Friday, July 21, 2017

(297) We'll always have those five hours with lions... + links

By s. Friday, July 21, 2017

  • Not one.
  • Not two
  • But three pervy live tweets over the weekend.
  • I know. Even worse than usual. I only share some of those because...Jesus.
  • Yep, that is the sex scene cop movie. And Eddie the Eagle. And that Graham Norton Show episode.
  • I don't even log it whenever I watch Eddie the Eagle on lettrboxd anymore. 5 times? 10 times? Who knows?
  • Also I saw Someone Like You again and Logan. Because of course I did. I actually saw Logan twice in one night - first half of the movie with the director's commentary for the first part of my list and then I just couldn't help myself and saw it again with regular audio. 
  • I bought new TV set and it's so fucking big that when I put Logan on it I will absolutely die. The only thing saving my life right now is that I don't have the cable to hook it up to my PC yet so I just watch trailers on youtube (apparently you can now watch youtube on your TV? To me that is some cutting edge stuff). It is 4x bigger than my computer screen. Like literally I looked at 31 inches one in the store but went 'nah, Logan won't be big enough' and that's why I got 43 inches. They had to move around the furniture to fit that TV set in the middle. 
  • First you wrecked my brain. And now it's my goddamn room you're wrecking, Hugh.
  • Actual footage of me being so happy about this.I apologize for not wearing make up in this photo. Remember everything is in boxes and I have no idea where shit is.
  • Well, Saturday was fun. The news broke that Hugh will be voicing Scar in that live action abomination of Lion King. I was very emotional and engaged in conversation with fellow bloggers. Yet again through no fault of my own it was dragged into gutter but not by Mettel but m.brown who felt the overwhelming need to post pervy lion gifs.
  • But then, 5 hours later, it turned out that the news was not true.
  • This is even stranger because he was in Disneyland that day.
  • I just want him far from Disney. I'm still traumatized by Pan.
  • You really liked that tweet, didn't you? 
  • I'm serious. 
  • Zimmer should score it too. 
  • Epicly.
  • No, by all means, do wear a tight t-shirt. That's not endangering my life at all.
  • Hugh was at LA airport looking divine. What is he looking at? Seriously, what is up boo?
  • How is this fucking possible that he looked even more handsome getting off that plane in Australia than when he was boarding it in LA? The end is nigh.
  • Leather jacket because why have mercy?
  • Yesterday he attempted to do an instagram story. This is all that he managed to do (which the fans screencaped before he deleted it in shame). I don't even know what an instagram story is so I'm not laughing that hard. But I'm still laughing.
  • And finally, to conclude the boo kangaroo portion of RF,our dear MettelRay sprained her ankle. So I am gonna feature something which I think she'll enjoy watching. I myself watched that for the first time yesterday and it is magic, especially Bucky story. And also this interview confirms something that needed no confirmation - his wife is the luckiest woman in the world.
  • My livetweet of Game of Thrones premiere. I did not like it. Sansa needs to die. And Benioff and Weiss are some of the worst people in the history of everything. Hey, speaking of. Dabid and Dan they will now do this. I cannot wait to watch them get torn apart. For once SJWs will be useful. It will be like watching justice for Stoneheart.
  • After Stephen Dilllane Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is yet another actor saying the writers don't really look for actor's input when it comes to writing and don't communicate much with actors. Shocking.
  • Why are people hating on Sheeran's cameo? Not only did he do better than some of the actual actors in the show (looking at you Littlefinger) but he was in episode's best scene.
  • Tons of things wrong with this show. But not this.What's next? People ranting that Arya can change faces yet she isn't black on the show? 
  • People magazine is offering tips on how to have Thrones vacation for less than $100. Here's my idea - go to the forest. Stand there. Wipe your ass with a copy of A Storm of Swords' epilogue. There you go. Just like in the show.
  • Andrew Garfield unsuccessfully tried to back out of his recent comments.
  • James McAvoy is doing promo tour for Atomic Blonde and he talked about shaving his balls on Colbert. 
  • Infinity War footage description sounds insane. I just hate when they do those things where they show exclusive trailers and then never ever show it again. What's the harm in including it as a special feature on the home release?
  • New Blade Runner 2049 trailer. You can actually see Harrison Ford suffer. Gosling is just moping around. Leto seems to have a good grip on his character but I'm not objective. The suit and the beard. We know how much I love that combo.
  • This is what J-boo looks like these days. Still better than Hardy who embraced that horrible 'shave/extremely shorten the hair on the sides of the head' trend that men pursue these days. The only one pulling it off is boo kangaroo, the rest just looks ridiculous.
  • Excellent first poster and the first trailer for The Snowman. I really hope Fassbender is finally in a good movie - and that Ferguson finally has something to do in her film other than picking up her child from the ground (remember that, m.brown? My God!). Also even though the movie is getting released 3 months from now there is no way I will find the time to read the book unlike with what I did waiting for The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl. So maybe the twist will be a surprise for me for once.
  • Fass plays a dude called Harry Hole. The hole talk has returned.
  • This is literally what happened on Veep with that dude Selina made a Tibet deal with.
  • So today the news broke Mother! is premiering a month sooner. Not a good sign. Then Aronofsky posted this tweet announcing that the teaser for the film is attached only to the selected prints of Dunkirk. I trashtweeted about this because I was like "this is such a bad marketing strategy, not everyone gets to see the teaser, unfair". And while it is all those things, imagine my surprise as I sat my ass down in Polish theater for Dunkirk today and here, in the butthole of everything, we did get the teaser. It's actually pretty dope - there is a black screen showing actors' names and you hear all of them saying something and it escalates into shouting until Lawrence yells "Murderer!" several times and then we see the only footage - of Lawrence opening her eyes. It was a pretty cool teaser!
