Friday, July 28, 2017

(298) Comic Con 2017 edition + links

By Sati. Friday, July 28, 2017
  • The above is the gifset I made this week because of course I did.
  • My experimental porn idea is now something that would probably be a 9 hour long movie. The setting is definitely the limo. Nighttime. Hardy is gonna be like...our hitchhiker or something. The working title is..."Drive me in the moonlight".
  • "Drive" is used both literally and metaphorically. 
  • Sounds romantic doesn't it? Don't worry because there's upcoming bullet point.
  • I was totally serious joked how it would be cool for Nolan to challenge himself in this genre and make this film. Nolan likes to cover Hardy's face. Hmmm. What can you cover a man's face with in a porn movie? And on a completely, completely unrelated note - where would I sit?
  • Where indeed.
  • ..
  • ...
  • .....
  • ...are you guys still here?
  • So now that we are at the peek of perving let me tell you that I do have some actual movie stuff for you this week on the non-pervy front but it's gonna be a while till we get to that point.
  • Because of the necessity to track the news from Comic Con and watch the panels (and yet so far I only saw DCEU, Blade Runner, Kingsman and a bit of Westworld) I had no time to do any livetweets during the weekend. I did however catch the earliest appearance from Hugh on Graham Norton Show where he had the audacity to say the words 'back when I did anything for money'.
  • And unfortunately for all of you in the absence of movie livetweet I am gonna feature the most horrific livetweet of them all. 
  • The livetweet of my life. So just my regular tweets.
  • Boo kangaroo appeared to be lost in Jurassic Park over the weekend. I was very worried.
  • I don't know what body of water this is but it's safe to assume it has evaporated by now
  • Hugh is in Sydney right now. 
  • Doing THIS   -------->
  • Is this how he rolls these days? Just walk around shirtless? Why don't you just whip it out and finish it, sir.
  • No, but seriously what the fuck is happening on this picture? Is he looking at his dick? Why does he look traumatized? Did someone steal his clothes? 
  • Oh God, did I pull Tyler Durden and flew to Sydney, did the above and came home and I don't remember it? Cause it genuinely sounds like something I would do.
  • No, what it is is an outdoor shower near a beach. And also it is yet another shameless attempt to murder me. 
  • Well, sadly for everyone, I am still here.
  • Here's more pictures from this spectacular event. I looked at those for probably an hour today. Also notice the women in coats behind him. He doesn't need coats. He is the Sun.
  • So Dell announced his Against the Crowd blogathon (more on that later) and we all know I am going to destroy Fuck you, you piece of hipster trash movie Baby Driver. But there is also the second part where you are supposed to choose a movie that has RT score lower than 35% and defend it. I was like "pfff, easy" and only for my own peace of mind that I am playing by the rules I went to RT page for Wolverine Origins. It's 38%. Mother of God how is it 38%? And The Last Stand? The movie that is not possible to defend and not even Hugh's ferocious moans can rescue it? It's 58%.
  • This website is batshit insane and those critics need Jesus.
  • Hugh has made a lot of trash and some of it is accurately rated over there. I am going with Deception which is sitting at whopping 14%. Ughhh I really don't want to defend it because he is not naked in his only sex scene there, it's an erotic thriller and his dick isn't out - like at all, not even for enough time to screenshot it - and the one scene he has where he is fucking a woman she is not into it - in other words it's just a chain of wasted opportunities and dumbest shit ever. But there are 5 seconds in this movie that justify its existence. And the alternative is Swordfish and there is just no excuse for that earring, so Deception it is.
  • Good lord I truly am an expert when it comes to "Trash Hugh Jackman made without even showing his fangirls his dick" genre, aren't I?
  • There is no way to do an appropriate segway here so I'll just jump to it:
  • Yesterday I went to see Dunkirk again - for the second time in 6 days. I don't remember the last time I went to see the same movie twice in cinema. And it was even better than the first time around.
  • I was hoping maybe after the second viewing my review will become a little tidier because if you think that film had complex structure you have seen nothing yet. I have so much written and there is absolutely no method to this madness. 
