Saturday, July 30, 2016

(246) Margot's braid, Jared's everything and why it's time to ignore the critics + links

By Sati. Saturday, July 30, 2016
  • Suicide Squad - WB released so much stuff I was breathless trying to gif it all. There's a panel, clips, trailer, behind the scenes, Conan interviews....
  • The panel for the movie was definitely the best one during Comic Con. Will Smith was quite clearly on something but unlike certain TV starlet disaster (more about that in a moment) it was good kind of fucked up - he was so excited to be there with this movie and he was hyping the fans so much. He was also so funny especially when he told the story of how Margot opened the box from Leto and there was a live rat in it. I highly encourage you to watch it, it's great. I always liked Will, I think this spring's drama was all on his wacky wife. Also I really like celebrities like him - the second there is awkward silence during an interview he quickly jumps in with something funny to say to defuse the tension.
  • The audience was straight up the most excited for Squad guys too - they got insane ovations both during the panel and Conan's show. In comparison The Walking Dead audience sucked and was barely responding and some people booed Zack Snyder during DC panel (not that anyone can blame them).
  • Also the way Jared looks at Margot....
  • Harley's ICONIC jester outfit was shown in B-roll from Suicide Squad but what's even better is that Mister J has that outfit on a mannequin on which he put a wig to resemble Harley and laid out roses in front of it. The attention to detail and how that detail tells us things about the characters is really incredible here.
  • Wonder Woman first trailer is quite amazing. It brings lovely color with it, Gal Gadot is delivering nice work again and the footage/music editing of the trailer (precisely the guns shooting at WW's shield) is spectacular. The film is really shaping out to be great...
  • ..unlike Justice League. The interactions between Batfleck and The Flash are so reminiscent of Tony Stark and Spiderman in Civil War it borders on a complete rip off. The intrigue doesn't really look interesting (yeah, what is it, exactly?), the whole thing seems to still have a shadow of gloom (and with Snyder present - a failure) over it and the only impressive things were 1. Batfleck's beard 2. Momoa managing to make Aquaman badass.
  • The panel was fucking painful to watch, though, with Snyder failing to have chemistry with the host Conan and just looking so scared someone will kick his ass which unfortunately didn't happen. Affleck looked spaced out but it was nothing comparing to what Leto looked like during Squad panel. He looked like he was on a different planet. To be fair though, he arrived via plane with the ladies including Margot so I cannot blame him. 
  • I'd be catatonic.
  • Bates Motel cast Rihanna as Marion Crane. OK then?
  • Guy Ritchie's King Arthur movie or whatever the fuck it's called got a trailer is and it is such a hot mess. I think Ritchie dropped more acid than usual because've gotta see that trailer to believe it. Roose Bolton and Littlefinger are in this too. I have no idea what the hell is that movie supposed to be. Why cannot Guy drop these CGI fests of his and go back to his roots and make awesome gangster comedies with Statham?
  • Kong Skull Island. Hiddles trying to be manly. Oh, Tom. That's lost forever. Tay probably has your dick in a jar somewhere with snakes guarding it.
  • The Walking Dead panel was just so bad. JDM put himself out there and walked in as Negan and the reaction was so muted it made me sad. On the plus side after watching it I can say Andrew Lincoln is a very funny guy. That trailer though...disaster.
  • New Scream Queens season 2 info
  • And here's first promo!  
  • We also got first trailer for American Gods. Ian McShane was there but sadly it's like the only panel that wasn't uploaded online so I didn't see it and I'm sad ;(
  • Game of Thrones panel was just embarrassing to witness. Sophie Turner, who comes off as stupid to begin with and no, her age is not an excuse, got drunk. Hey, she is young, go get drunk if you want to. But don't do that when you are making  a public appearance in front of the fans who spent time and money to get there. Immature, unprofessional and just another thing that makes me think that what is happening with Lohan right now is gonna be Turner's future.
  • The whole Comic Con was like the clash of the fucking titans - Marvel brought their TV stuff on Friday, I think, then DC fucking slaughtered with Wonder Woman, Justice League and Suicide Squad footage on Saturday and then Marvel's went all look at all those Oscar winners we have and they brought in Brie Larson (she is gonna play Captain Marvel and is getting her solo movie while Scarlet Johansson probably cannot believe this shit considering her Widow is a glorified extra lately) on stage on Sunday.