  • Taron Egerton is in talks to star in that Elton John movie instead of Hardy, now with Eddie the Eagle director behind the film. This is very cool news. And as for Hardy he has been signing and dropping out of 90% of his projects lately. From now on I won't believe Hardy is actually in something until I'm there to see the film and he shows up in it. 
  • Charlize Theron in a bra during Berlin premiere of Atomic Blonde. You're welcome.
  • The poster and the trailer for The Disaster Artist.
  • We are getting Ragnarok and Aquaman (hopefully) footage this weekend on Comic Con! Momoa is gonna make us all so wet.
  • Also every year Conan is there interviewing cast of a movie that is being promoted - this year it's Kingsman 2! The show aired yesterday but I haven't had the time to watch it yet. And here's the brand new trailer that is much better than the last.
  • Apparently Halle Berry got wasted on the panel yesterday. Also there was nothing about Deadpool 2 and X-Men. They should have flown Hugh in and he could have take his shirt off and reunite with Taron. No one would be disappointed if that happened. Also - make that third Kingsman in Australia, Vaughn. You know who to cast.
  • Awesome crossover cartoon of Kingsman and Archer!
  • This only reminds me how shamefully behind I am on Archer :/
  • Superlive moment - this is happening now, Game of Thrones panel and Alfie Allen brought a dog!
  • I hope Olivia de Havilland takes Murphy to the cleaners. He now truly deserves it for giving this work.
  • More of Johnny 9 Digit's crazy spending ways.
  • Also there was a news story of Johnny partying with Charlie Sheen and some other disaster this week but I thought I'd catch herpes just from reading it, so I didn't.
  • Hey, speaking of Charlie Sheen...
  • So this week the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William visited my country. George and Charlotte haven't even landed yet and they were already adorable. George didn't seem to want to get out which everyone living here understood. He also really wanted to leave which everyone also understood. The kids unfortunately only made public appearances upon arrival and when they were leaving but Kate and William were absolutely lovely during the visit. They actually visited my city, shook hands with people and in general were super friendly. 
  • No one here thought of the brilliant thing the Germans did after they went there right after Poland - giving Charlotte her own tiny bouquet. Dammit.
  • So CNN did this. I'd comment but what's more to say.
  • And now in fandoms are dark:
  • On Twitter DCEU fanboys are telling Evan Rachel Wood, a rape victim, to get raped over this. I don't even know what to say. Wood makes a petty and inaccurate tweet. Locusts descend on her defending their precious Batman and tell her to get raped. Tell her to apologize. Tell her to delete her account. Call her various names. They use time and energy to defend that guy. Because he is Batman so if you 'go after him', you deserve to get raped, apparently. Because if someone tweets something everyone sees is no big deal, they deem this is as an attack on Benny or Zack Snyder or whoever else is associated with DC (unless it's Jared Leto). Why do these people constantly focus on someone out there saying something 'negative' and just devoting all of their time to destroy that person? And over a tweet everyone could see was a major overreaction from Wood that would have never even get noticed if these people didn't scream bloody murder in the first place.
  •  I'm clearly insane. Do you think I online hunt people who don't like Logan? No. I rather use that time on rewatching it. And writing this stupid shit right here.
  • and here we go again - news just broke, again, that Affleck may be leaving DCEU soon. He is also dropping out of another project.  Recently I saw a headline saying he is focusing on "wellness and family". If that means 'boozing and his mistress" then that seems accurate.
  • OK for the last time - shove that goddamn IMAX up your ass if you feel the need to say stuff like "people who don't see Dunkirk in IMAX are idiots" or "if you didn't see Dunkirk in IMAX you didn't see it at all".
  • Gold:
  • And my humble contribution to what is hopefully a new meme:
  • How ignorant does someone have to be to just assume everyone has 1. access 2. time 3. energy to go see something in IMAX? Are these people teenagers? Are they in US living under impression that US is literally the only country in the world? 
  • So anyways, the movie. Here is my spoilerfree review on letterboxd. I will really try to write longer one here this month. In short because it's 11 PM, I'm tired, on 2nd drink and it's high time I rewatch Eddie the Eagle now, I loved the shit out of it. As I watch movies I kinda reach this moment where I go 'ok so this is like *insert grade*' and then the grade gets lower or higher. With Dunkirk I was set on 9/10 the whole time until that bit with the guy in the plane and the dudes in the boat drowning, all edited together. I was like oh this is 10. This movie is such an experience and don't for a second believe it's not a moving film - people during my screening were sobbing loudly during the ending. It absolutely has to be seen on the big screen - but it looked just fine in my non-Imax one. My number two of the year after Logan and number 2 from Nolan's films after The Prestige. I was thinking during the movie how it may be amazing but it's probably not as rewatchable as his other films but as I was coming home I found myself wanting to see it again very soon. The only thing that troubles me is the final shot. It was fine. But Nolan doesn't do fine final shots. He does sensational final shots. I'd love to know why he used that one and not something else.
  • You're probably reading my letterboxd review and the above and going 'huh? no perving?' Never fear. Whenever Hardy was on screen I was vividly imagining being a nurse during WWII and tending to his wounds. I'm sorry, he was just so heroic! I never cheered so much for airplane's wheels before. And then Nolan punched me in the throat.
  • Brittani reviews War for the Planet of the Apes
  • Alex shares 56 things he loves about Memento
  • Allie reviews A Cure for Wellness
  • m.brown straight up hated Despicable Me 3 whatever the fuck that movie is
  • Jordan, Sean and Keith review Dunkirk
  • Dell ranks all of the X-Men films
  • Sonia reviews Prisoners
  • Mettel writes about Glow
  • Katy reviews Colossal



