Friday, October 14, 2016

(257) ...have violent ends + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, October 14, 2016
  • Look at J-boo managing to be sexy in one of those Gucci stills.
  • Yep, under Ayer "supervision" he was literally climbing up the walls.
  • This footage of Brangelina is my sole contribution to ongoing Brangelina coverage on Cinematic Corner this week other than this little gem -
  • Angelina is threatening gossip sites now. Surely even the most biased see she is just not right. In the head and everything else.
  • Oh God what a day ---> 
  • Seriously there is red glitter all over legal acts now. Well, at least I made them glamorous. Stripper style.
  • But the good news is that tadadadam! I started a Westworld board! It has the whole of 3 members so far including me and Britt (I think that is her who joined), who graciously goes wherever I go o on the web to complicate my life and add more stuff on my too full plate of shite so please guys join and talk to us :lol: 
  • The last episode was so awesome. I cannot wait for next one, it is gonna be long 3 days (I watch it Monday night, I'd stay up but I have work in the morning, BUT I have Mondays off before episodes 5 and 6 so it's time to track those watch HBO livefeeds again. That show is so good you guys. That shootout in episode 2? OH MAH GOD. 
  • I saw 70% of The Rock on Sunday and on Monday the new episode of The Big Bang Theory. That's it. Haven't seen last 3 episodes of AHS or new Scream Queens and turned the new South Park off in the middle of the episode last night because I was tired. Fuck my life.
  • I'm gonna see AHS and Scream Queens as soon as I post this since I said fuck off to my cleanse 2 weeks early and I am enjoying a nice drink after over a month of not drinking, being attacked by coffee in the morning and glittering all over the place for 8h.
  • What I've seen of The Rock was awesome. I was like "Hello, 90's Michael Biehn" when he showed up and then I was "...damn" when he died after being in the movie for 10 minutes. Also how did Michael Bay get Ed Harris to star in this movie? Did he drug him?
  • This scene was hysterical, though. I couldn't with all that yelling and pathos. 
  • The Walking Dead is coming back so they are releasing all those sneak peeks and clips. I have been laughing at this gif for several days now.
  • David Oleyowo threw some shade Thrones way.  Normally I side with everything and everyone against Thrones but here Oleyowo manages to be dumber than the show which I truly thought was impossible. Most characters come from the same families. There is no way to do what he is suggesting. It would be nonsensical and idiotic like Marvel getting Tessa Thompson to play Valkyrie. 
  • Which happened. 
  • And it's still nonsensical and idiotic.
  • Thompson is actually about to show up in Westworld (and according to imdb should have showed up already as she is credit in 9 episodes, so thanks imdb, you is useless again), so hopefully she wows me because this Valkyrie shite is close to keeping me awake at night with how stupid it is. 
  • Can you sense them? The Hiddletears? 
  • Daniel Craig is incredible. He played hardball all the way to $150.000 dollars and Hiddles' hairline receding even more rapidly and rabidly with each second.
  • Taraji P. Hanson is a privileged idiot. She is complaining about making "only" 6 figures for Benjamin Button. Bitch, who the hell even knew who you were before that movie? I finished college, am a lawyer and have actual job experience and I don't make nearly as much.
  • Here's the first look at Amber Heard's Meera in Justice League aka if this one sux, WB is not seeing any more of my money.
  • I love this look. Other than that pointy thing on the shoulders it's an awesome costume too. Her and Momoa are actually making Aquaman look cool and Wan is an awesome director so hopefully Hail Snydra won't fuck it up. As for Justice League the film being directed by this hack, being so overcrowded and having several people I don't care about (who the hell is this Cyborg guy? Ah, who cares) the highest of my expectations is that it is not worse than BvS and Squad so the bar is very low there. 
  • Meanwhile Marvel apparently has another great movie in Doctor Strange. Apparently the visuals alone make you feel like you are high so I'm soooo seeing this one.
  • I don't know who Devin Faraci is (I don't read "famous" "critics" "reviews", I barely have the time to read reviews of people I like) but as I was reading the thread about all of this mess on Hype I found out Drew McWhinybitch, who wrote some awful stuff about Tom Hardy back in December in an instance of a movie critic being the biggest, pettiest, most unprofessional bitch I've seen in my life and mouthed off to people on regular basis on his twitter, was fired was HitFix. He mouthed off to me too. So between going after Hardyboo and this, two strikes. My religion forbids me from wishing misfortune on others. But it sure as hell doesn't forbid schadenfreude. Karma is real. He only has shitty tumblr now. Ahhhh, lovely.
  • Anyways yeah that whole Trump Pussygrab Gate had consequences - a bunch of women saying 'hey you know what, that happened to me'. It's great that pervs are finally being outed. I saw women causing outrage and 'oh my God how awful' responses just when they revealed someone called them a bitch and grabbed their ass. It's really good this is the vibe out there now - that if you act like a sexist pig, a whole bunch of women is gonna go after you. I heard awful stuff, was grabbed and called 'bitch', 'cunt' and stalked etc. I wonder if there are any women out there who haven't experienced something like this. Probably not.
  • I'm however shocked that after whispers of women being attacked by Trump it took a tape for Americans to go 'huh' and a bunch of morons to withdraw the support. It's only a tape. He says horrible things there but so what? Previously he did worse and nothing happened. I do not understand the public at all. 
  • Here's new poster for Nocturnal Animals.
  • Billy Bush fucked himself over. This whole thing is filled with so many stupid people it's just hilarious to read about.
  • Paul Feig continues to sound like either a brainwashed corporate dummy or an arrogant moron. Or both. Shut up and make that Spy sequel, Paul. 
  • Someone save that dog.
  • Here's the final trailer for Rogue One which has everyone nerdgasming yesterday. 
  • Mark reviews Mulholland Drive 
  • Feeling Fuzzier and Brittani review The Girl on the Train
  • Ruth reviews Bridget Jones' Baby
  • Jordan reviews my favorite of the year so far - The Neon Demon
  • FlickChicks write about Babadook
  • Myerla reviews Christine
  • m.brown reviews Honeymoon


