Friday, November 25, 2016

(263) RUN + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 25, 2016
  •  Fuckin' tumblr is ageist as hell. Rodrigo Santoro gets naked and handcuffed to bed and the gifs are everywhere. But the above are the only ones of MiB from this episode I could find. Not that he got naked and handcuffed to bed. I'm just saying, what the hell are you people gifing? The scene I am about to whine about has nothing to do with the above, but fuck it, I'm leaving this as it is.
  • Day 6. After days of theorizing, talking, redditing and wondering I still don't know how the fuck this stupid maze appeared. And no. I was not distracted by Ed Harris to the point my brain worked even less than usual.
  • ...
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  • Ok, fine, I was, but for six days I wondered! And nothing! 
  • Next episode in 2 days. What drugs do I need to take to not go to sleep and watch it live at 3 am?
  • Do these designers think that just because Melania and Ivanka won't get to wear any of their rags they will change anything? It is one of those things for which I find the liberals annoying - what did these women do to them? This won't change shit and is just petty.
  • Alien: Covenant first poster is dope as hell. If they attach the trailer for it to Assassin's Creed then at least one good thing will come from them making Assasssin's Creed and wasting everyone's time. Also I love this tagline. So simple, so cool. Remember how psyched I was for Prometheus? I still ended up loving it but hopefully this will be better and it's so awesome that it's gonna feature actual xenomorphs. 
  • Everyone is going insane for that Silence trailer meanwhile I cannot even find the will to actually watch it. I worked like an imbecile all week and I'm so tired. I'm given to understand the cinematography looks excellent. But I don't know...if Scorsese is not making movies about criminals I'm not that eager to see them. 
  • I forgot to share Ghost in the Shell poster last week so here it is.
  • Anyone else absolutely hates new blogger interface? Why change something that isn't broken?
  • If you're not fine with swearing LEAVE. NOW. Cause this is gonna be unpleasant.
  • It turns out Chris Pratt and Anna Farris are terrible people. You just don't abandon a pet. I consider anyone giving away their pet to a stranger (key word stranger, family or friends you visit is a different thing) because the baby is on its way or some other reason, to be horrible. No, don't talk to me about thinking of 'loving family as new owner'. You wanna make a kid and then give your pet away? Go ahead but I hope your karma gets fucked for life. Per people with babies it's not an absolute necessity to give away your pet just because you knocked up your wife. An owner is an entire life for a pet. Abandoning a creature which loves you and trust you is not an option. This is just not acceptable. At all. Look at the state they found that poor dog in. Look at what he said to people on twitter after he announced he wants to give away his 15 year old cat. Heartless scum, a match made in garbage!
  • I tweeted him this: 
  • I seriously hope one day they are homeless and have to literally eat shit. I also hope they got explosive diarrhea on Thanksgiving.
  • Shame Pratt is successful, he deserves to be in as much obscurity as his wife. I am not gonna pay to see anything with either of them again and I'm thrilled Passengers looks laughable and will most likely tank.
  • It physically hurts me that Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer had to be around this (they are also in this movie which means I'm gonna have to sit through it). Also how shocking she got along with Farris and Pratt. Is trash magnet a thing? Cause these three seem to suggest it is.
  • "Privacy is a full-time job and I work very hard at it." - apparently by making out with the director of the movie in the street.
  • Maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe she is the one we should thank for for Ed singing up for season 2? He probably walked in on her taking a picture of her ass and figured he needs to get away from the movie world for a while since this is what it looks like these days.
  • I haven't seen any movies this week and Arrival already left theaters here. I hate everything.
  • Andrew, Kevin, m.brown, Courtney and MettelRay review Arrival and Jordan shares music from the film
  • Brittani recaps The Walking Dead which was apparently good this week and Westworld 
  • Ruth and FlickChicks share lovely Thanksgiving posts


    1. Thanks for the link! Good luck on your Westworld all-nighter. The time zone issue you're facing is a real bitch. And I really really hate that Arrival didn't stick around for you. I really think you'd dig it.

      I can speak for liberals when I say that these American fashion designers are probably, like so many others, in protest of Donald's marginalization, even degradation, of homosexuals and people of color in this country and don't want anything to do with him or anyone who would have something to do with him. I'm not a big protester myself. I'm resigned to just see what happens at this point.

      The Chris Pratt cat tweet is undeniable, but I would say there is more to this adopted dog scenario than what the wonderful journalists at TMZ chose to report. Disgusting to even think about I agree. This is why I personally try to stay out of celebrities' personal lives though. I'm here for the movies. I really like Chris Pratt as an actor and think Passengers looks like good Hollywood fun.

      Thanks again. Great post as always!

      1. I think they got rid of the dog because they said the dog was nipping at their son when he was one years old. Now, having had one year old children, I can tell you they don't always get pets hints when pets don't want to be bothered. And should not be left unsupervised with pets. I'm not saying this is what happened with Faris/Pratt's son but it's a possibility. However, when you adopt from some rescues one of the rules is if you cannot keep the animal for any reason, you agree to return it to the rescue. Which is what Faris/Pratt did not do and seeing how the dog ended up, it's completely understandable why most rescues have that rule. I just think they are people who should just not have pets.

      2. It's just terrible, for guys in US it's 9 PM here it's 3 AM :/

        Sure but writing letters and basically saying 'you can't have our stuff' - it's not much of discussion and communication and just throwing insults at each other is not gonna help anything

        I do read gossip sites and I don't care if the celebrities drink or get high but animal abuse is just awful. They could have returned the dog to the agency and they didn't. Just such irresponsible behavior

    2. Trust me, I was shocked when twd turned out not to be terrible too. Though spoilers for Sunday show they're going back to shit.

      I don't have an issue with peopld rehoming pets per say, but if you've rehomed one pet, don't get another. They're a lot of work. Ffs people.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Let me know when Negan's wives arc starts, it's gonna be a laugh riot :P

    3. I think Ed should call Evan and have J-Law be invited to Evan's SUPA-KICK!!!!!!! party!

      I'm not fond of the Blogger interface either.

      1. It's awful, I have to click a tab to see if I have ne comments...ugh too much work! :P

      2. Agreed. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    4. Oh my goodness that's terrible what they did to their animals. And for the record I have a baby (now a toddler), a cat and two dogs. Yes, you can have babies and animals in the same house. I don't get it.

      1. Exactly! They just didn't want to take care of them anymore. horrible

    5. Hi Margaret! Thanks for the link!

      Ahah, you’re crushing over Ed Harris I see… can’t say I blame you.

      Whoa, that Alien: Covenant poster is pretty darn cool! I’m not crazy about Ghost in the Shell at all, maybe at one point when Sam Riley was almost cast as the villain, but not anymore.

      That’s heartbreaking to hear about the Pratt’s treatments of pets :(

      Bummer that you didn’t get to see ARRIVAL on the big screen, wish good films stay around in theaters longer, but of course it’s the loud, bombastic ones who seem to stay around forever.

      1. I realize he looks 100 years old but he is so goddamn charismatic!

        Yeah I think Arrival really tanked here, it was in cinemas for only two weeks :/

    6. Monday's are like a social shut down day for me. First with GoT, now with Westworld. I love my sleep too much to stay up and watch Westworld live, but I've got it recorded and ready for tonight after work!
      Alien: Covenant looks like it's going to shit me up. There is no way in hell I'm going to the cinema for that!!
      Thanks for the link my lovely!
      - Allie

      1. I saw Prometheus in 3D in cinema...oh man that surgery scene :/