    1. 'Like literally I looked at 31 inches one in the store but went 'nah' I'm sorry, I think I just blacked out. What were we talking about again?

      Oh, yes...I remember that scene so well. I'm actually cracking up just thinking about it. Soooooo f--king awkward! I don't have any clue what the Snowman is, but with that poster + Assbender, I'm sold.

      Dude, I already miss the pervy lion gifs. What a goldmine that could have been.

      I started watching HJ on Jay Leno, and I had to throw in the f--king towel. Just ridiculously charming, my goodness. I actually found a Jackman movie that I'm not sure I recall you mentioning...and I think I'm gonna give it a go tonight.

      But I really don't want to add more to the review queue, as I gotta get ready for Valerian and the city of 1000 Shitchantresses. Hahaha...that tweet killed me.

      Thanks to the link to that steaming pile of horseshit/waterlogged pubes known as Despicable Me 3. I'm sure your readers are dying to know what a fully-grown asshole thinks about a kid's flick. Like, DYING.

      Oh, and by the way, looking at seeing Dunkirk on Tuesday. *whispers* In IMAX...

      1. Have I made an innuendo and didn't even notice? :P

        I'm sure whatever Hugh Jackman movie it is I've seen it. Unless it's animated. I only saw Easter Bunny one.

        Oh God every single movie I saw in last few months had that fucking trailer for Valerian attached and it is 1. a total rip-off Avatar trailer 2. so fucking awful. The only good thing is that Coolio cover

        It's a hilarious review, man! I didn't wanna link Apes one because everything about this franchise seems so depressing

        You may shit yourself. I saw it in normal cinema and honestly I was holding one hand to my mouth, other to my heart for most of the last act

    2. WHAT IS THAT FIRST MOVIE IN THE POST?! I must watch it. Why haven't I watched it or never heard of it. LIKE....*sigh* I haven't seen Someone Like You in years. A whole bunch of scenes just popped into my head, and now I need to watch it.

