Friday, January 13, 2017

(270) La La Globes + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 13, 2017
  •  Guess who is 5 years old today? And backed by a popular demand - and by that I mean m.brown - yes, it's my voice on that video. This is why I don't do podcasts. Oh and what I'm saying is 'treat' to get him to look at the camera. Which seems like a stupid thing to do when he is eating a gigantic pig ear.
  • I fear one of those days Batfleck is going to snap and none of us is going to survive to tell the tale.
  • He has been promoting Live by Night giving dozens interviews everywhere and it went like this:
  • I literally become nervous just looking at him. 
  • I haven't even seen the entire Globes ceremony yet. I could do that tonight but I have grand plans instead:
  • I also need to rewatch Taboo. I was so focused on lusting after Hardy half of the plot eluded me.
  • Man, what is up with La La Land love. The most honored movie in 74 years of this thing. I'm going to see it next week but what is even more astonishing to me is that Alex chose it as his fav in 2016. To me it looks like two nice people prancing around in colorful surroundings, but clearly I must be missing something.
  • The whole room exploded with applause for Brad Pitt. I loved it. Hollywood sent Angelina a very clear message with that and that message was we are onto you, biatch.
  • I have seen a lot of people bomb on these award shows but what Hiddleston did was truly something astonishing. Never have I seen someone soberly sabotaging their own career so aggressively. 
  • Westworld left home empty handed but Evan Rachel Wood totally stole the red carpet show:
  • If only she didn't tweet relentlessly about that the whole week, getting in arguments with people who were saying someone else wore a suit to awards shows before. Why bother arguing with these people?
  • Also Amy Adams is a fan of the show!:
  • I didn't think there was anything worse than Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing but upon googling what Sophie Turner wore it turned out that I couldn't be more wrong.
  • Kudos to Gosling for two things - one, a lovely speech. And two, and that is more impressive, not vomiting on Goldie Hawn, his Globe, his waiter jacket and EVERYWHERE on that stage when he had to kiss Amy Schumer. 
  • Ryan Reynolds kissed Andrew Garfield at the table where Mel Gibson was. I wish we could have seen the look on his face.
  • Allow me not to stand up and clap for Streep. She did that for Polanski. So she is not the person who should be going on moral tirades about decency.
  • What is up with Kick Ass getting a Golden Globe AND a BAFTA nomination? This is more than what Hardy got for The Revenant from these people last year! Is Tom Ford sending the disc with director's cut of that mess (which apparently includes Kick Ass' dick) wrapped in his suits and sprinkled with his cologne? And what is this cologne? Deer musk and hallucinogens? JESUS!
  • At that point I'm pretty sure Ryan Reynolds personally blew every single person in the Academy to ensure Deadpool gets Oscar nominations. 
  • I can't even find words to describe this news. The headline speaks for itself.
  •  I hate this culture of people having to apologize for every little goddamn thing. That poor journalist who misspoke was in tears when she was apologizing for it.
  • Natalie Portman is throwing her once co-star under the bus in her last attempt to get that second Oscar. The buzz around her started to die out, she lost the Globe so what to do? Be in the news! Somehow! And when you are not funny or insightful, get SJW outrage on the case! I really feel bad for those male co-stars who face backlash because they were paid more than women. Sure, the women should be paid equal money for equal job but this was a romantic comedy and when it comes to comedy Kutcher is a much bigger draw than Portman who doesn't seem to have detectable hints of sense of humor. So obviously he got more money. Now she is off whining and I am sure braindead SJWs are coming after Kutcher. Like they would be all 'NO! YOU ARE AWFUL FOR PAYING ME MORE MONEY THAN THIS WOMAN!' in real life if it happened to them.
  • Nicole Kidman is in the news saying that the Americans should always stand behind their President and obviously she is getting trashed for expressing her opinion by the same SJWs who are probably dividing their time between calling Keaton racist and calling Kutcher gross misogynist for the above. Yes. Because making jokes about piss or golden showers helps anything here (like this Westworld actress did). Because posting pictures of aliens and comparing them to your new First Lady helps anything (like this well known critic did). 
  • These people are ridiculing a man who is capable of ridiculing himself. It's redundant. The only thing that accomplishes is me losing respect for people acting this way. Get some perspective, not twitter account where all you do is mock. From where I am people in US are still so lucky just to be where they are.
  • I give you NIGHTMARES:
  • #DMVSoWhite
  • In all fairness if someone is supposed to play Jackson - to avoid SJW nonsense - is that person expected to be black and pull reverse Kirk Lazarus? Or is that not gonna be enough for them too and there should never be any depiction of Jackson in movies/TV? This whole show looked like a bad idea but I am not sure how they were expected to portray Jackson. The man did it to himself, what, are we just supposed to yell 'OH BUT BLACK PEOPLE!' and ignore what he looked like?
  • Behold - a moron trying to kiss a strange dog in its own house.
  • Here's the shortlist for Razzies. It's very unfair that Affleck and Robbie are there. They gave good performances in mess of a movie, if anything that is even more impressive than giving a good performance in a good movie. And where are those assholes Lawrence and Pratt?
  • You lovely functioning people have your award season. And I have mine:
  • Brittani reviews La La Land
  • Allie lists 10 movies that made her cry in 2016 
  • Jordan reviews Paterson
  • Courtney reviews Green Room
  • Keith recaps Golden Globes 
  • Kevin reviews Jackie
  • ThatMomentIn has a spotlight on Ed Harris' 5 early roles. I have yet to see The Right Stuff - I need to do that before seeing Hidden Figures because I refuse to see Chad from Scream Queens play John Glenn before I see Ed do it
  • m.brown reviews Fences
  • Ruth and Alex choose top 10 movies of 2016


