Friday, May 19, 2017

(288) Focused + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 19, 2017
  • I have been gifing Logan like a crazy person. The above, I decided, is the most beautiful moment in the movie. And ironically he is putting clothes ON in it.
  • (to be fair there was this long slow shot of his chest right before that. I just made noises while typing that sentence.)
  • It's my avatar on every message board I post on. It's insanely distracting.
  • I gifed the glasses of ovaries doom.
  • I gifed the swearing.
  • I gifed this sad shit.
  • I cannot stop. I'm even taking requests. I'm like a porn peddler.
  • I assure you I could be much worse. People do things like that. Or that
  • Why the fuck did I read it before work today? That last paragraph. That was something.
  • Why am I reading tumblr fanfic now?
  • You know what, let's not get into this.
  • Also look at this one.
  • I have been looking at this for like 20 minutes this week. 
  • Per day.
  • Here are six deleted scenes. They will rip your heart out.
  • I'm glad James Mangold decided not to include them. The film makes me borderline suicidal as it is and watching those just crashed me.
  • And I'm also so pissed off again because Hugh's performance is singularly marvelous and he should be getting all awards for it. The way he says 'Kid, I don't know what I'm doing'. That look he shoots Charles after he talks of Jean. Amazing.
  • The moment when he picks Laura off the ground is so hopeful to have him turn around just to see Caliban die is too cruel. Also the look on Logan's face. I can't.
  • And we didn't need a reminder of Jean and Sabertooth. The film is dark as it is and this just reminds us of how depressing Logan's life was. His brother is a murderous asshole. The love of his life died several times and chose James Marsden over him. For the love of God, enough!
  • Goddammit why couldn't he survive and live happily in Canada?! I really hope they DOFP this thing and somehow we get alternate timeline the outcome of which doesn't make me cry at the sheer thought of it. IT'S TOO MUCH.
  • The only scene that didn't make me want to stand in the shower and weep was the one with the female cop pulling him over. However that cop was - unlike the girl who shows him his tits in the limo - the least relatable person in the film. She was a total bitch to him and implied he kidnapped Laura. Jesus Christ, lady, God puts this on your way and this is what you do?
  • Hugh didn't know wolverines existed when he was cast as Wolverine. I can't with the level of adorbs in this story. He went to see documentary about wolves. He was probably taking notes in the cinema as to what to use in his performance. And then they tell him dude it's wrong animal. You guys think he pressed his palm to the glass in the zoo when he was watching the wolverines?
  • I just...can I brush your hair, feed you strawberries and just look at you lovingly?
  • I apologize for that deeper slip into my psyche there, I'm very tired this week.
  • Logan Noir trailer set to Hurt
  • Here's an adorable selfie Hugh took during the screening of Logan Noir ---->
  • I haven't watched the Q&A from it yet, been so busy. Work is hectic as fuck and I actually had to stay longer today to finish things. On a Friday. I worked 10h non stop. From 7.30 to 17.30. I literally sat my ass down, started working and didn't get up to pee for hours. And I still have so much to do. 
  • The only time I took a break today I tweeted this. So clearly I should not take breaks.
  • I'm way too tired to even try and diversify this RF. So this is truly...focused today. 
  • "Focused" is not the right word.
  • Ah, fuck it.
  • I have seen Logan twice this month already and now I still have to see black and white version.
  • Are there even any other movies out there?
  • You know what?
  • I. Don't. Care.
  • New interview with Hugh and James.
  • Here's Dafne audition. This is an incredible clip - she did the van argument scene along with Hugh and she looked totally unfazed. 
  • Also here are some new promo pics that got released:
  • This right here is art.
  • First official photos from The Greatest Showman! Get that Oscar Hugh! Get it!!!
  • So I saw Pan on Saturday evening because what else to do:
  • It was terrible. I gave it 2 out of 10. It's legitimately the biggest dumpster fire the man starred in. 
  • Though I suspect Oklahoma, which I plan to watch tomorrow, is like hold my beer right now. 
  • Also seriously all the creepy bondage vibe in Pan was inappropriate. 
  • That was actually there. 
  • That was not my imagination.