      My sister got a SmartTv earlier this year after our older one kicked the bucket. I'm still ridiculously stoked when we put a movie on and it looks AMAZING. We can watch YouTube and Netflix. It's like a dream. *lives in a cave*

      I loved Baby Driver, but I thought it was super pretentious that Edgar Wright had a thank you message for seeing the movie in theaters instead of a phone or tablet. Like when the movie comes out in a digital format, people are still going to end up watching it on their phone. That's just how technology is. If movies were better, people didn't treat cinemas like their living room, and prices weren't so high, or life in general wasn't so demanding and f-ed up, maybe going to the movies would be a more attractive option than just watching it at home or on another device. I can't imagine what you're going through in Poland. :/

      Hoping to see Dunkirk soon. Darren had me at mother! with Michelle, Ed, and Domhnall.

      Thanks for linking my review! <3

      1. It's part of the series called Halifax called "Afraid of the Dark", I talked more about it in last RF :)

        I have the same thing here! Youtube and Netflix. I didn't even know we have Netflix in Poland.

        I really don't get how people watch stuff on their phones. I watched things on my tiny computer screen for years, but phones? I don't know, I'm too old for all that stuff :) Nolan did say something recently that pissed people off because he is a big fan of watching films on the big screen. I side with him, I cannot imagine seeing Dunkirk on a phone

        Do watch Dunkirk, it's really amazing. I may even go again next weeek

    3. A porno film directed by Christopher Nolan..... SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE ALL OF MY GODDAMN MONEY!!!!!!! I want to see that.

      Yeah, that was a dumb tweet Evan did but she didn't deserve to get all of that hate. Jeez, these SJWs are fucked in the head.

      Yeah, Ryan Murphy deserves to be sued and ugh.... he hires Lena Dunham.... I knew that would piss you off.

      I'm going to see Dunkirk soon but it's not likely in IMAX or in the 70mm but who cares? I already saw The Hateful Eight in 70mm as I got to cross that off my cinematic bucket list. I don't need to see another one because I don't need to. Plus, I don't have the money right now.

      1. Not SJWs in that case, that's just DCEU fanboys. They are seriously insane. Anyone says something about anyone in DCEU other than Leto and they just start their little outrage mission.

        I saw it on regular screen and it was awesome. I never saw anything in IMAX because as this post proves I'm very technology challenged really, the normal multiplex cinema is fine by me

    4. That Sheeran cameo made me cringe so hard. It was too much of a wink and a nod. It threw me out of the moment.

      I need to read some Batman threads to see the butthurt now.

      I haven't read much about Mother other than the trailer spoiled something fairly big to the plot?

      I'm sorry about your government :( i hope things don't completely go to shit.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. The butthurt and denial are so strong there :P

        Well...if what they are shouting is what happens then yeah it spoils something that happens in a movie but I have no idea what the story is so it may not be that big of a spoiler :)

    5. I just bumped my rating for Logan to 5 stars, which I should have done after seeing it the first time but I've been really critical this year. Last year I gave 5 stars to 10 movies, this year I've now given 5 to only Logan. And I've changed a few rating around this year, I lowered my Baby Driver rating after writing the review for instance. But the point being, I think I might bump up Dunkirk's rating after I write my review for it, because I literally had a day in bed (sadly alone and even the cat wouldn't keep me company), to think about Dunkirk and the more I think about it, the more it starts to anger me. But anger in a sort of a .. profound way. War is so stupid, and pointless and most of the time there aren't Tom Hanks characters coming to rescue a single man while giving profound speeches. And it's scary to think that wars might never end really, and there's always going to be this sense of fear in you, that what if. I'm sad to read how horrible things are in Poland, I can't imagine it, but it must be scary. And it's not like I feel completely safe in Estonia, we're literally next to Russia. But mostly, I do feel safe that our government is at least on our side. Which, I mean, I'm not political by any means but nothing bad is happening, so I guess that's good.

      On to less depressing topics! That video was precious! Imagine saying that to Hugh, "We go home for naked time and fucky!" - geez, that's a great movie opening right there, minus the kid, and plus you saying that to Hugh. Should I pitch it to someone? Should I start writing a script? There won't be much talking as it is a porn movie but a few sexy lines, a bit of grunting, costumes.. I feel like I could win awards for it.