    1. "NIGHTMARES"...I laughed out loud on that one. Yep, pretty creepy. Affleck and Robbie on the Razzie shortlist? Absolute nonsense. Did they watch any other movies in 2016? Agree with you on Streep. She kind of stumbles on the moral high ground stuff considering her Polanski adoration.

      1. Cotillard and Pitt being on that list is also pretty pathetic. I haven't seen Allied but I highly doubt they did worse there than Pratt and Lawrence

    2. I can't wait for you to experience La La Land and tear it apart. You and I are usually on the same page with movies, so (like me) I doubt you'll be sipping that La La Kool Aid. I certainly am not.

      1. I'm taking my mother to see it next weekend so if it sux I'll surely write it does in a separate post because lately it's just Ed Harris porn fest around here :D

    3. I liked La La Land a lot, but I don't think it's going to make my top 10. I think it's just going to miss.

      I vaguely remember the drama of Fiennes playing Jackson and I'm surprised it was for a weird British comedy lol. I didn't know they scrapped the episode.

      I like Kidman, but no. We shouldn't stand behind our twitter troll as president.

      Margot on the Razzie shortlist is a joke.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah I don't know about that La La Land thing....The Artist was my top movie of the year but it didn't have Gosling and I have a feeling his acting in this is gonna be a problem for me

    4. The thing is that Hidden Figures/fences mistake its a mistake someone with dyslexia could easly make. Does that mean dyslexia makes them racist? It was absurd that Keaton was called a racist for it.

      Margot Robbie really doesn't deserve to be on that list, they weren't great film but she was one of the better things about both films.

      1. Absolutely! Also there are so many titles being mentioned in Oscar season, it's just a harmless mistake. People blew it waaay out of proportion

    5. I honestly loved La La Land the first time I watched it, but have grown cynical since. I think it deserved Best Picture, but no other award at the Globes. Emma Stone does her adorable quirky Emma Stone shtick and Gosling does his charming Gosling shtick. It's nothing new really. It certainly doesn't deserve Best Screenplay!

      1. I have yet to see it but I didn't hear many opinions about Gosling actually being all that good. He is charming sure, but it doesn't look like an impressive performance apparently. I get that, he is a revelation in physical comedy stuff but this seems like a more subtle kind of character

    6. Have you seen Just Cause w/ Ed Harris, Sean Connery, Laurence Fishburne, and a young Scarlett Johansson? Awful film but Ed is the best thing in that film.

      I don't know what is up w/ these people going all in arms for Keaton over a mistake. He apologized. Jeez.

      Sorry but if I find myself being in a movie w/ a no-talent kettle-head who is being paid more than me. I wouldn't just throw him under the bus. I'd be the one driving the bus and make sure the dumb-fuck is dead.

      I feel sorry for Ben Affleck. The dude is under a shitload of pressure.

      That doll is fucking ugly. Evan in a tux.... now that is how you wear a tux and I heard she did it for Bowie!!!!! I love her so much. I would have her play Ziggy Stardust in my David Bowie musical.

      1. I haven't, he seems to have a short part in that? But I'll get to it, I want to see all of his films :)

        Haha that is fair :) But it's just an odd thing to bring up after all this time.

      2. He's got third billing in that film as it's a major supporting role and it's a very meaty one.

      3. Wow, I need to see it now!

    7. Wow that Belle doll is a special kind of creepy. that would terrify my kid.

      Idk about Natalie's timing but admittedly I'm tired of seeing how women are paid so much less for the same work. Mind you, I'm not a Natalie fan. I've always felt like she's too stiff/mechanical. She has improved over the years, but she's no Tilda or Johansson. Not even by a long shot.

