Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunshine Blogger Award

By s. Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Thanks to lovely MettelRay for giving me an opportunity to post something in addition to usual Friday insanity  :)

As given, every award has a set of tiny rules for accepting it, here are the ones for Sunshine: 

1. Post the award on your blog
2. Thank the person who nominated you
3. Answer the 11 questions they set you
4. Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!)
5. Set them 11 questions

Here are my answers:

1. What was the last movie you saw and loved?
First time viewing? The Nice Guys. Still my favorite of the year. If rewatch than it's lovely Mr. Nobody.

2. Name an actor, an actress and a director you would pair in a movie and what genre would it be?
Jared Leto, Emily Blunt, Shane Black, comedy. Jared needs to do a comedy!

3. Last song you listened to.
4. Book to movie adaptation you would like to see happening in the near future?
I'm still waiting for Master and Margarita to be adapted in a decent way. But the one that is actually in the works is Sharp Objects which was an awesome book and will hopefully make for a great TV series.

5. From all the Chris’, which one do you prefer: Evans, Pine, Hemsworth or Pratt?
From fav to least fav - Pratt - for Parks and Rec and he seems like such a cool dude, Hemsworth - really love him in his comedy roles and Thor is my favorite Marvel movie, Evans - he has one of the most honest laughs ever, Pine - you gotta love that single tear during Oscars

6. Name your 3 movie pet peeves.
1. When I actually know how much studio interfered because they put cut footage in freaking marketing (Hi, Suicide Squad!)
2.  People having sex in their clothes and any kind of 'creative' cinematography to hide nudity because MPAA would make everything R rated otherwise
3. Horrible use of pop songs to appeal to teenage demographic (Hi again, Suicide Squad!)

7. If you had to choose, what season would you live in forever?

8. Imagine your pet (or an imaginary pet) had an inner voice, which actors/actress’ voice would he/she have?
I imagine Gustav is judging me loudly in Michael Sheen's voice.

9. You had a really bad day, what book or movie will make you feel better?
The Wolf of Wall Street. 

10. If they were handing out superpowers based on your personality, what superpower would you want and what would you probably end up with?
I'd like Christina Hendricks looks but as a perv I'd probably get invisibility or something.

Oooh yeah the best one!:

11. Sleep, Marry, Kill:
Round 1: Joel Kinnaman, Ryan Reynolds, Dave Franco
Sleep - Reynolds - he is kinda hot, 
Marry - Kinnaman - he seems like a super cool, nice dude, 
Kill -  Franco - he really annoys me.

Round 2: Jared Leto, Chris Evans, Orlando Bloom
Kill - Bloom - that fame whore even Katy Perry who is dating him looks annoyed
Sleep - Evans - he is kinda hot, like Reynolds, that is basically my reaction to both of them except Reynolds seems stuck in TayTay Squad because of his wife
Marry?! BOO BOO! Oh just for so many reasons.

Round 3: Paul Rudd, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender

(and yes we do need another gif here)
Kill - Fassbender - sorry Michael!
Sleep - Rudd - you gotta love Paul
Marry - Hardy - he is so hot and loves dogs too

Round 4: Choose between three guys you picked to marry from pervious rounds
Kill - Sorry, Joel but you are going against my two favorites
Sleep - Hardy
Marry - Jared

Here are my questions:
1. Who would play you in a movie based on your life?
2. What is your favorite movie ending of all time?
3. Who is your favorite cinematic Batman?
4. What is the funniest movie you've ever seen?
5. Your sexiest movie character ever choice?
6.  What do you like most about our movie blogosphere?
7. What is your favorite movie blog?
8. Will Sati survive Blade Runner 2?
9. What is your most anticipated movie at the moment?
10. What is the most underseen movie you love?
11.What movie character do you identify with?

