Friday, October 7, 2016

(256) These violent delights + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, October 7, 2016
  • Oh my God you guys Westworld is so dope! You are actually getting shorter post today because HBO Go put up the second episode and I am about to watch it.
  • Have you guys seen the theories? Mind blowing!
  •  Flies live longer than one day, but guests can only stay in Westworld for a maximum of twenty-eight days at a time, which is a fly's lifespan.
  •  Now it makes sense, first scene flys walk around dolores, flys symbolize the guest and humans in the real world and how the walk all over these AI hosts. At the end when she kills it that symbolize that they are going to revolt against the humans. 
  • Where even is the park? 
  •  YES! "For the first season, we only explore the West World. There’s talk about in the future seasons, if there’s more, that there will be a different world. But we’re not sure what it will be yet.
  • The possibilities are endless! The show can choose any setting it wants. It's so cool!
  • And look at the way Anthony Hopkins joined twitter in.
  • I was on the fence when it comes to Margot Robbie since it was clear she doesn't understand Harley Quinn at all (by saying she doesn't get why Harley allows Joker to abuse her) and since she chose to get ahead no matter what (by not standing by Jared, who in her own words did half her work for her, by saying she gets why the scenes were cut and basically how it's no biggie). Now she went too far. 
  • In her lame SNL episode she was doing some asinine fact check sketch and said how Jared's antics on the set were uncomfortable and not fun. Yeah it was a "joke". Yeah she probably meant the opposite. But here's the thing - Jared is seen as complete joke now because his co-stars hyped his behavior on the set and then the studio turned his performance into basically nothing with their editing. I'm not sure he will ever recover. He has 3 movies lined up and I'm not sure even if they are amazing and he is stellar in them people will stop laughing at him. And here we have the person who came out of Squad fiasco unscathed throwing her co-star under the bus 3 months after the whole media hoopla about method acting. You have people reblogging gifsets of her "joke" and adding stuff like "the truth comes out". That is just fuel to ridicule fire.
  • Since you like fact checking so much Margot, I sure hope someone gets to your birth certificate and plasters it all over the web.
  • But never mind her because Jared is doing an outstanding job of fucking himself over all on his own. It's one thing to 'be edgy and yourself' or whatever, but him and whatever delusional entourage he has seem not to realize he is seen as a joke now and they should contain that shit not have stories out there about him giving people dildos. 
  • And on top of all that shit -  we are getting the extended cut of Suicide Squad. I bet you right now it's not a different movie, it's the same mangled lens flares filled garbage fire flaming in neon colors just with an inserted scene here and there. Like that scene from that promo we know of - Harley confronting the Joker and chasing him on a motorcycle. I bet you they will simply insert that scene before the acid bath scene. It's gonna be the same movie just with one good scene thrown in. Thank God my cleanse is gonna be over and I'm gonna be able to drink during this. 
  • It's sad for DC fan but also a great schadenfreude for someone who hates WB like me to see no matter what they do they lose. This is the second time they put out worse version of the movie as theatrical cut only to release less mangled one in home release. Why would people continue to pay money to see those movies in the cinema if they are seeing a lesser product? You is fucking dumb WB.
  • In other J-boo news he cut his hair and shaved off his feral beard. I am still n mourning about the beard.
  • Also Blade Runner sequel is officially titled "Blade Runner 2049". Here's the on the set photo with Ryan, Harrison, Denis and Ridley:
  • Yet again Jared is not allowed to play with people, as evidenced on that picture.
  • Also it's remarkable that the vibes I'm getting from this photo are Harrison/Ryan as pick up team like Steve Carell and the latter in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Just the way Harrison is talking about something and Ryan is doing the smoldering thing and Denis and Ridley look like they are about to wet themselves.
  • I so love that damn picture.
  • Also how amazing does Harrison look!? Damn!
  • This week in Brangelina she moved in her creepy brother in her let's destroy Brad headquarters and she is sending people to threaten those who talk smack about her. Bitch.
  • How soon till one of the Kardashians kills themselves for attention? I'm thinking real soon. They had that Ukrainian mess attempt to grab Kim's butt and now they had staged burglary.
  • Sean Penn is dating a chick who is a year younger than his own daughter. She is also Vincent D'Onofrio's daughter. Let's pray for her. I mean normally I'm all for older guys but this is Sean Penn. It's hard to find someone more gross than him. Mostly I'm just glad Charlize dumped his ass. What was she thinking dating that dude?
  • The little girl from Stranger Things has a money grabbing whore of a father. Pray for that one also. 
  • Last week Benedict C. didn't understand the meaning of the word "unsolicited". This week he doesn't know what a stalker is. Now, of course saying mean things about his family is unacceptable. But he has been having a lot of opinions lately and maybe voicing out opinions on your insane fans when you are moderately talented actor who for some weird reason is considered attractive you really shouldn't bash the people who back you up. When will people like this guy and Hiddletits learn that unless you really have an outstanding acting talent like Hardy or Fassbender you really don't get to piss on your fans no matter how nuts they are? Tumblr bitches be crazy.
  • This is the apartment Johnny 9 Digits is selling. Look at that shit.  It looks like the apartment is drunk itself.
  • Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and Peter Dinklage who had like 2 lines in last season of Game of D&D's bad ideas make the same money Spacey does for House of Cards. I'll just leave you with this to ponder.
  • I haven't seen any film but hopefully I have the time to watch a movie this weekend. I did check out the second Scream Queens 2 episode and it was even better than the premiere! The villain this season is actually scary. Still need to catch up with recent American Horror Story episode.
  • Trailer for Jackie dropped. It looks incredible. Oh God, I'm gonna have an aneurysm if I will have to praise Portman.
  • Brittani writes about Westworld. If you are looking for recaps of it sans Game of Thrones bashing (did you see the stabs I took at it? Ahhhhh!) unlike mine, that's the place you wanna visit.
  • FlickChicks watched Human Centipede. After all it's October. The glorious month during which in pursuit of scary movies people make serious mistakes.
  • Film Grimoire celebrates 3rd Anniversary.
  • Mark reviews Wild at Heart which is one of Lynch's finest.
  • Ruth shares Five for Fifth for October.
  • Alex reviews American Honey


