Friday, April 7, 2017

(282) No boxer shorts, no briefs or anything + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, April 7, 2017

  • This is gonna be short(er) RF because I am exhausted. I have my 5 days off for Easter soon but when I woke up today half dead and then had another charming day where by the 9 AM I was fantasizing of raging fire starting in my office and annihilating it all, myself included, I figured I need to take a day off tomorrow too. So RF on Thursday your time this week and since it's usually Friday that brings gossip and news this is mostly gonna be focused on...well, the usual. 
  • What is up with the few comments lately? I sat my ass down and wrote, awful and half-baked Ghost in the Shell review and only 3 of you guys wrote something. Guys, come on. Encourage me to write more. Otherwise this entire blog is gonna be just something that will be evidence in the court of law when Ed Harris and/or Hugh Jackman inevitably sue me.
  • Seriously I'm such a nice person who routinely tweets awesome stuff to brighten people's days. Here are the pictures of boo kangaroo I tweeted this week:
  • #toogoodforthisworld #toopure #Ienvythatslide
  • On Saturday I was almost killed while watching Real Steel:
  • OH MY GOD.
  • I was really rooting for Evangeline Lily. Not so much the character but the actress. There is this scene where he has his shirt off and stars charming her and I swear to God that woman didn't know what to do with herself. She started giggling, she was trying not to make an eye contact with him - I assume, in order not to die - and she was just so smitten. I wonder if this was actually in the script or they simply couldn't calm her down and had no choice but to put that take in the movie.
  • She still did well, I mean if I were in that scene with him the building they shot that scene in would still be flooded.
  • And that was shot in 2010.
  • ...
  • .....
  • .......
  • I don't know how much more of this man I can handle.
  • I really may just stop living soon. First this happened and then this happened (1,2).  Japan is so lucky. Although I'm glad he is not coming to Poland. First of all our air here is terrible and he shouldn't be breathing this shit. And second of all, as evidenced by this series of posts, there are some truly fucked up people here.
  • So I rewatched X2:
  • The second a scene is dark I KNOW it's gonna be Jackman sleeping and moaning and grunting. 
  • I had so much fun rewatching that film on the hellish day of Monday. That moment near the end where he is carrying that barefoot kid and yet instead leaving him in the jet with others he proceeds to carry him towards Brian Cox who is chained and he has his showdown with him....I was like, dude, why did you bring that child there?!
  • on Tuesday and Wednesday (that is one long movie) I watched Days of Future Past which was way too long and contrived but good lord did he look amazing there. Also James McAvoy's acting was fantastic. And there were so many funny moments. And of course there was this:
  •  This is an extremely accurate representation of what I looked like when the above happened...and for the next 5 minutes because I just couldn't close my mouth:
  • Also take a look at that girl's arm there in the first image. And his arm. I was mesmerized and frightened at the same time watching this. If his arm is the size of, I'm assuming, her thigh, then her arm must be the size of...
  • *giggles for 15 minutes*
  • Let's just carry on.
  • We need gifs here don't we?
  • OH WE DO
  • I NEED
  • (also man, fuck these 6 people who didn't found that piece of trivia interesting. Godless blind prudes!)
  • I thought Hugh heading to Vegas for CinemaCon with The Greatest Showman footage last week meant the production on this one wrapped up but it didn't! My God, they have been shooting this film since last fall and this right here is Hugh and Michelle Williams on the set on Saturday. Just blows my mind how long it's taking them to shoot it and it premiers in 8 months. 
  • Jonathan Ross doing God's work on his show:
  •  How coy he is! "I wish it was Hugh Jackman". Sir, we all saw those beach photos.  Stop being so impossibly cute and lying in such an adorable way. That potato wishes it was Hugh Jackman
  •  Bye ovaries.
  •  (I'm assuming the kid looks scared because his mom is taking the picture and going like this)
  • So Ghost in the Shell flopped and will most likely loose a shit ton of money. And yet I see some people going 'aw poor ScarJo if she were on twitter she'd get so much abuse'. What the hell?! 
  • It's not like someone forced her to do the movie. She got 10-12 million bucks for it, as Deadline estimates. And let's not forget she played Hugh's lover in not one but TWO movies.
  • I mean this chick goes to work where she is paid millions of dollars and she actually gets to make out with this guy. And maybe they go oh no! the lenses in the camera overheated and exploded because he is so hot and we need to shoot it again so she ends up doing that several times. As a job. As in she does if for a living. Jesus!
  • Would you like to know what I did in my job this week? Of course not, but I'll tell you anyways.
  •  I spent 4 hours this week reading about place of contract (you'd think it's obvious and yet you'd be wrong). Learned fuck all, it was boring and that was just Monday. It was only worse and worse with each day.