Here are the awesome bloggers I pass this to:


  1. YAY! This was fun, and it's fun to read the answers because the final question sort of came with you mind. :D Too bad about you killing Joel though, but I guess between those guys, I would have a hard time picking the ones to kill too.. Bloom is dead for sure, rest, I kind of like myself. Dave seems like the less douchier Franco of the bunch so I like him. Did you know he is engaged to Alison Brie?
    clothed sex scenes.. blah, they are so annoying too! You know, my friend went to see Crimson Peak just because there was apparently a sex scene with Hiddleston (pre-Swifty of course) and she's still angry : "No ass!" she yells! Like, if you're gonna make a sex scene, show some skin!

    Oh, and just for fun, my answer for your question number 8: You're probably going to need CPR....

    1. Yeah I had a feeling :) Good Lord people now creating opportunities for me to perv ^^ Oh he is still with Brie? Good for him, she seems lovely!

      Hiddles was at least shirtless I can recall some that the dude is actually even in his shirt, it's madness.

      If it's not Jared administering CPR just let me die :lol:

  2. Hey thanks for tagging me! Love your answers and I knew you'll have some fun gifs of Jared ;-) I love that these memes give us a chance to do some fangirl-ing (well in addition to your RF that is, ahah)

    Ooooh I'd pick Chris Pratt as my fave too, he's such a fun guy!! Thanks again for the fun questions, and I think the answer to #8 of your question is NO, I don't think you would :P Make sure you go to Blade Runner 2 with someone with CPR training!

    1. My Rf is no fangirling is a full blown meltdown lately :lol:

      Yeah I already had people escorting me to Squad just in case :)

    2. At least you're up to date w/ your fangirling! I haven't even made a tribute post for my darling Sam Riley yet, I'm such a terrible fan :(

      Ahah yes, very wise to bring an escort to SS!

    3. I think my tribute posts should be linked to Jared and WB because my wrath is righteous and backed up by many :)

  3. As if you wouldn't marry Leto...that was such a gimme. Thanks for the nomination! I'm gonna have to put my pondering pants on for this round!

  4. BTW, did you hear that leaked pictures of Tom Hardy's penis is online?

    1. Really? Well Tom showed his dick in multiple movies....it's not his...strongest asset let's just say that:)

  5. LOVE THESE! Thanks for the mention! I promise I'll do this (look at you bringing me back into the blogosphere!) but I'll be a week before I can get to it...but I will!!!

    1. It's OK take your time! It takes me a week to respond to comments these days :/

    2. Not sure if you saw, but I posted my response to this :-)


    3. I did, just didn't have the time to comment, work is busy this week :/

  6. Thanks for the shout out!! :)

    Entertaining read :) Some great questions and answers, and the questions you pose are even better!! I like it, its creative.

    BTW - totally, unrelated, but has The Neon Demon screened in your country? I'm guessing not cos you haven't posted about it. I'm in Australia and I'm wondering how goddamn long it'll be before it hits the net

    1. You're welcome!

      Yep it screened in my country but for only 2 weeks and only in the evenings and if something doesn't screen immediately after I get off work I am too tired to see it and go to the city again the second time that day just to see a film. It hits itunes (so I imagine the web too) in a week or so so I'll see it soon!

      I think I read today Australian premiere is October or something

    2. out on the interwebz now!! Can't wait to watch it

    3. Saw it this week, really loved it!

  7. Ah, yet another fantastic post on the corner. Thank you very much for sending it my way! 'Hendricks looks' is the best superpower ever. Good God...

    School has started for me, so it took me a little bit to get mine done...and apparently...it looked like indecipherable bullshit when I posted it. I went back and fixed it. Now it's decipherable...bullshit.

    1. Haha I saw some weird white spaces when I peaked there when you published, like you were hiding spoilers :) Will try to read it in a moment

  8. Thanks for the nom, Sati! I am working on my post. It will drop one of these days. And I have to say...it makes me love you even more that The Wolf of Wall Street is your feel good movie. Lol. Great choice!

    1. You're welcome! It's such an entertaining movie and it's super funny. In my top 20 of all time!

  9. Thanks for tagging me! I agree with your three pet peeves so much. Especially the studio one.

    Choosing between 3 of the 4 Chris' is so hard. (Pine always loses lol)