CGI is so will probably be even worse when she gets to do something

        Browning better not fuck it up as bad as Legend :/

    4. I'm so excited to see Leto and Robbie on screen together. And I'm with you on Stranger Things... everyone is already done with it and I haven't even started it yet. Thanks so much for the link!

      1. Yeah it's all so crazy I barely have the time to watch trailers let alone TV series!

        You're welcome, awesome list!

    5. Thanks for the link Margaret!!

      OMG I’m so mad about Hollywood hiding the beauty of Idris Elba!!! I can’t even concentrate watching Star Trek Beyond as I was fuming how I couldn’t see Idris under that ugly getup!! But that whole dancing/singing bit of him on Fallon… OH MY!! I saw it on the hottest day ever in the city, I might’ve died of heat stroke watching that man!

      As for Wonder Woman, well I’m excited for that trailer, which I’m gonna post on my Weekend Roundup. Ahah, that Honest Trailer for BVS is funny, very true about Ben… though I’m still not excited for Justice League, ugh.

      1. You're welcome!

        Hiding a man like Idris under all that make up is was bad enough with Eric Bana in one of the previous installments but this is just mad.

      2. I know!!! And he's given the most clichéd evil guy dialog in STB, ugh! We only saw a glimpse of Idris' gorgeous face towards the end, and I think it's even more a travesty what they did to him compared to Bana though that was bad as well. But that dancing Idris GIF is gold!!!!

      3. I just don't understand covering up actors like that...not like they needed someone so talented for what I gather is a stereotypical villain role

    6. The marketing team for Suicide Squad deserves an Oscar on their own. Their marketing has had me pumped for a solid year, and it just keeps getting better and better.

      1. It sure does! The choice of music is in particular stellar. I really hope we both enjoy the film!

    7. Suicide Squad is right around the corner and my fingers are crossed. The Wonder Woman trailer really excited me. The setting, the action, and of course Gal Gadot!!!!

      1. Yeah let's hope it's good! And WW trailer was one of the best out of Comic con for sure