  • But to my delight, DC won. And the biggest winner of them all was Squad. 
  • Henry Cavill showed up in disguise and surprised the Squad cast members while showing sings of life which cannot be said about either of his performances in both of his Superman movies and Cara drew a dick on his shirt. Margot drew a heart.
  • Two fantastic articles about Jared Leto (1,2). After seeing that Rolling Stone cover? 
  • You do have my attention, Jared. My fervent attention.
  • Yeah about this guy...I think he is gloriously eccentric in McConaughey's kind of way and while his responses are strange (but not really offensive) I found that comment in dlisted comment section:
  • Damn girlfriend, don't cut yourself on all that edge.
  •  to be hysterical. 
  • Straight up the funniest thing about those articles was this:
  • I love the fact that while Leto was running around cosplaying as the Joker and no doubt laughing with the Joker's laugh, Ayer was standing there confused and semi-disgusted (as most of my readers probably are reading my RF posts) and then chasing him around shouting "put the condoms down, Jared! PUT THEM DOWN!"
  • But hey, at least the guy is having fun. While digging into the fun he had (no, it doesn't seem Margot and him are an item, I'd bet more money on her and Will being one and Jared just pining after this ridiculously precious angel) I found the photo evidence that he at least sucked face with Paris Hilton (oh no), I read he banged Lohan (oh no) and I also read
  • *pauses* 
  • *breathes*
  • *bites lip*
  • that he has a giant dick. Fassdong levels. Or like even more serious levels. I'm assuming those are the deathly levels.
  • So I'm not here to judge. 
  • I'm here to leer.
  • Even though you gotta wonder what migrated from Paris, LiLo and countless groupies and was/is running around there. Damn zoo, probably.
  • Margot you just stay away from that. You precious angel you.
  • We finally have a proof she is magic. Because look at this braid. It's fishbone/french braid. I could never do this. I don't even know how to do this. Like...what is this sorcery? She probably has birds and woodland critters help her.
  • Since I have now reached the highest levels of inappropriate with my Leto dick talk and VD metaphors - let's do this segue:
  • Margot speaks up about that gross Vanity Fair interview and yes, she too was weirder out. The sad thing is that she says she has heard even more insulting things.
  • In other Squad members news, Jai Courtney, whom I will personally fucking crucify with rusty nails if his curse of if he is in it, the film sux gets this one, took shrooms and burned himself with cigarettes while making this movie.  Jared must be furious that Jay is trying to out-edge him - Jared is gonna be on Fallon's show on Monday (Will was on Thursday, Margot is tonight) and you know Fallon has those fun games, right? I think Leto, in an effort to one up Jay is gonna play his own motherfucking game with Fallon and torture him on live TV or something. Or throws condoms at him? The mind wonders.
  • Michael Fassbender felt the need to do this on Fallon's show. Everyone approves. 
  • Michelle Dockery landed lead in Soderbergh's western Netflix series.
  • AHS has teasers out. The theme is rumored to be forest which makes me excited because one of the biggest masterpieces of horror cinema was set in the forest...
  • ...and that masterpiece was The Blair Witch Project. And as of last Friday we know that the new Adam Wingard's (who made one of the best movies in recent years in fantastic The Guest) The Woods is actually a Blair Witch Project sequel entitled Blair Witch. Having read the entire plot of the movie, as you know I usually do because I am weak, it sounds good. And we get to see the witch which as much as is cool is also a bad idea. 
  • You fear what you can't see. I fear Suicide Squad's RT score because I cannot see it.
  • Ah yes, we have arrived at the coup de grâce of today's post. Something which has provoked feelings stronger in me than tales of Leto's giant dick or seeing Margot's braid. 
  • The fuckin' critics, man. Them whores.
  • I have touched previously on not being able to trust critics and not reading professional reviews anymore (seriously I don't - I don't know those critics. I don't know who writes for which publications. They are all the same to me). I also mentioned how I think that most of them are simply too afraid to be honest to voice their actual opinion on Ghostbusters and that's why the movie has high RT score.
