Friday, December 2, 2016

(264) Hello, Dolores + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, December 2, 2016
  • About the gifset above I literally stopped breathing when this happened. Had I been Dolores I'd faint so fucking fast. Probably pee myself a little on the way down too.
  • When you perv and the sub pervs along with you.
  • Michelle Maclaren who directed the episode shared this little delicious nugget in an interview:
  • Turning to a couple of the episode's other big moments, is there a behind-the-scenes story on the Man in Black getting caught in the horse-and-noose trap?
    I will tell you this: Ed Harris did that all himself. (Laughs.) That man is incredible. We had a stuntman do one of the passes, and no offense to the stuntman, but we didn't need it. Ed did it all. Ed had a harness on and a rope around his neck, and had special effects and stunt guys doing the pull on him. But he physically dragged from the point where he took the knife out of Teddy, yanked back to that tree, at the speed that you're seeing, and hung up off of his feet. He did it himself several times. The man is incredible. He is badass. You look up cool in the dictionary, and it says Ed Harris.
  • My God...when it's time to simply get up and go to work I can barely move. 
  • Episode 9 gave us awesome pick up line:
  • And to plug my board a little bit here's the clip from finale and here are official promo pics.
  •  Eh, I'm so against what is probably coming. MiB is my fav character and in large part thanks to the charm and charisma of Ed Harris. Simpson is a good actor but for me it's just so silly that William is supposed to turn into this witty, badass dude who is actually not as psycho as William is - dude just slaughtered all these hosts because Logan cut open A ROBOT William knows for few days. The guy lost it. I don't think his turning point was well written and I didn't find him compelling to begin with so if one of my least fav characters turns out to 'grow up' to be my fav well....I will feel odd. Logan is at least witty, William is dull. He is the dude who just breaks down and is repressed so he lashes out. What is so fucking new about this or even remotely compelling? You see me lash out like psycho every Friday here and every day on twitter. I don't see any of William in the MiB who is super confident. Also - and that is bothering me the most - the mannerisms between the two - nothing is similar. The events, the connections etc. that's what is making everyone think William is MiB but there is nothing in these two characters and two performances that seems similar. To me the reveal, because of this is gonna be jarring. Also William is kinda pathetic - he is engaged to a woman and it takes him 5 seconds of deliberation to go bang a host.
  • This whole mystery angle is pissing me off. Let me channel Phoebe now - I just wanted a simple story about a goddamn theme park where Ed Harris doesn't need to say 10 haphazardly thrown in things just to add a mystery to his big scene! 
  • Why does everything has to be hidden and then revealed? It's all there, you have all there, why do you need to make people guessing? And how is this happening on HBO which biggest show ever is a straightforward fantasy series? 
  • I hope the finale is a lot like pilot and then in the second season they focus on the story and the characters not the mysteries. It's 2016. We have reddit. We are smarter than writers because there is so many of us. And clearly so many of us have absolutely no lives. Stop with the twists. You will not win, so just tell the story.
  • Meanwhile, a guy on reddit vowed to drink his own piss if it's Logan who turns into MiB. This is a preferable option, actually. Not only would this guy do it but at least Logan is somewhat attractive. I'm sorry I don't mean to be mean to Jimmi Simpson but the casting directors forced my hand here. There is just no way. It's Adam Driver playing Harrison Ford's son again, only worse. I do realize making CGI Ed Harris who would be 30 years younger and featured in so many scenes in past time frame would cost so much money but if you do not spend money on that then you are spending your money wrong, HBO. We should all be fucking spending money on that. Or perfecting the cloning process. 
  • I should stop. I should just stop.
  • But I can't cause the only movie I saw this week was Appaloosa. It was great! Really enjoyed the actual straightforward narrative (this happens to you when you hang out connecting dots on reddit all the time) and the performances were fantastic. Can we get Viggo and Jeremy on Westworld train?
  • Amber Heard is trying to stay in the news so much now that she got sued. Never mind that this just shows she is a bullshit artist. The lawyers words are where I direct you. In her settlement it was basically stated she doesn't get to speak of Johnny 9 Digits as abuser anymore. She just did - on the heels of being sued for money from producers - PSA about violence. And the lawyer thinks that she is not infringing her settlement? Depp apparently just wants her to go away because instead of rightfully pointing out that since she did that he doesn't owe her a penny, he gave her the cash. If her gig in DC doesn't hold this chick is done. But it's DC right? So Justice League is probably gonna be a timeless masterpiece *sarcasm sign*
  • There would be nothing wrong with any of this including what is written in that fan mail but unfortunately Jeffrey Dean Morgan has lost his entire appeal to me the second he started whining about fans who read spoilers. You never diss the fans. What was it that he said? That people who read spoilers aren't true fans? And that was said about the show that continuously disrespects its fans, prime example being this ridiculous cliffhanger.
  • Benedict Cumsatchel's publicist thought it's a good idea if GQ makes a piece on him. That was a bad idea. I cannot believe the stuff this man is saying.
  • Evan Rachel Wood revealed she was raped twice. It's just horrible. Playing Dolores must have brought all of this back but what an incredibly strong person she is to share this with the world. She really is incredible and so many fans sent her so much love after she tweeted that letter.
  • Matthew McConaughey and Jeff Bridges met and it was magical.
  • Kill that outfit, her, Pratt and his wife. WITH FIRE.
  • Here's another ridiculous trailer for their shitfest.Watch it, I guarantee you'll laugh.
  • Meanwhile Kristen Stewart is doing this in new Stones' video:
  • Amy Schumer is gonna play Barbie. I just...don't even know what to say.
  • I'm so not into this Oscar season. Everything is rigged by OscarsSoWhite whiners from last year so we know Viola Davis wins. Obviously La La Land wins too. Also this season is so ugly - I find the fact that someone made a comedy about rape disgusting and Isabelle Huppert is probably gonna get nominated for this. Then there is Casey Affleck. Enough said. And Portman is campaigning so so much dumb shit is coming out of her mouth. The more she talks, the more Stone's chances increase.
  • Brittani recaps Westworld ad The Walking Dead
  • MettelRay and Kevin share their comfort movies
  • Ruth recaps the movie month of November
  • Alex writes about the movies directed by Warren Beatty
  • Keith lists 5 volatile movie romances
  • Andrew is still very excited for Oscar season
  • Courtney reviews The Edge of Seventeen
  • FlickChicks and m.brown review Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Jordan reviews Bad Santa 2


