Friday, December 30, 2016

(268) Begone 2016 + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, December 30, 2016
  • (Here's me and Gustav serving you Xmas chic if you haven't seen it on my twitter yet)
  • I just can't with 2016. Is there anyone out there who is going to tell me this year isn't cursed? Princess Leia goes to hospital practically on Christmas Eve, dies few days afterwards and her mother passes away while planning her funeral. George Michael whose Last Christmas has been playing around Christmas Time since the 80's dies on Christmas Day. And now I read the worlds oldest panda died too. It's too much.
  • (by the way I don't think I'm out of line by suggesting every single person who was outraged about Steve Martin's tweet should be put into psych ward for observation for rabid SJW psychosis)
  • I am not a huge Star Wars nerd and I was never the biggest fan of Fisher but I appreciate the fact how important Fisher was to people and how much support they found in her. So all of this was deeply saddening and I completely broke down when I saw her beloved dog Garry's tweets.
  • And that vigil the fans held...
  • And then the news about Debbie Reynolds. There will be a joint funeral.
  •  I cannot even imagine what poor Billie Lourd is going through - such a young person, beginning actress, lost two of the most important women in her life one day after another. It's just too awful.
  • Billie is gonna take care of Gary.  I sure hope him and Billie's dog are in good health.
  • I am so worried for my heroes. This year still has another day.
  • Then there is my extremely shitty year with everything really - starting with my love life going through my health problems in the summer and just all around my horrible job which I truly hate and horrible atmosphere where I work. Everything sucks.
  • I swear to God the only good thing that happened in 2016 was Westworld. The only. good. fucking. thing. 
  • This year is so cursed. We need to do something.
  • Like really, if I can have one wish for 2017 it is to not feel so horribly, utterly alone anymore. It's just a terrible way to feel. I am so very tired of feeling like this.
  • Gonna keep RF short tonight since I already trashed one of two movies I saw this week and not much happened other than sad and terrible things.
  • Alien: Covenant trailer premiered on Christmas Day and while I did like it there is whole lot of people complaining about it online. I somewhat agree the trailer shows too much in terms of character deaths. On the other hand this is a movie in Alien franchise - of course the majority of characters are going to die. The one thing I didn't like was that they kept reminding us this is Alien movie every few seconds - bursting out of body! The egg! Alien itself! Wouldn't the title be sufficient? Fox is so clearly panicked that a lot of people whined about lack of aliens in Prometheus so they really want to get the message 'Alien is in it' across desperately.
  • Also why do people keep taking off their helmets upon landing on some creepy planet?
  • That said I really loved the acting in this trailer. Katherine Waterston is so charming and cute and as much as Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus was innocent character and Rapace portrayed that beautifully you still had the image of Rapace being Lisbeth Salander stuck in your head. With Waterston we truly have innocent, sweet character who is poised to be the final girl, most likely. The most impressive thing for me was brief shot of disgruntled Danny McBride. I'm really looking forward to him delivering more dramatic role here.
  • As for Michael Fassbender - moisturize your face and star in better movies! He ages as rapidly as Ed Harris, but Ed Harris never lost the hot. Fassbender is now staring at it in the rear-view mirror. That close up of his face in the trailer was just off putting. I wouldn't want to sit on that face anymore.
  • Well this is as good of a place in this post as any to start writing about that Ed Harris priest movie I saw on Christmas Eve. 
  • If they didn't want me to perv they shouldn't have included a hardcore make out scene with Ed and Anne Heche. Again I was like this.
  • What was the movie about? Does it matter? This matters.
  • Nocturnal Animals. No.
  • Here's some grade A Thirst Fuckery
  • Golden Globes - first presenters were announced. Amy Schumer and Eddie Redmayne. Oh man. Good thing I have a day off the next week and can drink during this.
  • Keith lists top 10 movies of the year 
  • m.brown reviews Southside with You
  • Brittani reviews Into the Forest 
  • MettelRay looks at the year 2016 in cinema
  • Jordan reviews Elle
  • Dan writes about Jackie
  • Allie reviews that sci-fi misfire with two awful people in space
  • Ruth finally saw Westworld and she loves it!
  • Dell reviews Arrival


    1. I'm ready for 2016 to be done, but with 2017 comes a Trump presidency and that's worse ughhhhhhh.

      I liked the Alien trailer, and I look forward to dramatic Danny McBride too. I don't care much for his comedy, it gets to be too much, but a little McBride is always good.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I hope green band trailer is a bit more mysterious....I think showing the egg itself was really too much

    2. Thanks for the link Margaret! Yes I LOVE Westworld and I’m gonna go back to some of your recap posts once I’m done (hopefully this weekend)

      Man, 2016 has been rough, esp this past month! I grew up listening to George Michael and his music is so timeless! I’m not a big Star Wars fan either but Carrie is a legend not only because she’s a huge part of the franchise but because of her generosity and her amazing wit. Boy she and her mother will be so missed.