  • Guess what? 
  • I saw Ghostbusters this week. 
  • And I was right.
  • The film is a failure. And this is coming from someone who loves The Heat, which 90% of people seem to hate. I love this movie. I saw it 7 times. I love Spy. I had it in my top 10 last year. I  love Bridesmaids. I think McCarthy's nomination is one of the most inspired nominations in Academy's history. I liked this year's Boss, I liked that movie with McCarthy and Bateman that got pretty bad reviews. For me Feig brought it every time and Melissa never disappoints me. And she didn't disappoint me this time. The script did - it was bad, not funny, boring and just a failure. Sony can spin whatever story they like - this is a failure.
  • It was a mediocre movie at best. But what is truly awful here is that the movie was embarrassing. Witnessing what is clearly intended to make the audience laugh, over and over again fall flat on its ass is embarrassing. And in this movie about 5th joke landed, if that. It's not bad, it's not good, it has some nice things in it but overall even with my love for Feig and Melissa I gave it 5/10 and I feel like it's too generous. Like, 1 point or 2 points too high generous. I mean really when the jokes don't land in a there anything more pathetic? Don't they screen that for people? I'm not picky - I almost died when Biggs glued his hand to his dick and the other one to videotape with porn, I love Dumb and Dumber etc. but when something isn't funny, it just isn't funny.
  • So I ask - how the hell does it hold 73 score on RT?! 
  • I'll tell you how. Because the critics are afraid if they say it's mediocre someone will call them sexist which may mean trouble. Trouble = no freebies, no screenings. So who cares about honesty? Critics used to have balls. If Tay holds the ones that used to belong to Hiddles, who holds the ones that belonged to the critics?
  • The general public. Now what is popular gets good reviews. What isn't? Not so much.
  • And that makes their reviews and opinions irrelevant. Which also makes RT irrelevant. And it also applies to Marvel/DC. Marvel vomits out same safe, fun movie every few months - OH MAH GOD 10/10. DC shat the bed with Snyder twice and the stance on SSquad is not 'it's gonna be awesome!' it's 'well, we'll see if it surprises and is good but it will probably be bad'. 
  • I am mad. I am mad at WB for hiring this idiot hack to make the first two - and inexplicably next two - movies in Batman and Superman part of DC universe. I am mad for them green lighting asinine idea of having as the 2nd movie what should have come after many other movies made first. If DC never recovers, crushes and burns they had it coming and they deserve it.
  • But why must the fans suffer? Because most of all I am mad that the above is the reason why now most people is positing themselves against the one movie this year I'm truly waiting for.
  • There was a critics screening for SSquad yesterday. The embargo lifts on the 2nd. But it's already a perfect storm. Few negative tweets spiral and create word of mouth. The media is more inclined to pass those along, because most people already decided the film will be bad and people always want to hear they were right, right? But what about those opinions stating the movie is hilarious, fun, Leto is great and Margot gives - and I quote - the best performance in CBM genre? Not one of the best, THE BEST? Because those tweets and opinions are out there too. I stopped reading the moronic ThePlaylist which has some of the most condescending and dumb "journalists" in the business because they posted yet another 'oh WB is hyping it so much it's probably bad' "news".
  • Fuck you sheep. Fuck you critics. Fuck you media. On 5th I'll have fun.
  • In other news about the delusional masses, a bunch of republicans just realized that Bradley Cooper has separate ideas than the guy he played in that awful Clint Eastwood movie.
  • I cannot believe I missed this,
  • And then there is this mess. But this is not the Antichrist you should fear....
  • this is.
  • More on Tay-snake's inhuman influence over instagram. This is just nuts. That woman has so much money and success and she frets over emoji on instagram. She has so many fans can't the counterattack with some other ridiculous emoji? 
  • God, at least Leto uses his time and fame to bang people. That I respect.
  • Behold Tom Hiddleston's screaming internally face.
  • Tom has been jogging A LOT lately. Planning his escape, no doubt. 
  • Brittani reviews Star Trek Beyond
  • Ruth shares exciting casting news for Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain  
  • Keith shares trailers from Comic Con 
  • m.brown reviews Ghostbusters 