  • Also I am trying so hard to write a legit serious review. I actually do mention the cloning of Jackman in The Prestige and yet I do not follow it with a whole paragraph dedicated to 'science! where is that cloning machine?!' rant. And I do mention how Hardy is up in the clouds protecting the soldiers and yet I do not compare him to an angel. 
  • I almost gave myself an aneurysm resisting my every instinct there.
  • Thank God I never have to do that in RFs.
  • Let me preface this by writing that this entire 'issue' is stupid but about the lack of people of color in Dunkirk I can't really speak about. But as for the lack of women? I'd be more than happy to sit on Hardy's lap in his airplane but no one offered me that part.
  • I mean I would write how much fuel is left in chalk and everything. Key word - everything.
  • Christopher Nolan tries to explain why he keeps covering Hardy's face in movies. He has a great point about Hardy being able to do more with his eyes than most actors with their whole body. I did pay extra attention to what Hardy does in the role during the second viewing and I have so. much. about that. in my review (should be up next Wednesday unless y'all don't read my Logan part 3 post and I throw a hissy fit and punish you by NOT publishing my super long, super tiring and lousily written review. So there!). 
  • Heartbreaking article about Dunkirk ending. I mean it's a great ending but what the fuck, Chris?!
  • And here's the best endorsement people behind the movie could have hoped for.  I'm actually quite surprised the veterans were not there for World premiere. They had Prince Harry there but not them?
  • So much from Comic Con!:
  • I think Jared is starting his own cult. There is no other explanation for his current look.
  • Harrison Ford looked seriously overjoyed to be there. Still he had lots of fun - 1,2,3,4
  • Ryan photobombing Harrison.
  • I'm shocked that it happened but HBO had the trailer for Westworld 2 for us already. I really really really liked that ending.
  • Jason Momoa's entrance was amazing - 1,2
  • Here's Aquaman panel.
  • The goddamn moderator stole my joke --->
  • Ben Affleck says he wants to continue playing Batman. However this is what he looked like during the panel. That's just....not good. I'm not trying to be mean here, really, but holy God he looks Depp-territory bad. 
  • New trailer for Justice League which is all right but there is still plenty to worry about here.
  • Jason Momoa was super excited after they showed the new trailer. 
  • Gentlemen, here's something for you. 
  • At one point of Justice League panel a young boy asked about Superman and Momoa straight up told that child Superman is dead. I laughed for about 5 minutes but I really hope that kid is all right (Jason later told him not to worry).
  •  I am a grown ass woman and if someone told me Wolverine was dead I'd just have a mental breakdown.
  • He is not dead.
  • He is fine.
  • He is in Canada with those children. No one died on that tree. That was a nightmare we all collectively had.
  • Everything is fine.
  • Here's Gal Gadot and the rest of them being super sweet to a young fan. Another wonderful encounter with the fan and Justice League actors. They all seem like such good people to their fans. These actors deserve to be in good movies in this universe.
  • Meanwhile they are still doing Justice League reshoots and Henry Cavill's mustache is a problem. Yeah. You read it right.
  • Taika Waititi at Comic Con. Dropping the mic. Into the center of the Earth.
  • Mark Ruffalo taking a picture of Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer is gonna play Hope's mother and the first Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Wonderful casting.
  • New Thor: Ragnarok trailer! I just love it. It's not as awesome as the teaser which was largely so dope because of the song that was used but this one is still so much fun.
  • Marvel also showed Infinity War footage - same as during the expo thing - and they still haven't released it online. It actually did leak online - in low quality - from several sources. I saw it and it is easily the best trailer from this year's Comic Con. I think Marvel is doing the right thing by not releasing it - people can focus on Ragnarok now. And honestly the bootleg of that footage was better than longer, polished sneak peek for Justice League. Marvel literally doesn't even have to try to win.
  • Still DCEU fans shouldn't despair because the biggest loser was - no surprise there - Fox which didn't show anything from Deadpool 2 or X-Men. I hate the fact Hugh is always working with that studio. They don't deserve him. 
  • Very scary trailer for It
  • Trailer for Stranger Things 2 with the awesome use of Jackson's Thriller. 
