Saturday, October 22, 2016

(258) Dolores in Tortureland + links

By sati (harlequinade) Saturday, October 22, 2016
  •  Very short RF this week and also a day late because I had to work today. Yep, on Saturday. We were working to have Halloween off. I was divorcing people who stick dog's hair in each other shoes.
  • But beginning next Wednesday I will have 19-day long vacation so I'm so looking forward to it also because since I won't have to get up at 5 AM on Monday I will be able to watch Westworld live! ! Woo!
  • I tried to stay up on Sunday but gave up around midnight. Eh, I'm too old for this.
  • New episode was the weakest out of three but I cannot remember the last time I cheered as much as I did when Dolores shot that guy. YES!
  • But no Ed Harris killing people this ep. Sati sad.
  • The Walking Dead premieres tomorrow and we will find out see what is the outcome of Lucille scene. People knew who will die since they started shooting and noticed which cast member is absent. And AMC is now threatening spoiler sites. Again. These morons OKed the cliffhanger, weren't smart enough to pay whoever dies to hang on the set so that people wouldn't guess that character is dead based on which actor doesn't show up to the set and managed to add fuel to shit fire because I read what happens in the premiere and it makes the cliffhanger even more unnecessary, dumb and straight up insulting to the fans.
  • The Walking Dead airs at the same time as Westworld. Don't watch that shite people, watch Westworld. Their ratings should plummet for that cliffhanger alone, but the premiere events are equally stupid.
  • Also JDM as hot as he is is a kiss of death. He joins the show - and if his character doesn't die - the show either ends as soon as he joins or gets cancelled. So...yeah.
  • Haven't seen the last few episodes of AHS but I know what the twist is. Ryan Murphy, that yapping idiot, has been talking to the press relentlessly hyping up that twist. Turns out that twist was predicted by most of the people watching the show and isn't even much of a twist, just an easy to anticipate story progression. I even made a tweet weeks ago how I hope that this is not 'the twist' Murphy means because it means he overhyped something in the show again. Is he as delusional as to think that his idea there is original, unique or surprising? Or does he think the fans of the show are so stupid they wouldn't figure out something this obvious? Either way this is just not good.
  • This is even less surprising than Ryan Murphy doing a show based on Joan Crawford and Bette Davis rivalry. But why the hell are they doing Hurricane Katrina season? With 3 they have a pattern and glitzy famous crimes don't really go with whatever crime they are doing in relation to Katrina.  
  • Haven't seen new Scream Queens yet but I know what happens. See a pattern where I read about what happens instead of watching because I have no time? I do. But SQ I am actually able to catch up with in the week it airs so it's OK. What's not OK is that this is probably its last season.
  • Taboo premiers in January. I have no idea what that show is gonna be about but Hardyboo is practically naked in it so that's all I need to know.
  • Here's J-boo following cute dogs in Japan. 
  • I wasn't a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser but the poster is pretty dope.
  • I saw leaked Dark Tower trailer. It sucked. There is some sort of a kid who hangs with Idris Elba? What the fuck? Why do we need that kid? It makes it looks like that Nic Cage wizard mentor schlock.
  • I read Justice League leaked plot. It sucked. There is some space crap they're gonna combat again. Also twitchy Eisenberg is back. Nah, Batfleck run.
  • Who on Earth would want to watch this shit? The only thing Cara should be doing is preparing her Razzie acceptance speech.
  • Ladies, you're welcome.  
  • Zahara is sideyeing in every single picture, isn't she? Also I actually had to check if that bit about farting was dlisted snark or actual part of the linked article. And it was part of it. Is Angelina aware she is not fooling people with this? Silly question. She is never aware.
  • Anne Hathaway is still insufferable.
  • Tim Miller who directed Deadpool won't be back for the sequel over differences with Ryan Reynolds. Meanwhile we have a shortlist for the part of Domino and Winstead would be terrific!
  • Who the hell is Azaelia Banks?
  • Lawrence is actually addicted to casting couch. Even after she has her Oscar she just cannot resist and bang a director. Darren, I thought you have better taste than this. From Rachel Weisz to this? Really? Take penicillin, Darren.
  • Celebrities dressed like assholes on Doctor Strange premiere. Is RDJ on drugs again?
  • Here's George Clooney's dog being sad her human's lady is dressed like this.  I love that George is carrying her. Gustav has been acting like a princess lately and sitting up on the first floor so I need to carry him for the next two. It's good for small dogs, though because they don't strain their legs.
  • Jordan reviews The Girl on the Train
  • Courtney reviews Moonlight
  • Brittani reviews The Accountant
  • Alex lists 61 things he loves about L.A. Confidential
  • FlickChicks review Krampus
  • m.brown reviews Me Before You


    1. I read your tweet about J-Law dating Darren Aronofsky and I had the same response as you did. What a slut.

      I still like Anne, Hathahaters can fuck off!