    1. Margot Robbie is just adorable. I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel one time and it showed her as a teenager with glasses reading Harry Potter. She was cute. She is a nerd and I like that.

      The trailer for Wonder Woman is... MAGNIFICENT!

      I remember going to a forum and someone suggested that Hiddleston is now wearing a fake penis. Well, that explains everything considering that Swift must've castrated him. I really think we should call the BULLET CLUB. They will take care of all of this mess.

      1. Yes I saw that! She was also adorable on Fallon's show last Friday

    2. Waiting for Suicide Squad for god knows how long will overpower any/all negative review this film gets. 1 week to go so fuck everyone and their opinions till it releases in cinemas.

      Wonder Woman trailer was a big delight and keeps me hyped for all non-Zack Snyder DC films.

      That Scream Queens preview alone got me excited for Season 2.

      I'm glad AHS has kept the 6th season theme a mystery and it's definitely produced their best teasers yet. I'm leaning more towards cult/forest type deal where it's more isolated, in terms of location, than previous seasons. Best horror IMO had that theme and aspect to it.

      Also, American Crime Story got picked up by Netflix so it's guaranteed to get more seasons :')

      1. Apparently AHS may be about that Lost Colony Sarah Paulson talked about in season 1

        Oh very cool, loved the first season of ACS!

    3. Will Smith is such a charasmatic guy, how did he end up with auch pretentious children?

      I think Suicide Squad will be well revealed. It seems so funny, even though I still have reservations. You make a good point how it's a shame they have to be so afraid of the reception after BvS.

      You're also spot on about the critic's response for Ghostbusters. I think it looks bad, I don't feel sexist for saying that, but I'm sure many are afraid too.

      Taylor Swift gets to remove snake emojis while Leslie Jones gets racial slurs thrown at her. The snowflake is strong with that one.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I blame his wife :D

        Ghostbusters is really not a good movie at all, the critics reception of this one is just embarrassing and its imdb rating of 5,4 is very accurate

    4. That picture of Tom and Taylor made to look like a Nicholas Sparks novel. Hilarious. Also, I think the fact that Taylor Swift is able to get protected by Instagram while Leslie Jones on her own has to fend off haters sending her hateful remarks shows that Swift is treated like a prom queen and the world is her high school. Everything has to be her way. Ugh, to heck with her.

      On a positive note, though, Suicide Squad!!!! Cannot wait!!!

    5. I'm quite interested to see where Scream Queens is going to take itself next season. Time jumps, for me, have never worked with TV shows, and I found the first season to be so well put together, that it felt whole.

      Suicide Squad is going to be great! No doubt about it. Margot looks amazing, and I'm sort of a fan of Joel Kinnaman as well so.. I mean.. tall, blond, Swedish - yumm!

      "Tom has been jogging A LOT lately. Planning his escape, no doubt. " - this cracked me up!!! HAaaa, so true!

      1. Yeah I'm so excited for SQ! I hope it's gonna be as funny as the first season, these characters working in hospital is an amusing idea

    6. The Walking Dead trailer was pretty awful. Thanks to that cop-out ending last season they can't really reveal much and those grainy flashback scenes or whatever they were were detesting to look at. Hopefully JDM's presence elevates the show. It's been pretty meandering for quite some time now.

      1. That whole sappy opening of the trailer and that fakeass tiger were laughable

    7. Thanks for the link!

      Wow… the way Jared looks at Margot… are they dating now?

      I hope Suicide Squad is good, but yeah Jai Courtney, blech! He sucks in everything I’ve seen him in, I don’t know WHY he’s still getting roles while extremely capable and much better looking actors like my Sam barely getting jobs.

      Glad you love the Wonder Woman trailer. That’s my fave from Comic-con for sure. Yeah, can’t believe they’re making Captain Marvel before Black Widow movie. And surprisingly DC won over Marvel in terms of getting a female-driven superhero movie out the door first.

      As for Ghostbusters. I did laugh quite a bit and I love the four girls but no, the movie is far from perfect.

      Mwahahaha, that ‘poster’ of Hiddleswift in a Nicholas Sparks movie… Yeah, I can't look at Hiddles the same way ever again.

      1. I don't think so...Jared seems to never date people just...bang them :lol:

        WW trailer is very good but then again so was the one for SSquad and look what happened...tho surprisingly apparently Courtney is good in it

    8. Omg...the hype around Suicide Squad is bonkers! I'm seeing it tomorrow, and I can barely contain my emotions.

      I'm not really feeling the Wonder Woman trailer. That acting is atrocious! DC hires a model who is pretty/can do stunts. Marvel hires academy award winner Brie Larson for Captain Marvel. Catch my drift?

      Not surprised by your response to Ghostbusters. Glad SOMEONE can be honest. A 73% on RT sounds like a pity percentage if you ask me.

      ALSO, Have you checked out Stranger Things yet? I feel like you'd absolutely love it. I reviewed it if you want to check it out...spoiler free!

      1. I think Gadot does well but with WB issues around everything...Ghostbusters is mediocre at best, the critics embarrassed themselves with these reviews

        I did! But I'm still on episode 3 ;(