    1. Thanks for the link! That Amber Heard PSA was... something. I'm glad you liked Appaloosa. I wish Ed Harris directed more.

      1. You're welcome! Me too, he is such a great director!

    2. Variety's Actor on Actor interviews look entertaining, getting to know them a little better. Reminds me of Moviefone Unscripted which has some fun episodes, I particularly remember Refn-Gosling, Tim Burton-Depp, Downey Jr-Val Kilmer.

      Rolling Stones video is not bad. Did you see new Justice music video w/ Susan Sarandon? She defies aging(

      1. Haven't seen that Sarandon video yet, but will check it out soon. The interviews with the actors like that and round tables are often the best thing in Oscar season, wish I had the time to watch them all

    3. How dare you say that about William, his face is precious. Take that back! Lol

      Fuck Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

      Fuck Amber Heard.

      I'm so into this Oscar season but I've seen some really good movies, but I can't believe I considered seeing Elle just based on noms. After reading that synopsis there's no way Elle is for me.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I have no idea how is Huppert getting nominated for something so sick. I could see that happen in Europe but US, really? What is happening there lately? :P

    4. Amy Schumer as Barbie.... UGH.... Gag me with a spoon.

      Amber Heard is full of shit. I hope that bitch gets her ass kicked one of these days. I hope Evan is the one that does it. She's awesome and I want to hug her and then have her give me a SUPAKICK!