      I really want to see women treated equally and fairly. It's exhausting that in 2017 it's still going on...even for people who are equally famous or equally qualified. They don't even try to hide it. I appreciate when people speak out b/c that will hopefully bring attention to it and maybe things will get better?

      That of course has nothing to do with Ashton Kutcher. If someone offered me more money I would have taken it too. However, I do hope that in the future male actors will start standing up for their female costars if they know of a dramatic pay disparity. That said, they may not be aware. I assumed salary negotiations are private, but that begs the question--how did Natalie know what Ashton made--so clearly everyone kinda knows what everyone else is making.

      Loved ERW's suit at the Globes. Very Marlene Dietrich. I'm not sure what the point of her twitter wars are, but she's got my vote for best dressed.

      Nicole Kidman should not be trashed at all. She's a wonderful actress and a lovely person. People may disagree with her, but they don't have to trash her.

      Most US presidents have at least been statesmen w/ some government experience and poise. So many people are very afraid and fear breeds anger. I hope people can disagree in a more constructive way and find their voice.

      Hopefully things will calm down. I think you give us some perspective that we are still very fortunate to live in the US no matter who is in office at the federal level.

      1. Yeah but the draw here was mostly was a bit different with Lawrence for American Hustle, but this also went terribly because Adams was paid even less and no one seemed bothered about that. Male co-stars should say something but Portman bringing this up years later in the middle of the Oscar season just reeks of campaign tactics

        Kidman even had to go and clarify her very simple and straightforward comments because she was met with backlash. I hate this outrage culture. Zoe Saldana also said some stuff which was not awful and people trashed her

    8. You were on fire, this week! Affleck and Robbie should not be on the Razzie list. They were easily the best parts of the movies they were in. Nightmares, lol. That is a creepy looking doll.

      1. To be fair I find Watson pretty creepy even in her human form :D

    9. "To me it looks like two nice people prancing around in colorful surroundings, but clearly I must be missing something."

      What more would you want!!? (haha) But, yeah, you are missing something and should see La La Land as soon as you can, hopefully in a theater (it deserves a huge screen and big sound). It is just lovely and goes places you don't expect in magical ways. I saw it twice.

      1. Oh yeah I'm seeing it in the cinema this Sunday! I know it's online but I can wait few days, I'm not that hyped for it which can only mean at least I won't be disappointed if it's yet another movie that I will deem overrated :)

    10. Oh, and thanks for the link!!

    11. Hey thanks for the link Margaret!

      Ahah, yeah I’m becoming more nervous just looking at Affleck too, he looks too darn bloated too these days.

      I’m curious what you think of La La Land but your gut instinct about it isn’t that far off. It’s good, I mean I included it in my top 10 list, but it’s not that spectacular. It’s not all that original either, modern musicals have been done before.

      Evan Rachel Wood looks STUNNING in that tux, man I wish I could wear it as well as she does! Oh and yeah I was moved by Gosling’s speech too, which is saying a lot given how I feel about him generally.

      Mwahahahaha!! Your tweet about Ed’s outfit in Westworld is a hoot!!

      1. You're welcome!

        Yeah what is up with everyone praising it just for being a musical? Every year we have a musical! How is that anything new?

        I'm not that crazy about The Gos either but he was really charming during Globes. Too bad he yet again looked like a waiter. No man can look good in that white jacket, let alone this little dude :D

        Yeah if he ever gets twitter and types his own name in search box I am getting sued for harassment :D

    12. Gustav!!! He's the CUTEST!!!

      Batfleck is on the verge of going over the can read it in his eyes.

      La La Land is going to be the best Best Picture Oscar winner in...a very long f***ing time! It's pure magic and easily my favorite film of the year.

      That Emma Watson doll better never make it into my house. I'll take my kids to see the movie, but it ends there.

      1. Hey, long time no see!! :)

        He really is :)

        Batfleck is having such an awful year, I really hope he won't get Razzie nomination he doesn't deserve it at all

      2. I know! I'm the's been a long...month or two or three...but I'm trying :-D

      3. Three I think, the last time you were think I wasn't planning my whole week around Friday Ed Harris Movie double features :P

    13. I think the worst part about that doll is the fact it genuinely still looks like Emma Watson...poor girl.
      Deadpool getting an Oscar nomination would be the funniest thing to ever happen at an awards show - I want it to happen!
      So with you on Ben Affleck, he was on some sort of talk show over the weekend but it looked nothing like him! He just seemed very...uncomfortable.
      Thank you for the link!

      1. The entire DCEU which is filled with incompetent people rests on his shoulders, add to that Live by Night failing and his wife still being pissed off about the nanny....I really feel bad for the guy, he is a mess

    14. Welp, that was the best RF ever. Ever ever, in fact.

      And that was beforeI saw that awesome GIF of Affleck's face.

      Thanks for the link.

      Oh, and the one to my website too.