  • Taron Egerton was cheating on Hugh with Colin Firth again. And during the panel Pedro Pascal spent a whole minute talking about whips, lassos and ropes. I almost died.
  • Sarah Paulson joined Glass
  • You need to see Nicolas Cage in Kazakhstan. You really do.
  • My livetweet of episode 2 of new season of Thrones. If you can believe it that episode was even worse than the premiere
  • Titanic reunion!
  • This is what Johnny Depp looked on the set of his new movie. Somewhere there is at least a dozen corpses of exsanguinated virgins lying around.  
  • The Emoji Movie is doing really well, you guys. Ian McKellen predicted this
  • The line-up for TIFF'17 has been revealed. We soon are about to find out if mother! is good or bad. The trailer was supposed to drop today but it's nowhere to be found. The marketing is...not very good, isn't it?
  • Ridley Scott's InterFassbender erotica might have killed the franchise. Well done.
  • Hey do you remember how when Brad Pitt gave his first interview since he split with Skeletina the worst thing that happened were those embarrassing pictures of him lying in the pink outfit on the sand? Well this week Skeletina gave ad interview. And this was in it. And then this was revealed. Somewhere Brad is having a terrific day.  
  • So about the situation in my country - the President unexpectedly vetoed 2 out of 3 legal bills violating the courts independence. I kinda had a feeling he would when I turned on TV during the weekend and I saw footage that I initially thought was Hunger Games but it was dozens of protesters walking through the woods to protest in front of his holiday villa (he literally escaped the capital city not to hear the protests). The Supreme Court is fine for now but the regular courts are already subjected to changes, we already had some new things at work because of this this week. Everyone is so happy the whole democratic system didn't go down in flames but still piece by piece things are getting worse and worse here. I hear the free media is next. But this week was at least a bit calmer than last.
  • Oh God. Here we go.
  • WB is overplaying its hand. This is yet another example of how all of this is heading towards inevitable, real life problems. First we have the Ghostbusters reboot. Then we had ridiculous and toxic Rogue One campaign (I wrote about it here). And now something that is far from a great movie (it overcomes that with the amount of heart it has but it doesn't change the fact that it has a whole myriad of problems with the editing and script) having a chance to be the first CBM to be up for best picture? To quote the movie that should be getting nominated - you gotta be fucking kidding me.
  • I almost never side with men. I have dealt with men disrespecting me or harassing me because I am a woman and treating me like I'm an object or like I'm inferior because of this so many times. Every woman has. But even I am starting to understand why a lot of men are annoyed with this new 'trend'.
  • Hollywood is not going for 'women and men are equal' message. They are going for 'women are better' message. This is not only wrong but it is too much too fast. This can only lead to more resentment and hatred towards women from whole bunch of insecure men. How do you think an insecure dude reacts when the media start telling him women are better than him? With peaceful meditation? I don't think so.
  • I am no lover of TDK but the idea Wonder Woman and Jenkins may be getting nominated when  TDK and Nolan weren't is just beyond ridiculous. The only reason they would is because of 'woman' factor. That is favoritism. I'd love for a movie about superheroine directed by a woman to get Oscar nominations but Wonder Woman and Jenkins simply do not deserve them. Especially in a year of Logan which is a far better film and even DC fans will tell you that. This is leading people to think women get special treatment when in fact the exact opposite is truth. 
  • We don't want special treatment, we want equal treatment.
  • Also Nolan has so many insane fanboys. Even if Nolan gets nominated for Dunkirk this year, if Jenkins is nominated for Wonder Woman these 'people' will tear her apart.
  • Nothing absolutely nothing good will come out of Wonder Woman getting Oscar nominations so I really hope it doesn't happen.
  • But to leave on a cheerful note - Honest Trailer for The Fate of the Furious 
  • Allie reviews Life
  • Brittani, Alex, Myerla and Kevin review the incredible Dunkirk
  • Jordan reviews the horrid Baby Driver
  • MettelRay shares highlights from Comic Con
  • KG's Movie Rants writes about hilarious Snatch
  • Dell announced his Against the Crowd blogathon
  • m.brown reviews Valerian. Spoiler alert  - it's awful. The movie, not the review.