      I haven’t seen Nocturnal Animals yet. You didn’t like it eh? Well I probably won’t know if I do or not until I rent it later.

      Here’s to a blessed & joyful New Year!

      1. I trashed in a review here, need to make a new header for the website now :)

    3. Fuck 2016. Worst fucking year ever. Xmas started off nice and then George Michael died which soured everything for me. I love George Michael and I do listen to Wham! My dad thinks "Careless Whisper" is the greatest song ever and he thinks it's better than anything the Beatles ever did. That says a lot about what George Michael has done.

      I feel so sorry for Billie Lourd to lose her mom and then her grandmother in the span of a few days. I fucking hate this year and I'm going to fucking hate 2017 as well. So I'm not going to say Happy New Year but rather "fuck you". I'm just not feeling happy and why should I be hopeful about having some fuckhead to be my new President who is going to fuck over everyone else just so he can get a dollar out of all of us.

      1. The feelings towards your new president seem very common in this comment section. You guys gotta remember you are still lucky to be in US in the first place.

    4. I knew no good could come of 2016 when Alan Rickman died at the beginning of the year. Now that the US is quickly becoming a dystopian nightmare, I'm not feeling much optimism for 2017.

      1. Maybe it won't be that bad? You guys survived Bush!

    5. Ugh, this year can go rot in hell for all I care. (I still think David Bowie dying within the first week was a sign for all the bad shit to come.) I want 2017 to be better but we have a rage-filled yam being sworn in as President in a few weeks so I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

      Let's just hope World War III doesn't become a thing in the coming year.

      1. Things in my country are so bad I cannot imagine the matters in US to deteriorate like this but it's quite startling the election results still hold after that whole cyber hack thing

    6. I'm in complete agreement that 2016 was just a complete disaster, whether it be the celebrity deaths, the natural disasters, or the fact that Donald Trump is going to be our next president.

      Westworld though was one of the 2016's highlights. I caught onto the series around Thanksgiving and quickly binged the entire season. Really can't wait for the new episodes.

      Coincidently enough, I've recently been rewatching a lot of The Office. Those old episodes always make me laugh, and seeing what we're all going through now we need comedy more than ever.

      1. The Office is such a fun series! Carell's work in that is one of the best performances ever on TV. Pity there is no really hysterical series on air right now, maybe Veep but that only has 10 episodes per season

    7. Well, it's finally done. Hopefully 2017 will be much better for all of us.

      I was totally unaware of the Steve Martin tweet controversy. Talk about people overreacting. Geez.

      "...but Ed Harris never lost the hot. Fassbender is now staring at it in the rear-view mirror. That close up of his face in the trailer was just off putting. I wouldn't want to sit on that face anymore." This gave me my first official internet lol moment of the new year. Thanks for that!

      And thanks for the link!

      1. Well my inappropriate pervy jokes are always here to serve :)

    8. Thanks so much for the link. You're awesome!

      I'm a bit mixed on the Alien trailer. I think you're right. The trailer seems a bit reactionary. But now it's confirmed - aliens are in Aliens!

      I actually am a Star Wars nerd and I got the news of Carrie Fisher's death in the place where she first impacted my movie life - in a theater. And I loved Debbie Reynolds. Just terrible...

      1. You're welcome! :)

        It's so awful. What a tragedy for them to die so close to each other, but I suppose given how close they were it may be a blessing that her mother didn't have to go on missing her every day

    9. I really hope you have a happier and healthier 2017!
      I'm totally with you on Westworld. Yet that's already a mark against 2017, seeings as we won't get Season 2 till 2018 :(
      Thank you for link, and for reminding me how much better that terrible movie should have been, ha!

      1. Thank you! At least we will be getting some season 2 info soon, hopefully one of the cast members says something on Globes red carpet!