    1. Did you approve me on your Westworld board or am I still waiting for approval like a pleb? Lol.

      Cyborg is cool in Teen Titans but I don't give AF about anyone in Justice League except Batman and Flash only because Ezra Miller is playing him.

      Yaaasss that Nocturnal Animals poster!

      I'm pumped for Doctor Strange .

      Great review!

      1. I did! THANKS SO MUCH FOR JOINING! :8

        Looking forward to Doctor Strange too, hopefully I will have energy to go see it :)

    2. What's so special about The Big Bang Theory? I don't get it.

      The Rock and the first Bad Boys are the only films of Michael Bay I can tolerate. Everything else after that, I refuse to see or re-watch.

      I like your glitter blouse.

      Billy Bush was an idiot and it is about time the American morons see him for what he really is.

      1. It's funny and warm :)

        The Island has some good ideas too, but yeah overall Bay sucks

      2. I didn't like that film either. It's a bad remake of Logan's Run on steroids and showcases Scar-Jo in one of the worst performances of her career.

      3. ScarJo wasn't great in that one but the whole idea with the clones being created to be organ donors was pretty interesting

    3. Your blouse looks nice! I have yet to watch Westworld, but knowing bits about it got me curious - I'll be reading your recaps once I'm caught up. Amber Heard does look great in character, I just hope the movie is good.

    4. the nocturnal animals poster looks like donnie darko walking over nicole kidman's face. I'm very interested now.

      1. Very cool way of looking at it :P Adams looks a lot like Kidman here indeed!

    5. I'm going to watch Westworld tonight. And I'm behind with Scream Queens as well, and I was stupid enough to go on Tumblr yesterday and saw a pretty big spoiler - damn it.

      The Rock is such a great movie. It's one of my favorite action movies but I don't talk about it, I don't know why.. I should, it's good!

      1. I hope you like it! Yeah I know what you are referring to :/

        It's very fun, Cage is a riot in this!

    6. Look that a little crazy monkey!! This behind the scenes ssquad pic is proof that david ayer wasted his talent.... i can imagine jareds joker do that when he fights batman... ffff!! I really hate the director and wb!

      1. Ayer is a lost cause to me, his entire behavior during the promo tour of this movie and how he basically screwed up the film and still kept saying it's awesome and his intended cut (when it was reported how much WB messed up the movie) was just awful

    7. Hey thanks for the link Margaret! You've seen BJB right? Emma Thompson definitely made it worthwhile.

      Nice lace top btw and love your cat-eye!

      Ahah, Hail Snydra! Love that nickname and it's spot on! I'm looking fwd to Aquaman a bit more now as Jason Momoa is just so adorable in the BTS pics.