      I'm getting sick of J-Law. I hope Evan gives her a SUPAKICK and then rest of the Bullet Club can do some attacks w/ Scar-Jo 3:16 giving J-Law a Scar-Jo Stunna!

      1. Really the only thing worse is if Dunham stars as her sidekick

    5. Ok, I officially know the world is going to end because Amy Schumer is playing Barbie. Are they serious? You know who would make a great empowered Barbie and can actually act and is actually likable? Evan Rachel Wood (and kudos to her for sharing her story which I know had to be painful to do, her Rolling Stone profile was great).
      I am a Western fan and I loved Appaloosa. Glad you enjoyed it. Ed and Viggo made a great team. I am blanking on it right now, but I am pretty sure they worked together on either Eastern Promises or A History of Violence. Shame Viggo is not younger because if William is revealed to be a younger MIB, Viggo would have been perfect and a lot better then Jimmi Simpson (no offense Jimmi).
      Well JDM...if it makes you feel better, you might be the ratings killer for TWD. Though I think it's more the writing then anything.

      1. Yes they worked together on A History of Violence, Ed was actually super creepy in it but it was a fantastic movie!

        I saw TWD ratings plummeting badly but I'm still shocked this many people watch this show to begin with

    6. By now I've watched 8 episodes of Westworld so I'm almost caught up!! I did see some spoilers beforehand because Internet happens, but not too sad about it. It's still awesome!

      Maeve's storyline is by far my favourite one. If I'm caught up, I'll read your reviews as well, I bet they are awesome and filled with facts, and info I usually miss.

      1. I didn't like Maeve's storyline ever since everything was kinda handed to her but it was much better in finale :) Thandie is fantastic in the role though

    7. Thanks for the link Margaret.

      Ahah, I love it when you’re fan-girl-ing over an older man again. Someone commented in that Reddit post ‘I'd still climb him like a tree!’ Ha! Can’t wait to see MiB in all his glory very soon!

      Benedict Cumsatchel… mwahahaha! So tired of seeing him. He’s afraid he’s perceived as ‘white, male and upper class’??? Well he IS one and he never did anything to convince us otherwise. Seriously dude, there are people hungry and lacking even basic necessities in life. Get over yourself.

      I’ll be seeing Passengers in a couple of weeks, yeah it doesn’t look good.

      1. You're welcome!

        He is quite scary at first but his character is also super witty and as the plot progresses it's hard to see him as a bad guy because Anthony Hopkins' character is just so much worse :P

        Another thing that was gross was that his wife had to get up to take care of the kid and he went to gym?! What a tool!

    8. This is why you should see the Abyss. The man is such a bad ass he almost drowned and walked it off. I need to catch up on Westworld this week.

      1. I saw it semi-drunk on Friday. I cannot believe I witnessed space thingy underwater taking Ed Harris' hand and swimming with him to some sort of alien base.

    9. I'm steering clear of everything until I see Westworld in....3 hours! I'm not counting the minutes, I swear. I'm getting my blogging fix by catching up here instead!
      Just the URL of that Benedict Cumberbatch interview makes me want to cringe...!
      Thanks for the link :)
      - Allie

      1. Hope you'll like the finale! It was AWESOME!

    10. Thanks for the link! (and all those comments last week!) Hi-five on all of that.

      So, I know you remember that I said I would watch Westworld, and I'm sure know me well enough that the fact that I fell asleep and drooled all over myself instead isn't much of a shocker. I'm pretty much a failure at participating in society.

      Schumer as Barbie? Goodness. Just...why? Why?

      1. You're welcome!

        Dude get on Westworld. Brittani has a kid and a job and a life and she watches it AND posts on my fanboard. So it can be done, of course I only have a job out of the things listed above but she seems to be the example for us all :D