    1. Maybe Hugh was in the water and some moron peed on him. That is wrong.

      If you need someone to help you write this porno film w/ Tom Hardy directed by Christopher Nolan. I would be happy to offer my services. I want to see that. Especially as I'm likely to see Dunkirk this weekend.

      I love Harrison Ford. He should never change. I appreciate his honesty.

      I love the fact that Wonder Woman is doing well and it's given young girls someone to cheer for.

      1. I can't rule out anything, really :)

        I hope you'll like Dunkirk! It's awesome!

    2. There's so many good things to come out of SDCC. I can't wait for Marvel, Westworld, and Stranger Things.

      You're right about Fox. What a trainwreck of a studio. They suck at picking release dates.

      I'm a Dark Knight fangirl so I'm petty and I'm not rooting for any CBM to get Best Pic or Director any time soon lol. I'm still mad that the Coen's stole Nolan's director nom.

      I'll never get over it.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. The fact Nolan doesn't have a director nomination yet is seriously embarrassing for the Academy. He is definitely getting one for Dumkirk

    3. Thanks for the link! As I said I've seen Tom Hardy driving. I do see him around on the odd ocasion as I work near where he lives (not sure where 100%).

      I have seen a couple if criticisms of Dunkirk being unemotional. These must be from people who don't kmow the context of the Dunkirk evacuation. As a Brit, it's important part of our history and how can you not be moved that hundreds of thousands of familys were spared from losing a loved one.

      Even though I liked Baby Driver, I do quite look forward to you tearing it apart. haha

      1. Holy shit. Good thing I don't live in UK - I can't get arrested.

        It's really one of the most bizarre criticisms lately. The only claim more baffling than "Dunkirk is unemotional" is "Baby Driver is a great movie" .

    4. I completely agree with your thoughts on Letterboxd about Baby Driver; the opening of Ansel walking down the street made me think, "Oh this is what La La Land was supposed to be." For me, Edgar handled his script and intentions with the music/direction 100x better than Damien did with La La Land, which was just random, poorly planned Classic Hollywood easter eggs mishmashed with another "love story" to jazz. I liked Baby Driver, but I'm looking forward to what you're going to write. :)

      1. This was like La La Land for insufferable hipsters. I suffered during LLL but Baby Driver made me wanna kill myself right there in the cinema.

      2. So when are you and me gonna have a fistfight? Maybe around our birthdays?

      3. You don't stand a chance, man.

        I'm crazy and I'm small so you won't even see me coming.

      4. That's fine. I just close my eyes and swing anyway.

      5. That's a unique way to kill yourself... :)

    5. You gotta love Harrison Ford. That gif made me laugh.

    6. Oh man, now I read this on Saturday and I skimmed it through now to try to remember what I wanted to say. Oh yeah. Porn movie.. uhm, I won't lie, I'm starting to have weird dreams now and uhm, I think RF's are affecting me a little.. just a tiny bit. Just to be clear, a limo was involved in this dream.. Hugh, sadly, not present, but there's still a chance.

      Comic Con delivered so much and I still feel like I missed something.

      It trailer looks gooooood. I just read the book so I'm all tuned in for it, I already have an idea for a post as well, because there's going to be a sequel for sure! because a movie such as It getting so much buzz before it premiers is always a good sign. Same for Thor, it looks.. man, it looks just so damn beautiful and it's all I ever wanted! Marvel has been very grey most part, Guardians excluded, but I feel like I care more about Thor than the Guardians at this point. That haircut on Chris helped a lot!