      1. You're welcome! Yeah, very fun movie!

        Thank you!

        Momoa is so cool, he keeps posting instagram pics of Iceland and calling it 'cold Hawaii' :)

    8. Happy Friday Sati! I finally saw the first two eps of Westworld. Thank you for the recommendation. I was very impressed with the performances, especially Hopkins and Harris (of course), Netwon, Wright, and Knudsen. I can take or leave Marsden. Woods is not my favorite actress but she does good work here too. Very very excellent show. A million times better than Thrones.

      AHS is crazy good this year. I'm curious as to what the "twist" is but of course Ryan Murphy's twists are never as exciting as he thinks they are. So we'll see.

      With regard to cultural changes--I generally use a rule of thumb--if a character is iconic (like Valkyrie/Brunhilde) then it's difficult to culturally change them. If the character is non-iconic it's much easier. But it seems to be going both ways--like with Tilda Swinton (my favorite actress of all time) being cast as the ancient one, Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily, or Scarjo as Motoko in Ghost in the Shell. I haven't read all of the Thrones books, so I don't know all the characters, but I have wondered if there could have been a little more diversity in Thrones? Just as I have wondered if there could have been a little less rape and degradation of women.

      I'm glad you saw 'The Rock.' I remember going to see that movie in the theater as a very young teenager and thinking that film was so great. It was also before Nic Cage went down the rabbit hole. It was certainly fun to watch! I have seen it in 20 years. I totally forgot about hot 90s Michael Biehn being in that film. Hot Michael Biehn may make me want to see that film again. He was like the perfect man in the 80s and 90s.

      1. I'm so glad you liked it! Yes Knudsen is great, so fantastic how the show mixes well known actors with completely new to wide-audience performers

        I still have several episodes to catch up on with AHS and the twist is today! Goa binge it tomorrow and hopefully remain unspoiled until then

        Well there could easily be less rape on GoT what the writers did with Sansa was beyond dumb, sick and unnecessary. not sure about race though, but they could probably cast more. Oylowo could come up with better examples to whine, though

        Yeah he was so hot back then! But he is in it for about 10 minutes though his last scene is so unintentionally hilarious :)

    9. Personally I think all important document should be covered in red glitter. I am 8/10 more likely to pay attention! Bank statement? Meh. Bank statement covered in glitter? Ooooooh!!
      Thank you for the link! Seriously hoping that I'm making up for watching the monstrosity that is the Human Centipede, hah.
      - Allie

      1. Haha, that's a very good point :)

        I still cannot believe you watched that voluntarily :P

    10. Oh I love these. I just sit back get some news and enjoy the snark. Keep it up sista!

      1. Thank you, glad to be bringing some fun towards readers :)

    11. Thanks for the link, Sati, I certainly appreciate it.

      It looks like I have to start Westworld, huh? I want to join the board...and remain curiously silent (which is kind of my thing...).

      Daniel Craig just pulled the flawless Mortal Kombat victory pulling all that cash. Hopefully it's enough money to make him look interested in playing Bond in the next flick.

      F--k Trump. And not in a way that he'd actually enjoy. So...totally consensual and with a woman NOT in her 20s. I'm with you entirely, though. NOW WE'RE UPSET? NOW?

      Hey, lay off the nerds and the Rogue One trailer. When I got up...yep, I glittered all over the place after that one.

      1. You're very welcome!

        Yes, start it! Such an amazing show!

        For this much money I'd pretend to be interested in Von Trier's movies

        I just don't get it. He did worse before, and this was a step too far? What the hell is wrong with people over there?:D

        Haha, glad you liked it this much! It had Mads so...good trailer :)

    12. That Nocturnal Animals poster is so, so good. And yeah, Billy Bush really screwed himself, huh?

      1. I really cannot wait for the movie! I'm worried if Adams can pull off darker role like that

    13. Thanks for the link love sati, though I think you got the URL wrong :P

      Just joined your new forum :D

      1. Oh my God I'm so dumb :P Fixed it!

        Thank you! Did you see the show yet? it's amazing!

    14. I'm gonna watch it right now and then head over to your new forum :) Been a while since I used a forum, they can be really great if you establish a nice little community... not too big, not too small. Once I catch up with the episodes I'll see you there! :D

      1. Awesome, thanks so much! We already have some really cool people there and the show is so much fun to talk about - watching it is great but it's only half the fun - writing the theories and comparing the ideas is really entertaining!