Friday, May 12, 2017

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By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 12, 2017
  • Hugh and Dafne won Best Duo during MTV TV and Movie Awards and it was the most adorable thing ever...well, the most adorable thing since Hugh fed that baby kangaroo and put the video of it on his instagram.
  • Sir, can you stop being adorable for 5 seconds so I can catch my breath?
  • The lady in the red dress who is filming is her mom.
  • Dafne also killed it on the red carpet. 
  • And here are only some of my tweets about this:
  • And here are my livetweets from when I finally saw the entire ceremony last night:
  • That ceremony was so inappropriate for the kids and there were so many kids there. Alexandra Daddario talked of tits and areolas, there was a dumb and crude Stranger Things skit about group sex and Amy Schumer was there. The last one will give those kids nightmares.
  • If my ovaries were relatively still not exploded and all over the walls upon seeing him hug Dafne when they won, they were pretty much gone when I checked out the pictures from the ceremony:
  • I mean Hugh was coming off like a dad adorably babysitting a whole bunch of children there.
  • And now about the horrible part of the evening:
  • (and a rant)
  • I told you guys it was going to happen.I knew that SJW mentality will prevail over reason, taste, comprehension and basic human decency. The one time Hugh had a shot to win, instead of the usual Best Actor/Actress thing they had to do gender equality and merge the categories and of course Watson won. I mean the chick who presented her with this, whoever the hell she was, said "the only distinction we should be making when it comes to awards is between each outstanding performance,". Find me one person in this world who thinks she deserved it over Hugh. And if you do find that person, put them in a racket and shoot them into space.
  • She wasn't even the best actress in her category which also had Taraji P. Henson and Hailee Steinfeld. This is a motherfucking circus y'all.
  • This is giving an award to a woman that doesn't deserve this award just because she is a woman. This is giving someone special treatment because 'oh they need our help with their cause'.  This is Ghostbusters remake and Rogue One marketing all over again. This is shoving down the 'women are better than men not equal, better' agenda down everyone's throats. This is accomplishing the exact opposite of what the morons doing that intended. 
  • Do I think people voted for her? Sure. Do I assume it was still rigged so she would win? Absolutely. Especially considering the delicate special flower was informed beforehand that she won so that she could prepare her speech, This all just shouts special treatment.
  • 17 years they had the opportunity to give Hugh  recognition and they gave it over to this chick. For a cash grab movie that shat all over the childhood classic. Which has gay moment that is not really a gay moment and involves comic relief character that reinforces gay stereotypes and it also manages to be a calculated PR maneuver that worked even though it's offensive because the youth today is stupid as fuck and doesn't even realize when they are being played. 
  • Amazingly this is not even the most disgraceful thing about what happened. Watson thanked all the co-nominees....except for Hugh. How....I ask, I genuinely ask HOW do you sit next to that man and he just slips your mind?
  • I don't understand how anyone can be in his proximity and not jump on his face so the fact she forgot to mention him is just incomprehensible. 
  • Oh fuck you, Hermione. 
  • Last week I bitched about how lucky the Americans are about blu-rays which they can just go to store and buy while the rest of us either has to wait for them to be released or have those shipped from abroad and this week it turns out that boo kangaroo will attend the screening of Logan Noir. Why aren't European fans getting this treatment? We love Wolverine here in Poland! Logan screening was one of the most packed ones I've ever been to. Everyone cried, everyone laughed. There were several other girls moaning other than me. We should be getting the same treatment American fans are getting.
  • A reminder that Logan is released on Blu-ray this Tuesday. Visual Parallels between Logan and Fury Road post will be up on Wednesday. Spoiler alert - it's freaking brilliant.
  • Official twitter for Logan uploaded this photo above along with the reminder for Blu-ray release.
  • There is drool everywhere on my desk after seeing it.
  • Hugh thinks he will look like he does in Logan in about 15 years. Please God let me live till I'm 43 so I can witness this.
  • EVERY single muscle, sir?
  • I actually didn't watch any movies this week cause I was watching Veep from the beginning. How amazing is that episode where Selina is crying and Furlong keeps flipping between her endorsing him and not endorsing? That actor is incredible, he also played the albino cop in The Heat.
  • Also I'm so tired and busy this month so that's why I haven't seen any movies.  
  • I dropped American Gods. I just don't have the time. I will start employing the old 'my comment section is my blogroll' rule and stop leaving comments on sites of people who never comment back. I get that people are busy but hey, I am too.
  • Yep, I didn't livetweet any Hugh movies this week because I haven't seen any. 
  • It's like I lived without oxygen.
  • At some point this week this showed up on my tumblr dash:
  • So now I need to see Oklahoma.
  • Also what the hell is this chick doing in the gif on the left?  She went too low for what is the only course of action there. Or maybe in this moment when she was right in front of it she just collapsed?
  • ...
  • .....
  • .......
  • I'll stop now.
  • Here are my reactions when I was reading Alien: Covenant reviews this weekend:
  • I was actually going to see Alien: Covenant today but Gustav has a cold. So I figured coming home after work to cheer up my dog is far better use of my time than seeing sir Ridley rape the memory of original Alien in the ditch covered with fanart of Michael Fassbender making out with himself. This sort of thing really can wait.
  • Pretty sure Gustav would have preferred if I went to the cinema. 
  • Anyways if you guys see it this week here's special bingo for you:
  • Hammaconda sighting this week. You're welcome.
  • Guy Ritchie's King Arthur movie which always looked like a trainwreck and since the release of the trailer also looked like a joke is sitting on 23% on RT. WB was planning 6 of those dumbass movies. That's WB for ya. I mean seriously who the hell gives a go ahead to 6-film franchise about King Arthur with 175 million dollar budget starring Charlie Hunnam?
  • New posters for The Beguiled and Baby Driver:
  • The Rock says he may run for president. Seriously, America?! You may get awesome blu-rays and screenings but your youth is awarding vapid twits Best Actor awards and apparently the qualifications for being the president of you country are what, exactly? You have a fool now and here you have a guy who "loves the world". What, if they're famous, they're POTUS?
  • They are finally making the sequel to The Strangers and it sounds like low budget trainwreck but Christina Hendricks is in it so I'm in.
  • Reese Witherspoon gave an interview and that is never a good thing. She said the following -When women write about this show, it’s really extraordinary how they relate to the truth. This is how women really speak to each other. (...). So yeah, sometimes I wonder if [these critics] have really watched it? I don’t really read the reviews; that’s not for me, it’s for other people—but look, I only heard about one bad review from a guy. And I’m pretty sure he was an old angry white dude.
  • I am a woman and I wasn't crazy about the show either. What truth am I failing to see there, exactly? I had issues with plot holes and Vallee's overusing his music-video style film making which, since I saw this in one sitting was insufferable. And offending a guy who didn't like her classy.
  • Also, yes that show was so real. And so relatable. Except not really. Witherspoon plays a cartoon character. Shouting 'c*nt' after people? Cheating on your husband with a puppet show director? Not sending your spoiled, stupid daughter to military school when she offers to whore herself online? Reese, you do not have the jurisdiction over the ground that you speak on.
  • The Hollywood Reporter has an article on Johnny 9 Digits and it's crazier than you think. 
  • I read that whole THR thing yesterday and that article is really fascinating. The legal precedence there that could happen if Johnny wins the case would have such an effect on Hollywood and so much money would be at stake that if the judge in this case gets whacked I won't be shocked. Also THR timing of publishing this is shady as hell - just as the next Pirates movie is getting released. Depp's situation is really saddening. It's very clear that he is a nice dude with massive addiction issues. If he were an asshole he would be an asshole to everyone but for years we heard what a nice dude he is to fans and here it says he was super pleasant to people on the set. That he was always late on the set is really awful but if he were an ass he would treat everyone like dirt. During this time his gold digging wife was driving him insane and his mother was dying. No wonder an alcoholic fell off the wagon. He is such a mess and he is surrounded by yes men and people who use him. And then we have Jessica Chastain rolling her eyes when she is told Depp allegedly has lines fed to him via an earpiece. And everyone is laughing and praising Chastain for being 'funny' and such a pro because she is always prepared. A "professional" who kicks a fellow actor when they are down and exploiting an easy target. Yes, she is a real treasure.
  • First photos from that movie with her and Jon Snow that Xavier Dolan is making. Susan Sarandon is in it too. I just cannot imagine all the obnoxious, holier-than-thou political comments that will be said during this press tour between her and Chastain.
  • Melissa McCarthy is hosting SNL tomorrow and she is preparing some great stuff. Here's a look back at her best skits from the past. I love that Million Dollar Wheel one, she is so adorable there.
  • They are making new Hellboy. To be more precise - a reboot. David Harbour was great in Stranger Things unfortunately his obnoxious SAG speech makes it difficult for me to actually look at him. But he is gonna be under make up so maybe it will be OK. 
  • Dafne Keen landed her next role.
  • Anya-Taylor Joy and Maisie Williams joined X-Men spin off movie. 
  • Blade Runner 2049 trailer finally dropped and I just hope people will stop laughing at J-boo after the movie is released. He looks pretty cool in the trailer and Gosling is actually emoting. But that thing looks really sparse when it comes to the story. If it's Arrival 2.0 I'm gonna kill myself. If at any point of this Gosling wanders into a CGI cloud and something talks in gibberish and English subtitles appear I'm out.
  • AssholesWatchingMovies reviews Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Britanni reviews Toni Erdmann
  • Alex lists 10 Persona-lite films
  • Vinnieh reviews the original Beguiled
  • MettelRay includes Fury Road in her 3 picks for movie set on desert
  • Ruth reviews Colossal
  • Cameron reviews The Fate of the Furious
  • and finally and most importantly my favorite movie blog in our blogosphere Two Dollar Cinema is celebrating 6th blog birthday. He included Logan on #2 of his favorite movies from last year list (it's horrific it's not #1) yet I love him so much I forgive him and still consider him my absolute favorite. If somehow you still don't know this amazing guy and his website, for the love of God stop the madness and start reading it religiously.