    1. Lmao recaps sans GoT bashing. Thanks for the link.

      I need that Bladerunner movie now.

      LOVE the Nocturnal Animals banner!

      I came.

      I don't think Robbie had too much control over that SNL dig. I haven't been paying much attention to her lately though so I don't know if she's started talk say different things about his weird shit on set.

      I wasn't gonna see Jackie...but yeah, now I have to lol

      1. Well she still said it....she has been coming off as on the side of the studio and the director instead of him as a co-star since the premiere. At this point I am hoping Jared doesn't return as the Joker, the studio sucks, Ayer sucks and Margot just wants to get ahead no matter what

    2. The WB just doesn't get it. It doesn't help that people like me are actually curious about the extended version so plenty of us will buy it further lining their pockets and encouraging them to continue doing business this way.

      "Johnny 9 Digits," lol. That apartment does look nutty, though.

      1. Yeah I am not buying it, I am gonna stream it online for free. They pissed me off so much I am probably not even gonna go see Wonder Woman in the cinema. They don't deserve my money

    3. I now have something to watch on Sunday nights, yay!!!!

      I too love the Nocturnal Animals banner and hope there's a pic of my boo....

      I will see Jackie as that trailer looks awesome as is the usage of.... Camelot! (It's only a model)

      I think this whole Kartrashian robbery thing is an insurance scam. Where were their security people when the robbery occurred? I swear, the people who are defending them are morons and I unfortunately know some of them at the Echoing the Sounds forum.

      1. Oh totally. She always have several bodyguards around her, plus this was inside the hotel so what the concierge just allowed the robbers in? What a dumb story!

    4. Ugh didn't know Margot made those SNL jokes, because I don't watch the show. Poor Leto...

      And that Jackie trailer looks like Portman is about to blow EVERYONE out of the water. Everyone. Evvvverryyyonnnnee!

    5. Thanks for the links, and again thanks for the gossip! This is literally the only place I get this sorta stuff from.... that and film magazines, but they aren't really about the news and gossip parts. So I love these posts :)

      That is three times you have mentioned Stranger Things. I now officially have to see what this is all about

      1. You're welcome :)

        It's really good but Westworld is much better, so I rather recommend this one!

      2. Yes I've heard people raving about Westworld, I'm definitely going to give that one a shot too :D

        And I'm with you on Robbie. Even though she is an Aussie, I'm with you it certainly sounds like she really does NOT get the Harley character. I guess we'll never get the Joker/Harley movie that everyone wants.

        I hold a bit of hope for the extended version of SS. I liked the original much better than all the other comic book crap, I'll be happy just to see more of Leto. I'd have thought you'd be happy about that as well! ;)

      3. It's probably gonna be about 3 extra minutes of Leto, if we are lucky :)

    6. Thanks for the link Margaret! Read your Westworld ep. 1 recap, man I can't wait to binge on that when the entire season is done. Man, the Nolans definitely rule Holllywood but they sure are talented.

      1. At least they can do something better than some of the Hollywoood...and by that I mean WB/DC :)

    7. Thanks for the linkage Sati. Glad to hear you feel so highly about Wild at Heart. It's quite the wild ride, isn't it?!

      1. You're welcome! I think it's my fav Lynch after Mulholland Drive

    8. Thanks for the link! I tried to watch Suicide Squad last night and turned it off after 20 minutes. It was a jumbled, incoherent mess. I was baffled. But oh well.

      Really glad you dug that trailer for Jackie as well. Looks great.

      1. You're welcome! Oh it's nothing comparing to the ending. It's one of the messiest sequences of events I've ever seen

    9. Like you, I've always thought of Portman was a stiff actor. I've never been impressed with her. That said, I think the longer someone does something the better they get at it. So it doesn't surprise me that Portman did a good job in the new Jackie biopic. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

      I can't wait to start watching Westworld. I've only heard good things.

      1. Yeah the reviews she is getting are insane, both from the critics and movie fans,just read some on imdb today and people say she is insanely amazing

        I hope you get to see Westworld soon! It's incredible