Friday, November 4, 2016

(260) Damsel no more + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 4, 2016
  • Westworld ratings dropped again. What the hell? This episode had Dolores shooting these guys and Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins in one scene together and less than 2 mln people watched it. For shame, USA.
  • We are halfway through this season and HBO still hasn't announced the second one. HBO get your shit together, order more and advertise it everywhere. I am doing a better job promoting that show than the network does.
  •  Here's the first look at The Beauty and the Beast. The Beast design is kinda horrible - it looks so cartoonish and it's just jarring. It looks like they took a drawing of Maleficent with those horns and just added fur to it. Also Emma Watson just has such a bitter look, on the other hand I really cannot think of another actress who could play Belle. Also she looks like a skinny 12-year old girl in that dress, It will probably look better in the trailer but those pictures are not great.
  • Idris Elba might have banged Madonna? What is happening?
  • While Idris response to the gossiping people is funny Justin Theroux just appears like he has nothing better to do.
  • New trailer for Wonder Woman dropped. I was making gifs from the trailer and I cannot with that dude in the background.
  • Apparently that is Ewen Bremmer?  I was so distracted by the look on his face I didn't even recognize him there. 
  • Speaking of, we have the first trailer for Trainspotting 2. It looks good and it really has to be because the original is one of the most iconic movies out there. So this sequel better not suck. It's a good sign they got so many of original cast members to come back.
  • New trailer for Suicide Squad extended edition dropped to remind us we are gonna have to go through all of that again.
  • Meryl Streep is getting Cecil B. DeMille award at Golden Globes. So I'm guessing Stone wins Best Actress for Comedy?
  • I'm actually losing respect for Aronofsky here. This whole thing grosses me out. They both have horrible taste.
  • And in other disgusting news....
  • I wonder what is the logic behind hiring Johnny 9 Digits who we last saw shouting at cupboards and yelling motherfucker at them to be in that Harry Potter spin off series.
  • I saw The Girl on the Train and it was better than I expected it to be. Emily Blunt was great and the film was quite well done, plus it's not like the book was a masterpiece to begin with. 
  • I rewatched Glengarry Glen Ross and I might have done so for Ed Harris. Don't judge me. The man has so much swag. 
  • I also managed to catch up with this season of American Horror Story and it's very entertaining. Sarah Paulson is getting to show her comedy skills this year and it's really fun to watch also Kathy Bates delivers probably her best performance in the show yet. 
  • And I totally called it
  • Brittani writes about new episodes of The Walking Dead and Westworld
  • FlickChicks review Doctor Strange
  • Ruth lists the movies she saw in October
  • Jordan reviews Hacksaw Ridge
  • Alex made another awesome list this time of 10 looks of parental pride
  • m.brown saw Silent Hill because in October people watch a lot of dogshit horror movies


    1. This Beauty and the Beast movie looks like trash. Emma watson needs to stop playing beloved book characters and woodenizing them.

      Wonder Woman looks great, I think DC will definitely get that one right. Which they need even more now with those rumors about the Batfleck script.
      I didn't know there was a trainspotting 2. I'll have to watch that trailer when I'm done cooking lol.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Wait what rumours about Batfleck script? :D

    2. You can blame baseball for the low ratings of Westworld as it was the World Series between 2 teams that had long droughts as one of them in the Chicago Cubs ended their 108-year drought Wednesday which I think was one of the greatest games ever. The Cleveland Indians played their asses off but might have to wait another year to win one as it's now 69. You should blame those TWD morons for the low ratings as well.

      I saw that pic of Darren kissing J-Law.... ew.... Rachel Weisz I hope keeps their kids away from her. I hope Idris didn't do Madonna, she's fugly.

      The trailers for Wonder Woman and T2 look awesome. I don't like the look of the beast either. Johnny Depp in a Harry Potter franchise...... bye.....

      Wow, did Gustav eat any of those chili fries?

      1. Yeah I read about that sports thing. There is a small increase in ratings this week but still, it's just embarrassing how many people watch TWD and ignore this show. I saw a gifset from TWD today and I swear I thought it was a gag reel and apparently that was from the actual episode

        That's not Gustav, Gustav is so much bigger than that dog and yeah he would eat those chili fries :P

    3. Hi Margaret, thanks for the link!

      Hey I'm talking about Beauty and the Beast also in my Five for the Fifth post but I'm more optimistic than you. I guess I'm kinda swept away by it as I grew up w/ Princess movies, despite my irritation w/ Disney making live action flicks of EVERYTHING!

      Ahahaha, I’m posting about the Wonder Woman trailer too, how could I’ve missed that guy behind Chris Pine! Hilarious!

      1. You're welcome! Well the trailer for Beauty better be amazing because so far it looks kinda awful, mostly because of that Beast design but this is a fairly major screw-up

    4. Hi again, been awhile! The trailer for T2 does have me moderately interested.I'm a bit worried that it could be weird seeing them still misbehaving 20 years later. Most have matured when over 40. What I'm most excited for are the music choices, as the original soundtrack is iconic!

      1. Most heroin addicts would probably be dead....

    5. Thanks muchly for the link love :)

      I'm really sceptical about Trainspotting 2. I don't think Ewan has another performance like that in him, and like you said, the original is so good. I watched it the other day for the first time while sober, and boy did it hit me hard. I just hope they don't totally ruin it. 'Tis a good sign though that they got all those original characters

      1. You're welcome!

        I think Ewan can still do wonders unfortunately he has been working with pretty awful scripts lately

    6. That Trainspotting trailer is badass. Thanks for that! I need to go back and see the original. It's been too long.

      1. Yeah I haven't seen the first one in years and it has been one of my favorite movies ever since I saw it as a teenager

    7. Hahaha....yes. Dogshit sums it up perfectly.

      Nine-Digits and Eddie Redmayne seems like it could be a real shitshow of who can me more um, eccentrically peculiar, so I'm going to go ahead and proceed with caution. Why couldn't they just get the dude who played Ron Weasely to be in it? I love that ginger goofball.

      Oh, and for the record, Trainspotting is one of my favorite films of all time. If T2 is half as good, it'll be better than nine-tenths of all the movies I've seen in the last fifteen years. F--k, that was a lot of math...but I think it makes sense.

      Thanks for the link!!

      1. I don't know, man, anyone is better than Redmayne. This movie looks fun but I don't know how I'm gonna stand his face for 2h+

    8. Admittedly, I can see Gaga as Donatella. Girl on a Train was better than I had thought it wold be. The reviews have been vicious. The ending was questionable, but like you said, the book was no masterpiece.

      OMG, you had me laughing at that gif with Ewen Bremmer in the background. I can't look at it or the giggles will resume.

      Yes, I blame the baseball games. I'm sure the ratings will go up again.

      1. Oh yeah it's a good casting it's just so obvious :)

        The ratings did go up but only a bit :(

    9. I fucking LOVE Ed Harris in Glengarry. His final rant is so great.
      "I'm going to Wisconsin."
      "Have a good trip."
      Haha, perfect. And thanks for the link and comment!

      1. He is amazing in that but then again everybody is, this is one of the most amazingly scripted and acted out movies out there. The dialogues are true art in that!