  •  The best thing about this is that people are remembering Stepmom now and by extension how hot Ed Harris is (as evidenced by several of the comments there, none of which is mine by the way). Also the alternative idea for that proposal scene written in this article is something I'd say a yes to as well.
  • Some news about Mother!. Apparently it's going to be a thriller movie. I'm oping JLaw gets whacked halfway through and I don't need to suffer through her on the screen. Oh my God if Harris is the one who kills her I'd be soooo happy.
  •  Meanwhile Alec Baldwin has a biography out and I wonder if I should read it because maybe there are some juicy Ed Harris stories from Glengarry Glenn Ross set (Dammit Brittani! WATCH IT ALREADY!). There is so much drama about this book. This twitter feud is amazing. Grown ass men acting like morons. Publicly. At least I'm acting like moron on a little known website and out of love not hate. That is...noble.
  •  Daniel Craig, the master negotiator, is probably gonna do another Bond movie and God one knows how much money he managed to get with his 'I don't want your fucking money' maneuver. Daniel's little play normally wouldn't work but there is literally no one else right now who could play that part so they are stuck with him. Unless maybe Dan Stevens would be a good choice?
  •  Although....maybe there is still hope for Idris? I think the initial 'arguments' against him as Bond were: he is "too street" (fuck off!), he is "too old" (please) and The Dark Tower is being set for multiple movies. Well, hold your horses on that last one, because this thing looks like a train wreck. that leaked trailer was awful, the release date keeps getting changed, there is still no official trailer released. Idris! Run away from that mess and become our 007. 
  • Speaking of no trailers being released the trailers for The Greatest Showman, Kingsman 2 and Blade Runner 2049 from CinemaCon are still not here and I'm dying. 
  • Trash that abuses pets gets book deals now.
  • Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg are shooting a movie together. That is a whole lot of...terrible in one place at the same time.
  • Alexander Skarsgard is worried that he may never get cast again after Big Little Lies. Yes, cause this is what happens to handsome, talented, connected white dudes in Hollywood. They just disappear like the last hooker the dudes above hired, don't they?
  • Christian Bale may be playing Dick Cheney in the new Adam McKay movie.  Steve Carell is also in talks. All would be great...if not for Amy Adams who also may be joining the project.
  • New Alien: Covenant poster is an embarrassment of massive proportions but at least the TV spots, especially this one are cool.
  • This lady is just fabulous. 
  • J-boo has been nominated for his work as the Joker for MTV Movie Awards - Best Villain award  along with Negan and Demogorgon. If that's not prestigious, I don't know what is.
  • Logan also got several nominations including the one for Hugh for Best Actor! Yey! He has never won before. What the fuck, MTV?! Also Hugh is up for best duo with Dafne Keen. If they don't win I'll vomit and dive into it.
  • Brad Pitt giving intense homeless silver fox vibes at the movie's he produced, that I'm too lazy to read about and don't give a shit about the title, premiere last night.
  • I saw Memories of Murder last weekend and that was a decent flick but I heard from three different people it was better than Se7en. Whatever they were on while they saw it and thought that must have been something really strong. The film is barely above Zodiac, it's good, but come on, Se7en is a masterpiece.
  • I caught up with the latest two episodes of Feud and they were so good. Everyone is talking about Lange, Sarandon and Davis but can we just talk a bit about how amazing Jackie Hoffman (Mamacita) and Alison Wright (Pauline) are? I loved that scene where they talk about how there are already less men than women in the context of women being the ones who will dictate the terms soon. The sad thing is that here we are, 55 years later, and shit is still the same.
  • Nope, haven't seen the last episodes of Big Little Lies yet. Since I'm about to enjoy my 3 day long weekend I'll do my best to watch them.
  • Brittani reviews The Edge of Seventeen
  • MettelRay shares top 10 fandoms from her past
  • Allie writes about her love for Liar Liar
  • Keith reviews The Lobster
  • Ruth shares news about her short movie 
  • Chris lists some of the...unusual films that ended up in his top 10 of the year lists
  • Jordan reviews The Lego Batman Movie 
  • Dell shares his favorite flicks featuring cars
  •  and at last m.brown reviews my love, my pain, my only one - Logan. This is a truly fantastic review and you all should move your sexy asses to read it asap especially that not only does he make a hilarious assumption I'd hire Logan to DRIVE me but also because his wife made a comment that, at least 5 times this week when I randomly remembered it, made me gasp, shake my head and just fall into utter disbelief. Good lord how do you not want to tend to his wounds, feed him strawberries and you know...everything else?
  • And finally apparently instead of enjoying a truly bad movie but the one which has actual porn with Hughster - there is no other word suitable for that water bucket scene - tonight my lovely twitter followers and readers want to see me livetweet Aronofsky's masterpiece while I'm drunk and in tears. So as soon as this post goes live, stay tuned. RELATED POSTS:


    1. Why are you yelling at me?!?!?!?! Lol

      Hugh's ass was the only good part of DofP since they butchered Rogue's scenes. You're making me nostalgic for X2 though.

      Leto's Joker and Negan in the same category. There are no words.

      To be fair to Skarsgard, he's less hot after BLL lol.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Dude you gotta see this movie, I just can't believe you didn't yet! :P

        I was watching the extended cut with Rogue but yeah she didn't really do all that much. She did get to...finger Wolverine's mind so I suppose that is something

    2. I knew you would go nuts for that ass and it's a nice ass. Getting paid to make out w/ Hugh Jackman? I'd be a fool to turn that shit down.

      BTW, did you hear that Barbara Broccoli rejected Tom Hiddleston as Bond because she disapproved of his time with Taylor Swift and thought he was smug and shit? Wow.... she laid the smackdown on his candyass. Plus, he's too skinny to be Bond.

      1. Yep! I loved that rumour I hope she really did say that about him. His little stunt there and general acting like a whiny wuss makes him the worst possible candidate for Bond

    3. Oh man, these posts are the highlight of my week, truly.

      I haven't read your Ghost in the Shell review yet because it has spoilers (but I thought I commented on it.. maybe I didn't, I suck at commenting) and I want to see it (despite the fact that I've heard it's crap) before coming back to your review.

      Anyway, I have not seen Feud nor Big Little Lies which is stupid I know but I'm soon going on a 2 week sick leave so I'm keeping all the good things for that time. I also have 13 Reasons Why which I heard is too long for its own good but other than that, heard great things.

      You seem to watch a lot of movies per week, you're so lucky. I haven't really sat down and watched anything, and yesterday, when I really wanted to watch something, I couldn't decide. So I read a book instead.. something is wrong with me.

      Dan Stevens as 007... Frankly, I don't hate the idea but after Beauty and the Beast I just, I can't look at him anymore. That movie ruined him for me a little. Which reminds me, I need to write a review... and then Logan's review but how can I follow yours and m.brown's and make it half decent?!

      Thanks for the link! And enjoy your 3-day weekend!!

      1. Thank you! :)

        Eh not that many...well with Hugh yes, but other than that I see 1 maybe 2 per week. With Hugh 4 or 5 :) I haven't read a book in over a year, though.

        Oh come on! Write about Logan! We should all write about Logan until the end of time :P

    4. Your fangirling is entertainment of the highest order. Keep it up.

      1. Haha thank you :) And thanks so much for linking here in your new post!

      2. I was happy to feature your blog.

    5. Days of Future Past was a cash grab, at least you had Hugh to enjoy. So many characters, and moves so swiftly, that it's tough to become emotionally attached to any. For me, the best part was slow-motion “Time In A Bottle” scene with Quicksilver. I love that song.

      I might watch the original Ghost in the Shell. Memories of Murder is definitely overrated. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. There are much better Korean films. Take a glance at my top 10 list, if has interest:

      1. Yeah it had cash grab written all over it. I really cared about Wolverine and Charles but everyone else not so much. That scene was really exquisite, so well done and so funny!

        Oh, cool! I'll try to see some of these heard "I saw the Devil" is great. Awesome to see Thirst there!

    6. So...just a little obsessed, then?
      I do think he comes off pretty sweet and self-effacing, plus a dedicated family man, which is always nice to see.

      1. A little bit ;D

        He is so sweet! And he seems like a great husband and dad. And a dog owner too, his dogs always have capes and boots on during winter :P

    7. Yeah, when I saw that you had posted this already, I actually had to double check what day it was, heh. And lol at that cat reaction! Awesome. XD

      Thanks for another entertaining read, and I appreciate the link! :)

      1. Haha occasionally I just can't and need to take a day off on Friday :) And seriously that cat photo is so accurate ^^

    8. Hey thanks for the link and support, Margaret, really appreciate that!!

      Awwww, that pics of Boo Kangaroo (love that nickname) on the slide are precious!! Mwahahaha, I knew you'd go bananas over THAT scene in Days of Future Past (pardon the pun). Love Hugh, the guy is the whole package (again, pardon the pun!)… looks, talent, personality, and he's a loyal family man, which is so rare in the movie biz anywhere, not just Hollywood.

      Heh I have no desire to see Ghost in the Shell and nope, not sorry at all it tanked. Weird people feel sorry for ScarJo??

      1. You're welcome!

        Yeah Hugh is just the best! I really hope he doesn't get sick again, this stuff should not be happening to such a lovely person :/

    9. I have read (and re-read) that paragraph about Evangeline Lily a half-dozen times, and I still can't wrap my mind around it. Like, seven years later and the building is still saturated? This seems like something I should call someone about.

      Skarsgard needs to relax about not getting cast in shit. Yeah, he was a major asshole that no one liked, but that hasn't stopped half of Hollywood from staying employed.

      Thanks for the link! I wrote that damn review with you in mind, so it tended to wander all over the f--king place. And speaking of being distracted... twitter is blowing up right now. And bitches are about to get cut.

      1. I don't think anyone can help...well one man could but he is unavailable to me :/

        It seems like the only way we can engage in intelligent and sophisticated discourse about movies is by nagging! :P