    1. Hugh Jackman. Now that's a gentleman. Learn boys.

      I don't care for MTV awards. In fact, I haven't watched MTV/MTV2 in 12-14 years or something.

      I ain't voting for the Crock. I'm voting for Broken Matt Hardy.

      My response about the Hellboy reboot was.... AW FUCK NO!!! Sorry but no Guillermo, no Ron Perlman, no Doug Jones. Fuck off.

      1. Guillermo is a bit like Scott these days - he hasn't done a good movie in a long time but the reaction to him not being involved in this Hellboy thing was an outrage. I think he is getting way too much credit then he deserves, his films keep being style over substance and worst of all - fortgettable

    2. lol, I think my comment on your last blog pretty much covers all I have to say on the MTV Awards. But yeah, as you more or less lined out here, the whole thing feels like a poorly planned marketing stunt, and is honestly pretty souring to see play out as such. Meh to it all.

      As to your remarks about blog comments, I can relate. A few years ago I actually became so disheartened by people not consistently commenting that I turned off comments entirely for a while. Obviously they've returned since, and now I'm not nearly so bothered by it (I also don't nearly blog as much as I used to, so there's that, too. :P ), but yeah, it can kinda suck, especially when you comment on other people's posts and they can't be bothered to do the same.

      Of course, that was all years ago, and I've honestly since also stopped commenting as much on blogs myself, particularly unless I actually have something to say. I still read the posts that interest me, and sometimes I'll comment just on social media, if all I have to comment can fit in a tweet. So there's that, I guess. *shrug*

      1. I remember when you switched it off! I always wanted to leave comments and was so confused as to why it's not an option :)

    3. on that gif-set.. I believe she hit her head, and then collapsed. posters for the beguiled and baby driver look beautiful, gets me excited already. I'm currently re-watching game of thrones and I keep smiling during season 1 because everything is gonna get so much worse, haha. have a great weekend, margaret. hope gustav is better now!

      1. Yep. That could knock someone unconscious for sure.

        Thrones was so good in season 1 and now it's imho unwatchable

        Oh Gustav is doing much better, thank you! :)

    4. You are the queen of Friday posts. No one does it better. And thanks so much for the link to my The Beguiled review.

    5. Ugh Watson. I'll spare you the rant lol.

      I'm happy to see Leto again. I need his Joker wiped from my memory. That Blade Runner trailer looked great.

      Am I the only one that thinks Baby Driver looks absolutely terrible?

      I actually feel bad for Johnny Depp too. He clearly needs rehab. I didn't read that piece and think "man, what a dick!" I read it and was like "Yeah...he needs help."

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You are not the only one. As much as I love Lily James, I don't think Baby Driver looks that great. I don't think Ansel whatever his name is, is a good actor.

      2. I am not even sure what Baby Driver is but that is a cool poster. So many people are waiting for that but I think Wright is overrated as hell.

    6. How in the world does Emma Watson get a best "actor" award over anyone else in her category? How? Oh wait I know...PR???
      Hugh and Dafne are adorable.

      Johnny Depp does need some major, major help.

      Am I the only one who thinks the Life and Death of John Donovan might look horrible, I don't think Kit Harrington can carry a movie? I hope I'm wrong...

      Sadly, as an American, The Rock is not the first or last celeb to want to run for office. We had Congressman Sonny Bono, the Terminator was Governor of California...and the Rock would make a much better president then what we've got now...

      1. Harington cannot carry a movie for sure. He is much better on Thrones these days than he was in the beginning but this still doesn't make him a good actor.

        That's true The Rock would be improvement over the current resident. But almost anyone would.

    7. you've got me wanting to watch The Veep. :-)

      1. Veep is fantastic, it's the funniest show on TV right now

    8. Still haven't seen the MTV Movie Awards, yet. Sounds like I should, or at least I should see part of it. Fun post, as always.

      1. Dafne and Hugh's acceptance speech is definitely worth seeing :)

    9. I'm always a little hesitant to talk about feminism and giving more power to the women and etc but honestly, I work at a place where the entire management team is all women, and shit is crazy. There are too many personalities, too many opinions and every week someone's hormonal ... I could use a man in the team, just to ease the hormone levels to normal. What am I trying to say? Yes, women should have equal pay and opportunities, but for the love of god, what the fuck is wrong with Best Actor and Best Actress categories being separated? Hell, why not make every bathroom at every god damn supermarket, cinema, theater, club - you name it - unisex? I don't see them doing that.. and I'm not saying these awards should be compared to bathrooms, but hey, until Hermonie's win over Logans, I'm gonna keep using that comparison.