  • ..
  • ....
  • .......
  •  OK that could have easily been my imagination but I swear they were alluding to so much stuff that is a no-no for kids. I mean personally I was delighted...but you know, think of the children!
  • The only good thing that came out of this movie is that Hugh did the press tour for it and that always goes well:
  • That picture behind him couldn't take it. 
  • I am surprised the entire fucking building didn't collapse.
  • Another rewatch of Logan which was obviously livetweeted:
  • I love you high def.
  • I think I'm getting worse:
  • There's even a spelling mistake there, but let's just blame it on Gustav pulling that leash. 
  • Oh and he is fine now, he got three shots and the cold is gone. He is super pissed off at me for taking him to the vet, though.
  • First poster for Mother! I quite enjoy it other for Lawrence being in it. But the fact Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris aren't even mentioned there annoys me to no end.
  • Still how good the movie can be when the director out of his own volition is dating a chick who is doing this? Darren directed incredible Fountain and my all time favorite movie Black Swan but this is just...not making me trust his instincts.
  • Yes, my next Ed Harris post is done and will up on Tuesday. Unless the work doesn't slow down in which case I'm not sure I will publish anything before the next worshiping on the altar of Australia's greatest gift to the world next Friday.
  • Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL this Saturday and while I usually don't watch this stuff for her I'd watch anything. I saw all of her Spicer sketches and this one might have been the best one, Jesus when she threw that column at a reporter and said "I really hope it did kill her" I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Oh yeah! Wait, I'm not done talking about Hugh yet. I usually try to watch something funny on Sundays, you know, not to blow my brains out before Monday so after I saw Melissa's SNL I watched the only episode he hosted, from 2001. It' really odd he only hosted once, perhaps he will return ths December? Anyways there are two awesome sketches from it on youtube:
  • He also had one where he was a doll maker who couldn't get laid. Now that is some acting.
  • Scream Queens got cancelled. I still haven't found the time to watch the second season but this is a shame, it was a super fun show. 
  • So I drop American Gods and this happens. That is one huge dick. 
  • In case you thought the idea of new Scarface is not bad enough David Ayer is now in talks to direct it. 
  • I don't take the news of Tom Hardy playing Venom seriously until I see pics of Tom shooting the actual movie, He has dropped out of way too many movies lately - the only thing I know for sure is that he is doing Peaky Blinders because there are set photos of him. Also what the hell is this picture, did he shave his head? First Hugh shaves his beard, now this. Stop shaving!
  • First look at Amber Heard in Aquaman. I like her look in Justice League better, this looks a bit too...colorful. But hopefully Wan makes this movie a visual wonder in the good way, not in Snyder way.
  • Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace on the set of American Crime Story. I cannot believe we need to wait an entire year for this. This is season 3, who even cares about season 2?
  • Jimmy Kimmel is gonna host next Oscars....on March 4th. That is 9 months worth of me sacrificing goats so that Hugh wins for at that point I don't even care which movie. That is 9 months worth of me sneaking into the house of every single member of the Academy and leaving the notes saying "REMEMBER LOGAN" everywhere. That is 9 months worth of me saying stuff like "if DDL steals his Oscar again I swear to God...". 
  • Oh, this is gonna be fun.
  • MettelRay shares her Movie Alphabet 
  • Steven reviews Sicario
  • Alex pays tribute to the wonderful Powers Boothe who passed away this week
  • Jay reviews Guy Ritchie's recent dumpster fire
  • Nikhat shared her first short film
  • Allie reviews Alien: Covenant
  • This week m.brown has made some horrifying claims to me on twitter but I'm just gonna assume some gypsy with a crystal ball led him astray and he accidentally got high and thought it was a good idea to tweet me what he has tweeted me (it was *not* a good idea). So here's his review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Now go stand in the corner and think about what you've done
  • Can I get in on some of that action? Cause I think mine is growing back.



