Friday, June 9, 2017

(291) Good girl + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, June 9, 2017
  •  I gifed the above (it's from The Prestige) because clearly I have no regard for my safety, health and life. And I put the above gif on tumblr because clearly my recklessness applies to those poor thousands of people following me there.
  • This has been reblogged along with another gifset I'll share in a moment - that I also made - with gloriously filthy tags. 
  • Yes, I am proud of myself.
  • I'm not kidding here.
  • Boo kangaroo stopped shaving. I just love whenever this happens. Also he emerged in the suit. I love whenever that happens too. 
  • Also look at him flying like an angel. 
  • No, please. By all means tweet videos of yourself playing golf shot from behind, sir. 
  • I'm fine. 
  • I'm all right. 
  • I'm not on the floor, breathless.
  • This was on Wednesday. This is when I started fearing for my life because he legitimately gets even more handsome with each day of the week. 
  • Also this guy taking a picture with him is chill. I'd be getting arrested right then and there if it were me.
  • And this....I just hope it isn't back. Fuck you, Sun.
  • He is just trolling us. Why can't he sit like a gentleman!!!? 
  • It's like his pants are about to burst and it is about to attack the Earth.
  • Logan is a gift that keeps on giving. From Empire interview:
  • Today the greatest movie of 2017 and one of the greatest movies of all time rightfully took the crown as the most critically beloved superhero movie of all time.
  • I legit almost shouted when I saw that and seeing Hugh being so proud of this was awesome.
  • I was wrong. There is something besides limo sex missing from this wonderful movie.
  • I have so many ideas. Oh God. Oh God.
  • First of all I should play the Squirrel Girl. I have gap between my front teeth and I sound like a squirrel. I'd easily communicate with them. I am perfect for this. 
  • Also "Logan's Fantasy Sex Dungeon" is now the greatest four words written in succession I've ever read. It's also now the title of my Broadway play (see last RF) which I clearly need to set in X-Men universe.
  • Guys...I'm gonna be so fucking rich.
  • Seriously:
  • So this weekend yet again I found myself watching trashifre just because Hugh was in it. 2008's Deception (which I have seen THREE times by now) where a woman actually chooses McGregor over him just because Hugh is a bit of a psychopath in this.
  • Are you fucking kidding me? So he strangled a few people. Who cares? It's not like he killed a dog or something.
  • *I sense I should stop now*
  • It experience.
  • *excited squirrel noises*
  • Seriously though this idea that lawyers have some sort of sex list and you use it and call a guy and then Hugh Jackman shows up in a hotel to bang you. 
  • I have been a lawyer for 3 years now and it's pretty much the opposite of that. That fucking film may be the most out-there fantasy movie I've seen. Ents from Lord of the Rings are more plausible than this shit. Like literally walking, talking trees are more plausible than a man like Hugh Jackman nailing me.
  • *see, I sensed I should have stopped and yet I just kept going*
  • Here's the kind of fuckery that is going on when I'm at work, apparently:
  • I'm working my ass off and these two are having fashion shows. But 9-day long vacation, here I come! I plan on rewatching Twin Peaks and watching the new season, so hopefully I'll actually manage to do that.
  • Bruce Wayne reacting to Wonder Woman RT score. A must watch. 
  • Interview with 9-year old Lilly Aspell who plays young Diana. That girl sounds more mature than I ever will.
  • Beautiful piece on the movie. I highly recommend reading it especially to men so that they can understand why for the ladies this movie is so important.
  • Here's out of context gif that is nonetheless hilarious:
  • This is exactly what happens to me several times a day when I scroll down my twitter feed, see picture of Hugh and then I remember there are three other people with me in the office.
  • Did they see me smile like an idiot? Did I moan? Crap.
  • I was thinking about it this week and Wonder Woman's romance arc is the second best in CBM genre. 
  • The best is obviously me watching Logan and Hugh on the screen in Logan. You can't top that wild, insane, animalistic passion. The cinema screen should have caught on fire and we should have all died in there. Actually no, it wouldn't catch fire, given the chair situation - that would kinda be like a fire starting in a sea park...but The IT Crowd told us it can happen. 
  • But anyways me wetting the chair during Logan aside, Diana and Steve were just lovely. And Steve actually felt like a person. It's interesting that all those times a man was a protagonist in CBM the women just felt like they were there to help him out and adore him and here Steve had his own thing going and his principals and beliefs clashed with Diana's. Meanwhile remember someone like droopy dog that exploded Rachel from TDK? Of course you don't because why would you.
  • TDK is one of the most overrated films in cinematic history. I was actually going to write a whole post about this but I cannot die before I see Hugh everywhere this Oscar season. And if I write a post about this Christopher Nolan's deranged fans would definitely kill me. And I'm pretty sure after the might of Logan just knocked TDK on its ass from 1st RT place these kooks are in homicidal mood already.
  • But at least TDK is an all right movie. Did you guys know there are people out there who think BvS is a masterpiece? Like, no sarcasm, no irony. They actually believe that. They even write posts about it. Unashamed. I do realize I'm the last person who should judge anyone but someone wrote this week that BvS is a more relevant movie than Logan. I saw that post and almost had a stroke.
  • Meanwhile, Wonder Woman won top prize at that Trailer Awards thingy. This winning over Logan's Hurt trailer, as good as Wonder Woman's trailers were, is an absolute travesty. Logan's second trailer with awesome Way Down We Go was also better than all WW's trailers combined. That moment with 'oh baby yeah' and him with claws out? Oh, that's good stuff.
  • *it's imperative now that I STOP*
  • Wondy is set for another #1 weekend at the box office while The Mummy is probably most definitely gonna bomb. The reviews for this thing are horrible. I wonder if they are still gonna go with that Dark Universe or whatever the fuck thing. Why not. If DCEU can launch off vacant, forgettable Man of Steel starring a man so devoid of charisma it actually sucks out the charisma of the surrounding actors. then anything can launch off a turd.
  • So yes, Tommy Gurl is gonna have a very bad time at the next Scientology Summit.
  • Here's first official look at Emily Blunt in that new Mary Poppins thing.
  • This doesn't look remotely interesting to me but with Blunt in the lead role it will probably be charming enough for me to see it.
  • Incredibly sad news - Tom Hardy's beloved dog Woody passed away. Tom shared a beautiful goodbye for him.It's especially tragic because Woody was only 6 years old. But it's a consolation that those were very happy 6 years - Tom and his wife love their dogs so much.
  • So now for something happy. One of the women here in Poland decided to gift Tom Hanks with the iconic car from our country. We don't actually have them on the streets anymore (even though we still live in a slightly different era here, I still have a VCR in my room and old fashioned TV know the one with the big thing in the back whatever that thing is called. Seriously that's how I watch TV) but I remember seeing so many of those when I was a little girl. Well anyways, since that woman's birthday was yesterday Tom Hanks - with the help from our cinematographer Janusz Kaminski who often works with him - sang our Polish version of Happy Birthday for her. The funniest bit is that Hanks says the entire America is waiting for him to receive the car and Kaminski - in Polish - says that "he's exaggerating a bit". 
  • Alien: Trashfire dropped another 62% this week. Are you proud of your Inter-Fassbender erotica, Ridley?
  • First poster for Black Panther on the left. Improved version on the right:
  • I  desperately need the kids on tumblr to get.a fucking job so they don't have time for things like... this anymore.
  • Liam Gallagher, everybody:
  • I really just can't with what Nicole Kidman is wearying here
  • But here is Brad Pitt and his bulge looking good in a grey suit. 
  • Chris Pine keeps winning those shameless Chris wars. I'm saying shameless because people, who seem to really have absolutely no awareness keep including Chris Pratt there. It's really offensive to the other three to be mentioned in the same sentence with this pet abuser. 
  • and finally the Apocalypse really is near because George Clooney is a dad. I mean I'm sure there are hundreds of illegitimate kids of his running around but The official Clooneys welcomed their babies.
  • m.brown wrote an excellent review of Wonder Woman. It's truly an impressive accomplishment - worthy of his own, separate bullet point - considering how he wrote the bulk of it with his penis.
  • Brittani, Dell, Steven, DanKeith, MyerlaKaty and Mariah also review the film
  • MettelRay suggested some interesting double features
  • Sonia reviewed Christine
  • Alex features Billy Crudup in his In Character series