      Hardy looks alright to me, but then again, I'm not much of a hair critic these days. I do not like McAvoy's bald head though, I know it's for X-Men but I just, bald is no for me unless it's Bruce Willis. Oh and I think Cillian Murphy looks alright with that sort of shaved heir though, no?

      Speaking of McAvoy, man, I want him to narrate a book or something, and then I could listen to it for days.

      PS: No Mother teaser for me in front of Dunkirk, I guess I live in a hole.. oh well. At least I have Fassbender's Hole to keep me company.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I honestly wonder if there are still enough people so heroic as there were back then. That normal people would risk their lives, go there and save complete strangers is remarkable. That scene where Brannagh saw all the boats was so beautiful, the complaint about the film not being emotional is so preposterous. Even Zimmer's score in this moment let go and became so relaxed for once

        I honestly don't think I'd be able to say a single word to this man. I'd just freeze :) I think we shall all write scripts. And definitely letters to Hugh to adopt me and take me the fuck away from this mess

        McAvoy doesn't look good like that :/ And the next X-Men film is probably shit so it's all for nothing. Ah yeah but Cillian is an exception :)

    6. I don't get all the hate on Sheeran's cameo either. He was fantastic. That The Snowman trailer is so good I was like can we please see the damn movie already. Note, I love Fassy almost as much as you love Hugh. I don't think I'll ever be able to reach that level of love and it makes me so jealous!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Shouldn't be jealous, that means you have more in your life than a dog :P I really really hope Snowman is good. Fassbender deserves better films

    7. The part about the porno film and Christopher Nolan had me laughing so much.

      1. I just really think this is something that needs to happen :)

    8. Oh man, that clip with McAvoy reignited my crush... oddly. I agree with Getter, we need him narrating a book, a LONG one! I might move to Scotland.

      That whole IMAX thing is getting on my nerves, people can live in such a snobby, tiny bubble of privilege. We have like two IMAX theatre rooms in the country, and even if I were to drive all the way there, it's too fucking expensive! Another discussion I caught the other day was legal access to movies and shows, like they couldn't imagine someone not having access to all sorts of premium tv channels, streaming services, or not having the money to afford them all, plus movie tickets, plus DVD's because apparently they are "so cheap" right now. OH, and if all else fails, there's public libraries! Idk what kind of libraries they have in the US, but ours don't have movies or tv shows to borrow. They barely have books. What a joke. Sorry about the rant, but I seriously can't stand these people.

      I'm sorry to hear about all the issues in your country, I hope you'll be safe and that things might change.

      1. It's the same thing here. Apparentely we do have Netflix here which I legit didn't know about and I will have to look into it. Streaming is legal here so I usually just watch movies that way there are so many streaming sites online. I do buy films but it's not cheap at all and movie tickets are also very expensive. But it's the lack of access to stuff that bothers me. We still don't have Logan here on blu ray so I literally had to pay more and get it off amazon, but that's Logan so I don't care how much it cost. But it's insane, the studios ramble on about piracy yet all that stuff like itunes or netflix - the release dates for outside of US are much later for the rest of the world. It's so unfair

      2. The second half of this response is why I am a filthy pirate. I buy films when I can afford it, and always go see them if they are actually released down here within a decent time frame. But... when there are HD releases online of films that haven't even screened at all here yet, why the fuck wouldn't I download it?

        And people wonder why Australians download more shit than anyone else bahaha

      3. I am honestly shocked Australia is so behind. For God's sake it's Hugh's country.

      4. hahahaha, I think we lost rights to Hugh long, long ago. Kinda like a reverse Mel Gibson. Eww now that sounds like some sort of racist sex position =/

    9. Cos your comments require approval and my memory is worse than shocking I just had to make another comment, feel free to delete if I already said something along these lines, but... that situation in your home country sounds fucking dire, especially given your profession (I always have to remind myself that you are a lawyer after reading your ramblings!).

      And like you said.... no one helped Ukraine. I am not familiar with what happened in Hungary but I do know that there has been a steady rise of far-right parties in many Euro countries, which is just a little more than disturbing.

      Am thinking of your safety :) I shall be keeping one eye on what is happening in Poland now as I used to have a ton of Polish mates back in high school, and that situation just sounds.... awful. I am so sorry =(

      1. Why? You think lawyers are sane, responsible and boring at all times? :D No, really I need stuff like this. I deal with accidents, divorces etc. It's just exhausting.