    1. Thanks for the link-love. I am awaiting for Logan to come into my local library or on HBO. All this talk about your ovaries has me concerned for your well-being.

      J-Law sucks as a stripper. I'll see Mother out of loyalty for Darren Aronofsky but going from Rachel Weisz to J-Law is a downgrade.

      I did see a little bit of American Gods and I did see that sex scene. I was like "whoa!" I was unprepared for that but fuck it. If movies can have two chicks having vigorous sex. Why not two dudes? I'm cool with that.

      I just heard about David Ayer directing the remake of Scarface..... fuck no.

      Tom Hardy as Venom.... YES!!!! Penelope as Donatella Versace.... SI!!!!!

      Jimmy Kimmel will host again... FUCK YEAH!!!! Kimmel vs. Damon II!!!!!

      1. Nah, I'll be fine. If I made it through him breaking a shotgun on his knee nothing will take me down.

        It is an abomination not a downgrade. I don't know what he is thinking. Must be some middle age crisis or something.

        He will probably have Damon present Best Picture and dump a bucket of pig's blood on him or something :P

    2. Hugh has only hosted SNL once? Wow. I could've sworn he had done it a couple of times.

      That Mother poster is fucked up, I don't even know what this movie is supposed to be about.

      Absolutely nothing can get me to take Aquaman seriously. lol

      I need to watch Logan again.

      1. Only once :( He did have a quest appearance in one sketch years ago, but yeah as for entire episode it was only once. It's a bit odd because he lives in NYC but maybe he was just busy with hundred other projects he seems to have going on :P

    3. Hugh Jackman not knowing wolverines are a real animal is awesome, lol. Whoops! Also lol at the set decoration not being able to take it anymore with Pan and falling down around him. Can't say I blame those pictures. :P

      1. I was implying it couldn't take Hugh's hotness but the awfulness of Pan was pretty much on the same level of 'so much of it, things falls apart around it' :P

    4. Thank you so much for the link!

      I love that Mother poster.

      1. You're welcome! Congrats on the first film!

    5. And the epic Hugh Jackman love continues in effortless style.

      1. 'Epic' and 'effortless' are far better words than 'disturbing' and 'insane' so thank you :)

    6. So much Hugh and I just opened so many links to so many things I didn't know about so I'm like.. over exposed right now...

      Mother looks quite interesting but I'm sure Lawrence manages to ruin it for all of us by opening her mouth.. or doing something awful.

      Thanks for the link!!

      1. I know this post is an overload. On the upside the next RF is so far nothing and this was already done pretty much by Wednesday so it may be chill entry next week. Unless Hugh does a lap dance in Japan (he is there because Logan is only getting released there now) this week. In which case it's gonna be complete pervfest again.

    7. Thanks for the link! I read that Scarface news and was like, "Whaa...?" Why remake it to begin with and WHY with that director? Yuck.

      1. You're welcome! They need to stop remakes and reboots and Ayer should go walk the Earth for several years as an atonement

    8. "Stop shaving!" I've got so much for this comment...but I'll just hold my tongue. For now.

      What is that JLaw poster? Why does it make me want to sit in a dark room and cry?

      Man, all this Hugh talk has got me excited to watch Eddie the Eagle this week. I've just gone one flick to watch beforehand. Something called...Baywatch, I think? I don't really know much about it. Other then there's this one kinda young guy in it. I totally forget his name though. Hmm.

      (thanks for the link, dearest Best Friend, as I'm assuming it's my last!)

      Oh, and Hardy as Venom? *girlish squeals^

      1. ""Stop shaving!" I've got so much for this comment...but I'll just hold my tongue. For now. "

        Whatever it is, it's nowhere near as disturbing as your recent comments dude. For shame! Like a whole shame parade from What We Do in The Shadows wouldn't be enough here.