    1. I'm happy for Hugh...and you...that Logan got recognized as #1 CBM. Personally, I'm still on the TDK wagon for that spot, but that's just me. Besides, Logan is a worthy winner. And I'm all in for a Director's Cut featuring Logan's Fantasy Sex Dungeon." I'd definitely abandon TDK for that, lol. Thanks for the link!!!

      1. Yes that would be glorious. It could be only released in the shadiest, perviest parts of Europe, though. MPAA would want to assassinate us.

    2. Thanks for linking my Wonder Woman review!

      If there was anything as good as Wonder Woman itself, it would be Gal and Chris on this promo tour. They're absolute gems and relationship goals.

      Omg, I remember seeing Deception specifically for Hugh and just being gobsmacked with some of that dialogue. He makes every movie better, not just life in general. Les Miserables doesn't have a lot going for it, but he's the primary reason why I picked it for Mettel's blogathon. I'm stunned when people tear down his performance but defend Russell Crowe's inability to sing.... o_O

      1. You're welcome, it's lovely!

        They are terrific together. I love Chris making fun of her accent.

        They what? They tear down his performance? He is the only thing in this movie that makes it watchable!

    3. Thanks for the link-love. Hugh Jackman is awesome and a joy to watch.

      That video of Bruce Wayne reacting to the good reviews of Wonder Woman is hilarious. I'm glad that film is doing well and I hope it continues to do well and kick Tom Cruise right in the fucking balls back to fucking Xenu or wherever his stupid god comes from.

      Right now, Chris Pine is becoming my favorite Chris at the moment. He just seems like a cool guy. I like the little things he did in his performance as it just adds to the humor and sense of humility. I really think he and Gal should get some serious consideration for some serious awards like the New York Film Critics Prize.