      I get the "no time" concept oh so well. I have so many wonderful commentators on my blog but I am shit at commenting myself because I have no time. If I had an office job I could take some breaks to comment but I don't so I have to find time at home and I've recently spent most of my free time reading. So I'm also very very very behind with every possible show and movie. Haven't even seen the first episode of American Gods, which I just want to check out because I'm a little curious.

      Thanks for the link! And can't wait for your visual parallels post, I freaking love those posts and having two amaaaaazing movies as comparisons, it's going to be awesome, I know it!

      1. I think women in general handle stuff worse than men. We worry too much, we think too much and that is not a good thing. Women get consume by their own bullshit and they are generally hostile towards each other. So to just do those blatant 'women are better' instead of women are different campaigns etc. is so stupid. And it has nothing to do with quality of acting performances. The whole 'messiah of feminism' aura to Watson made me dislike her.

        Well, yeah there is a reason for why I read one book per year. It's either this or that.

        I just need to see Logan one more time and I think it's gonna be ready. Need to screencap the fight in the woods to get some shots and that one is filled with so much rapid editing it's tough to do. Also boo is hurt there and that's tough to watch :/

    10. Thank youuuu for linking my Colossal post, Margaret. Been so busy w/ the wrap party this weekend, and also prepping for my San Francisco trip so I barely have time to do anything.

      Oooh, I so look forward to your Visual Parallels between Logan and Fury Road, though I won't be able to comment until I get back from my trip.

      Ahah, that gif of Hugh in Oklahoma made him look even more like my local crush who has a similar built as him AND actually has curly hair :P He and the little girl from LOGAN are so adorable together!!

      1. I so hope Dafne is actually nominated for something next Oscar season. She really deserves recognition and Hugh acts adorably around her.

    11. Okay, let's address two things first: 1) "Alexandra Daddario talked of tits and areolas." *spits out drink* Wait, what?

      *cleans floor and takes another sip*

      2) "There were several other girls moaning other than me." *violently spits out drink* I'm sorry. W-w-w-where is this theater? What is the a-a-a-address, exactly?

      Oh, and 3) Why did I click on something called Hammaconda? Why would I do that? *doesn't spit out drink, instead, swallows slowly, contemplates life choices*

      Now, the serious business. I checked my site this weekend, and it looks like the first time you commented on Two Dollar Cinema was March 28th, 2012. Twenty-f--king twelve! Surprisingly, I actually replied to your comment (I was an even bigger dick back then), but even more surprising, you kept coming back and supporting the rants of a f--king moron. I honestly can't even explain how much that has meant to me. You read a lot of great blogs, Hell, you've got a f--king great blog, and the fact that you vouch for mine over and over? Well...*inaudible girlish squealing*

      Thanks, Tink. Next time I'm in Poland, drinks on me.

      (and by 'drinks' I mean the cinema full of moaning women)

      1. I know right? She just started talking about that next to Efron on stage. I think her point was that MTV is edgy and you can talk about things like that or something

        You never heard a woman moan a little during Hugh Jackman movie? It's involuntary and it happens. It would be odd if it didn't.

        The name much like the visual draws the eye :)

        If you didn't reply I probably wouldn't come back, I really don't like the blogs were the author cannot be bothered to reply. The discussion is half the fun

        Dude don't come here. Our air sucks, there's nothing here to see and people are fucking insane.

    12. Did I read this right? Something about some weird Fassbender on Fassbender action in Alien: Covenant? I don't know how to feel about this...
      I'm so out of touch, I didn't even realise the MTV Movie Awards were coming up! At least I feel like I was there now <3

      1. I think I read somewhere he is making out with himself. And fingering a flute. I don't know, Ridley has lost it.

    13. A sequel to The Strangers?! I didn't even know that was a thing. I really want Covenant to be good. Hoping so at least! Thanks as always for the link. I really appreciate it.

      1. Oh yeah they have been meaning to make that sequel for years and it seems they are finally succeeding but it really doesn't look very promising. Christina deserves better

    14. Oh oh! I just watched Places in the Heart for the first time. Harris was so good in it. The way he set his hat on the bed in his first scene... THAT'S acting.

      1. He was fantastic in this! All of his scenes were amazing but the movie felt to me like 2 films in one - one about Field's character and the other about Harris, his wife and lover. It didn't really blend well for me

    15. That was pretty frickin adorable wasn't it? Ugh, he's just such a complete package.
      Oh lord. I said package.

      1. Trust me, comparing to me you are showing great restraint :)