      I do like that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 poster, mostly because of mini-Groot who is so adorable.

      Glad you like to watch Westworld live, it's more fun.

      1. Mini Groot is so awesome!

        I still didn't get a chance - i have to get up at 5 AM at it airs at 3 AM here. But next Monday I have a day off so I'll see it!

    2. I'm jazzed for Guardians now. I loved that teaser.

      Anne...stop. people were done hating you.

      I really hope the GA actually starts to see twd for the manipulating show it is for this ep. Probably not, they'll eat shit with a smile on their face.

      Still bitter lol

      Thanks for the link! :)

      1. I saw some not so great reviews of that premiere...but I also saw people give it 10 on StD so I don't know what to think :D

    3. Hey Margaret, fun RF as always. I've been busy w/ TCFF stuff so haven't got time visiting people's blogs. Glad you're still enjoying Westworld, can't wait to binge on that later this year. Cheers!

      1. I can't wait to read your thoughts on the show!

    4. I think I'm feeling a little sleep deprived myself, because those gifs at the end of your post legit made me cry a little. I'm sure they were meant to make me laugh but...oh his little face!
      That GotG poster is just awesome, give me that movie over Justice League any day.
      Thank you for the link my lovely :)
      - Allie

      1. Oh my god, Justice League is gonna suck... :D

    5. I'm so glad I got into Westworld...I'm still a little behind as I'm going to watch episode 3 tonight, but I like to binge when possible.

      I wasn't sold on the teaser for Guardians, but that poster definitely has me hooked. I liked the first movie, but my boyfriend is a die-hard fanboy, so I'm kind of obligated to 1) See the movie and 2) Have interest lol

      Thanks for the link :D

      1. Thank the Lord your boyfriend is a die-hard fanboy of this and not anything from DC :D

        So glad you are digging Westworld!

    6. Thanks for the link! I'm so excited to get all caught up with Westworld. Really digging it. Oh and Azealia Banks has needed to go away for a long, long time.

      1. You're welcome!So glad you're liking Westworld! I still have no idea who that woman is other than a real mess :)

    7. UGH, Banks is so talented but such a rotten, awful person. She has a history of being absolutely vile and this is just yet another example of her personality overshadowing her potential. I LOVE her debut album, but I hope she just goes away after this.

      LOL at Anne Hathaway still trying it...gurl...just stop.

      Guardians is going to be SICK!!!

      1. I was wondering what number 1 Crowe fan is going to say :) Yeah she seems nasty. Good for Russel for remaining relatively calm there

    8. "Meanwhile we have a shortlist for the part of Domino and Winstead would be terrific!" - Nope ! lol !

      She seems to be the most popular on the list, but damn if she's not Domino. This shorlist is so random and totally not sending the Dominoo vibe. I have nothing against Winstead, I'm pretty sure she could play a freaking X-Man or another Marvel character, just not Domino specifically.

      Deadpool had a pretty good cast, so I must say I hope Cable and Domino would be in that spirit - not the shitty Bryan Singer one who doesn't know how to cast a good actress (Sansa was so horrible, poor Jean Grey).

      If it's Winstead, I suppose I would make my peace knowing It could have been worse, way worse if I have to believe this list.

      1. I'm not shocked to read Turner wasn't good :) She is overrated as hell when it comes to her 'performance' on Thrones

    9. Great rambler Sati. Enjoy your long over due vacation! OMG The walking dead writers are such trolls. I've basically given up on the show...even with JDM...I just can't do it. It's basically click bait. I won't be watching or purchasing the show or giving AMC anymore money. I will likely watch it when it comes on netflix next year.

      I'll be curious what American Crime Story does with the Katrina storyline. Some really terrible stuff went down during that storm so there will be ample material. There was lots of news coverage on it in the states. I didn't realize they were doing a season on Versace. That will be really interesting. I remember being in the mall as a young teen when they finally brought Cunan to justice. There was a sense of terror in the air when this man was on the loose.

      Awww, I really like Anne. She seems like a sweet person, but a normal person.

      1. Yeah I don't watch it anymore either. I just can't it's so bad right now and JDM is overdoing it as Negan.

        Yeah but Anne is talking about this whole thing so many years after it happened...also really so many people out there would actually be happy if they got an Oscar and she got one and is like 'oh me sad'. That's just ungrateful.