        What happened in Hungary is basically what is happening here now - right-wing parties taking over and holding all the power. Except in Hungary they actually had the majority to do that, here they are blatantly violating our law when they are doing that.

        I don't think I am in danger like anyone who is not protesting, at least not now, but there are tons of people who are out there on the streets and there were already clashes with the police force. This is just gonna continue getting worse until finally it comes to bloodshed.

    10. "I never cheered so much for airplane's wheels before. And then Nolan punched me in the throat."

      Great line =)

    11. That Evan Rachel Wood situation is a total mess. Everyone on both sides are acting like jackasses. She was ridiculous for trying to drag Batfleck over 20 year old comments and the fanboys were just disgusting in suggesting the things they did.

      I'm with you on the whole Dunkirk thing. I haven't seen it yet. I hope to see it on IMAX, but if I don't I'm sure I'll survive.

      Man, it's tough to fathom what Poland. I mean, Trump is desperately trying to make the US a dictatorship, but isn't getting his way. I feel for the people of any country where someone pulls it off.

      Stay safe in your daily travels.

      This last part feels trivial in light of that situation, but thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah Evan...overplayed her hand. She, along with majority of Westworld cast, is one of those liberals who are just outraged about everything. On the other hand I have such respect for her for the things she is doing out there for women. Affleck on the other not someone that I respect as a person.

        It's not that bad here yet but it's like this is the point from which there is no return and things will only continue to get worse. What is the most startling is that all those organizations that are obliged to step in aren't doing anything. It's like this is something that they are not prepared for. I think I read somewhere that a whole bunch of stuff Trump is doing cannot really be dealt with because there aren't proper ways to deal with that - because no one ever thought anyone will do it. It's the same here. The incompetence on such a scale is truly incomprehensible.

    12. Thanks for the link! Genuinely curious: are you no longer a Thrones lover? I mostly got into the show because of your weekly recaps! But I saw your tweets about the season 7 opener and was curious. Also so glad you like Dunkirk. Whatta movie. Let me know if you find anything about that end shot though..

      1. You're welcome! Oh God. i can barely bring myself to watch anymore and the only thing I don't actively hate are Arya's scenes. They adapted pretty much everything from the books including a whole bunch of characters that returned - MALE characters that returned - and they omitted my favorite plot from the books, Lady Stoneheart (Catelyn coming back to avenge Red Wedding) which would be the coolest thing ever. So now the show just reeks of wasted opportunity, awful writing and misogyny to me.

        I keep reading about the movie but very few articles mention it, I guess they were as confused as we were

    13. I forgot they never got around to including Stoneheart in the show. (I stopped watching after season 2, and have only gone back to view key specific scenes here and there since. Don't feel like I'm missing much.) But like, what the hell at that? Why? Who thought that was a good idea? :\

      Also kinda lame how Marvel now is acting like Fox from a few years ago. Everyone gave Fox shit for not just releasing the trailer for Deadpool to the public, yet Marvel appears to be getting a comparative pass for doing the same now. Remember when they released the Age of Ultron trailer in full after a crappy version got leaked? Whatever happened to THAT Marvel?

      The whole Affleck/Batman thing continues to become more and more bizarre as well. First he's out as director, then his script's tossed, and now he might leave the roll as well? Damn, like, the further along this goes, the more of a shame it becomes.

      Nice investment with the TV, btw. I'm gonna need to get one myself eventually. I actually haven't even had one for a couple years now, just been doing all my viewing on the computer, which while serviceable, definitely doesn't give quite the same experience, lol. :P

      1. I really think they hate women. They brought every single male character back but not her. And they continuously come up with either rape scenes or ridiculous sex scenes where actresses are naked. They are objects to them, the only ones who are still not terrible to watch are because of the actresses playing them not the writing. I'm 90% sure they will make Daenerys mad soon just to have a clean way of handing everything over to Jon.

        I think Marvel knows full well even a crappy bootleg is better than HQ of everything the competition showed. Fox brought literally nothing from their superhero stuff and Justice League's trailer was OK at best.

        The whole thing with Ben is a mess which is a shame because he was great in the role so far.

        I just need to have something in the background playing especially in the morning and if I didn't have TV I wouldn't know anything other than what I read on my twitter feed in terms of news