      1. The Mummy is not doing horribly overseas, it seams that all those male superstars whose movies keep tanking in US have their very own paradise abroad where they are still gigantic stars. The marketing for POTC and Mummy was about 10x bigger here than for Wonder Woman too

        They should but if there is anything from CBM that deserves the awards love it's Logan. I'm gonna be so pissed off if WW gets any nominations instead

    4. Ben Affleck is never living down the Sadfleck meme. Lol

      I'm happy for Jackman and Logan, even though I disagree with it being the best CBM. The Dark Knight still has that record for me.

      Looool that Gadot gif!

      I've read Liam's tweet like 10 times and I still don't understand it.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. In the nutshell the Gallagher brothers are a mess but Liam is a petty mess :D I love British music stars they always deliver the drama

    5. Oh you are shameless my dear but I love it.

      1. Yes but I use my powers for good :)

      2. True story. Where else would I get my fix without judgment? ;)

      3. My twitter is even worse than here :D

    6. Oh that Ben Affleck picture! It makes me do a sad laugh every time, poor guy.
      I'm still pissing myself about the Babadook thing...sometimes the internet is a wonderful, wonderful place!

      1. Ben and Cavill seriously got their asses kicked here. But Ben is a pretty damn good director so the fact he didn't jump in and tell the studio 'hey, Snyder is making a mess here' is kinda on him too

    7. Great work once more. I am sorry for being late to this, I've been a bit busy and am now catching up with other blogs.

    8. Omg Deception... I forgot about that movie. Hugh is so awesome in that... he's just chewing it up. That Gal gif with Pine is priceless - love it. Thanks so much for the link!

      1. Hugh genuinely seems to be having fun in every single one of his roles...which is pretty spectacular. I think he is always convinced that he in legitimately great project, which sadly is not always the case. Deception was at least watchable but his sheer enthusiasm when he was promoting Pan was just astonishing :D

    9. This was the funniest one yet, I can't stop laughing at this: "So he strangled a few people. Who cares?" - perfect. :D :D

      Every week I wonder if Hugh is gonna deliver enough for you to write and drool over but he seems consistent in this little side-job of his. Well done Hugh. Also I'm so glad Logan is the best comic book movie out there, it's definitely worth it and more so, Hugh is so worth it as well. I think and I hope, and I know he will promote Logan during the award season as well, which is why I will think he will get some awards.Even though awards are so far away.. but I think people will still talk about it when the time comes.

      Chris Pine has always been a favourite of mine, I like Evans too but I think I like Pine more. I mean I've seen Star Trek like 16 times or more so I mean.. I've never seen an Evans movie that many times. And now I will rewatch Wonder Woman multiple times in the future as well, although I will skip the end, it will hurt too much.

      Thanks for the link!

      eNjoy your upcoming vacation, I'm looking forward to mine as well and maybe I'll watch Twin Peaks too! I know I should!

      1. I mean, really some of these women...same as ScarJo in Scoop. So he killed a hooker, my God, it happens.

        He is very consistent and ruthless. This week he tweeted a bit less but it's only Tuesday so who knows what filth he is gonna deliver in the next three days.

        I loved Hell or High Water so much I may actually rewatch it soon. It was the most entertaining movie from last year and Pine was excellent in it. Him and Foster were seriously robbed last Oscar season.

        Oh you should totally watch Twin Peaks during vacation. It's way too surreal to watch after work when one is tired.

    10. As far as trailers go, WW's was serviceable, but not great. In addition to Logan, I'd say that both Trainspotting 2 and Thor: Ragnarok both stand out as legitimately great trailers to come out this year, and far more deserving of praise over WW's.

      Nice to see Logan take top honors as best comic book film, though. Not sure if it's my PERSONAL favorite, though I'm hard pressed to actually think of a film in the genre that's of better all around quality than it.

      1. WW trailers were imho great but just not on the same level as Logan's...I remember T2 (man, I need to finally sit down and watch this movie) trailer being awesome and Ragnarok is probably the best MCU trailer yet.

    11. Many thanks for the link love! I finally finished Bigt Little Lies. Admittedly I figured out the "big reveal" pretty quickly. They really didn't need 10 eps. Perhaps 2 or 3. It was way too long and boring.

      I really wonder what the studios are thinking sometimes...Tom Cruise in a Mummy franchise movie? Also, why does Cruise have to pretend to be perpetually 35 years old? I read a review in which the script gave Cruise and Crowe banter about how much older Crowe is than Cruise (when it's the opposite). It's like come on...we're on IMDB...we know how old you are. What's the big deal? Cruise was miscast from the beginning. I feel the same about the who new Universal franchise. Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man? Crowe as Jekyl? It's like a battle of 1990s A-listers.

      1. You're welcome! Yes, I felt this way too. And most of the episodes felt like music videos.

        I did read a tweet about that Crowe/Cruise dialogue that is just hysterical. The thing that bothers me more than Cruise leading this is that they greenlit the whole universe instead of first and foremost making sure they have a good movie to launch it off. It's just embarrassing all around