      Harrison Ford is like a grumpy grandpa, I love it!

      That Man from UNCLE gif in the end makes me sad. Movies like The Emoij Movie get made, Despicable Me gets like a hundred sequels and yet, a good movie with a fun premise, gets nagged at by critics and doesn't get a sequel. Fck them! Also, Spy needs to get a sequel because can you imagine Statham's character wooing McCarthy!?!? Gifting her knives and weapons and diamonds swapped for bullets rings and.,. my god, the movie writes itself!!!!

      1. I just hope you won't have dreams about stuff m.brown is writing in his reviews. That's just nightmare fuel.

        Hugh was not present? Of course he wasn't he was in my subconsciousness. You stay away from my man! :D

        Marvel films are really dull looking. Guardians was indeed an exception but Thor should be more colorful as well and it does look a bit desaturated. I don't know why those superhero movies can't just embrace colors, I just saw Spiderman Homecoming the other day and in addition to being dull story wise it also looked so boring

        Spy sequel should definitely happen. It's a travesty it may never happen.

    7. I think I know what's happening in that picture of showering Jackman (clearly a sentence I never thought I'd write). He caught wind of your Baby Driver hatred, and he's confused and scared. Same way I was when I found out.

      Hey, you have to warn me when you link something like that Gadot clip. Goodness. Though with Robbie....well...isn't she overra---- nevermind. Let's move on.

      I guess whenever I come across a wishing well, it seems I need to wish to live my next life as Jason Mamoa. Damn that guy is having a good time. Hopefully he kicks ass as Aquaman.

      Ah, that Stranger Things trailer was so f--king rad. I had to break my rule...again...for that one.

      THANKS FOR THE LINK (and the fact that you're still reading my shit!!)

      1. Oh boo Hugh has nothing to be confused and scared of when it comes to me. Or everything....but it has nothing to do with that fucking movie! God, just the worst.

        I can't wait for you to watch and review that Oscar-bait ice skater movie Margot has coming up. That's gotta be gold :D

        I just don't have the strength to work in this heat. Both weather and the other one. So I just do the minimum and read stuff on my phone for most of the time, fuck it, they don't pay me enough anyways

    8. I don't know what this ice-skater thing is...but I'm in. I mean...Margot. Yes, please.

      1. Look at Sebastian Stan in it:

    9. Thanks for the link! I cannot wait for your Baby Driver review. Omg that's going to be hilarious. Love that Den of Geek post about the Dunkirk ending too.

      1. It's not as much a review as it is a hate manifesto :)

    10. You should totally still write a post in defense of X-Men Origins anyways. ;D

      Also, couldn't have said it better myself in regards to your arguments against WW getting nominated. Sadly, assuming it does get taken seriously come awards season, I can't help but feel all that'll do is sour people on a movie that honestly doesn't deserve to be soured on, which ultimately is just a shame and doing a disservice to the film and all involved. Really hoping its award campaign doesn't continue to pick up steam, let alone be taken seriously come actual awards season.

      1. It would just be so many gifs of shirtless Jackman :)

        Exactly, the backlash would be huge and deserved in this case. I mean I don't think The Dark Knight is as great as people said but at least it was groundbreaking in terms of CBM. Wonder Woman was just a good summer flick. To suggest it deserves BP nomination with all the problems it had is preposterous.

    11. Hahahaha these posts are just awesome sati.

      That pic of Hugh showering is classic. He looks so uncomfortable because its FUCKING FREEZING right now down here, haha!! That shower would have been icy as all hell.

      I suppose that fact just makes him that more awesome.

      BTW, the "Nolan, Jackman, Me" tweet cracked me up. I need to remember my twitter password. Lollums :D

      1. I heard it's cold! So if that shower was cold, what about the Ocean?

        Is it even there or is it gone after he swam in it?

    12. Hahahahaha! That had me cackling like a crazy person